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Bhill Oct 7
Stretch it out

Your internal time clock says it time
You feel your self waking up...
Yawn, open your eyes just a bit to see if it's light
Remember where you are
Stretch out those sleeping legs
Throw your arms over your head and...
Stretch till you feel the muscles wake up
Wow...  Wow that feels good
Are you ready?
Let's go
Forget that, I'm going back to sleep....

Stretch it out...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 250
Wake up, get out of bed...
Bhill Oct 4
The pain of it all
Sometimes it’s too much for us
What do you do then

Breathing is hard when in pain
Sleeping is hard when in pain
Ouch, that hurts is all I got

The pain of it all
Sometimes it's too much for us
What do you do then

Brian Hill - 2019 # 247
What's your pain level?
Caitlin Sep 27
While your eyes are closed, I trace your nose, while you’re fast asleep I sometimes gently weep because the beauty I see beneath the flesh I want to bask in with every breath I have until I take my last.

And when I do, I beg of you, trace my nose and bask in the beauty once contained by my flesh and remember it is you who knows it best. Never will it change. When you need me call my name and I'll be there, my dying promise, to you this I swear because my love for you is completely bare. Without boarders, without flesh.

Whenever wherever know that I’m already right there, my final resting place is not a casket below ground but in your heart I so admired. I’m already there.
For my twin flame
. . . Do you still love me when you are sleeping,
Then will I fit well in your arms?
All that anger you've been keeping,
With your eyes shut can it still do me harm?

I sit here beside you afraid to lie down,
My mind can't rest after everything you've said.
I'm afraid to wake you so I don't make a sound,
I'm not sure why I even came to bed.

I have given you everything but it's not enough,
I am so sad and I feel so alone,
I want to stay but you're making it tough,
I live here but I'm not at home.

Do you still love me when you are sleeping,
Or will you push me away.
Am I something you feel is worth keeping,
Or does it make me stupid to stay?

Do you still love me when you are sleeping
. . .
lake Sep 15
call me when you get this
you don't wanna miss it
you don't wanna wait too long
they're playing your favorite song
can you wake up when you hear my call
i'll be waiting until next fall
Brianna Sep 9
The prettiest sunset I had ever seen was  during the largest fire we had had in a long time.
It was smoke covered reds and pinks and yellows.
It was hazy blues and darkening grays.
It was as if the sky was screaming for help while it was also fading away hoping sleep would clear the bad dreams.

And all the while I watched the sun set and the colors fade to night and I knew...
that even the worst of days can fade into something peaceful for even just one moment.

And I knew... that my bad day would burn out like the fire one day...
Poolza Sep 6
I just want to go to sleep
But my mother weeps
So I guess I'm not sleeping
Johnny walker Aug 27
My love she lies sleeping she waits for me and one day very soon I take my rightfull place along side
Back together as we were In life the twenty years
we were never apart two heart beating ss
So please be patient my darling It won't be long till we're together again just as we were In life for true love It never
sadbadhabits Aug 23
after tonight
sleeping alone didn’t feel right.
it feels lonely, cold, i’m craving the bliss
of laying next to you and sealing the night with a kiss.
i remember thinking “this is going to be a perfect memory”
but the happiness i feel is now in jeopardy.
i don’t want it to be
but you aren’t showing the same feelings to me.
i was a fool thinking it could be us against the world
but you left my mind in a constant swirl
i want you to stay, please stay, please, please, please stay
don’t keep pushing yourself away
come back to my bed
i don’t want my heart to crash if this is the end
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