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To see the value within a woman’s eyes,
A worth that’s taken from her curves to her thighs.
A smaller waist,
A full cup to hold,
Exceed her value with her weight in gold.
1 - 10 is the scale you all know,
She’s asking for it,
But you still want her *** on show.
I used to be able to see from both sides of the argument.
I had my opinion
And I respected the other.
In a discussion,
I’d say where I sided
And then I’d politely say,
“But I understand the other side.”
I tried so hard not to step on any toes.
Even if they didn’t.
But I can’t do it anymore.

I am done being afraid of hurting their feelings
When they obviously don’t care about others.
When they think it’s okay to risk
The physical health
Mental health
Of women everywhere.

I guess they just don’t understand.
Pro choice isn’t pro abortion.
We just want you to be able to choose.
We just want to stay. Out. Of. Your. Business.
But they
They want to take away basic human rights.
They don’t care about you.
You’re an unprepared mother or a murderer.
You could prevent a difficult life for your future kid
Or you could both suffer.
That is what they prefer.

They don’t think about how
Abortion won’t just disappear.
They don’t care that it’ll just get more dangerous.
When other people have more rights
To our bodies than we do,
We have to sneak around to get them back.
Even if it could **** us.

I have run out of patience for the other side.
I have run out of patience for those who don’t believe in autonomy.
I have run out of patience for those who believe their say in another’s trauma
Matters more than the person who’s being affected.
I have run out of patience trying to understand them.
Trying to understand their desire
To rip and tear away our rights.
I have run out of patience for their ideals.
I am unapologetically outraged.

Because if they win the fight,
We are the ones who come out bleeding.
Dream Oct 8
I am made by your opinions, not skin.
I am polite as i am vulnerable. And i am quite when your bass speaks.
I cover up as men stare,lustfull eyes look if your skin is too bare.
I dress to impress,I cannot be a mess.
If i am too lean i am anorexic, If i am too chubby i am fat.
If i wear specs,i must surely play chess.
If i walk with my head held high my ego is too big.
If i look into your eyes I'm probably overconfident.
If i see your flaws i am too judgmental.

I am a woman, not of skin but of your words.
Women need to break illusions of being inferior. And women need to stop judging other women. If we want to be treated equally to men then we need to stand united. If we feud amongst ourselves we are  defeating the purpose of fighting for respect. Nonetheless i am a proud woman. I thrive to encourage women in the world to not bow down to men as if we are their property. We need to unite and stand up for fellow women who go through lots of sh*t. *** trade, ****, being paid less and inferior treatment in the workplace is unacceptable. We need to fight for the respect we deserve. Women are not *** toys and men need to grasp this concept. Sooner or later.
It would be unfair to allow you to move forward
as I'm stuck here in our memories
It would be a great unjustice
to allow your heart to be whole as mine remains shattered from your slippery hands
I meant what I said on that very first night
you'll never forget a girl like me
you see holding a girl with fire as a heart
keeps you warm but when it burns it's sure to leave a scar
I want you to know I won't let you forget me
I'll lace myself in every past memory
I'll connect my heart into every relationship you dare to hold
Maybe I should've warned you that girls like me have a bite louder than their bark and when we snarl
we mean business
If I were you I'd keep your eyes wide
because I solemnly swear
I'll never abandon you from sight
every corner you turn
every time you glance over your shoulder
the remains of a girl once loved by you will remain
I won't be easy to dust off your shoes
just remember my love
you were the man who dared
to love a girl like me
and it was your mistake to promise a forever
to a girl who would believe you
Abby Reynolds Sep 27
There is a pit that has made a home in my stomach
it's been living there, growing there
since the day you laid your hands on me
the day you slid your hands to places they had no right to be
the night you took advantage of the position
you knew you had
ever since then there are words that make my head foggy
and there are boys who can put me **** close to cardiac arrest
just by looking
for a little too long
you called it miscommunication
you called it regret
you called it asking for it
I call it assault
I call it waking up at 3 AM every morning
in a cold sweat, another nightmare
I call it scrubbing myself raw every night in the shower
trying to rid of the skin cells your fingers grazed
I call it jumping whenever my kind boy reaches for my hand
out of love
you are a man made of dirt
you are a lion
so why are you preying on butterflies
I don't know when I allowed you to tear off my wings but I am reclaiming them
Kylie Sep 25
I hate being blamed for another’s crime,
They asked me my clothes, they asked me the time.
They said it was too short and it was too late,
So it made it okay for him to ****.
I don’t avoid the word,
It happened, it did,
They asked me if I were sure, just to get rid,
Of my strength and my power
That I chuck and hurl,
They don’t listen, cuz I’m just a girl.
Dear Amy

The sun is smiling at you
The beach calls you
Why are you hiding ?!
You're so beautiful, put on your bikini now and go show off your body.
Are not you shaved?
Your hair on the body is not sin, it was *** who put it there.
Show the skin, show the veins show your face.

Dear Amy

Your face is so beautiful your skin and so lush, but remember what I told you?
You're more than that.
Your beauty will pass by one day your lush skin will have wrinkles.
But your mind and your brain will  have knowledge forever.

Dear Amy

I like your legs I like your body, I like to see you in every way.
You do not need them to find you ****.
Put that lingerie on you and show me those stretch marks.

Look in the mirror and say:

Damm! My stretch marks make me a mermaid.
My weight makes me happy and  I was not made to follow standards.

Beauty standards  weaken me
And I'm a woman
I'm not weak.

I was born strong and no one is going to take that away from me.

I was not born to please those who do not care about me.
I am confident and I make of my scars experiences.
You need to hear this truth.
You do not owe anyone your body.
You do not owe anyone your sanity.
And even if you change, you will never please everyone.
The only  person who has to be  pleased is me.
Today wash your face and leave the makeup, show the freckles, let the skin breathe.
But tomorrow if you want to put your lipstick red and slay.
Do not let them steal your freedom.
You are a butterfly.
 Free yourself
And fly.

Dear Amy

Stop selling your brain girl.
Stop selling your sanity.
They do not deserve the prominence you give them.
Remember that you have fire inside.

Seek  for yourself   in the midst of your imperfections, date with your insecurities.

You need them  to feel alive.
Do not give them the pleasure of controlling your brain.
You are selling your feelings to leeches.
Nobody is perfect.
Accept this .
They do not want to know what you feel.
They want to rob you of the right to speak.
Take the shine you have inside you
And let it flow.
Em Sep 25
Excuse me while I scream
your name
Swallowing syllables the wrong way.

Excuse me while I bite my lip and
bruise ******.
Nip my tongue.
Break my wrist.
Fighting with soft fists,

Excuse me while I stop, drop,
sit and wait.
Lie low. Ladylike.

The fire's lost sometimes,
deep within my ribs.
Excuse me, it's difficult to dig there.
Gonna carry out the feministic agenda
Gonna live, laugh and love lasagna
Gonna save the earth from the ocean
Gonna let the boys show some kinda emotion
Ravioli, yo, that pasta is tenda
Now what should I call ya, Genda benda?
look mum im a poet
She travelled,
Trudged the grasses that once were the reminder of the area she's confined in.
Walked through the bleak chambers of her heart that kept her vision captive.
Moved ahead, lancing the haziness caused by the droplets that once traced the extension of her cheeks every now and then.
Legged it, gasped the smoke of her half burnt desires that once was the sigh after her every failed story.
Broke loose from the moonlit vestiges that implored her to get along with the norms she's leaving behind.
And now, when she knows what it takes to reconcile the edge of her lips with her dimpled cheeks, you want her retreat?
Sorry, but she's miles ahead.
Firm and unbreakable.
-Aparajita Tripathi
Do not copy or distribute my work without my permission.
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