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undermyfeet May 2020
If my breath is worth your word
Then I would forfeit all to live your world
Where the light and dark
are nothing but shades of grey
And your love would smother me
drive me out, push me
Heavily slowly relentlessly

Into my world
we'd meet again.
Carolina Nov 2019
A girl singing in a club,
nothing stood out but the dark.
She sang a line that made me smother,
she summed up all of my days throughout
sometimes wish I'd stayed insde my mother,
never to come out

and then the piano notes floted in the air
falling softly like dust
melting everything it touched with no care,
my life was on the edge to combust.
rebecca Sep 2018
It starts with a seed: small and dark
It starts to grow: a stem and a thorn
It grows some more: twisting inward on itself
Now its a bush: one that smothers
It has sharp thorns and soft, black leaves. they ***** out all of the light
It tightens around something soft. you cant feel it but you sense it
You keep watching the plant as it grows
once it was a seed, now a still growing plant
until one day... cant...
x Jul 2018
please do not smother me

                 smothering implies force
           it implies suppression
  Or asphyxiation
it is something not being wanted

         instead engulf me in your love
    let me be immersed in it
cradle me in it
Coddle me
shelter me
                        let me breathe
                              So i can appreciate it
                   and feel it all around me
             that makes it so much better
      ever so soft
      ever so loving
      ever so gentle

                 I understand why you want to smother
                                 i do
                          but you’re somebody
                     you’re important
                You’re love is important
        the best thing you can give along with       your time.
   It’s valuable,
so you shouldn’t give it if it is not unwanted

                           even to me

                        Or at least don’t make it a habit with anyone
                you see
        because you are too precious
    and valuable
    and important
    but thank you

                                I do
                          I appreciate the gesture and the thought.
                     I do
                  I want your love but not like that
           just not that way
       just not by suffocation
 I want to be engulfed in it

                     there’s a difference
Tallie Mar 2018
We all know the feeling.
When you can feel the words.
When you can feel them begging to be pulled from your mind.
You can feel them straining to be written.
But when the pens starts to move
The words jumble and tumble
Overflowing all at once
Not making an ounce of sense
They beg to be pulled
But when you open the door
They only fall on top of one another
And all they seem to do is smother
Cana Mar 2018
The night is old
And my eyes are heavy
Heavy, a puppy held too long.
You’d think I’d sleep. But the door lies open
Staring at me,
The threshold slathered in anxious thoughts
Responsibility, a feather, a mountain
The reminder is onerous and incessant
Inescapable, tied to the wall
Must sleep. Please!
I did get to sleep eventually
Anger take me somewhere new,
Somewhere I've never been;
It could be to apologize
Or to lose another friend.
'Cause you sure as hell ain't one to me,
You're nothing but a pain;
Anger, hit the road, you ***-
May we never meet again.
For Anger makes a fool of me,
Makes me see red in a whole new hue;
Robs me of my logic-mind,
Makes me say what isnt true.
I can't always lock you up,
And stuff you out of sight;
But I can choose
When it's time for you
To be released into the fight.
For you are not my master,
And you are not my friend;
You may burst into flames one day,
But I'll just put you out again.
Olga Valerevna Jan 2017
I wasn't any heavier than half an inch's weight
when I decided Life was just a moment I could waste
a metaphor that shouldn't sound like anything I knew
but humans have a way to pace their feet around The Truth
for even though our bodies keep a record of it all
eternal minds can swallow things at flesh's beck and call
if we so choose to bury our own past within ourselves
we'll have to  give account for every coin we try to sell
a silver lining confidence may linger in the world
but in the dark, upon a dream, you'll see your little girl
Hannah Apr 2016
I'm the thief of your dreams; I've gone and turned them all black.
Everything you wanted for me, everything you hoped I'd be I threw back.
Now you worry and smother me with all of your good intentions,
But I lie to you through my teeth-- even my "truths" are inventions.
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