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I knew you wouldn't come back
Where are you really?
You never write to me and mum
You think you're soaring freely?
I hear mum cry every night
While you're out there having fun
How can you think that this is right
When mum wants her life to be done
George ran away from his sister and his mum
Charlie Oct 15
That crippling loneliness with which I am well acquainted

Waiting as a silent observer

While I sit here and write

Sat here decaying waiting for that call

That vicious lump within my mother's womb

Is it what we fear the most?

That cruel diseases that took my grandmother from us too soon?

Every second drenched in fear and terror

Right hand, labours on. Burdened
by the clay of her body  
A stubborn limb.  
In tempered skin.

Still, her left
Passed in Spring.

It's gentle palm
Curls open.
Leaning into the
surly revolt of her body.

Summer swirled.
A haze of sun.
And delicate

Autumn threatens floods.
Swollen clouds loom overhead.
We brace for bitter winds
In the Winter of her life.

And the rain pours.
And the rivers carve a map.

And the days pass.
Searching the blur of her body.
A ****** wristwatch throbs
Pulsing past a beating heart
Mocking mottled skin.

And the rain pours.
And strength settles into the seat.

A soft creak of leather
Warms the room.
whispers of my presence
Saturate the cell walls
of her coma.

And the rain pours.
And unearths an infinite truth

A graceful dance. She flees
The wreckage of her broken body,
Expired lungs exhale all suffering.
A parting gift.

And the light guides.
And she sets sail.
And the light guides.

A compass tears through swollen skies.

And the rain pours.
And the floods rise.

And the banks burst.
And the rain pours.

And the rapids
Drag me into the gutter.

By Anna Grace Du Noyer
A poem about the end of life. Influenced by the profound event of my Mums death and unexplainable higher existence of which I' sure. And being left behind. : the poem contains graphic imagery of end of life experiences. Caution is advised if this could affect you negativly.
Laiba Aug 22
I wish I could say
That life is much more beautful
I wish I could say
You don't appear in my dreams
I wish I could say
You are behind bars for hurting me
But all i can say is
My mum is dealing with the mess you created
Alex Scaife Jul 25
I never thought I'd turn twenty
At sixteen I skipped school and sat
Under an oak tree in the park.
Beneath the green leaves, blocked from
The sun, all I thought of was death

I hated sleep fore it brought a
New day. Always too tired for school.
Mornings I thought of bed. At night
I stayed awake cold and twitchy

I drove my Dad to anti depressants
My Mum to fear of finding me cold
I feel so guilty for that. Still,
I won't say it. My lungs won't allow it

Taking a breathe I look through the
Leaves and see the sun again
Blah blah who cares
Mother, you made me, me!
Thank you for everything I am.
Father, thank you for making me
who I am not, everything I would loathe,
could of been me.

How I have changed along the way.
Your love, sacrifice and dreams,
moulding me as I grew.

Forgive me for the times I made you cry.
For the wrong words I used and actions
that may of caused despair.

Take this in place of the times I forgot
to say I love you.
The times I forgot to say sorry and the
the times I forgot to say thank you.

For you mean the world to me!
I hope to make you smile and your
hearts beat with joy in years to come.
Just as mine does for you!
Doy A Jul 5
I wasn't sure what my life was for until you came along and made me understand what it means to live fully and love unconditionally.

To my daughter,
I'll carry you
for as long as my arms could bear the weight of you
and your beauty
and your wonder
and your burdens
and your flaws
and your joys
and your tears

and I will be here
as your mother
and friend
and teacher
and confidante
and your safety
and your home.

I love you. I love you immensely.
I love you with the new life you gave me.
leechyna Jun 25
Am on Monday
All of them are on Tuesday
Life got lot of suits to wear
I thought was a lie
But now I guess schoold of life
Is needed around my street
Though I do really miss mum
Lorena Jun 11
what is a mum but a wall?
walked on, on tippy toes and
knees scraped on and
picked up off.  
What is a mum,
but a hand to hold
and an arm to lean on
and a perfume to smell forever even without her.  
What life would it be without you, stubborn, caring, omnipresent and omni-understanding.
What world would it be without your forgiving?  
Not a world i would want regardless.
i love you. i live you.
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