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teatears Oct 3
two voices
sing like one

one song
but now it's done

i still can't

forget your voice


because your echo keeps filling up my hollow heart
Tyler Matthew Aug 25
she drove away
(her freedom, at last)
I let out a sigh.

angry displays -
(it all happened so fast) -
my heart was defied.

I sat on the edge of our bed
and I hummed a soft tune.
I woke myself up on the floor
where our pictures were strewn.

must be alright
(she hasn't called yet).
I'm living alone.

And me?
I'm doing fine
(but it's hard to forget
that this bird has flown).
Written to the melody of "The Fourth Time Around" by Bob Dylan. I highly recommend listening to that song - so beautiful.
N Aug 25
Even if you have forgotten me, I will spend days thinking of you.

Even after our separation, the love I have for you will never fade.

Its been you since the start and it will always be you till the end.

I will love you always. You're forever in my heart ❤
Glory Jul 2018
"I'm sorry"

"What for?" His whisper was too far to touch my skin. But I heard it.

"Melancholy is contagious,
latching on to vulnerable,
lovely hearts,
passing by.
And sometimes,
after a while,
on a frosty, lonely night,
just like this,
It's starts to itch a little"
Scouting Minerals with some pirates.

A while ago- Stopped and thought, drank some tea.
A little while ago- Watched American ******, read Fear and loathing in Las Vegas while watching the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while on Lsd.
Some time ago- slept in, Slept with someone, listened to "Endless, Nameless" on repeat for four straight hours.
Not too long ago- HaD a DrEaM tHaT i CaN't ReMeMbEr, had an acoustic nightmare, melted the atmosphere of my brain with *****, and had a cancer attack.
A light year ago- Watched Live Leak while eating smores, more and more, more or less, she was *******, which was cool and all but I got a little scared.
A minute ago- typed the last line which isn't this line but is supposed to be, I guess.

Garrett Johnson.
note: Jerry Garcia has nothing to do with this. I just like him and the Grateful Dead
Rory Jun 14
I woke up today,  I looked in the mirror. I was all by myself.  Because I've got no one,  no one to call friend.
I'm all alone,  trapped inside of my head.

We all have times that we say goodbye, bring it all to an end.
But the strong will rise,  to comfort the weak and muffle their cries.

I stayed home today.  Tired of living my life as a lie.  Never again,  will I pretend,  and hide behind fake smiles again.

We all have times that we say goodbye, bring it all to an end.
But the strong will rise,  to comfort the weak and muffle their cries.

I know that there's nothing left in this world for someone like me. So,  I'll take this time to say I love you,  but *******,  and goodbye.

I lie awake at night, and watch the world sleep.
The stars rise and fall in the sky...
Still, no one joins me; no one hears my cry.
My heart bleeds from wounds of my own making.
Will they ever heal?
OH! When will the lamenting end?
Sad times; lost loves; broken promises; Time wasted.
Freedom is far from this place.
How I long to be at peace.
At peace with myself; at peace with the world.
Fear, Death, Reality,
All that I run from;
Not "fear", the unknown, uncontrollable.
Not Death but dying, Alone.
Not reality but truth.
Truth be told, life is good.
Lonliness is a personal battle,
Never faught, never won.
The conqurer
You don’t sing to me anymore,
like you used to do.
You hardly even pay attention when I talk to you.
What happened to those days when we were all that mattered?
It was us against the world.
Now, the us has turned to you.
You don’t write me love letters,
like you used to do.
Once, that’s all you did.
Have we gone astray somewhere along our lovers path?
You don’t write me poetry that comes from the heart,
Like you used to do.
You used to pen such beautiful words.
They made me want to cry.
Now I cry;
Not for the same reasons.
You don’t hold me in your arms when we are alone in the dark,
Like you used to do.
I am afraid you don’t hold me in your heart anymore,
Like you used to do.
Kanishka Apr 28
A poet suffocates on lack of words,
A blank sheet and an empty soul.
For there is nothing more torturous,
Than when his muse renounces her role.
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