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Bullet 6d
Traces of stencils
Have you lined in
Running <> dreaming
Of breaking boarder lines

>Dreaming loosely
Make believes so real you can taste it
Dreaming lucid
May make you believe in

<Living tight
Circle close
Trust determines these diameters
Drawing in

Drew what have you drawn in
Shading covers whats behind
In life

Sketching in sleeping
Pillow talks too loud
Drew dreaming
Pencil doesn't want to stand still
siinli Nov 7
I've taken sleeping pills
So I can close my eyes
And dream about you
So I can rest and sense your
presence next to me
So I can dream of what
we could be
So my mind can wonder
and find you
So I can hold your hand
and embrace you
I've taken sleeping pills
For this will be the closest
I'd get to you
Because us, being one
Is just a possibility
—i just love you, im going mad

Frank Nov 1
I don't want to sleep
I don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to start again

I'm scared of sleeping
I'm scared of closing my eyes
I'm scared of starting again

I'm scared
Sleeping is a contract
I keep signing
Waking is a contract
I keep breaking
I just want what
Kumbhakarna had
six months isn't much
so I can sleep this
sickness away.
Ethan Hoerl Oct 21
Softly spoken
Insult to injury
Golden token
Lost in the vending machine

Return return I cry
Through sleepless night and morning sky
Though gods may travel past my eyes
I can not justify your sigh

Spinning in vapid decay
A vast array
Of things we lost that day
Not the same
Never was okay
Pointless without your name
Powerless without the grave
Never was okay
Or sane

A glue
A clue
Of you
Binding thoughts and words to action
Maybe if I had a fraction
Of that faith or light
An endless plight
into the night
Or the stars
I don’t want to sit at bars
Not alone at least

Briefly breathing
Words deceiving
A slight seething
Pain beneath
Or under
Not above to wonder
Or wander
Ever tired out in yonder
Ever thirsty without water
Ever thinking without ponder
Sauntering serenely

Escaping my own feet
My heart goes beneath
Not even slightly discrete
Appeasing a seemingly pleasing piece
Of sanity humanity and vanity
Calamity awaits me
Kora Sani Oct 12
there you are
sleeping in my mind again
second-guessing your presence
still hurts every now and then

a long-term visitor
overstaying your welcome
my heart was your home
now that feeling is seldom

the blame is on me
it's my fault in the end
there's no disguising that
i'm the one who invited you in
Daniel Ruiz Oct 12
Sky scrapers made of Lego,
giants controlling everything
super heroes without capes,
Civilians made of paper,
Those are the settings,
of a kids play set,

so nostalgic and overwhelming,
So thought out,
but not as well built,

Imagination running wild,
as little plastic men,
Ruin the town,

Buildings Collapsing,
waiting to be stepped on,

As future architects,
and astronauts,
play around,
as *** intended,
them to,

Playing Until  
The Stars Comes out,

And their curfew is upon them,
creeping unto their fun,

Just so they can rest for another day,
Of Lego blocks and broken cities.
Erik Whalen Oct 8
What will I even do?
               Who would I even see?
That's right, no one. Not really.
Acquaintances with blank faces? Sure.
Professors whose every response is identical and whose age is defined by the bags under their eyes? Naturally.
Old friends who don't seem to be able to help me? It wouldn't be today if there wasn't that dilemma.
So, ask me why I'm up.
Because I'm not sure.
But all I know is that I can't be alone.
I'm not sure if I've ever felt at home.
A poem about loneliness.
I once woke up and gave a ****,
But now I just stay sleeping.
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