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Didda Oct 6
she treks her path
and sets ablaze
to all that
land their gaze
on her.
-hell on wheels
the Terror Oct 5
become immovable,
a wall of unimaginable strength
too tall to see over and
too wide to walk around.
become undeniable;
do not mewl,
become so vast you cannot be looked past, shoulders so broad you cannot be held with one arm.
do not drown yourself in the tide of a man who would not **** on you if you were burning.
cultivate a culture of talking back. cornering. countering.
refusing and defying.
become unwavering.
become brave.
become angry.
become loud.
not because you are bitter but because you deserve the things you've been denied.
become immovable.
reposted w/ minor edit
I have
five fingers.

when we were apart
I still searched for you,
but all I found was


why did I ever burn this finger
for someone else?
their love was nothing
but silk to a flame.

now, my love,
what shall I do
when I wish to hold your hand
but my four fingers
are not enough for you?
Khushi Batra Sep 9
The bloodied wound
Of patriarchy
Swings majestically
Round my neck,
Wavering my thoughts
Of what to be
And what not to be.

I look around
Viewing people fight
Misogyny and sexism.

For I try to do that too,
Until I fall once again into a muck,
Watching **** crimes
On a daily basis
Watching acid attack victims
On a daily basis.

For, some
Are too illiterate to know the meaning
Of the word, no.
For their egos are so small,
That they can’t handle rejection.

The bloodied wound
Of patriarchy
Hangs majestically
Round my whole body,
Begging me to tame it,
Oh dear lord,
There is ****** of womanhood
happening all around,
With people pointing to the length of our clothes,
To the pitch of our voices.
Ash Aug 24
I am scared.
Not just for myself but for all the girls out there.
For all those girls who walk home alone really late.
For all those girls whose bosses after work hours ask them to wait.
For all the young girls who don't even know much about anything yet.
For all the women whose husbands or fathers get real drunk after sun set.
Why you ask me?
Because of all the disgusting stories I've heard and the terrible things I've seen.
Because men get away with almost anything.
Even if they've ruined a girl's everything.
Because y'all don't want to teach boys to treat women with respect.
You don't want to teach them to back off when she rejects.
You just want to go on about how she should have dressed more appropriately.
But even then would he have treated her differently?
I don't think so.
Because we encouraged this when we failed our girls a long time ago.
When we didn't give justice to all those countless women.
When we let the guilty men walk away as if they had done nothin'.
When we blamed the victim.
When we didn't even let her speak and only listened to him.
We failed when she stopped reporting even, because she didn't want to make it worse for herself.
We failed when we drove her so mad, so devoid of hope that she ended it then and there.
taylormeadowe Aug 16
she is
never stable
forever shifting
iridescent light
burning fire
molded by
foreign hands
foreign trauma
infecting body
it still hurts
as if it were
her own
at first this was about me but it turned into someone i know
eva Aug 12
Talk to me of beauty
And I’ll find my dagger’s blade,
Twist its wicked smile
Draw a trench across my face.

To what extent could i
Ever be free of her demands
The spy who lives in my mind’s eye
Requires performance

So I will maintain character
To an audience of one
The hours on my makeup
I convince myself are fun

Close the blinds for a minute,
everybody stop looking at me.
it's late and i'm tired
Kylee Aug 12
When you feel the thunder in your thighs
Look up to the sky
And thank only yourself
For being brave enough to allow him passage through your lands
Given the last time you peeked through the gate
It was torn down

               Scorched the trees
               ****** the birds
               Ate the flowers
               And ****** the rivers dry

C O L O N I Z I N G      you

Turning lush forests into the Sahara
You flooded them out

Now feel the cool trickle
Of his hands on your waist
The splash of lips, on your inner thigh
Notice the depth within you
The surge of water deep in your belly
Rushing, rushing, rising
Until it overflows.
For now let me drink your sweet nectar
But remember you decide when to turn off the faucet
Feedback welcomed :)
lenore Aug 3
how (w)horrific to be
marina wholly in
and (w)holily out
the dragon’s mouth.

marina warns what swallowing connotes.

isn’t this why agatha offers
her ******* like a double portion?

how did they swallow being swallowed?

and how did they convince the dragon
to declare them undevourable
without their qualities of flesh?
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