Wyatt Jul 7
An eye of gold
gleams in the dark.
Bandits locked in
towers that stretch out.
Watchers onlook,
awakening takes place.
Silence surrounds me.
Are you still sleeping?
slowly the night fog creeps through
our village's quiet sleeping streets
by morn its thick cover shall
be a shrouding mass
Michelle Jun 26
The Cunning serpent whispers,
"Indeed you shall not surely die";
As an angel of light he whispers,
But there is something; Still a lie.

All the people are still sleeping;
Yet you hear a whisper in the night;
They know nothing; still are sleeping;
A bump, a fleeting shadow, a light.

Whom are you praying to oh, pious one,
While on knees bending till the prayer is done;
Know you not that they are still not awake?
The Saints are all sleeping; Their help forsake.

When Jesus returns the dead will arise;
For he is the resurrection and the life;
His dead will awaken; at his word, arise;
To meet their lord and they that are alive,
and remain will be caught up to him in the air;
so shall they ever be with him in eternal life.
"Lest ye sorrow" by Fountainview Acadamy
See "Unmasked" by Sarah Dragnet on YouTube that is what started this poem. The original set to music is much sweeter.
Eccl 9:5 "...but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten."
Deut. 18:10-12
Gray Jun 16
He is ill today.
He needs to sleep.
He cannot for he isn’t feeling okay.

His mind is drifting into the deep.
Everything he is imagining is distorted.
Perhaps it wasn’t a wise idea to count sheep.

His unreal body is slowly being contorted.
Why are things going this way?
This experience is truly horrid.

He was ill yesterday.
He needed to sleep.
Yet doing so made everything less okay.
Poetic T Jun 9
Entombed within the golden locks,
a struggle of two personalities that
coalesce beneath the shimmer of
                                 dusk and dawn.

Never do either ever see the features
portrayed beneath the flesh of others.
Corporeal forms foreboding there existing
                                time haunting memories.

When the curse was woven in sullen
contest, not knowing that this would
knit there time to the fabric of each other’s waking breath.

But when night did lynch daylight then
the other awoke, feverishly needing to
tend to the others demise. Not realising
                                 golden locks unlocked.

It was only when the other stared deep
into the pool of reflection. They saw the
other looking in fright, but neither one
                                behind just reflections.

Now the truth has been attuned to their
existence, they were as one through the
shadow and light to undo a misgiving
                                    from a birth right.

Each has seen into another knowing.
Where there misgivings have given them
reflection, and now they have a purpose
                                to set things right.
A different take on sleeping beauty &  maleficent
Deemz Jun 8
Tonight I dont feel like sleeping. I dont feel like eating. I dont feel like dreaming. I dont feel like being. I’m done believing, I’m done feeling.
Gray Jun 4
I rather be at home in my own bed.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me whispering.)

I like how everyone can be controlled inside my own head.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me speaking.)

I can even pretend to view into my future by 'looking' ahead.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me screaming.)

I really like how i can permanently make sure that i am never again misled.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me weeping.)

I love being at home in my own bed.
Lynn May 24
im going to fall asleep
and dream good dreams

escaping this world is a lot easy
in deep sleep my wishes come true
when im awake reality is foolish .

so i dream a dream
better than this life
and i dream a dream worth dreaming
all while the real world caves in.

its you that my dreams revolve around
its you in which i dream about
and its you in which i dream
a good dream.

i like you very much
(one of my favorite poems so far pls share and ill love you forever)
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