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Dreamypretty Jun 6
Started a new job in a new company
this week was all about pleasantry.
"Hello, welcome", they said
I am so and so and you?
Ah and are you married?
When I say 'No' the introduction just seems to end
Like marriage and kids is the only identity.
A woman does not exist without it?
I am a person, I have more to me.
Ask me about my education, my passions
or just my city.
A plain "Tell me about yourself" will also do.
So I can chose what I share with you.
Just don't start with your old age reflections of my tribe.
There is an abominable traditional vibe 
And it needs to change.
This happened to me.
Jade Apr 24
The ****
is mightier than the
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Jade Apr 24
⚠Trigger Warning:
The following poem contains subject matter pertaining to ****** assault and misogyny. ⚠
you call the ******


because the hair between my legs reminds you of a cat's fur? reminds you of an animal that is frightened by the simplest of matters--yes, you call me weak.

but that is just the way you prefer us, isn't it?

with our backs arched (but not too high).

forbidden to leave room for a man to crawl under our bodies.

a man is not meant to lie beneath a womxn, no;  

for, a womxn's place is between the man and the mattress.

is that all we are good for?

many things can be put inside a womxn, an empty vessel that you believe it is your role to make full again.

storage locker where you keep your **** rent-free.

slab of cardboard collecting filth in the attic.

another animal analogy.
cookie. cupcake. ****(in). bean:

to butter up. to Flick.

inhaled, not savoured;

nothing more than a midnight fast-food run.


skinned and sold and worn-- a notch in your belt (and your bedpost).


stolen treasure.

in the staff room, someone has left an unopened bag of shrimp crisps. A man I work with walks in and says it smells “like bad ***** in here.”

i laughed.

why the **** did I laugh?

plucked from the garden of eden.


a battle cry.

a word i was taught never to say aloud

(i do it anyways.)

you abbreviate our bodies.

our voices, too.

will we never make it to four letters?

whispering eye:

a whisper is but a gateway to silence.
You call the ******

whispering eye.

but never what it truly is:


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"why can't I be a man that likes pink,

why can't I be a woman that likes to surf the wind,

why can't I be a man that cries tears of joy,

why can't I be a woman that's not a mommy

why can't I be a man, without toughening up,

why can't I just be

be a human"

Wutherings Bronte
Alicia Mar 29
You tell me I'm being a ***** then mansplain that the verb is different than the noun. As if there is somehow a separation between the two.
Call me a ***** or tell me I’m being one. It’s all the same.
Anna Mink Mar 8
Pretty women
are fans of blue,
craft beer, and football season too.
Pretty women
can prefer girls
who strain their neck with vintage pearls.
Pretty woman
are feminine
when they wear fur pelts and sheepskin.
Pretty women
are still pretty
and don't need your views or pity.

Fu*k us pretty girls.
We’re pretty women.

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 8th of March 2021.
Written 8th of April 2019.
Let us paint our canvasses on WOMEN!!

Curious I stand to unravel your perception of a woman

Would you weigh her as a piece of wonder or a gruffly aggressive thunder?

She is extraordinary, gorgeously efficient, solely independent!

The love she embraces is wider than the infinite heaven and deeper than the fathomless sea.

The shallow world with its profound hypocrisy,

Banters with a judgemental frown.

The world has changed, and so has she.

It has known the beautiful rose, tarnished by its prickly thorns,

Only the delicate rose, the world, with its abysmal critics, abides by to adorn.

She knows her paths, truly determined to achieve her goals,

Her patience deserves a salute, her tremendous sacrifice only to satisfy our souls.

Dare never to shred the lovely red petals, not knowing her darings!

For also the thorns in her are perilous, to blemish a wound till your last.

With her chin up and a gaze so ferocious, ocean of wisdom she is vast.

She rises, she grows, taking a free flight, venturing to claim new heights,

She is benevolent, a ray of sanguine sunshine to your forlorn nights.

Walking proud, believing in who she is, glimmering like a star!

Born strong she is, refuses to be judged by her scars.

She is the teller of her tale, over fears and worries she will prevail.

A miracle of God, with a sweet lingering fragrance she leaves a trail,

Of patience, commitment, empathy, and unfaltering fortitude !!

by ~Mihika Rohatgi
Celebrating Womanhood !!
Happy Woman's day
Euphoria May 2016
They tell me,
Just keep your mouth shut,
Tell no one, just keep it down.
You're just a woman.

I'm all surrounded
And for sometime, I admit
I listened and let them dictate
What I can and cannot be

But I found my voice,
No, I won't shut up.
I'm never just a woman.
**I'm a masterpiece.
kiran goswami Dec 2020
We are not feminists because we want to win,
We are feminists because we have been losing.
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