Why does sleep feel good?
Why do people love sleep so much....well here I'll tell you just why!
I can lay down in my bed, soft warm and cozy...it's something we all take for granted, since some people don't own a mattress.
It's made with different kind of materials to help your body feel so good.
I can put my head on a soft pillow, not move a muscle and feek happy.
Time to close your eyes, watch tv, or read a book, the moment comes when we don't need to prove anything to the world.
We don't need to move, think or exercise...no worries, just thoughts, thinking process starts and when morning comes it stops.
Best part about sleeping, is to know you're still alive in the morning, to feel the present moment and see the world about us. What is the weather like, time for a fresh start, let's eat some food or smell a fresh brew of coffee, maybe even a warm team milk, water and lemon....or a taste of hot chocolate aa the seasons roll by. Sleeping pillows is the bed process, in the world pillows is the word pill. Sleeping is a drug, you don't want it to end, it will for a little while until you come back to it in the end, when your in your bed

There are



Everything feels nice, and you're at peace. Lay down and stretch your legs,
Hold your partner,
Read a book, do some art, listen to music


This is why we love sleep, no one can control us, we're in power for ourselves, feel free, and relaxed, also don't need to move our bodies for 8 or more hours.

Can you relate? Comment below!

I want to run away.

Jasmine Oct 8

I stayed up all night again,
When I’m not supposed to be.
Sleeping isn’t that easy.
I toss.
And turn.
And my eyes they burn.
Bloodshot and heavy, like weights on my eyelids.
It’s not the bed, it’s just my head.
Thinking too much, and then making it all rush,
The comforting screen brightening my 2 AM morning that I never slept through.
And leaving me to dread throughout my afternoon.
One after another, day after day, I go through this pain.
I can not sleep, no matter how hard I try..
Because night after night,
I feel a little bit more of me die..

NahKe Sep 21

Sleeping beauty, I'm a mess.
Asleep by my side.
You just shut your eyes.
Dreaming about a life, which hopefully includes mine.
Peaceful and alive, you feed my pride.
I wish you were mine; though I know it's a wish never to be granted,
I'll keep in mind, the pain that your "past" did.
The look on your face as you continue sleeping has me worried.
Why does it seem like you're hurting,
in a place where you shouldn't feel deserted?
You pull up close to me, yet you feel so distant.
What do I gotta do to make you feel existent?
Sleeping Beauty, you wreck me.
Asleep by my side.
You just opened your eyes.

I just want to help her with her struggles.
Seeker Sep 16

i like the way you feel my skin after i take off all my makeup
i like the way the pillowcase wrinkles after you get up
i like the way you curl into a ball as you sleep
i like the way you smile at me when you wakeup
i like the way you pull me closer in the middle of the night
i like the way the sheets move when you sleep
i like the way you toss and turn when you’re trying to find a comfortable spot
i like the way you shed your beard hairs onto the pillow
i like the way you kiss me every time you wake up in the night
i like the way you always make sure the fan gets to me too
i like the way you always make sure i have water to drink for when I’m thirsty during the night
i like the way you always tuck me into bed
i like the way you hold me close
i like the way you kiss me when the sun rises
i like the way you never leave me without a kiss and hug goodbye
i like the way you always ask how i slept
i like the way you hug me even when I'm mad
i like the way you kiss my forehead as we argue
i like the way you accept me for me

Zero Nine Sep 5

Seldom has the shadow
Crawled over the daylight
At night, I turn it on
My high queen, the wattage
Shines her frozen orange
Upon my heated frame

You look on the darkness
See nothing but the void
Hear nothing but the cold
The old frozen silence
I hear distant echoes
Voices from within flame

Spirits call me
From dark places
Suddenly the light
Won't drive them away

Ghosts love my fragility
I'm living obscenity
Always high on kerosene
Running empty but for fumes

Of outcomes
Can't manipulate fate
Already holding roses
Can't manipulate light
I used her for her purpose
Such thing as too much?
Must be so
As my fingers turn to ice

I'm dead dreams
Ghosts love my fragility

I'm living obscenity
Always high on kerosene

Running empty but for fumes
Running for my life

The End
sophia sacal Sep 3

I tried swallowing
The disappointment
With sleeping pills,
But God, how could I not choke
When every single one of them
Reminded me of you?

Jr Sep 1

Apartad de la luz,
camino insonoro
y caminante causa estruendo

Apartad de la luz,
pues la noche es joven,
y le temo,
yo le temo

gee Aug 17

My eyes don’t shut
It’s as if they are glued open 24 hours a day
My brain doesn’t shut up
If it was a person, it would speak all day
I try to count some sheep
But my eyes never seem to sleep
So ill just sit back, relax
and stay an insomniac

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