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Jennifer West Feb 17
Hide me away
Wish I was gone
Give me a kiss
But bite my tongue

Slap away my faith
Laugh at my tears
Then hold me tight
Chase away the fear

Walk into the night
Leave me blind
So I can no longer see
How love died
M Salinger Feb 15
I watch him
& hope
he does the

and wonder
if this will
all end

he glances
at the swing
in my
the curve
of my

and doesn't notice
all the
behind my eyes, in
my mind
my heart
my being

he doesn't know
the agony
of allowing
& restricting
from loving

he doesn't fear
that inspiration
is tethered
to the

his fear the

of my demons,
in the shadows
taking on the
cloak of

his fickle in nature

by his
of never
loving someone
when they love
Toya Feb 12
Your better place
Is the worse place you could possibly be
For me
Everything reminds me of you
Your style, your smile, your face
Your arms were my home
You left me alone
It wasn't perfect but it was perfect
Now I'm left to dissect
Every moment I can't remember
Late nights, last nights, deep trembles
I am so mad at you
This was nothing you couldn't get through
Now we are through forever
No more chances to make your responses clever
Like only you could do
Forever will feel like forever without you
I knew you best you knew me better
Down to the last letter
I will pick up the pieces
Like you know I do
From now on it's for you
Reese B Feb 6
I made plans.
Thought it was all in my hands.

I thought this was sent from above.
I thought I had found love.

I opened up, I let it out, thinking that this was freedom for me.
But who could have known that this is what would defeat me.

Endless tears, longing for something that could never be mine.
But in my mind, I thought all I needed was time.

Time to persuade her into loving me as much as I loved her.
But if it's true love, why do I have to persuade her?

Persuasion is needed because I need to prove that 'I' deserve the larger half of her heart.
The other half is for a man, who had her 'whole' heart from the start.

But I said, "I got this, I'll win."
Not thinking it's not mines to win and ultimately in the end, it's still his.

Always was, is, and will be.
But what about me?

She said "she loved me and we could have a life."
I should have been thinking "how and you're a wife?"

In the end, I'm left hurt, mad, sad.
.....But why am I so hurt, mad, and sad, for losing something I never had?

-Reese B.
You have been my shadow
Cast on a distant wall
I have danced as your echo
We have shared a single soul

Often I've wished you nearer
Always I've wanted to know
How you made of me a believer
Why I've never let you go

My head says you were ever
Always worth the knowing
And my heart says, still together
We could get to where we're going

Your Life is all beginnings now
Honestly you have my blessings
I see you looking back and know
What we know has no ending
girasol Jan 31
I love you. Still.
Forever a secret
Between my heart and
The silence that engulfs me
I saw a picture of you
And I knew impressions last
I saw a picture of you the other day
And I knew time had nothing to do with healing.

I saw how beautiful you looked the other day
And I remembered that you’ve always been
“Beautiful”, I used to call
You always answered
As if your flaws were Vogue

I saw you the other day
I froze

My bones shaking
I can hear your heart breaking
I walk up to you
So I looked some more
Scrolled down your feed
Fed my desperate need
Closed my eyes
Thought of our seed
Or what was.

Don’t go
You said
Your eyes did the talking
Your tears
Something I didn’t see coming
Well it hit me
3 years later.
We were in the same place. Space.
I wish I hadn't.
Aaron LaLux Jan 27
And there she goes again,
gone like the future memory she once was,
before we met and I didn’t yet,
know she was the one I was wishing for,

oh well,
I guess we all go eventually,
so appreciate the moments while you have them,
because they all go eventually,

in my own penitentiary,
prisoner of my own restrictions,
but whatever maybe I’m better off locked in here,
alone with only my personal addictions,

but even here there are contradictions,

because I want to be alone at the same time home,
somewhere with here where we can spend time,
because time is the most valuable thing we can share with others,
it’s the only thing we can’t make more of and I’m I’m,

I’m trying to remember what it meant to be with someone that meant something,
I’m trying to remember the place the name the scent the feel,
but all I remember is that all the details are long forgotten,
and all I remember is the memory of remembering her back when things felt real,

and just when I think I’m about to recover the lover I lost forever,
she goes again gone like the future memory she once was,
before we met and I didn’t yet,
know she was the one I was wishing for…

∆ LaLux ∆

New Zealand
January 2019
Jean Wilson Jan 24
Sometimes she chose to believe the lies, awaiting the inevitable

Hoping it would never come

Sometimes, she chose to live in the truth, her heart pierced and ripped from the depths of her soul

Her will to survive slowly slipping away as the lies filled the room with darkness
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