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He has another, and if i'm bold enough to assume,
He always had.
So I need to leave, but the trap feels like home,
And I'm tired of moving out.
Quansome Mar 2
I want to gather us all up
I want us to break all the glasses
All the glasses on the floor
Throw them down shattered and mixed  
And when you return you’ll walk in
You say what’s all this
I’ll point
I’ll say see that that’s my heart
Which part belongs to you’ll say
And I
I will just walk away
I loved you...

I loved you
And you hurt me

I trusted you
and you lied

You fixed me
just to break me

And now
I’m broken inside

I loved you

I loved you

I love you
GrumpyTurtle Jan 19
your daughter.
sitting across from you like im talking to a stranger.
the man who gave me life,
now treats me like i ruined his.
he left me for a chick?
a party?
a bottle of cheap liquor?
maybe a glass of reality may help you see your faults..
or are you gonna say their mine like you have time and time again?
you know...
i used to call your name in the night..
because of all my scary dreams..?
little did i know those dreams WERENT dreams,
but rather replays of the horror flick i call a life.
you crawled in like an uninvited guest to a party of all my insecurities.
you climbed up into my mind and controlled my words and actions so i don't "look suspicious" you while you stole from the store again.
you stole my trust too.
you lied.
you cheated me out.
you opened me up to things i didnt want to see.
i shouldn't have been ABLE to see.
is that what a father is?
what is a father?
does he make up for his threats with hollow sunken words?
make up his absence with yet another gift?
does he explain himself with excuses so you don't REALLY know?
i know the truth now.
it hurts.
it hurts.
it hurts.
remember our family?
the broken one?
the one that I HAD TO hold together for you?
i think the snap of our family cracking was louder than a firecracker.
it popped so loud that i couldn't do anything but listen to the ringing in my ear.
it echoed like bittersweet memories i think about when i lay down to sleep.
what sleep?
i don't sleep.
i cant sleep.
you've hooked your faith into my back like a grappling hook to a mountain.
the rocks eroded by my tears.
and its crumbling apart like my heart.
im cleaning up the pieces and glass shards of love that you insisted i squeeze in my palms.
but my palms can only hold so much.
im holding all your baggage full of greed, lust, and pure carelessness.
why didn't you care?
why don't you care?
when you left,
i wondered what i did that drove you away.
what did i have that made you SO eager to escape.
was i not what you wanted?
was it ME just in general.??
you didn't leave when Karlie was born.
but when i came in the picture..
you disappeared into thin air.
but the air you left wasnt clean
you put toxins in my lungs.
you promised to stop smoking years ago.
the years that went so slow yet so fast.
you 𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓻.
you 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻.
you 𝓬𝓸𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓭 of a father.
and here i am.
your daughter.
sitting across from you like im talking to a stranger.
daphne Dec 2020
i almost believed

the taste of your faux honeyed words
dripping fron the corners
of your mouth
convincing myself
i was savouring nectar
as i stared into
your bright blue eyes
wet as tar
the hue so innocent
so persuasive
reminding me not to be so invasive

and when you leaned in
to whisper
"the only person i wish to marry is you"
i cant help but wonder
if you tell your other lover that too
stillhuman Dec 2020
One night
I called you in distress
My hands were not mine
Nor the thoughts nor the mind
My breath was missing
And my room had distorted
And my only comfort
was you
Your voice kept me grounded
And I had to open my mind

And then you said
"I like you more
Than I think I should "
Ignoring my heart
Beating out my chest
You continued to say
"A break is in order
For me and my lover"
And I forbid it
But it stayed in my head
To idea of it all
The idea of you leaving her
for me

But then you forgot
Every word you said
As if it was light
And easy to say
And to forget
But I couldn't do the same

So I'll try something new
But similar to you
I'll tell how I love you
And then move on

I'll make your name
Easy to say
Easy to forget
Words you say like they are nothing more than that
Carson Mia Dec 2020
You were The Magician
Of course I was The Rabbit
You locked me in a cage
Said, "No one else can have it"

You love to trick the crowd
Showing off your every Illusion
But The Rabbit sees through your lies
Abracadabra: There's no confusion
stillhuman Dec 2020
There won't be another day
When I lie and say
That it don't matter to me
That you won't let it be

Crossing your heart
You did your own part
Promising devotion
A new, familiar start

It wasn't the first
Nor the second or third
But it counted as such
In my eyes, to my touch

It felt real, your affection
Your regrets and confession
My bleeding self took blame
Didn't give in to the flame

Guess it wasn't enough
Loving her and having me
Tempetation sure is rough
To tied hands who can't flee

Just meant to be myself
And mean something to you
But guess my body itself
Was more distracting than good

Figured my heart didn't deserve much
But icy nights in desertland
And for my soul to hush
Its complaints to strand

You promised
Tied the knot to my finger and yours
But if we're being honest
Your promises kinda blurred

Guess you weren't the promise-keeper
That you promised you would be
Guess you are a kind cheater
That just won't set me free
Some crave to sever a vein
and aim a red stream in the bathroom stall
There's no shame in a ruthless squabble
actions speak louder in a ****** brawl
Practice makes perfect when you write your name
with crimson color on your best friends wall

What goes up must break down
we're all gonna die eventually
Do you want to live forever?
What goes up must look down
with eyes of sincere empathy
Love is a baby strangled and drowned
then covered in lies for society

Love oh love how deaf and dumb
you are to the fact most people lie
After all is said and the betrayal done
I stand my ground as you take my life
I keep this promise safe and sound
no more furious tears to pry
a life of death and romance
I leave my thoughts then die

To those who circle back around
and still I speak so honestly
Heavy is the humble crown
there's no time for arguing
I work best when feeling down
and in the end you're just like me
What goes up must come down
death and romance pound for pound
you made the cut I made the sound
love becomes the enemy
© JDMaraccini 2013
I promise you as we stand on the ledge
you will never enter heaven
I do not regret who I am
I only regret that I married you

I open my arms and hug the wind
the memories begin
I was there when she was born
you took everything from me

I say out loud as we fall
I wish I never met you
The teacher, the mother, the preacher
Deceptive, hypocrites, liars

The truth brings dignity
you have no integrity
My hatred for you grows
as we fall into oblivion
© JDMaraccini 2013
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