Tate Feb 10
Now we've come to the end
And I have so much to thank you for
so thank you for wasting my time
for making me second guess every move I make
for helping me weave a tapestry for my teenage years
one laced with paranoia and bad timing
thank you for pushing me away
which forces me to let go
forces me to grow and wrap my arms around myself
instead of you
thank you for forcing me to put the care and effort into myself
for making me less hollow
by leaving
Thank you for letting me know you didn't care
and that's okay because now I know it wasn't my fault
thank you for letting me breath
do you ever go through a bad break up, swear you'll never do it again, then he turns up and you think it's great but he pulls the same shit 4 months later?
I am sweet for him,
Not for the way his eyes shine when looking into mine,
But for the way he humbles me,
Bringing heaven down to a war-torn Earth.
His ceaseless caring shows me there is more than beauty between us,
There is kindness, and a passion few will ever encounter.
He is the hope that restores faith, and the faith that makes you believe
That there is compassion left in this universe,
And though his heart burns with the inevitable fire,
That brings weak men to their knees-
He beckons me to become,
you know who you are;
there is an entire universe inside your beautiful head
Kaitlyn Feb 5
disguised as just another day in your working school life,
but this one is not the same.
this was your last first day in this town.
start to think how to say your final goodbye to your friends.
finish all your teenage petty bullshit that you want to leave behind.
start to think about what you want to do for the rest of your life.
finish all your procrastinated tasks just to graduate.
everything happens for a reason but what you don't know is that you're the reason.
you are the only reason why you do everything.
you can play it off on someone around you but you know that it was up to you the entire time.
but you can't brush it off anymore because this is your final year.
that means you have to take responsibility and grow the fuck up.
shitting myself  as the rest of my life starts soon.
Emma Jan 23
I'm having writer's block
I feel like there is so much to say
but I cannot get it out

There is no way to put it

I would try to make something more interesting
But I can't think of it right now..
Polka Jan 5
A passing                            friend
is bittersweet
because from day one
we are told
all good things
come to an end.

I didn't expect it,
you were so happy
yesterday,                             where
simpler times

I could have...
been better. I                           did
my best to give you
everything you

You made me laugh,                you
silly, silly creature.
Where there was a lack
of communication,
It was made up in

And I'll                                         go
back to my life.
At least, I'll try.
But when you made up
its majority,
where do I go back to?
whoops still writing ab my dog cut me some slack im really sad
Leviathan Andrew Dec 2017
I was born in a house
All I ever needed was a home

I just want to go home
To a place where I won't hurt
A place I feel safe
A place I want to be

How do you go home
when all you have is a house?
Leviathan Andrew Dec 2017
It starts in my chest and grows
like a parasite it eats at me
It feeds on my insecurities
It weighs me down

It runs through my veins and spreads
like a virus it breaks me down
It drains me of energy
It slows me down

Its destroying me
Mika Dec 2017
Another late night for me
Another early morning for you.

This clockwork life of work and
school is getting quite

You are my minute
And I am your hour
Waiting for our hands to touch.

You are my sun
And I am your moon
Waiting for our next eclipse.

Waiting for the moment
That will feel like forever
Hand-in-hand or lips-on-lips.
Angela Rose Dec 2017
Did you know I felt that our lives were undeniably tied together, irrevocably?
Like even if we fell apart and strayed too far away our paths would cross once again?
I felt that our bond was star-crossed and our connection was meant to be regardless of our star signs and past loves
I felt that our love was a story to be told through the ages and one to write down in the books
Did you know I felt that every single time we kissed the stars aligned and all the words I knew finally made sense for once?
Like even though the world was falling down and the things I knew were crashing down everything was okay because I had you?
I felt that you could grow to love me again despite having some girl at home wanting you to love her
I felt that our love story was almost too good to be true even though we only had relations through our kisses at 5 in the morning
Maybe it is me and my blind intuition to trust a stranger
But also, perhaps it is you and your need to feel a connection through past experiences with loved ones
Either way, I miss you
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