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In the summer of 19’ I fell

Maybe we’re meant to be where there is no being

Under the back door sunset of your red 200

The year of checkered shoes and tequila

Screaming Frank Ocean over your engine so we could inhale our likewise tremors

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll live through our entwining melodies forever

Constellations dappled your cheekbones as such breathtaking accents to your coral reef pools

The pools I was all too familiar with

Ones I had drowned in

Maybe I’ll remember you in Savona

A straw hat complimenting your auburn hair

Your warm skin against mine as we skinny dipped into untold measures of time

Not knowing how fast I would have to let you go, and have slow it would take to recover

Tell me you’ll miss me and I’ll forget

Because time doesn’t stop

And neither does our young hearts.
Traveler May 18
Feel free to plagiarize
If you see
Something you like
If you step inside my mind
I will give you all my light

You could never break my soul
Feel free to steal and lie
I will always love you
Somewhere deep inside!!!!
Traveler Tim

Mix - Chevelle - Letter from a Thief
Jennifer West Mar 19
Who knew how much
The heart would ache
For every day
That you are away

God only knows
The mess I've become
Without you
How can I carry on

Things are harder
Without your wisdom or guidance
And I feel so blind
Lost in hateful darkness
Ivory Space Nov 2018
You'll never know what I knew
Like my new found appreciation for only your tattoos

You'll never see what I've seen
like how the halo of your eyes are the same color as me

You'll never feel what I felt
How the warmth of your embarrass causes me to melt

You'll never hear what I've heard
The echoes from your laugh and the passion in your murmurs  

You'll never cry the way I've cried
From the pits of my stomach, the burning inside when you said goodbye
But you must know how much I love you.
Sunflower May 2018
Why did you go?
More importantly where did you go?
I’ve looked everywhere for you so you can return my heart but,
Now I’m weak without it.
And I can’t look anymore.
I asked.
I begged you not to leave.
Only a few more hours I pleaded.
‘No!’ You screamed.
Will I ever have my heart back?
Or has someone else already got it?
Not that good.
Feeling sad today.
Tyler Oct 2017
Lying next to you is like heaven on earth.
Surely you dont realize what exsactly you do to me.
My heart is in ruin.
How the **** can I let you go.
I cant find sleep.
I'm watching you sleep.
And your talking in your sleep.
These little moments with you I will always cherish.
Why did you give yourself to me, if you were just going to leave.
I understand you need to find yourself.
Let yourself heal from a wicked past.
A past that haunts you so badly.
Theres no room left for me.

I need to be a man about this.
I need to let you go.
But darling I cant seem to know how.
Before sunrise you'll be gone.
Out of my life.
I love you C.
Always have always will.
Please come back.
Please be my wife.
Heartbreak is something very new to me.
Maddie Oct 2017
You said you wouldn't leave,
But where are you now?
If this was all for play,
Then please take your bow.

I just don't understand,
What were your intentions?
Planning to break my heart and leave
Was something you forgot to mention.

I know it sounds confusing,
But I will never be able to hate you.
Yeah, Im sure you find this amusing,
But I love you and I miss you..
Nylee Sep 2017
Once upon a time, a few days ago,
things yet again didn't go
as I wanted them to so.
Julia Mae May 2017
you ask me not to leave
you say, please
but what are you
expecting from me?
i reply
it's tempting
if only you would change
the way that you treat me
Quansome Jan 2017
I feel as though I would follow you
At least until you were better
Just until the okayness swallows your pain
Until you didnt have to cry constantly
Until you could look at your reflection
And smile okay well maybe not smile, but at least not frown
I believe I would walk behind you
Until my quiet over takes your noise
Until your hands can stop shaking and your lips quit their quivering
Until your time stops slowing and you can walk at a normal pace
I just dont want you be sad anymore
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