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JDMaraccini Apr 2013
I promise you as we stand on the ledge
you will never enter heaven
I do not regret who I am
I only regret that I married you

I open my arms and hug the wind
the memories begin
I was there when she was born
you took everything from me

I say out loud as we fall
I wish I never met you
The teacher, the mother, the preacher
Deceptive, hypocrites, liars

The truth brings dignity
you have no integrity
My hatred for you grows
as we fall into oblivion
© JDMaraccini 2013
JDMaraccini Apr 2013
I no longer believe in what I once knew
I no longer care
My eyes are open to the lies and the truth
while I am asleep I am aware
I fall asleep so easily
it's so easy to fall
So now I give it all away
from the beginning until the purist fate
There is nothing left to share
nothing at all

I would never sever a family tree
who would do such a terrible thing
I would never poison the food we eat
yet they took no shame in killing me
They burned my life and future down
now I stand over the devastation
As the dial of life keeps spinning
the world keeps turning
round and round

I no longer believe in what I once knew
this life is lost
I no longer seek the ugly truth
stop the world and push me off
© JDMaraccini 2013
you told me you didn't like snakes
so why the hell did i find out

you went looking for them in afternoons
while i had my back turned?
Sean sutton Oct 9
The day before this
We talked about love
The day before this
We said we’re forever

Clearly you didn’t mean it
When you said you’d love me
Sitting underneath our favorite tree
With only me being here

Two years wasted on this
This thing you called “love”
I have a few questions before you go.
Why? Was my love not enough?

Was this cause of all my flaws
Was it my fault that you fell out of love
Hoping to see you one last time
Before we officially ended

But now I’m stuck here
My back against our tree
Craving for it back
But now I know it wasn’t for me

This date shall be known
As the day that I died
My love for that tree
Has it been all in vain?
Jennifer West Sep 20
How I wish
My eyes were wrong
And I didn't see
You sin

How I wish
My ears were gone
And I didn't hear
You with him

How I wish
My hands wouldn't shake
And I didn't feel
You betray me

How I wish
My words would come
And I didn't silently wish
You to disappear
Jennifer West Sep 19
You seemed
So close
By my side
But of course
You told
A lie
Falling through webs
From the truth
Went to a place
I couldn't reach
Or stay
Because I was busy looking at him, I thought it was too late,
To ever fall in love again, or move on,
But you said we'd just be fun,
So I said come over, we'll hang out,
But then all the things we talked about,
How we had toxic people we couldn't get enough of,
And that night I don't know how happened, was it you or all the drugs?
It could've been the Molly mixing with our feelings of affection,
But I never felt so struck when I first touched someone, I was so effected,
And I never want it to end, no not again,
I want us forever to stay in my bed,
Have what's mine become ours,
And have a clean start,

Because I was under the spell of someone who won't let me go,
They pop up every time I'm feeling like I'm most vulnerable,
And they claw their way back into the deepest part of my heart,
Then tear it to shreds, and leave on the floor like it's piece of art,
But you soothe all of my shattered soul,
And for that now I'm the one not letting go,

Maybe one day we can start a family that we shared we both dream of,
But first I need to work out if this is even a healthy kind of love,
Because every time I fall it's just to land on my face,
And to find that I'm left behind without a trace,
I can't take being abandoned again,
Because I love you, but you're also a good friend,
And you helped me leave behind someone who hurt me for so long,
I can't thank you enough for being there for me, even if it is kind of wrong,
Because I have a habit of loving men who are attached,
You have a girlfriend, and you need to leave her, that's become a fact,
I won't be your secret love,
The side *****, feeling like a ****,
I won't be that again, no not anymore,
It's not a feeling I can afford,

Because I was under the spell of someone who won't let me go,
They pop up every time I'm feeling like I'm most vulnerable,
And they claw their way back into the deepest part of my heart,
Then tear it to shreds, and leave on the floor like it's piece of art,
But you soothe all of my shattered soul,
And for that now I'm the one not letting go.
killian Sep 4
imagine if i dated you for almost a year
but before we could make it annual, i chose to disappear
imagine if i was your one and only best friend
and then i got a job, got some more, and less time together we spend

imagine if i strayed away oh so very far
driving where i wanted to––you don't know the history of my car
imagine if i starting vaping, though my lungs are very weak
and then i got scammed out of my money, but the high i still seek

imagine if i started hiding everything from you
because i misbehaved, but that's not what i want the world to view
imagine if i told you some things, but gaslit you not to worry
and then i quickly give us a break and make our love story so blurry

imagine if i went to a party for the first time and met another guy
i got his snapchat, we started talking, but he doesn't know that i
have a boyfriend, he's alone, and doesn't know a thing i've done
because i want to be a good girl, but only the bad things are fun

imagine if i ****** this guy while we were still together
but you don't really know that because you don't know any better
but since i've done all the bad **** that i manipulated you into thinking untrue
you go batshit alone, i'm nowhere close to you

you have no chance to mad anymore, i'm so **** far away
i get what i want, baby, yes, it's always been that way
you are just so far behind me, now i'm doing what i want
but i am now a ghost, and you are who i haunt
k e i Aug 8
when i was nine my mother told me
that i was a bad liar when she caught me taking spare change from her purse,
and shaking my head repeatedly
when she asked me if i did so.

she told me that again when i was fifteen
seeing the cigarette pack i’ve forgotten in the leather bag i brought everywhere on all those nights i snuck out diving into the ever varying adventures and misadventures that awaited with the dark.
she asked if those were mine while i found myself trying to come up with a good enough alibi, ending up using my friend’s name to cover up.
yet she just gave me a discerning glare that went past my soul, guilt washing over me all the while.

and then you enter the scene,
all those instances i let your quirkiness charmed me and the jokes and the far-fetched pick up lines i rolled my eyes at, dissing you as corny.
but then, in case you’re not aware, or if this wasn’t part of your evil scheme,
that was how your name slowly crept its place in my heart;
for whatever this blood pumping ***** is good for.

until the silence erupted the euphoric hurricane we spun around in,
and you started breaking out of the trance without my knowledge,
only leaving me asking for more-
all of a sudden the intimacy felt forced.

lovers that were out of their own picture

text messages from a number that you blocked out of frustration when i kept bugging you about it.
hugs you enveloped me in with that perfume, a different scent from the one i wore, stuck on your clothes.
suspicion unraised, countered quickly by your “ i love you’s”,
took long enough to realize they were useless reassurances.
the last straw a scene fabricated in the bathroom of a party confined by the vibrating music.
and even in my drunken state i willed myself to believe that was just because i had too much to drink, more than i could, as i stumbled my way home, shrugging off the shock.
that it was just someone who wore the same flannel you had and had the same curls that i ran my fingers through and spoke with the same voice that sang me all the songs you wrote and the ones that i loved.
i had one too many futile attempts at telling my brain to shut up, that i was just yet again overthinking.
it was just a random guy who had his lips pressed against a girl that wasn’t me.
that it wasn’t you hungrily undoing the buttons off someone else’s clothes.

but avoidance can only sit so much with confrontation.
and when i finally did, the only words you uttered were “ i love you”,
from the sick twisted guts you have i guess.
and when i caught your eyes,
i could see you trembling inside.
i guess guilt could still find a way to reach you after all.

the rebellion from my teenage years came back to me for a split second;
it was then when i knew why my mother called me a bad liar and caught me all those times ago.
because when she looked through my eyes, the truth revealed itself.

-“ ‘cause darling you’re a bad liar too.
i guess that’s why i fell hard for you.”
The first time you saw his pictures you should’ve ran,
Are you now only stuck in this relationship because you are one of his greatest fans?
Believe me if you stay you might just **** him up with your bedside table lamp
Because baby he played you
And your whole relationship was an enormous sham

You deserve better than this, more than the world
I only wish you could see how your soft, tender smiles are worth more than the oceans’ pearls
These men don’t value you so why do you continue to give them your time?
Is it because they continue to floss their scanty little dimes?
Stop asking him if he even gives a flying ****
Because to him and his friends you were just an easy, ugly duck

The love was and will never be there
And it’s okay to cry your heart out for now my sweet, little dear
But only sob for a few days over his harsh ways
And please remember that losing him will be just another phase...

Imperfect Desire **
Follow me on Instagram @imperfectdesirexx for daily quotes and poetry ❤️. I am currently going through a heartbreak and I hope this poem will help others to get the courage to leave a man/woman who does not value them 💔.
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