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em Oct 2019
running back to an unknown place
a newer home of marble and dust
power back in the broken lights
fiery iris, bones boiling
tears of ink
blood on those streets
but the stillness in the air has stood
and will
though the winds might blow
once more
em Oct 2019
a fortunate day for the soul
a new sun in the gut
five birds taking flight
in the morning sky
a whisper and a sigh
Nina Aug 2019
She was aware
That he wasn't here for long
A couple of months in her country  for work
And Just looking for someone to have fun with

She knew that from the beginning
But she was hoping he'd stay a little longer
She had already fallen for him
Too deep
To even say goodbye
She didn't mind the thought of him going back
As long as she knew she'd have him in her heart
So she begged
Deep inside her heart
For him to be hers
For him to fall for her
And only her
Hoping that one day,
He'll come back
And ask for her hand

He was just a tourist
That she fell for
And hoped to be his someday
So she begged
Hoping that he will fall in love with her
Just like how she fell for him
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
I knew it was a long shot
Knew I'd end up with another broken heart
But despite the risk I let you back in
After almost a year apart
Because I couldn't get you off my mind
Not for a day or even an hour or two
And if you were so deeply stuck in my thoughts
That meant it was worth starting over new
Now we are here trying our best
But it's not quite what we hoped it would be
The love I feel for you is stronger than ever
But I can't seem to make you see

I just want you to smile once more
And make you happy like I did before
I knew the risks. But I wanted, no, NEEDED you anyway.
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
I want to live happy.
I don't want to cry.
I want to live long.
I don't want to die.
I want to be loved.
I want to be cared.
I want to live long.
I don't want to be scared.
But life can surprise you
at any moment.
And there's no guarantee
that things will go
the way you hoped.
I hated her,
And she must've hated me.

Otherwise, why would she leave?
With her bright smiles,
And twinkling eyes,
Her innocence.

I have jaded eyes,
My bones heavy,
I have seen the horrible,
The ugly,
The lie,
That comes from this world.

She has not.
She was still young,
She was still hopeful,
She was protected.

She, who's smiling in the picture,
She, who looked so much like me,
She, who was nothing like me.
Gone, and lost.

Tell me,
How do I get her back?
Tell me,
So I can build a time machine.
Tell me,
So I can be her again.
Jennifer West Oct 2016
Just have a little bit,
To get you through the night.
Just have a little bit,
To be able to see the light.

Your heart is weary,
And your head hurts,
But know in your soul,
That this isn't the worst.

Listen to the advice,
Try your best,
And know that,
Soon the universe will answer those prayers.
Don't categorize yourself with someone else, don't lump yourself into a specific type. One similarity does not a commonality make. A million and one people may all have done what you've done or felt what you've felt but that does not breed you together into one common group or make their goals yours or your goals something they have any possibility of reaching. It may sound cliche but you are the only you, no one else could be you or truly understand everything you've ever felt to the core of your being since you've become you. And this you, the one you stare at every day in the mirror, is not the you you've always been and is certainly not the you you'll always be. You are continually changing and becoming more than you've ever been before. If you keep trying and doing and working towards something, anything that's better than what you are right now then you've already surpassed every category, type or group that you lumped yourself into. You are not a category. You are not what anyone else thinks you are. You are what you try to become, what you hope to become, what you've always dreamed you'd become.
Anneteiku Apr 2016
You play and drenched in dirts
And you know how it hurts
It is enemy's art
But HIS grace fixed your heart

You taste a new life
No more grief  
Free from strife
Vindicated to be HIS wife

The enemy still lingers
Chasing you away from your SAVIOR
Still wanting you to put in danger
Don't get wrapped by his finger!

At your heart he still knocks
Say goodbye and turn back
Don't give him kisses
Cling to LORD's promises
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