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in the streets there are
many people sleeping and
many scared to sleep
We dreamed a lot
We dreamed together
Letting our minds wander
into a state of bliss, far away from reality
We dreamed of places we would visit
Of the accomplishments we would have together
We dreamed that the world was ours
and together nothing was impossible
Our dreams were crisp and beautiful
no imperfections or flaws
just exquisite ideas to keep us going
But our dreams were too perfect
and when I had to say goodbye
to the idea of you and I
I ripped our dreams in half
so you could keep yours and I could keep mine
and I clung to this partial dream
As if it were my destiny

I am realizing now it may have never been mine
only a way for me to fit into your dreams
and I don't want to carry around this hope of yours
I want to create my own path
I want to dream up my own future
your eyes bore into mine and I swear I can do this all day long.
"are you asleep?"
"I am, inside your heart."
your eyes with black irises, the gleaming happiness that can be seen inside them. you couldn't express yourself with words too well, but when I'm looking at you like this, I know you don't have to. I can read you all too well like this.
"are you sleepy?"
"I am not, not when the sound of my heartbeat is louder than silence in this moment."
you stare with hollowness, half lidded eyes that speak so much: I love you, I miss you, I want you, I need you -
"are you asleep?"
"yes. I'm full of you."
About now would be the time,
Where I usually bid you goodnight.
I wonder if you’re staying up later today,
Or if you’re in bed, staring at the moonlight.
But from this path of silence I won’t stray,
I’ll just have to keep wondering everyday.
Louisa Coller Sep 11
Tender crimson leaves,
shade the tiny, tired fairy,
masking her flowerbed.
Jason Drury Sep 8
I once fell asleep,
to pleasantries of sound.
As the ribbon slides,
it painted color vibrance.
An emotional luminance, that made,
the soulless whole,
and the blind blissful.

Sleeping to strings,
felt like death.
Not the regretful kind.
It felt as if laying,
in the field,
staring at the bountiful sky,
as seasons pass eternity.

A melody of,
exuberating melancholy,
was infectious.
As if my body,
gave into sickness.
Now its still,
in joyous null.

Let breath subside,
slowing to a faint whisper.
Sink into a nothingness mind,
drain all to slumber.
And listen to Prélude.
Ola Gia Aug 29
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing,
Will they wake happy, with their faces all daft?
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

Clamber over a set of eight legs, careful no tripping
over. Soon they will see which fly is their gift.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.

"Which is mine?"  they spent the evening asking.
"You'll just have to wait and see", I laughed.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

On the edge of the web, fill each stocking
to the brim. Got to be quick and got to be swift.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.

Soon they'll rise and the house will be clicking
with their pincers and not one unwrapped present left.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

Finish the Santa duty, time to start relaxing
ready for the morning when tensions have halved.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.
A poem that I wrote a while a back, but never published.
I'm not sleeping I'm just thinking with my eyes closed as my mind and soul drifts to a world of dreams
                                                          ­                  -Niclette
Thought of it while I was watching vampire diares
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