Cloud 3d
She builds a nest, builds a home
Out of twine and twigs and love
Day and night, dawn and gloam,
She works in trees above.

All to prepare for her offspring
To give them the chance to fly
Only the best for her children
These are the words to her cry

A fortnight her eyes are skinned
She is sentinel over her eggs
Come storm, gale, blustering wind
Her treasures safe under her legs

At last she meets her brood
Hungry and unrefined
She tirelessly gathers food
Their lives now intertwined

She kisses the food into their beaks
She cares for their every need
She answers their every screak
To love, to tend, to feed.

She watches them grow new feathers,
And reach out to the beckoning sky
They want to see other weathers
So she teaches them how to fly

They soar higher and higher
She watches from below
It makes her smile and smile
To see her babies go

As they climb and tumble
She makes sure to let them know
They are always welcome to return
To the home built long ago

The love she gave her young ones
Gave them the strength to fly
The strength to build their own nests
High up in the sky.
This poem is dedicated to my Mother.
Pixie 7d
With the beat of a galloping horse you thundered into our lives

100milesper hour, yet



                Still. Somehow... something so visceral, delicate and fierce

enveloped everything around us and we

shut out the world with our hazy glow

An extra chamber of my heart was carved out

Just for you

                Time flew, And ground to a halt

unable to sleep,

even when granted that small mercy in a sea of insomnia

Unable to tear myself away, yet

Simultaneously craving freedom and your love.

The conundrum of being your mum.
Steve Page Aug 8
I'm thankful for family
For sisters who love me
I'm thankful for parents
Who took their role seriously

I'm thankful for a home
That was open to friends
I'm thankful for cousins
And family that extends

To uncles and aunts
To grannies and nans
To granddads and grandpas
And in-laws and clans

I know we're not perfect
We've had ups and some downs
But together we flourish
We won't be kept down
On my dad's birthday (1930 - 2000).
Blake Jul 27
My fire cracks and sizzles,
The wind growls and hisses,
Sounds of her naive frenzied movements coat my sticks in liquid.

I crackle warning signs,
The spitting of banishment,
One day like a switch i will flick
leaving only black and blue behind.

Fire burns only for so long,
You dread and prolong my end,
But I invision peace in the hearts ice age of surrendering to the breeze.

Be gone mother,
This is my war and I choose to fight or retreat so please...move
Let the wind take me.

Mum please go back inside with the rest,
Don't let them find you among my ashes,
Don’t stay around to choke on my smoke and please don’t make this your bed.

Listen to their words,
Dont double the price of one life,
You need to say your goodbyes.
MalakF Jul 21
She locks the room with the key-
Lash one
Lash two
Last three.
There’s nothing I can do to flea.
MalakF Jul 19
Why am I throwing it all away?
Why can I not get myself to be okay?
I let it all go up into the flames.
According to my mum I'm just playing games,
that this is all just an act.
Why can't she accept the fact that this is what I’ve become?
I don't know what to do mum but what I know is that you are one of them...
MalakF Jul 19
I must do as the queen said or it’s off with my head.
MalakF Jul 19
You were meant to cut my umbilical cord not my fucking wings.
MalakF Jul 19
She said that without her I'll never amount to anything, that I'll forever be nothing. Maybe she's right, maybe she's wrong. But in the end, I fend for myself. I don't need anybody else. Especially not her.
The sun sang a love song in Spanish that sun-lit summer I met your dad.
Those days, ladies walk with their leg closed until they met their husbands.
You are pronounced pure if those succulent moons on your chest stood firm.
You will be called a saint if you knew nothing about sex.

Your dad was just becoming a man when I met him.
My father won’t call you a man until your bushy chest grow trees.
Your dad words are entrancing, it can make a fish want to swim in steaming oil.
I gave him my heart, the day he said I will forever be a virgin,
If I read that book written when people love.

Son, virginity is a virtue you must value.
A foundation for marital trust.
But, don’t think that all the journey takes.
You need more than a piece-of-flesh to build a lasting home.

If apostle peter said to you faith add
Then to your virginity add common sense – wisdom
Remember Folake, the garden between her was vandalized
Like her, many a lady is victim of circumstance.

Know the difference between real virgins and technical ones.
You can commit sexual acts without intercourse.
You don’t have to dig a hole in that bloody soil before you defiled
Many are running to hell thinking they are dancing at the gate of heaven.

In marriage, faithfulness to your partner is the synonym to virginity.
What kept me pure before marriage is keeping me purer after it.
Your dad took the emblem the first night we meet,
But that inner virtue – virginity is still intact.

Son, I am still a virgin
The poem is about a mum talking to her son on the real meaning of virginity
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