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Woman, winter- all women emerge from the white frontier.
We rise, hauling thick burlaps full of pine from the underbrush.

Hair full of nettles, crisp ice dangling from frosty tresses.
It burns our palms red under wool cuffs, then settles into the nail.

How much more snow will fall this winter?
How tall will the smokestacks grow?

Logs to ashes- and we age, cover our noses
as we surrender all that wood to flame.

Our years are swallowed whole,
and our bounty becomes kindling just the same.
i haven't written in so long but. enjoy this winter women **** poem. merry christmas!
Samantha Nov 29
Why are teenage boys so aggressive?
I can take care of myself, thank you.

Do they think violence is impressive?
I can fight my own battles, thank you.

Are they trying to be protective?
I don't need a bodyguard, thank you.

Are they all so very possessive?
I don't belong to anyone, thank you.
As a woman, I don't need my boyfriend's help to make me feel incapable, society helps all us women plenty on that front. I've had enough.
Let It Go

Say goodbye with a kiss as you watch the dismiss
That love will return in such distance

The truth is is don’t need the weight of you on my back as I move forward in life
Or even care enough to make sure we survive

I’m fine with moving on my own
And I find it easier to walk through this unknown **** alone

I love waking up in the morning with the sunshine on my face, so please don’t ever act like, I needed you to stay.

See life is all fun and games
until someone gets hurt
But that’s how I find comfort
Maybe that’s why I’m called an “introvert”

I don’t care if you’re here
Or if you’re there
I just need you to grow tf up before you come back here

I can’t stand your childish lifestyle with a chick who’d run the extra mile
I’d make you run it yourself
But don’t worry I’ll let you wait awhile

No need to rush
If you’re smart enough you’ll catch up

You see, a King is supposed to be as strong as his Queen
And you fall short of that some where in between.

A lazy man is a man I can’t stand
When the going gets tough you just sit back & weep
Always finding yourself stuck in the rough knee-deep

Now I’ve already proved who was better
But don’t think I’m gonna wait for your ***
Don’t worry though
Just sit back and relax

I’m sure she’ll finish that last lap.
**** your dreams
Girls in the hallway.  
A tidal wave of giggles that trill with childhood but resonate with the ringing peal of burgeoning womanhood.

Girls in the classroom.
Sharp minds and tongues, bright and rolling eyes, one minute here and the next minute gone, up in the stratosphere, out of reach.

Girls in sweaters.
And boots and buttons and Korean boy band pins, curly haired and almost no hair at all, half of them peacock strutting and half of them mouse scurrying, settling into new bodies and walks and styles.

Girls up close.
Three inches in front of my face with each daily crisis and revelation and victory, motor mouthing and fidgeting, coming in for awkward limbed hugs until I'm in their hair and their breath and their laughs and their lives.

Girls standing up.
In front of the class with nervous laughter, in front of their generation with the weight of centuries of mistakes on their undeserving shoulders, in front of a trail that they will blaze without mercy and without apology.
theo bea Nov 20
cheers to every strong and independent woman
out there in the open,
she who faces excruciating dilemmas
with a classic wink.

cheers to the most lethal lady
who does not need a man to define her self worth,
yet still glues her feet to the ground
for she acknowledges their mighty presence.

cheers to the brave young girl
who stands her ground
for she is made of gold,
a true champion amidst those who defy her.

cheers to the innocent little kid
playing around the park,
for we get the most genuine smile
that makes our day brighter.

cheers to the most hardworking single mother,
she who fights a bear as a lioness.
taking no jabs from anyone
whilst the humility and compassion in her still remain.

cheers to the mother who is in a father figure,
she who does not let society define her capabilities.
for she raises her children right,
***-fearing, respectful, and loving.

cheers to the women of the world,
for every single one has played an important role.
ladies, you do not need to rely on someone else’s protection
for you carry your own shields and deadly swords.
Julia Rogers Nov 17
And she said
Don’t bleach your hair
If it makes you feel pretty
Or wear high heels
You’re already tall
You might take up s. P. A. C. E.

She said
A woman shouldn’t be loud
Or too confident
Because that might be threatening
To someone
Like I grew claws

And she said
Don’t think too much
How can you run a home
With your head in the clouds
To dream is to dare
Forbid it
Daring isn’t ****

How dare I
Jo Nov 10
Do not call me by your nicknames
I can see the poison dripping off your tongue
Do not touch me without consent
This body is mine and mine alone
Do not tell me to stay quiet
My words could spark a revolution
Do not try to control me
My power is unbridled and vicious
Do not mistake me for weak
I am a force to be reckoned with
Another repost from my old account
Jing Xi Lau Nov 8
I’ve never been the right kind of girl,
Too mean because I don’t smile often,
Too fake when I laugh,
Too skinny because I don’t have *****,
Too fat when I can no longer squeeze into my old jeans,
Too quiet because I don’t voice my opinions,
Too loud when I speak my mind,
Too obliging because I follow orders,
Too stubborn when I make a stand.
You see,
We will never be the right kind of girls,
Nor do we have to be.
We are too much of everything,
That we can’t be labeled,
Put into societally standardized boxes.
Like the sun,
We can’t be contained.
Like a flower,
We can bend with the wind and still not snap.
Like a blade of grass,
We can be trampled on,
And still survive.
Jing Xi Lau Nov 7
I can’t braid hair,
I trip over my own feet when I walk in heels,
I don’t paint my nails,
I have no idea how to do makeup.
But yes,
I am a woman.

Because being a woman is not wearing a tight skirt,
Hem above knees.
Flash a little skin,
Don’t be a *****.
Cover those up,
You ****.
Being a woman is not keeping your mouth shut,
Obedient at his feet,
Looking pretty.
Put pretty on your resume,
Put a smile on that face.

Being a woman is building a home out of closed doors,
Bridging wage gaps with sticks and stones,
Thrown your way,
Finding healing where there was none,
Enduring the pain of a new life emerging from your ****,
Giving and forgiving,
Giving till the jar is empty.

My sisters,
You have so much more to offer,
To share with the world.
So don’t settle for pretty,

Never settle.
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