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Gracie 3d
watch me fall into your arms
even though they're made of thorns
all i can smell are the flowers.

watch me break down my walls
even though they're made of titanium
all i can see is hope.

watch me drown in your eyes
even though they're made of fire
all i can feel is the warmth.
guess what? i wrote in french class again! but i was listening to Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots this time. It's a good song, I suggest listening to it.
Gracie Nov 29
you can stand and watch, spectate it all
but you will see my final fall.
i'll break and cry, fall to my knees
my eyes will find yours, begging please.
and when i land, i'll fall apart
and it's all because you broke my heart.
written in french class, cause i don't understand verbs
Jaxey Nov 29
I know that I'm not
But is it okay
If I just let myself
Feel disgusting today?
I just feel gross today
Emma Nov 17
The first day of middle school
It all became clear
Two worlds revealed
A future sealed

At the top of the chain
Were the jocks
And the girls who claimed to be

At the bottom of the ladder
Were those who were
Nerdier, Smarter, or fatter.

The jocks played sports like basketball, football, and soccer
The nerds played things too.
Like chess, finding a army to defeat.
Or flute, working the throat.

Meanwhile, the girls blew kisses
And that boy wouldn't even resist
And, they would slather makeup
All over their faces.
They would cover the stuff
I loathed (Lace)
All over their clothes.

Why do we want to be popular?
Is everyone so desperate to have attention?
Well, at least I gave it a little
I hope I don't offend anyone.
You see them walking and think “why did I ever deserve you?”
2. Crying yourself to sleep over the though that you two might once again be happy
3. You’ve already asked. Twice. And got nothing more than contempt.
4. Why did you mess up? Why weren’t you better? What did you do?
5. Thinking about the sweet days, when you sat together and cuddled; when you dried your tears as she got on FaceTime; when you were happy, and didn’t have to rely on a plant to make you happy. When you didn’t drink so much to sooth the urge to call and spill all your repressed feelings. Think back to when you were happy
winter Oct 30
i wish i could be art
please give attention im losing myself
king Oct 24
I've got the duct tape,
The hammers and the nails too.
Brought the drill and some screws,
Do you need some super-glue?
There are pliers and a spanner,
Anything else you want?

Please put all my broken parts together,
Mend my shattered heart,
And fix my messed up brain.
All I ask is for you to fix me,
in just one day
i think about so much
that i really
dont have time
to think at all.
a current state :\
A finger in a jar,
Spooning out peanut butter,
In a cold empty house.
A pack of crisps.
A crunchy bar.
A sandwich.
Some fizzy.

Pushing the handle,

I push it all back out.
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