riwa 12h

i slept beside you once,
and every night since then
i have felt the absence of your body next to mine.
i can still feel what it was like falling asleep to the sound of your breathing,
my head rested just above your heart...
the beat swaying me to sleep.
waking up to your kiss on my forehead felt like a dream.
do you see why it was so hard for me to differentiate what was real and what was not?
the dreamlike trance of our relationship held me captive for months,
when i was awake, i would see you;
when i was asleep, i would see you.
do you see why it shattered me when everything turned into a nightmare?
now i am afraid to fall asleep,
but i don’t want to be awake either,
so what else is there for me to do?
the long hours of sleep i have skipped come back to haunt me during the day, and those are the worst
because during the day is when i run into you.
i see you, and i see my old dreams;
i see you, and i see reality

that you are not mine anymore.
that i will never get to sleep next to you anymore.
your heartbeat will be the lullaby another girl needs now,
and i will just be in an empty bed,
trying hard not to stay awake;
trying hard not to fall asleep.

Wellspring Nov 23

I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.

Don's you just love exams? I don't. I hate it.
sarah Nov 20

Crisp new sheets settled
underneath heavy mattresses,
smelling of the flowery detergent
you used on my socks.
Fluffy pillows flopped
into place,
flying from your
adrenaline fueled fingers,
slipping on the satin comforter.
It was fresh
and clean
and new.
(Kind of like we were.)

But as it wore out,
we did too.
Smooth sheets
once crumpled
under cuddling bodies.
Now they wrinkle
in closed fists,
wiping away falling tears.
Feathery pillows fly
across the room,
aiming for hanging memories.
Seas of blankets cover hardwood floors,
drowning sorrows
and blocking the outside world.

The bed is no longer made,
but destroyed.
(Along with us.)

Trevor Dowe Nov 19

Irreverent words flow as I spill this ink across the page
Suns rise and set, while this planet weeps black blood
The midnight stars shine solemnly in their eternal watch

God sighs at the universe sets, he can finally put down his burden
He aches and pains from toiling so long
Joints creak and his stomach rumbles

Maybe it's time for a nap
He lays his head down to slumber
The light, tinted pink from the evenings glow, filters through his window

A breeze gently stirs the wispy hair on his threadbare scalp
A bit of drool collects on the headrest of his recliner
His troubles all but forgotten to the tides of dreams

"Heaven is closed," Peter said to the gathered dead, "Here is your eviction notice."
One by one the marched down the marbled gold staircase as the angels descended above them
Jesus was the last to go, after tucking a blanket around his father's shoulders

With a final breath the universe dies, contented, in its sleep
No more witnesses, no more observers
Peace at last

slowly the fog creeps
in our township's sleeping streets
dense is its heavy shroud

Lady Grey Nov 8

A soft brush of something--
Or lips perhaps...
Across my face

Gently reassuring
That everything will be alright…
That someone is there with me
In the darkened abyss of my room

But when I try to hold on to it,
To make sure it’s real,
The feeling fades
As fickle and fleeting as the tears escaping my eyelids

What is all this blather about dawn
And the lies about loving sunrise?
There is very little fun going on.
It doesn’t it make me wealthy and wise.
It’s often cold except in summer.
It’s still mostly dark, not quite light.
Stumbling around is a bummer,
And, in my opinion, it’s not right.

What the heck is wrong with bed,
Letting the whole world get up first
Enjoying more dreams in my head,
Before experiencing morning thirst?
Why can’t I let the winos rise up
And move away from my doorstep
Before I try to find my getup
And take my outside first step?

Unless I make it at home, no good
Food is offered in American diners.
They sell no roughage, as they should.
They think health food is for whiners.
Nothing green, not much but meat
Mostly on offer is coffee and sugar;
Fried, and starchy stuff on the street.
Finding food besides that is a booger.

So, no thanks, I much prefer to stay
With dreams of retirement in my head
Until later on in the bright light of day
Snuggled, sleeping in my comfy bed.
I don’t want to wake while it’s still dark.
There is nothing much of dawn I like.
Joggers go on and run in the park.
All of you early risers: go take a hike.

alex Nov 6

wake from the slumber
groggier and more hidden
than before i slept


Why does sleep feel good?
Why do people love sleep so much....well here I'll tell you just why!
I can lay down in my bed, soft warm and cozy...it's something we all take for granted, since some people don't own a mattress.
It's made with different kind of materials to help your body feel so good.
I can put my head on a soft pillow, not move a muscle and feek happy.
Time to close your eyes, watch tv, or read a book, the moment comes when we don't need to prove anything to the world.
We don't need to move, think or exercise...no worries, just thoughts, thinking process starts and when morning comes it stops.
Best part about sleeping, is to know you're still alive in the morning, to feel the present moment and see the world about us. What is the weather like, time for a fresh start, let's eat some food or smell a fresh brew of coffee, maybe even a warm team milk, water and lemon....or a taste of hot chocolate aa the seasons roll by. Sleeping pillows is the bed process, in the world pillows is the word pill. Sleeping is a drug, you don't want it to end, it will for a little while until you come back to it in the end, when your in your bed

There are



Everything feels nice, and you're at peace. Lay down and stretch your legs,
Hold your partner,
Read a book, do some art, listen to music


This is why we love sleep, no one can control us, we're in power for ourselves, feel free, and relaxed, also don't need to move our bodies for 8 or more hours.

Can you relate? Comment below!
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