Banan Jul 2017

In my cold vacant room
Amid the dreadfulness
of longing for you
There's me,
and my tale of woe
And the sonnets i wrote for you
And the familiar sense of awe
On my pillow
that smells like you
Mid each throb,
I covet you
As i crawl back
to my gloom
Underneath my sheets
of blue
My soul shivers,
to bide my time with you

Diána Bósa Nov 2017

I wandered from mirror after mirror
finding no home in any of them,
for my reflection can only have a being
in these eyes of yours.

More than mere sadness
and resembling madness;
“perpetual despair” seems fair.
You feel that
life moves
at a million miles an hour,
but you go
after endless grey days,
you don’t even care.

They call you lazy,
But… things are hazy.
I’d prefer crazy
(you think
–quite often–
of pushing daisies).

These are
endless tears
and fears
that have haunted me
countless years.
If you don’t know it,
then please don’t show it;
because I suffer,
your smiles are tougher.

I watch life go by,
with random urges to cry,
happiness negated
melancholy inflated being
on a torturous train
that never leaves the station,
and everyday there's that
familiar temptation
of eternal damnation,
that’s calling me.

Cimmerian Chaos, incediary
The Requiem of the Revenant:

Tis I,
The Breathing Song
Conjuring a vestige,
Ensorcelled by what I'd been envisaging.

Maimed by Tempus, The Temporal Arbiter
Words reverberating on the wavelength of my soul
Left me vibrating desolate and wayworn.
Utterances deluging me in the Dominion of Doubt
Until I reached a crossroads
For perilous was the pilgrimage I peregrinated.

The Penultimate Tribulation has begun
And though angst is festering in my flesh,
The Sacred Lotus of Dreams has not wilted,
Shalt it ever upon the Lake of the Holy Oracle;
Elysium of the Soul is awaiting those who are stalwart
In the Visage of the Shadows.


By Sanders M. Foulke III

Two month old free verse poem regarding my own martyrdom and tribulations in the flesh. My iniquities can bring about lightness and sanctity if I so speak it into my life. Surrendering over all suffering, woe, and lamentation over to the Ethereal leads to transcendence of blight and ascendence to Elysium of the Soul. Be encouraged when you suffer, for peril means not ending but genesis. Genesis of wisdom, love, power, justice, endurance, meekness, humility, loyalty, faith, hope, joy, and every other virtue that is His. Any feedback is most appreciated. Enjoy! God bless!
Godsgrace Sep 2017

Peckham arrived against arch rivals Brixton with a flurry of youth and nail and were poached  of former playmaker Andre as the position between the sticks needed filling. A role he reluctantly took upon knowing where his heart truly lied. He lingered in goal as the floodgates openned no one saw his agony as Jordi took a chance on the old saying it is better to have lobbed and lost than never to have lobbed at all. Peckham were shakey and it looked as though no one could spear head their attack- but the grass was greener on the other side as Aaron robbed his brothers lunch money  and bought a sandwich the ball at the near post. But Brixton stood tall as their keeper maintaing their momentum in attack creating more daylight on a bleak autumn morning. At this point it looked as though their would only be one winner as Brixton came down on Peckham like a ton of Brixton. Fran Saraceno saw massacre guided in  a finish of placement and thiness as he let his nephew stefa-know who was boss. Speaking of which redemption was on the horizon as Aaran forward poised to pull the trigger the lanky anchor in goal streched out his legs to the mountains and saved at his near post. Peckham brought on an extra youth product but dr.dre was ready for anything with some incisieve passing filtering through to attack as Jordi capatlised. Peckham were itching for a consolation and it was the man with the dartagnion tash that was the almost man. He chased a through ball down the middle clean through he could only hit Andre bear who stood his ground as John hit the rebound straight at him and fell in disbearlief. Drizzy had been distributing leaflets all day much to the joy of Brixton in particular Da-vid. But the ruthless nature of the win made Andre wince everytime Peckham conceded. That being said he thought the game could have been won in his sleep not keeping a cleansheet is something that has happened before. But before I bid you a due  know that a duty was served for the enemy who seemed to have a knew found fondness for their bfg. Big friendly goal keeper. 14-1  Brixton will say finders keepers losers weepers but Drizzle also shed a few knowing Peckham will return like a Jedi widening the gap again like I am your further. So without further a do till next teame.

Xyns Jul 2017

Honestly, sweetheart, I don't see
Why you can't see
That you belong with me
And you want to belong to me
I go back to you; you come back to me
You're just as hooked, baby
That's clear to see
Oblivious, you try to seem
But, love, you can't lie to me
You're simply scared of me
Because I've evoked feelings
And you were sent reeling
You feel confused and guilty

You admitted I'm on your mind
I know you wouldn't rewind
You and I are the only two of our kind
Others like us are hard to find
You'd rather not leave me behind
I was yours; now you're mine
That fact has you in a bind
As we met, the planets aligned
There's no need for me to remind
Naturally, we were intertwined
Different than the rest of mankind
Basically, you were made to be mine
So, darling, you must be blind

bradlynn Jul 2017

i practice a speech,
so maybe you'd hear me
contorting my words
so they sound more appealing;
endlessly awaiting the appraisal
of my phonics
while, on the inside,
you struggle with responses.
Acknowledgment being
the first step to healing,
i tear open old wounds
by internally seething..
grieving the losses of
speech never spoken,
we utter different dialects;
our English is  broken..
scared to speak up,
and most likely start choking
we dissipate tension
by laughing,
and joking

originally written on the 5th of May, 2017.
Diego Morales Jun 2017

To Selene:
Rare a night, her gentle grace is not seen;
Live long torches, shamed, by her beauty’s gleam!
The Queen of night, my heart, she reigns supreme.
Floating high in deep, black lakes of my dreams,
Softly she gazes down past thick and thin;
Distant is her love as we skin to skin;
Fooled, my fervent stretch is never within,
Her affection for me, I’ll never win.
My heart, her misfortune can only reap
This last choice—wound us both more than my weep!
For her sympathy, my eternal sleep!
Now like me, may her woe forever keep.
By day miss her and dream of her by noon
Forever, rest in heart, my dear honey, moon

The sad love between Endymion and Selene
Sets the stage for this sonnet like poem's scene
Aaron J Patrick Jun 2017

Woe to humanity
who has severely fallen
who “in the image and likeness
of God” they say
are disfigured, like the devil.

Woe to humanity!
They really do have fallen.
They go all out to war
to exploit and condemn all flaw
and all that’s different between them.

Woe to humanity…
They have yet to preserve life
There is no peace
For they have yet to cease
the fire that has burnt us down.

Woe to humanity,
their prayers are in vain.
Salvation is but
the things of this world
and all they have yet to gain.

Woe to humanity
who has so much to offer.
And yet we have failed
and all the more,

(Another one of my older works)
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