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Abby Jan 2019
I believe that we can do something incredible
We just have got to put our minds to it
We are capable of being the generation that changes life as we know it
For good, or for worse
But I do strongly believe it will be for good
It is time we took a stand for what we believe in
Our voices will never be acknowledged unless we make them so
So go out to the middle of a park and scream until your voice gives out
It is time we start in uprising
It is time we grabbed our fate and said
"No, you'll listen to me now. Not the other way around."
We are capable of great things it's time we do them
It is time we need to make our voices heard and not let people choke us out.
x Dec 2018
today I missed you.
I missed something so toxic
something noxious
that I couldn't breathe
that I couldn't believe
what had happened
I couldn't believe the time that had passed and,
it made me sick
to my stomach
as I began to plummet
J Rodriguez Oct 2018
I do what I want
when I want and how far along I have to go to become better.
Light House Oct 2018
I hate myself for when I hurt others with my words, not because of something they did, but  because of my own insecurities.
Jennifer West Mar 2017
Good for you for leaving me.
Without a moments hesitation.

Good for you for moving on.
Without a second thought.

Good for you to consider yourself,
even when I was there.

Good for you to ignore me,
when I gave you everything and anything I could spare.

Good for you to do what's best,
even when it crushed me.

Good for me now to say goodbye,
Because I'm better off without you.
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2015
Good evening reader
The world is rotting, you can see the decay
Humans get more restless, you can see it everyday.
Killing, depression, despair, it grows worse all the time. frighteningly so
So in this document is information that you need to know
Your mission, dear reader, should you choose to accept it
Is to take charge of good karma, love your fellow man and protect them
And where you see hurt in this world today
Help change it, don't just document it. Okay?
Get up and dance  
Put on those moccasins that make you move from out in France 
Into the Indies then Polynesian isles.
Pour the green skies upon those frozen and dried out. 
Bring gratitude to those whom frequently pout 
And the mission to gain commission
How the mantras from mamas mouth 

Shoot from the sky.
So sly the way we will slip into the nostalgic reminisce 
Lights on the red carpet 
And the set of lies 
Are we doing this? 

We don't mention How Buddha ******. 
Budapest in the name of the most auromatheraputic 
And orginally  
tell the Chinese nike labourers  
who do this. 

Though they suit me, 
I resuit this with prudent force for those law benders 
Of the b.a.r.
We will cough on tough tycoons and yet bow to stars. 

Oh my legend, how far have we looked and have we come 
Jumping out of the Nintendo Nes(t)
We have entertained our self enough  
We've won son.

But find me lagging on a wooden broom 
Brimming on the outskirts of your psyche 
Just when you thought 
Sike you didn't not cite me.

Please bibliograph my flight plan or pattern 
And as you gaze upon the moon I make my second meander on Saturn 
The orbit 

In finding sudden satisfaction with norbit 
I've asked. How bliss is ignorance? 
We blend all the blinding lights of the prism and still white and **** 

Disdain on dose dat ain't domestic 
Still ******* kicking and 
My legs are there to test this 

and jeering with slack 
I'm looking back. 
I fear the peers of tired whites and blacks 

Those that act that they have nothing to loose 
By continually hitting the snooze 
Oh we will leave you like leaves grounded in the grooves 

These four leaf clues 
Clovers, slipping out of my palms 
Mark you like wolverines claws 
Like jar heads
Jumpin in to the jabber jagged jaw of jaws 

Subservient marine. 
Prate in the truth of those words until you(they) know just what they mean. 
Ya seen? 
Darnell Nov 2014
When I was born we stock together flock of a feather a Grandpa said,
Love was true we pulled through, houses grew, families grew, peace was "koo", but soon who knew; drugs came through, your dads generation grew, an there came a few  who's minds where stew in a sense; starting trouble killing each-other. Single mothers came more common. Prison's grew an the rich of course, who started this course for the generations to come. Now your here where RnB, hiphop, & rap pump through your blood, confused on when to love, an why to hate. Unconsciously not knowing you grew with rage on shoulder, in your ear, in your rear, while you run a race in life, mostly of waiting to truly live, not wanting to love because of fear, fear which only brings trouble. Pushing the right people away, wanting the the wrong to stay. Commonly no one adds war which if it wasn't country to country, it was state to state, city to city, block to block, house to house, Dad's to son an mothers, an you can't forget ****. Peace was never truly pushed imagine it starting from 1 house hold, love an peace growing an flowing, that kid became a teacher who taught true love an not to hate. How an why each race should date, and that maybe we need to be listening to our hearts an ours souls instead of or minds an our flesh less an less caring for one another!

— The End —