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Francie Lynch Aug 16
When she said, Don't talk to me,
She lost some of her voice.
Then I heard, Don't look for me,
She gave no other choice.
Don't touch, I have no feelings,
You make my skin crawl,
Don't expect a pick up,
If you pick up to call

But I still smell her everywhere:
The shampoo used on her hair;
The bedsheets where we lay bare;
The fragrance of her festive tree;
Her aromatic herbal teas;
The lilies she could grow in sand,
Are sensational in my memory glands.
She's desired by millions
But acquired by losers
She's survived those losers
But she still has bruisers
Reckless in who she chooses
Stubborn and pain oozes
From the greatness that she callously
For she is broken in the heart
Picky girls
Making bad choices
Nina Kay Jul 4
Where do you go
When you drift off to places
where I cannot find you
Where my voice can't reach you
Where my hands can't touch you

Where do you go
when you are right beside me
Lips running up
and down cold skin

Where are you now,
now when I really need you
while my body's calling,
come back to me
Luiz Jun 29
You will feel my absence

much like a drug addict
does their drug
when in withdrawals

every time your legs kick
in anxiety and pain
it will flash my profile
to your thoughts

and you'll remember me

when you can't sleep
for the third night in a row
cause you need me in your veins
it will be only my shadow
lurking in the dark

and you won't forget me

and your voice will quiever
when you cry
your body shaking violently
as you *****

and there I'll be, front forward

for my absence will be your world
crumbling before your eyes
and then maybe, just maybe

you'll feel a fraction
of the devastation
you bring to those
that loved you

and then you won't ignore me
then you'll seek me out
but, by then

five minutes will be too much
of an inconvenience for me

for I will know your misery
as you were my addiction once
but abruptly took yourself from me

and you will swallow your pride
hoping for another chance
but you'll only see my smile
through ******* saluting you

and I'll plant in your thoughts
like a **** you can't ****!

one way or another
in a fantasy or your worst nightmare
I am your (absent) methadone

and you will not ever, ever forget me!
Heather Apr 17
Take my hand she says
But even if I remembered how, I couldn’t
For all my hands feel
Are the tingling painful absence of yours
Jennifer West Feb 17
Hide me away
Wish I was gone
Give me a kiss
But bite my tongue

Slap away my faith
Laugh at my tears
Then hold me tight
Chase away the fear

Walk into the night
Leave me blind
So I can no longer see
How love died
M Salinger Feb 15
I watch him
& hope
he does the

and wonder
if this will
all end

he glances
at the swing
in my
the curve
of my

and doesn't notice
all the
behind my eyes, in
my mind
my heart
my being

he doesn't know
the agony
of allowing
& restricting
from loving

he doesn't fear
that inspiration
is tethered
to the

his fear the

of my demons,
in the shadows
taking on the
cloak of

his fickle in nature

by his
of never
loving someone
when they love
Toya Feb 12
Your better place
Is the worse place you could possibly be
For me
Everything reminds me of you
Your style, your smile, your face
Your arms were my home
You left me alone
It wasn't perfect, but it was perfect
Now I'm left to dissect
Every moment I can't remember
Late nights, last nights, deep trembles
I am so mad at you
This was nothing you couldn't get through
Now we are through forever
No more chances to make your responses clever
Like only you could do
Forever will feel like forever without you
I knew you best you knew me better
Down to the last letter
I will pick up the pieces
Like you know I do
From now on it's for you
Reese B Feb 6
I made plans.
Thought it was all in my hands.

I thought this was sent from above.
I thought I had found love.

I opened up, I let it out, thinking that this was freedom for me.
But who could have known that this is what would defeat me.

Endless tears, longing for something that could never be mine.
But in my mind, I thought all I needed was time.

Time to persuade her into loving me as much as I loved her.
But if it's true love, why do I have to persuade her?

Persuasion is needed because I need to prove that 'I' deserve the larger half of her heart.
The other half is for a man, who had her 'whole' heart from the start.

But I said, "I got this, I'll win."
Not thinking it's not mines to win and ultimately in the end, it's still his.

Always was, is, and will be.
But what about me?

She said "she loved me and we could have a life."
I should have been thinking "how and you're a wife?"

In the end, I'm left hurt, mad, sad.
.....But why am I so hurt, mad, and sad, for losing something I never had?

-Reese B.
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