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Ashari Ty Jan 7

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
else Oct 2019
I could still taste the whiskey
In my mouth, ***-rimmed,
The tang of coke, light gin,
Better than mint,
As my eyes turned three,
Balance broke, but
My mind stayed intact,
So I took my calculator,
Solved calculus in front of you,
Pi r square h, volume of the drink--
Look, Chandrasekhar, Volkoff--
My words are slurred yet clearer
Than ***** neat, more fluent
Than *** slipping in like silk
Into my throat, the blooming
Sweet heat lingers, my
Feet numb, as I walked,
Arm slung over your shoulder,
Laughed, fear clear, stir sears,
I'm not sorry, I'm free, in glee
With you, while the mild aftertaste
Remains, dissipates late, my mate,
Our best most happiest date...

Oh boy.
I may just forget much.
But I won't forget
That you still owe me twenty point four seven five dollars.
*** what was I doing last night hahahh
Angela Rose Oct 2019
we have never even touched hands
we just know each other
we laugh together
we share smiles, and glances for far too long

but i dream about the way ur breath would feel at the nape of my neck
and i think about how fast my heart would beat just sitting on the couch with u
and i even think of how ur kisses would feel like chapped lips but i smile
sometimes i imagine having real conversations with u...

about our pasts
about our goals
about our favorite songs
about our first kiss experience
about our number one desired meals
about our previous pets and current pets
about our views on if aliens exist
about our future with or without each other

but then i remember if any of those things happened i would fall in love with u

and then what would she do?
- Mar 2019
i keep my balance,
    throughout the day,
         until you meet my way.
              suddenly feeling dizzy,
                    tipsy, looking at your
                              pretty face.
Empire Mar 2019
Have you ever
Felt so
     i              z
z                             z
z           z          
d             ?/.a>>>??a  ???      zz z  z z e d???
                      t   ip... p
                          Just from a glance      ss       ..  .
                               Eyes locking                            y
With someone
I've heard of the notion
This wondrous love potion
But I regret to say
It has not yet come my way
Jon Thenes Jan 2019
Hold heart and clean sink
It is the please for good travel

Bellow your pets into a confusion
Rid them of comfort
Rile them of the dwellings familiarity

Approach the teller
the coach
the salter of plans
and undo it
part the tissue of its apparition
a feature no more

with nowt packed
sleeve the threshold
with a tipsy
and easy whim
8M Dec 2018
I'm feelin' pretty tipsy now
Dancing to the beat, huh
Hey, sweep me off my feet
And take me to the moon

Dancing to the beat, huh
Serve me a martini
And take me to the moon
So we could eat the stars

Serve me a martini
And we'll run away, yeah
So we could eat the stars
Tiny bite-sized bits

So we could eat the stars
Hey, sweep me off my feet
Tiny bite-sized bits
I'm feelin' pretty tipsy now
amber Dec 2018
my fingertips are warm...
like i dipped them
into a hot bath
or ran them under
a heated faucet

like you took them
between your hands
and absorbed their chill

but you are not here
and they are warm
from the tequila
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Here's a big question

What do I want?
Right now? In the future?
Maybe the better question is who do I want?
Does he have a name?

Nameless man
It would be so fitting if your name was Jack

I want someone to touch
I want someone to hold and to caress
For him to be content with this much

I want someone
To cuddle
To share secrets with
To share knowing looks

Is it possible? Is it too much to ask?
I want a guy best friend
That's what I want right now
Not a boyfriend
Not a friends with benefits

(Though, sometimes that sounds good)

To be close physically, but not in a ****** way
It may sound crazy, but I want a guy best friend
Is that too much to ask?
Just writing out my thoughts, don't mind me. I was more confused at the beginning of this than the end.
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