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Scorpius Sep 2018
I watch him
Over days,
With cracks
And tears,
His new skin
And thin.
And I recognize
An old fear
Shimmer through
One iris
Then the next.
And I see him
See me
Watching and waiting,
And I wonder
How many chances
We’ll get.
My soul separates from my being when you are not with me
when you hug another my heart faints, falling deep down my guts
something start stopping me from breathing

I can't think straight at any given time
I am volatile to my own expressions
My emotions can not be contained within me

My mind needs to be set off from my deepest worries
Somethings jealousy can **** a man, Most especially an insecure  man
Jennifer West Jan 2017
I know it stings,
But don't let it poison you.

I know it hurts,
But don't let it destroy you.

I know it burns,
But don't let it consume you.

— The End —