I've been relaxing
Catching up on lots of sleep
Waking up with smiles
I've been relaxing it's been very lovely :)
Thomas Halls Mar 9
The boughs did creak
And branches snap
The sky turned then
Quite suddenly black
Dead leaves stirred
As willows mourned
The whispers of
A coming storm
The wind then died
And silence fell
Like echos from
Within a well
It started slow
The sound was soft
The arpeggio of
A single drop
Then like a wave
Before the break
A crescendo rose
From far away
And broke upon
The shattered earth
A torrent's rage
From heavens birthed
Thunder clashed
Darkened the night
The sky was cracked
By blinding light
Alone I listened
To the sound
From beneath
The hallowed ground
The war of thunder
Rage of light
The shallow grave
Of the sleeping Knight
I am dreaming about
flabby landscapes
and vibrating mud lakes
Bathtub puddle bubbles
in rounds on a floor
Sliced dough balloons
and curly bone faces
Human skin fading
in strawberry butter
and feathers wrapping up
dolphin shaped babies
I’m really dreaming about being naked inside of a sandwich.
Two souls carried by the breeze through, lucid, epic, prophetic, hopes and dreams;  Conceived on beds of salty steam whilst drifting on a raft of love to the sleepy land of nod.

With pillow talk and sheets for sails we’ll storm the cotton midnight realms and keep our simple craft afloat with sex and love and silly jokes before catching zZz’s with gods.

Dedicated to Pixie.
Two souls sharing sex, love and silly jokes, pillow talk, dreams and hopes before catching zZz’s with gods. On our little raft of dreams.

To slumber in the arms of Morpheus !
AvengingPoet Mar 5
But I cannot even function
Without you by my side
It’s a damn shame that I can barely take the day-by-day
The grind of everything that shall be, this natural world

A focus on all that is good and pure
Those things I love and cherish
You most of all
The only thing that keeps me from losing it all…

I hope I don’t die on this hill
This place that looks like something out of a painting
Yet only seems to hold emptiness and loneliness
As we’re surrounded by the shapes of silence and the suffering of thousands

The tectonic plates are starting to shake
And I’m afraid I’m starting to lose balance
Maybe you can keep my balance steady as I need to find

That steadier footing.

I’m not sure if I can
But the day-by-day
The shaking, the shapes of silence taking form
At all hours of the night
Well, I can barely sleep
But at least you’re right next to me

What is the meaning of this?
I’m sure I’ll probably never know.
Every time I glance out the window
The clouds have reformed into a new and more beautiful arrangement.
And every time I glance at the clock
I’ve wasted another hour.
After every time I eat
I wince and brush my teeth,
Every time I’m touched
I grimace and shake,
And every time I sleep
I dread the moment I have to wake.
redruMAndTea Feb 27
Let's pretend I’m false realist living in a country house painted white-
-er than my skin. Taking one part milk two parts tea with my antipsychosis-
red or blue? It doesn't matter the color it's what’s inside. Cyanide or morphine? It could be either or neither but the color will never say. Shade has no lips to speak. Coffee- black- at noon.
Read the paper:
God Save The Queen! Why does god only save the Queen?
Perhaps my windows are stained glass portraits of F. Fitzgerald
and Rosa Parks. Another sip of coffee- black- as societal
issues sink my lungs in defeat, a horrendous ache in my
temples is reincarnated.
Glints of red window glass catch my attention from the corner of a
wandering eye- reminding me instantly that I’ve taken
the wrong pill.
Lylock Feb 24
I'm still sleeping
Time creeping up on me
Hey there
Push the hair up from your face

Morning's a graceful enemy
But I'm mourning the night
Nylee Feb 22
Are we all still sleeping
dreaming the different reality
not controlling our destiny.

it happens too fast
everything changes
as we get a second to blink
as we think.

the light, the dark
the moon and the sun
all part of my imagination
every inch of this illusion.

Floating in my head
glancing around
waiting for this to end
and wake up
from this never ending sleep.
my soul may be singing
but my eyes are bleeding
from pain i am breathing
it sings through my being
and my ears keep ringing
i’m reaching for meaning
but blinded from seeing
the truth in my thinking
i wish i could know why
the stars keep on blinking
why the moonman’s singing
or why i wake up in a dream
where i’m sleeping?
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