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I dont miss you
I dont miss your face
Your laugh
Your hair

I just miss the touch
Someone by my side
To laugh with
To hug

Does everyone feel this way?
Living day by day,
unable to escape?

I used to be sad
Now im just numb
I miss when i would cry
The sadness would fill me to my brim

But at least then I wasnt empty.
Marilyn Sep 11
This room, a void, its too hot
Its too cold, layers on and off
Sweat shivers out my pores
Now i'm open to the black
Black lace black hair black air, even
Not pressing down but
Around me
Like tar, ******* further into the pit
I could probably climb out
Limbs clutching, tugging, struggling at
that black.
Endless black.
Heart aches, mind races, it chases and
Hunts me, gathers me, sees me
For what I am,
for what I always will be
A cold blooded, hot skinned star
Stuck in the spaces between the dark.
Noah Count Jul 31
And yet again here I stand
alone upon my inner shore,
the stones that skip from trembling hand
are memories I want no more.

If only she had let me rest
no, she'd rather see me crack;
on the edge I tried my best but
she pushed harder, hands on my back.

And so again I'm in despair,
to wonder long who could decree
that I am merely toy for player
and love was never meant for me.
The love of my life has destroyed my soul. She's been trying to for a very long time. I begged her, and pleaded with her to love me but I was a mere plaything. I will love you always and forever, my queen. See you in the next life.
m Jul 15
and my fingers bled the moment you left--
I sliced them on a broken mirror
when throwing out the trash;
the cuts were
deep, the blood flowed heavy;
my first instinct was to **** the
wound and it helped briefly,
for a moment,
before the sting of glass surged
it's always been my idiosyncrasy to find metaphors in pain
Ghostie Jun 17
Close the blinds,
silence the laughter
no spoken word and no life sign
shall disturb my hopeless slumber.

For I am alive but I do not live
hidden from the present
lurking in forbidden gardens
where pain and doubts carry me.

I was once,
maybe I tried to be
now I am no more, will I be again?
Are the hidden ones truly free?
Are the silenced ones truly forgotten?

Close the blinds,
silence the laughter
echoes of silence reign here,
now and forever.
I seem to be at home on the margins
where I can be alone
with my folly
sweltering in my private bowl of stew
simmering in the sins
surrounding and piercing me
but you found me there
invited me into your heart
where you loved me
redeemed me
sewed my seams
pulled together my crazy quilt
made separate parts into a whole.
I wonder if these times offer opportunities for us to become quilt makers each in our own ways. I suppose most people are on the edges at one time or another and could use a seamstress.
to feel alone when in ones arms
should make you question
who it is thats’s holding you
torn to know if this person is the one you should be with
Krish R May 23
Walking i am  
the path of crazy times,
Strolling under
fullmoon's brightness,
To escape this
shade of darkness,
All the wrong places
looking for Happiness.

Being alone
always I liked,
These are the times
of a monster COVID,
It is not the Corona
I am so scared,
Getting hurt again
that of I am afraid .

Forgotton I have the
touch of tenderness .
Stomach I search for
feel of butterflies.
Here I go again
looking for warmness.
Only to find
all the broken hearts.
Don't offer the fuel it needs
to set you on fire
it's true though don't you think?
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