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selina Feb 28
to love me like how you love your
cheap hmart wine, to sentimentally sip
at me until you are tipsy and having a
good time; and if i have nothing more to
give, set my empty self on a distant shelf—
forever is a paradise, even if to only ever
hear your laughter from the sidelines
live love wine metaphors/similes
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
‘I kissed you and your lotion kissed me back’

Little thoughts
And smiles

Big realizations
Let’s just talk

Bring more wine
And a silly mood

And I’ll go wherever
You want me to.
Something lemon boy told me that made me smile
Pink fluffy apples
Green juicy flamingos (hiccup)

     Black sour marmalade

              Orange lumpy liquorice

Purple tangy mushroom

              White rich yoghurt



What did you put in my drink?
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
The affects of alcohol on the human tongue. Lighthearted poem. The colour and adjective used to describe the noun have been swapped with the line beneath to imply the feelings of a muddled brain when drunk.
Cardboard-Jones Jan 2021
The night started off right, good friends, good vibes, all love.
Downtown Charm City and it was all about us.
Got a couple rounds of shots, pretty soon it was all hugs.
I was fading, for real.
Here’s a good pic of a girl all in my ear.
Telling me everything that I probably wanna hear.
I think I said “Girl I’m from the Old Bay.”
And then she said “Mmm bring it my way.”
Put in a request for the DJ, he said
Alright, okay.

We kept drinking drink after drink, we’re tipsy.
Now we’re on the floor cutting loose, acting like a fool.
She gave me a kiss? Did I kiss back?
Oh ****, don’t remember that!
How much did I have to drink last night?

I woke up with a total stranger.
She had her grips on me.
Here’s me in the car with her.
Made me feel like a king.
I made a slideshow with her?
Everything’s such a blur.

I woke up in her bed while she's downstairs making eggs.
Am I alright?
I’m okay.
Drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones....kinda
Jameson Blackmay Jan 2021
I raise my hand high
       because I want to feel the Sun
                and keep soberness low
                      because I want to have fun
-elixir- Jul 2020
My dreams linger
like a tipsy
adventure of the
mind, That
encapsulates all
your love
and my rays of
I wish dreams could come true.
Ashari Ty Jan 2020

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
else Oct 2019
I could still taste the whiskey
In my mouth, ***-rimmed,
The tang of coke, light gin,
Better than mint,
As my eyes turned three,
Balance broke, but
My mind stayed intact,
So I took my calculator,
Solved calculus in front of you,
Pi r square h, volume of the drink--
Look, Chandrasekhar, Volkoff--
My words are slurred yet clearer
Than ***** neat, more fluent
Than *** slipping in like silk
Into my throat, the blooming
Sweet heat lingers, my
Feet numb, as I walked,
Arm slung over your shoulder,
Laughed, fear clear, stir sears,
I'm not sorry, I'm free, in glee
With you, while the mild aftertaste
Remains, dissipates late, my mate,
Our best most happiest date...

Oh boy.
I may just forget much.
But I won't forget
That you still owe me twenty point four seven five dollars.
*** what was I doing last night hahahh
Angela Rose Oct 2019
we have never even touched hands
we just know each other
we laugh together
we share smiles, and glances for far too long

but i dream about the way ur breath would feel at the nape of my neck
and i think about how fast my heart would beat just sitting on the couch with u
and i even think of how ur kisses would feel like chapped lips but i smile
sometimes i imagine having real conversations with u...

about our pasts
about our goals
about our favorite songs
about our first kiss experience
about our number one desired meals
about our previous pets and current pets
about our views on if aliens exist
about our future with or without each other

but then i remember if any of those things happened i would fall in love with u

and then what would she do?
emru Mar 2019
i keep my balance,
    throughout the day,
         until you meet my way.
              suddenly feeling dizzy,
                    tipsy, looking at your
                              pretty face.
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