Unrelenting Pain
A blood red waterfall
From my broken heart

fasi Jul 12

oh heart
oh dear bruised heart
let us move -
let us move away from the light -
into the unknown

forever, let us dwell
in the darkest nooks
and alleys - of solitude  -
that one true home
to you and me

this avenue of delight
- where men whirl in ecstasy
drunk on the presence
of their beloved -
this holds no place
for you and me

It's been so long since I've written,
It's almost like I've forgot.
It's been so long since I was open,
It's almost like I'm not.

I really dont know how to say that,
I am not okay once more.
I really dont know how to say that,
I am not quite sure what for.

Perhaps it's because you're gone,
Perhaps the fact it's all over.
Perhaps it's because you left,
Perhaps the fact I'm a leftover.

It hurts trying to accept the that,
It really is the end.
It hurts trying to accept that,
It really isn't "boyfriend".

It's been two months and I'm still trying to deal with the fact, the love of my life, is nothing but that, the love of, my life.... not hers...

so introverted
that no one heard it
when her heart caved in

My eyes have been rubbed within an inch of their life;
I have forced myself to live within an inch of my life.
My body writhes in the bedsheets that I know I should leave but
I really don't want to because it's warm in here and
The world is cold.

the sadness will never end and I will never be happy without you, without all of you.
the morrigan Jun 27

got drunk and a broken heart
funny how it happens so fast so often
i fell hard:
hand-on-thigh and chin-on-shoulder-from-behind hard
infectious-laugh and tender-eyes-across-the-room hard
he made me feel funny and desirable and soft
like it didn't matter that i was clumsy and frazzled at heart
i trusted him, a stranger
a stranger with a magnetic pull
and i handed him my glass femininity
he let it fall
and i fell with it
somehow every time i try to put the sadness in my gut into words it comes out sounding cliched and tired
i sound tired too
can't sleep now that i know he gives no fucks for me
he fucked and he left and he broke
i can't fucking take it
today i cleaned my room obsessively
as if scrubbing my desk could dry my eyes
i don't want to speak to my friends
because i'm afraid only pain will fall out of my mouth
mouth he kissed
mouth to mouth resuscitation in the truest form
he put life in my lungs and a fire under my toes
and it's still there
just a little less of it
i can't pull myself to tend to it
but for now that will have to be okay

ha ha can you believe it happened again???

You lay your breath
upon my ribcage
like hand spun silk

One final
taste of autumn
before winter
kisses my tongue

And I breathe in the
warmth of you
deeper than any
love song;

It smells as
If you just
walked through me

Klvshp0et Jun 21

My mind and body come apart
down a page for me to start
  to speak what's on my heart.
To yell whats in my soul
thats written in all caps
,bold font.
I moved passed those wants
developed a swole con-
-scious I spit hot shit.
Devils piss.
Rebel fist
In the air for the woke.
I provoke all the dreamers
in the hole.
To touch the sky
and find your gold.
Clutch it tight
and never fold.
Never cross the path of Klash
if you ain't glowed up.

Oh fuck
Here he go again
spittin fire blowin in the wind.
Mouth full of sin
Chasing ends
to my dark days.
Part ways from the bullshit
when I star gaze.
Super blazed
Super lit.
So that shit that's
flowin out your mouth
is sounding irrelevant.
You fuckin up
my element.
You fuckin up
my vibe.
Can't you see I'm
heaven sent.
Rip to Jimi
I kiss the sky.
A life of bliss
you holding
just to comply.
I rather be
the molding
that you apply.
To your everyday
basis for living.
Heinous decisions
got me thinking
I'm winning but
I'm lost inside
these prisms and rhythms.
I can't tell the fuckin difference
If I'm free or in prison.
On a road to perdition
with poetic emissions
and prophetic provisions.
For the love
of some riches
you tend to
lose your religions
or get lost in the system.
Or get lost cuz you blind.
There's no time
to play the victim
we might be all out of time.
For you I empty
my mind.

A series of old poems that I turn into songs for my sanity and clarity. Enjoy.

I slowly seep from your
thoughts like liquid mercury,
until I am lying naked
on the breath of rain.

billowing clouds and
melted creamsicle sunset
cradle the undulating fragility
of my being.

your hands brush my soul
as you breathe me in;
can you taste the storms
brewing within my ribcage?

the answer may not
reflect itself within the sky
of my sallow skin,
yet here I will lie...

wilted lavender...

waiting for the truth to pour out
like warmed honey
all over my



Tyler Matthew Jun 16

At the airport she kissed me,
said she would miss me,
gathered her bags and was gone.
I stood in the car lot,
realized I forgot
precisely which plane she was on,

So I drew my eyes skyward,
watching each tin bird,
and hoping she's watching me, too.
I got on the highway,
then pulled into my driveway,
as the space between us grew.

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