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mjad Jan 15
I'd rather stay in
than pass out drunk with a guy you refer to as "him"
because you were too tipsy to ask his name,
and now are sleeping in his puke with a migraine.
misty Aug 2017
i chug the pint sized can of lager
the 7.5 percent, my 8th, but i wish it got me farther
the hastening cerebration of complete intoxication
i have missed this, total self annihalition
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Stolen kisses in the dark,
Words laced with liquor,
Tipsy love striking hearts,
Wishing tonight will last forever.
Violet Jun 2016
One night after the third bottle of wine
You told me we should pack our things
And leave before dawn
There would only be you and I
Between talks and soft-spoken kisses

Let us go to the seaside, I said
Have you ever seen those crashing waves?
They remind me of the days wasted away
And the promise of tomorrow's strength

But there are sharks and krakens!, you said
Underneath the deep blue of mystery
Make haste and he will come at you
And you will be nothing no more

Why do we not climb the mountains?, you asked
Surrounded by mist of white and blue
We are not kings and queens of the world
But merely creatures of His mercy

Something lurks between the trees!, I argued
Deadly eyes hungry for lost souls
They were once someone's lovers
And now they have succumbed into the dark

Another bottle of wine, poured and spent
Your eyes are the firewood amidst winter
Fingers trailing my cold pale arm
You have made up your mind for our journey

The beach it is!, you proclaimed to the world
When your eyes reached mine, I knew
For a second, that was no tipsy talk
Perhaps one day I will take you to the mountains
Paraluman May 2016
Last night was the first time we got drunk,
the first time your hand glides down my arms,
fingers lace with mine, palm kissing.
The first time you put your head on my shoulder,
not because you're sleepy nor tipsy,
but because you want to be closer to me.
And the first time I heard you breathe on my neck,
god I was hooked! that deep calm sound
and the warmth of it quivers within.
I'd drink forever if it meant you'd never stop.
mel Apr 2016
kiss me tipsy just above ocean
where we'll make our tiptoes meet
i'll tell you how i loved you, darling
*like you would never believe
Chelsea Spears Aug 2015
I savour suicide itself with a martian flame
And fall right into its valleys of Ett
Vamika Sinha Jun 2015
She warns herself
to cork the wine tangling
up all her breaths.
She doesn't want to drown,
she doesn't want to guess.

But she does,
she does.

She realizes,
nauseous, breathless,
that she's stopped looking for stars
in the sky,
but has begun to search for them
in wine glasses and
a boy's eyes.
She desperately doesn't want to. Desperately.

But she does,
she does.

Her mouth is smeared with
straw-gold honesty
because in the morning
it'll be crimson again -
a scarlet as sharp as a
poison dart.
So right now, she enjoys the pale golden.
Fizzing from her mouth and
coursing through her shaking hands and
enveloping her and the lost boy beside her
like a red and blue coat that they can't shake off.
She wants to say:
This is the winter of our denial.
Of our everything and anything and whatever it is,
this thing we can't name.

But she doesn't,
she doesn't.

The Chardonnay isn't
golden enough for that.

All it can gurgle out is:
Don't do it, don't do it.
It'll mean something.

And she listens,
she listens.

She walks back out into the cold night
because she must.
And she collapses into herself
like stars and galaxies do, don't they?
In the morning, she'll paint some false sunshine
onto her face again.
And pretend she isn't bruised all over,
all red and blue,
golden and crimson.
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
OG Rhi Rhi
Up in this party
Gettin wavey off JD
Sippin on Bacardi

Sportin sunnies inside
The Matrix
No look in
Neo na see!
So sick
Keanu Reeves
Got nuttin on me!
Wrote this last night whilst semi waved. Just a bit of fun, finding yourself at a house party, having a good time, sportin some random guys shades in the dark, feelin the buzz thinkin you've got more (over)flow than Biggie when he gets in the bath!

  You must be having a bubble bath! (Laugh)

Intoxication for the Nation!

More Bars than Willy Wonka!
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