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WJ Niemand Jul 2020
When I looked into your eyes
A thousand battles waged
You were afraid to die
Yet not prepared to lie

Your words sounded the alarm
A world in peril
A body shaken
Your happiness had been taken

I wish I could heal all your wounds
Fend off the darkness that looms

But I am so far away
You are the night sky
As I am the day light
Daisy Ashcroft Jan 2020
When my world turned upside down,
And it seemed all forces were against me,
I thought you were the one thing stable,
Something I could cling to blindly.
But instead you are the feet
That have shaken the foundations loose.
You are the winds,
Ripping years of roots from the ground.
I thought you were stable
In my world of instability.
But instead,
You are the world.
A poem loosely based on a story I am writing.
Yanamari Nov 2019
A mixture of
Coloured pixels
Combining to make
Vibrating from ear
To ear
Pulsing through
My mind and heart
        -- why--
A colourful mess
That I both comprehend
It's still a mess to
--Compreh  -end--
Each pixel seemingly
-- No -

Just the usual static
In the wrong place
At the wrong time...
CasiDia Jul 2019
Within the stomach of the world
The country stretches its branches, uncurled
Who is the horror of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Who darkens and fools the heart?
Often when man is shaken to the core
Other worlds sneak peeks in his door
And even in the junction of cattle
Metaphysical and mystical truths dazzle
Touched by the sea, a vision came
The pearls of the earth in flames
A jackdaw perches itself on pistons
Radiating heat from all of its mission
His mystic sense stayed tight beneath eyelids
Yet lit the flame in all said and undid
Like a voice in the wilderness
Or even a prophet of old, who might deliver us.
Jennifer West Feb 2019
Can you feel the weight
Sagging on your bones
And the dead skin
Carrying your woes

Can you feel the pain
Run through your tears
And the eyes burn
Shining with fear

Can you feel it
Consuming your mind
And your thoughts
No longer holding the monsters inside
Dredd Jan 2019
the uncertainty drives my sanity insane

physically numb

mentally repressed

spiritually tangled.

press on

continue with hope

hopefully it works out,


mc ish Dec 2018
my life is a draft
i am a draft
i was enlisted without my own permission
to a life of love and loathing and so much pain
youve caused me so much pain
"you treacherous
lovely creature full of ache and sorrow
who hurt you?
who made you feel that the world couldnt give you anything but pain?
who destructed everything you thought you were
what are you?
what have you made yourself out to be for them?
have you found your colors yet?"
and she realized in that moment
that years of paleness has measured out to
perhaps she isnt void of anything
Julian Delia Sep 2018
Stirring, snaking, coiled up in your soul –
Slurring, shaking, embroiled like an actor in a role.
You feel it rise up from a well of distaste,
With zeal, it controls you,
Suppressed anger flowing with haste.

Truth chips away at your defences,
Your uncouth hips sway off-tune
As your mind battles in the trenches.
You feel it, again;
An anger that shakes the cages it is in,
A battle for the ages, confined to the mind within.

It doesn’t have to be like that;
You shouldn’t have to bow down to a philistine
Just because their wallet is fat.
Stop the defensive, launch the attack!
Let the awakening happen, get the vermin off your back!

Be the message that ends this war on the poor!
Arise from the wreckage, and of this be sure:
You are controlled only if you act demure,
If your faith in what you believe is right
Lies cold, dead and insecure.

Youth to the fight!
Bring truth to the light!
All will be lost
Unless the fires of justice burn bright.
Colm Jul 2018
There are girls who smell like spring...

And there are girls who smell like books...

And there are girls who paint a trace along the lines of your own family.

Which are most to be avoided.
Something in the air. Which cannot be shaken. But shakes me.
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