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In this loveless city
so far from her Mum and Dad,
her face was so pretty
it almost made me sad.
Bree 1d
You can never see as far as outside of here.
Just money signs ring in your ears.
It is sad. 42 and never left.  
You think money stops your every move, but no. Your mind does.
Your negative thoughts and attitudes sting; poisons your mind.
And through and through you can never leave here.

Everything in your mind stops you. It is sad. Very. You don’t see experiences or memories you see loss, the minus sign in your transaction.
Which is ironic because the minuses from cigarettes, **** and PlayStation don’t seem to hurt as bad. Funny isn’t it.
Funny how you value **** over fortune.
my mother has beautiful thick hair

she has dry still lips
and her chin is raised as if reaching
for that last drop of life
from an unseen glass

she has beautiful rich hair

her colours swiftly drain to grey
and to a colder pigment
but this does nothing
to dim her motherhood

my mother has beautiful thick hair
- that hasn't changed
Moments with my mum and my sisters before we said our goodbyes.
Steve Page Jan 7
Grateful, without a fight,
just a gentle sigh
and an answered prayer,
she stepped forward
and took the hand offered.

Go gentle, dear mother.
After your rage, after your tears -
go gentle into that greater light.
My mother died today after 2 years of being pummelled by dementia. Her prayer for release was at last answered.
Nomkhumbulwa Jan 7
I am sorry mum
for everything,
For who I am,
For what i've done.

I am sorry mum,
For everything,
For what im not,
What I havent done.

I am sorry mum,
For staying away,
For being with friends,
For being far away.

I am sorry mum,
That I am ****,
For what I wear,
For the state of my hair.

I am sorry mum,
That my opinions are wrong,
That I spoke without asking,
For the things that I know.

I am sorry mum,
That you think I dont care,
That I have upset the family,
That they never wanted me there.

I am sorry mum,
That you couldnt love me,
That I wasnt normal,
That other people like me.

I am sorry mum,
That I have expressed things,
That I have dropped things,
Caused a mess in your home.

I am sorry mum
That I wanted to study,
That I liked being outside,
And that I looked untidy.

I am sorry mum,
That Im an embarrassment,
Have caused so much shame,
And that I cause you pain.

I am sorry mum,
That im always a disappointment,
Showed you my photos of Africa,
I know now that I shouldnt.

I am sorry mum,
That I didnt have the right friends,
That I didnt wear enough make-up,
That I read about Science, not fame.

I am sorry mum,
For being vegetarian,
For picking out bits of meat,
In front of everyone.

I am sorry mum,
For when I didnt know what i'd done,
And you had to stand on my foot,
Or pinch me ******* my arm.

I am sorry mum,
For going walking,
For not doing house work instead,
Or finding something else to be done.

I am sorry mum,
For my work with charities,
For my love for Africa,
For feeling there so free.

I am sorry mum,
For having weird phobias,
And letting you down,
By mentioning it to others.

I am sorry mum,
That I struggle with Maths,
For being dyscalculaic,
I know this is bad.

I am sorry mum
For causing you sickness,
And for not being there,
I know it looks like I dont care.

I am sorry mum
For upsetting others,
Being the cause of all problems,
And hurting my brother.

I am sorry mum,
For my choice of work,
For the places i've been to,
For not always putting you first.

I am sorry mum,
That I made you so angry,
You had to hit me in the face,
And I made you go to bed unhappy.

I am sorry mum,
That I was quiet in school,
That Claire was my best friend,
That we were both quiet in school.

I am sorry mum,
That I chose Scotland,
For moving far away,
It cannot be forgiven.

I am sorry mum,
For my musical instruments,
I know I dont play them well,
That I gave you a headache instead.

I am sorry mum,
That I played the violin,
At my brothers wedding,
For you- ruining everything.

I am sorry mum,
That i;ve never been good enough,
That I always let you down,
I am just never good enough.

I am sorry mum,
For speaking about family,
For letting you down again,
And the family.

I am sorry mum
That I struggled so much,
You had to put chilli in my mouth,
As I couldnt do my homework.

I am sorry mum,
That I went "home"
That I let the **** happen,
That I spoiled your "name".

I am sorry mum,
That I do not love you,
I have cursed myself and tried,
But I cannot love you.

But I still hear your voice,
And it tortures me still,
And the thought of your anger,
Still gives me chills.

I am so sorry mum,
That I am a failure,
But I am no longer "Emma"...
...I am "Nomkhumbulwa"....
Back to the depressing style sorry :(  This could have been much longer, but think ive bored people enough.  If you can understand it, then thanks.
Simon Soane Jan 5
As the light
goes more,
by a pond,
on my Mum's birthday,
and geese
make noises to each other,
perhaps fighting the growing dark
with the call of
"are you okay?"
The same as you
taught me we
saffronne Dec 2018
i told my mum about you
because i really thought you and i
could be.
Steve Dec 2018
Oh my mum
And oh my dad
And oh my ***
How terribly sad.

All my hopes
And all my fears
All my love
And all my tears

A seasonal wish
A little prayer
A projected thought
Draws you near

Eyes closed
Distance crossed
Memories warm
Nothing lost.
Salvaged from a bleak time past.
Tyler Atherton Nov 2018
I wish I could go back in time,
maybe then I wouldnt be crying.

I remember the last day with you,
We watched horror movies in your room.

I often wonder why it is,
You chose him over me your own son.

I understand you need him mom,
But just remember the saying.

Blood is thicker than water.
Dear mum,
I haven't forgot you,
I have been away,
Four years no see,
No talk,
I hope you haven't stopped calling me your son...
How I pray to succeed ,
so I come home with a bread,
How I pray *** to protect me
So I come home save .
How I pray to ***,
To keep you healthy,
So I meet you strong and bouncy.
Mum ,you son is trying everything possible .
He sleeps hoping,
He wakes up thinking of what next,
He has a lot to say
But in all,he just keeps guiet ...
My days are not well when things are not working out,
I fear coming home without something ,
Mum you know me,
I love you,
I remember what you told me,
"Have this twenty and buy a pen"
It touched me,
We were in abject poverty,
I remember how you suffered my dad's beating,
How he broke your hand,
How you stayed away in my brothers home,
How they kicked you and said you were a liability ,
May *** answer my prayer ,
That I may come to console you,
That you may forgive the past
That you may see a new sun
That you may smile,
That mum you may find me not a traitor,
Like I may look today.
Mum,you already fought the hardest fight,
I know you have come along way,
It had been tough
It had been rough
I am about to tell you something ,
We shall go trough them successfully .
Mum,allow me one more chance  to try,
I won't come home dry,
I will bring something for you to fry.
*** shall never leave us suffer forever,
There shall be changes ,
Positive ones in our home.
You won't cry more,
Enough .
I am you son
I know your pain
I will paint a different picture of you soon.
True emotions, true feelings ,true poem of what happened.
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