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alisha Mar 12
though a joy, a laugh,
for lonely forms.
on grim evenings,
he craves control....

his soul threaded to countless strings
all tugged and ****** by his woeful skin
after several flawed attempts
his burdened psyche
gives a clamorous roar

for he believed
he had been, the puppeteer
Muhammad Usama Dec 2018
I sat by the window,peering into the street.
That street I had seen too many brawls in,
And had enjoyed the people celebrate,
And had seen people leave and come,
And had known those kids,who played there,
Fading into the nothingness of adulthood.
I was one of them too,perhaps.

In that tattered dress of life,
I sat by the window,
Looking into the past.
And tears came out paving my cheeks,
For a stream of unchartered emotions.
And those emitions welcoming a whole stampede,
Of memories,killing me inside out.

While by that window,
Whose glass had been blurred by the ruthlessness of time,
I hesitated to face myself.
I had regrets,too many to name any,
I had done myself wrongs,
But quite fortunately,forfeit was to be paid,
And was to be paid the next day,by myself to me!
pistachio Dec 2018
I am your hostage
You locked me up inside a rusty, quaint cage
I can't move, I am tied
My heart's in hysteria, I could have died
I can't even utter a single word
My body's numb from this tight prickly chord
I have lost, I let myself get captivated
By romantic trifles that will never be reciprocated.
But still, I don't think I can get out of that cage.
pistachio Dec 2018
Ground's bare but we two filled it
With footprints chasing each other heartily
But those were superseded past a minute
With footmarks of separating ways painfully.
Our footprints show the blissful start and sorrowful end of our love.
Muhammad Usama Dec 2018
Woeful,white wisp of the vile winter falls,
Upon the lifeless gray trees,by the road
(That leads to the city of 'quiet' brawls),
Dying in silent miserable abode.

As the eve further pours its mystic mist,
A somber thought of unsavory past,
Does,in my wilting heart,ruthlessly list,
The wild, pitiless curses that you cast.

Yet,of things I recall from December,
You lie unsurpassed,you lie far above,
The only shade of pink,I remember,
And yes,the only shade of pink I love.

Why should I then with this sorry face talk,
When toward you,I unwarily walk?
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Castles and queens
Red carpet and round tables
Warm wind through a poofed dress

Oh what a mess
No matter how hard they stress
That olden times were not like the movies its meaningless

For the

Dances like Cinderella
Simpler times in a castle tower
Dragons and romance with a prince

You'll never be able to convince
that this isnt what i want ever since
I was but a young sad girl ive dreamt of my Prince

King arthur and merlin
Excalibur and the lady of the lake
Green beauty and small hobbit holes

Oh sad girl you are in woe
For happiness you'll never know
You'll always be a locked away rapunzel
Something about that dark bittersweet beauty that i love. The stories of Merlin or if castles and queens with a sad twist but with joy and deep beauty and dancing
It makes my heart feel an emotion i csnt describe an emotion I'll never truly have in my life.
Briar Ren Dec 2018
is the woe I felt
at witnessing the
cruel aftermath
of heartbreak,
and struggling
to mend it.
For N.
NerdyAlien Nov 2018
What a sad laugh, a sad smile— to say the truth, it was a vivacious one. But it hides a thousand words, a thousand of thoughts, a thousands of emotions. And not one was a good one. Tragic, sorrow, woe, pain— they're all in it.

Her body is but a cage of a swirling storm of thoughts, while her physique was the eye of the typhoon. It was calm, it was solemn. No one knows her dealings inside. Her screams, her cries.

It was locked—no, not locked but no one just noticed. No one CARED to notice. She was just a lone being, S. O. S. written with her own blood on the walls. She then knot a tie around the ceiling and surround her neck by the circular rope.

She kicked the stool she stood on and hanged herself with a smile in face, not squirming in the squeeze in her neck. When death was about to surface, she opened her mouth with a struggling breathless whisper— I'm finally free.
Goodbye :>
noren Sep 2018
your woe,
your state
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
Woe is me
I have problems
that I let all see
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