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Simon Soane Jun 6
Oh my:
I just accidentally phoned
my Mum
when I attempted to call my drunken mate a cab,
how fab!

Mum, I try not to be aware of the seconds when you won't be here anymore (and when that happens surely the world will stop and pause, and then applause your wonderful tour de force).

I'm happy that the mistake ring
gave me extra moments of the life you bring.
Hawthorn breaks a smile in the hedgerow,
whispers a truth
that, easily forgotten, delights again
and the indoor pain is lifted a little

The green is almost angry
demanding attention like a fat toddler
or peacocking buffoon
that somehow still wins hearts

I cried yesterday
despite spring’s giving relief as backdrop
anticipating a warmth
that still evades my fingertips
Imp Apr 10
An outsider in my second home
Ignored and forgotten
Oldest child syndrome
Nobody asks, nobody cares
Always blamed
Never heard
Mum Look what I did!
Oh great now look at her
My sisters always done something better
Couldn’t care less
Make your bed
Fold your clothes
Leave the house
Don’t go back home
See you next week
Bye mum
We’ll watch another film
Except we won’t because
There’s never time
Crystal Mar 19
Every marked date that comes around,
gives me more reason to frown and
make no sound.

Every year that passes by, gives me more
reason to hide away and cry.

For alone I shall now be, no Mother
to hold or comfort me.

To share happiness and special memories.
To be held and loved like things
used to be.

C.Holder 13.03.21
Personal Poem
Simon Soane Mar 14
Happy Mother's Day you ace...

It would be amazing if I got three wishes,
firstly I'd give all the hungry lots of food dishes,
then I'd ask for 100 trillion and distribute joy to myself & tons of other folk,
so there was happy in all that they spoke,
and causes of sadness wouldn't be anymore,
that's the first two chosen easy but when it gets to the third I'm not very sure.
I don't need to wish for charisma, I've got plenty of that,
I don't need to ask for head warmth in winter as I've got tons of great hats,
don't need to ask for a feline, I know Poppet the cat,
don't need to ask for higher tolerance to *****, I know my way around a bottle of ***,
and certainly wouldn't want to ask for another Mum...

As I love the way that at a 100 miles an hour you often speak,
and when you go out a Weatherspoon's burger is high on you list of what to eat,
I love the way that if someone was thirsty you'd always offer a cup,
and if another was hurting you'd give a hand to help them up,
I love how your empathy is abundant and everywhere,
I love how with your kindness you always show care,
I love how you surprised me with a Super Nes on Christmas 92,
I love how you'd try to raise a smile in those that have few,
I love how you accept people just the way they are,
I love how in an ocean of light they still could find your star.

So I still need to work on the third wish, that is true
but always always always Mum, I love you!
We drive through the dark
to her home,
radio lulling small back seat bodies,
so late that our DJs have hushed
and only the rustling burr
of an AM station remains,
in and out like consciousness
with songs of eternal love,
bread of heaven
ar hyd y nos
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