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in just one day
i think about so much
that i really
dont have time
to think at all.
a current state :\
Aaron Lee Oct 1
A finger in a jar,
Spooning out peanut butter,
In a cold empty house.
A pack of crisps.
A crunchy bar.
A sandwich.
Some fizzy.

Pushing the handle,

I push it all back out.
Lydia Sep 25
I really do wonder if I am just going to be like this for the rest of my life or if it's just a very long faze
I've wondered this for years
always thinking
"well next week will be better
next month will be better
next year will be better"
and it's not
I've been so unhappy lately
the kind I can't quite put my finger on
I know I've been lonely
and feeling insecure lately
about everything
my looks
my job
my relationship
my son
my car
Etc etc etc
I honestly have days and weeks where I feel unstoppable
I could handle everything at once and not blink
but then all of those highs crash into deep dark lows and I feel too weak to climb back up
its just
gotten to that point where
i dont believe a word you say
and panic attacks visit me
in my days of dark
i seek solace in blades
and i know
that there isnt a thing about me
worth loving.
i think
everyone hates me
and i dont know why
but i guess its okay
lucav Sep 13
bitter smiles across the corridors
seeing you with her is the worst
i dont miss you,just your hand in my own is better than in hers
what does she have,that i dont?
is it the **** or the looks that she gives you?
is it the smile she has that i lost?
i really dont miss you,i just need you laying next to me
but you left me empty.
im a bitter ex
Silver Sep 4
tilt back
tears slide
back into your eyes, from the harrowing place
they were siphoned into life. they
seep through your skull,
slide down your throat,

just swallow them, like they are
it's been a hard day.
every time
I get the urge
to write I
always find
myself in the
most frustrating


like not
finding a pen
and paper
or being
in a conversation
somebody important
or being
caught in
the moment
wherein emotions
and thoughts
are flooding
but deciding
it all for


but when
I finally put
the courage to
allow my pen
to kiss the
of my paper
it all
away into
the void
of my forgetfulness


and of course
ill be in
remorse for
those beautiful thoughts
vanish like
a *******
having done
her job
leaving the
on it's own


trying to
what to do
next for
the next few hours
or days
or years


about what
to get
back to the routine


so when I
did remember
the same words
that makes
brain ******


I found
the same peculiar
Arke Aug 26
sand and soot in oysters whirl
creating iridescent pearls
the lotus roots through dirt and mud
to blossom from the smallest bud

out of darkness, beauty grows
though the process, arduous and slow
without pain nothing is created
and so my growth is long awaited
CP Aug 23
could it be?

it’s been almost a year since I opened that door
the bolted, scared and chained door that boxes my heart
he carelessly lied all over it
he let it whither by refusing to whisper back to it

could it be you creaked it open in a year
i didn’t know what you’d do
could it be I feel something for you
do you do too?

these smirks and glances
could I play my chances?
your affection and care seem more
or am I so empty i pray they are
am I so deprived of feelings since being a ***** that your kindness is mistaken for more

could it be you want more than what we have?
because I sure do
When you left her, I knew it before you told me
my stomach dropped and ached
swirling like Poseidon’s pools, trapping victims in its gushes
I thought, I hoped it was for me
but you must still love her

I think about you, about us, about words left unsaid in our lingering goodbye
when you called me your best friend - you paused- you looked into my eyes and opened your lips- why didn’t you just say it
why didn’t you tell me more
instead I defend our friendship
I’ll make you a dozen playlists darling if it helps you feel lighter

could it be you feel something more for me?
because I’m afraid to say it out loud
but I may have fallen in love with you
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