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i start to slip asleep in my mint green room
pink curtains parted leave me viewing the moon
lashes kissing each other: goodnight, i love you...

from under my blanket i look at my beds side
there’s teeth that fell out but i can’t recall why
there’s a music box too, laying open and quiet

there’s a sugarplum fairy waiting to turn
twist the wind up key for a melody without words
a tinkling tune like the soft song of birds

she spins so sweet as i slide into sleep
her silk costume white as counted lambs fleece
setting the scene for my soft fluffy dreams

there’s a buzz with the flicker of my nightlight
and i remember a boy i used to call mine
i’d open the door when he’d sneak by at night

i would lie with my love, ready to rest my head
back when i was a child, vulnerable and fresh
i let the guy in and he then broke my neck
Bhill Sep 26
as the world sleeps, the enchanting begins
being unseen and quiet, messages are delivered
information bouncing in and about all sleeping intelligence
apparitions and memories of long-ago actions
as the world awakens, the enchanting flees the mind
some of the enchanted will recall with faint impressions
some will remember nothing...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 265
Traveler Sep 13
Surviving in a prison cell
I learn to stand behind myself
Witnessing this hell I dream

We sleep in comfort
As we slumber away our existence
Being a true master takes persistence
Hell I can fall back to sleep in an instant

Aesthetic displays
I get lost in the days
This dream is but a life
The con from beyond
Keeps me going strong
No matter wrong or right
Traveler Tim
Norman Crane Sep 10
how tranquil it would be
to sleep as deeply
as an anchor
at the bottom of the sea
I Slept in the world of Malign
Wake up in a dream with suspiration.
Living in a dream is like apricity
But believing it's truth is really tricky.
But for even once , i wanna lost in Dreams
Staying away from those fear and screams.

My life in real is fabrifacient  
But in dream it's magnificent.
No fear no cries
No game of truth and lies .
Just for once i wanna lost in Dreams
Trapped in that second
and stay in that gleam
Tired of this world .
Want to live in dreams .
Find peace
Nik Bland Sep 7
Your voice was never mine in morning
You were a bird of later light
And you would smile
Each day
Each day
To say that you’re alright

You needed your coffee
To satiate your internal plight
As hungriness
Would sway
Would sway
Your mood ‘till your first bite

The crunch of butter covered toast
Your taste of the egg whites
You chose the yolks
To stay
To stay
Your breakfast at its height

You’d smile and say good morning
And there you were, my perfect wife
We’d go outside
Beach days
Or an afternoon hike

It’s been a month and you’ve gone now
I dream of you at night
I think of you
As tears I consistently fight

I sleep inside our bedroom
I still whisper to you “Sleep tight”
You went in your sleep
No pain
No pain
After fighting with all your might

Your voice was never mine in morning
But you were my sun, so bright
And I find I miss
Your grace
Your face
Amidst the morning light
Claudius Sep 1
"I am tired"
Yet I light the cigar again
"I am tired"
Yet I am five shots in again
"I am tired"
Yet I take another happy little pill too soon
I am starting to wonder what kind of tired I am
Struggling with addictions yet again
Eve K Aug 28
There's a man whose snoring next to me.
He's not my husband or my man.
But he is still there, snoring next to me.
Where did he come from, I wonder where.
He breathes in and out, soft sounds next to me.
The windows closed, he didn't come in through there.
Twitches his arm and leg right next to me
What a weird night, for a snoring man
To appear as I wake, just right next to me.
Bizarre!! Bizarre! I do say bizarre!
The sleeping man still next to me
Where do I go, what do I do?
With the snoring man right next to me.
Mitch Prax Aug 21
Death has made
one too many
in my dreams.
I forgot how long it's been
since he first woke me up or
how long it's been since
I feared my own
Bhill Aug 16
the sky darkened and decomposed into the blackness
giving up a trail of reflections and thoughts
thoughts in mind, sleeping into tomorrow
thoughts waiting to be released into the light
feels so delicious to allow new composition to escape

Brian Hill - 2020 # 225
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