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Rainy Days Sep 25
Dated a boy
A long time ago
Was so obsessed with how I looked
Wanted my hair
Long and thick
And if I wore a croptop
Would throw a fit
Figured out later
After it was over
He was talking to others
And I was just a sidekick
It hurt so bad
To love a boy
Who used me up
And threw me to the side.
A little insight into my past.
Aubrey Sep 23
i hope she makes you smile
the way it made me smile
on the other end of a phone
in the middle of a highway driving alone
oh baby i
i hope you hear a song
that makes you sing along and gets you thinking 'bout her
then the last several miles turns into a blur, yeah
i hope you both feel the sparks by the end of the drive
i hope you know she's the one by the end of the night
i hope you never ever felt more free
tell your friends that you're so happy
i hope she comes along and wrecks every one of your plans
i hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand
i hope she's wilder than your wildest dreams
she's everything you're ever gonna need
and then i hope she cheats
like you did on me
i hope she shows up in a 2 AM pic from her friend
hanging on to a guy, and you just ain't him
i hope you stay up all night all alone waiting by the phone
and then she calls
and baby i
i hope you work it out
forgive and just about forget
and take her on a first date again
she's everything you're ever gonna need
and then i hope she cheats
like you did on me
thank God i found the one
that'd never cheat on me.
MeanAileen Sep 9
When that day is upon us
and we've run out of time,
when you tell me goodbye
and steal my sunshine...
After you break my heart
without a second thought,
leaving me in tears-
my stomach in a knot...
After you scar me with words
and call me a mistake,
after you shatter my world
leaving me to forsake...
After you walk out of my life
without ever looking back
on what we could've been
or on everything I lack...
Once you've used me all up,
after your final apogee...
I wonder, my dear,
will you still think of me?
Will you ever reminisce
on the moments we shared,
remembering me fondly
as one for which you cared?
Or will I haunt your dreams
at night as you rest,
plagued by emotions
you denied and repressed?
Will you be glad that I'm gone
and just let me disappear,
or will you yearn for my touch
and wish I was near?
Will a smile cross your face
when you picture my own,
or will it please you to know
that I'll be hurting alone?
Will you regret that night
when we first met,
or will that kiss be one
which you'll never forget?
Will it break your heart too
as it will surely break mine,
when that day is upon us
and we've run out of time?
It breaks my heart knowing there is no forever for us...
Rae Sep 2
The shaft of moonlight stabs the
Soft skin between my *******.
I stare at the tips of my flesh
Imagine a babe suckling there.

You once told me you wished for children.
You once told me my hips and soft stomach foretold a healthy and long motherhood.
You once told me I already smelled of milk and sweet breath;
All I lacked was the baby powder.

You once told me.

You once told me the pink and purple of my *** was too mottled and unkempt.
You once told me the space between my eyes offset the masters degree I hung on my office's wall.

You once told me if I put as much time into my job as this family, I wouldn't be watching you shove your clothes into a worn and broken-toothed suitcase.

You used to lie there, between my *******,
The moisture of your breath evaporating off my skin and cooling my ******* to a point.
You'd laugh, press a kiss to each,
And tell me they must miss your tongue and teeth.

I scoot up the bed, sheets scratchy and sticking to my flushed skin.
The moonlight traces a path down my ribcage and navel,
A touchless touch that makes me ache for real fingers and real body heat.

I hear him, moving about the kitchen
Humming that Bob Seger song that tickled the back of my neck when I slid onto the back of his motorcycle,
Voices echoing in the half-empty parking lot.
I can see his hips swaying in the night sky
The slow ****** and long extended neck in the clouds.
I can smell his sweat and ***** on my body, the moist night breeze pushing him further into my lungs.

I press my face to the pillow
Inhale the detergent where you used to sweat pheromones, drool on, and bite when I kissed my way down between your thighs.

He starts to whistle, the *******.

He's tone deaf.

I press my lips flat, contain the laughter my body aches to set free.

You once told me that to be with a man was denying my true sexuality.
You once told me that if we were to marry, I'd never know a day without true joy.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
When he ****** you in our bed.
When he ate you on our sheets
Your *** on him his scent on you.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To watch me fall apart.
To watch me scream and tear and bash my heart against the wall, the scent of your betrayal still hanging in the air between us.

I wonder what it felt like, love,
To deny your true sexuality.

I promised to love you forever.
I promised to care for you, in sickness and in health.
I promised to give you my all, and protect your heart with my life.
I promised.

He reaches the chorus one last time, and I feel my head begin to bounce
My toes tapping against the cool yellow paint of the wall.
The scent of bacon drifts beneath my door, overpowering his ***** and my sweat
And I roll out of bed, stomach grumbling.

I promised to love you forever, love.

When I **** him, I don't think of you.
When I **** him, he calls my name, not God's.
And when I **** him
I love it
And I don't miss your ***** for one ******* second.

Even his ******* bacon taste better than yours, you ****.

And when I tell him I love him, my lips against his naked shoulder,
My heart in my shaking hands,
He doesn't say that he's been ******* the mailman for the past three weeks.
And our married neighbor Kim.

He says "I love you, too."

And I believe him.
F A Pacelli Sep 3
when you gave yourself
to a nameless stranger
my heart was ripped apart
by my bloodied hands
while i descended
into poisonous perdition
AestheticAbi Jul 24
I close my eyes
I feel a feeling
Down my cheeks

I cover myself
I recall the memory
Of loneliness

I turn on my phone
I see us together
In my mouth

I run to the bathroom
I regret the time
On a cheating scumbag
This made me feel 100% better
Dennise K Jul 20
you promised me you would never hurt me
then suddenly my heart was shattered on the ground and your hands covered in my blood.
and you laughed in my face, wiped my tears and told me "ill come back for that"
and with my blood streaked on my cheeks i slowly picked up all the pieces
Sad Girl Jul 7
It's 3:31am and I can't sleep. I've not been able to sleep for a week now, I guess that's how I know my depression is creeping in.

It's 3:31am and all I've done is sleep now, and by sleep I mean lie awake in bed listing all the reasons, that he chose someone else.

Let me sit at list all the reasons she was better than me. Her hair, her smile, her lips, her eyes. God I hope not her eyes, they have always been your favourite part of me. But i guess that's why *** was so easy for you, because who wants to **** a girl with pretty eyes and an **** body?

Tell me, do you know how to put back together a puzzle that has had some of its pieces thrown away, or how to stitch someone back together with string? Because I'm trying to learn I really am, but those puzzle pieces are missing, and the string is falling apart. How do you put a person back together, and put their heart back into their chest, when the hole that's left no longer fits the heart that remains?

It's 3:31am and you look so beautiful next to me. I'll close my eyes and try going back to sleep.
They say i'm crazy
They say i'm dangerous

They might be right

They say He's lying
They say He's dangerous

They might be right

I say We're dying
I say we're nothing anymore

I think I might be right...
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