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Daivik Jul 7
What happened to her was disgusting
But she should have better not been out in the night alone
So what it was her job, she's not a man,a girl isn't safe on these roads

And what happened to her was indeed dastardly
But why did she have to go to that area
Being in that situation was partly her fault

The boys were indeed monsters
But did see what that teen wore
Her miniskirt might have turned them on
(Oh she was in a saree,never mind,moving along)

Of course it's all the boy's fault
But does good girl drink alcohol
What was she doing partying at 11'o clock
Maybe she was friendly and her no sounded like a yes,
You know,boys will be boys afterall

What they did,they should rot in hell
But why the hell did she take a strangers' help
I guess thats what being too friendly entails

And she has my full support
But, but,she was not a very 'nice' girl ,if you know what I mean
The jobs she did,the places she went
I heard she had many boyfriends
And don't take it in the wrong way
But she sort of caused it upon her

And that's why kids
Keep company of only 'good' people
And follow our orders
If you wish not such dishonour
Always be prim and proper

I can't imagine the pain she must be in
Now who will marry a bride with lost honour
All the reputation of the family is lost,better keep this a secret,don't tell the police

It's none of her fault of course
But western values did spoil the gal

And the boys did a grievous wrong
But she could have tried not being so free
It's not a West European city

Well you know what I mean
She could have, well, tried not existing
A poem on victim shaming
Mannequins in the shop front window,
The new years batch take their seats,
Lined up on display, unknowingly.

Between words you lick your lips - quivering
Under your brow, behind your eyes,
******* each body in the back of your mind.

Little lambs to the slaughter,
So meek and so mild.
Just as your precious Herbert
Speaks of his young bride.
Jenny Bllr Dec 2021
I am vegan.
But you eat pizza with cheese sometimes.
But you shouldn't eat mock meat.
You have to justify why.

I am a feminist.
But I am a good white guy.
But then you hate men.
You have to justify why.

I am sick.
Of having to explain myself.
Of having to behave perfectly.
As soon as they label me.

I am tired.
Of saying the same thing
Over and over again.

And I wonder in silence
Why we can't all be
vegan and feminist.
I find myself in discussions with lots of ppl about feminism and veganism and while I enjoy their curiosity, I also dread saying the same things over and over again.
Jade Aug 2021
TW: Abortion

If you are anti-abortion,
then you are a misogynist.

It’s quite simple,
Jade Aug 2021
And the matriarch
over his tomb
Mitch Prax Aug 2021
There is nothing more
powerful than a woman
who's realized her worth

10:15 AM
Pseudonymous S Jul 2021
A spoon scoops out ribbons
Of entrails and intestines
From the tender lining
Of my soft belly.

My mind is murky waters
Muddled thoughts
Mindless wandering.

Heat invades my skin
A tainted blush of fever.

Once every full moon.
Dreamypretty Jun 2021
Started a new job in a new company
this week was all about pleasantry.
"Hello, welcome", they said
I am so and so and you?
Ah and are you married?
When I say 'No' the introduction just seems to end
Like marriage and kids is the only identity.
A woman does not exist without it?
I am a person, I have more to me.
Ask me about my education, my passions
or just my city.
A plain "Tell me about yourself" will also do.
So I can chose what I share with you.
Just don't start with your old age reflections of my tribe.
There is an abominable traditional vibe 
And it needs to change.
This happened to me.
Jade Apr 2021
The ****
is mightier than the
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