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I love the words that I read here
The ones that you leave spoken,
Your hopes and loves, doubts and fears,
The thoughts you write upon being awoken

Offering perspective,
Through a page, to see your reality,
Concocts a connection:
The power of empathy

Old, young, the chained and the free,
And especially the pariahs,
Whose words read to me
Like a personal Messiah’s

I read them from my bed,
Words of comfort, words of woe,
I suppose I could just leave it unsaid,
But I wanted to say hello.
Man Nov 16
there were oil stains outside his house
where the car had sat
like the stains,
he bore marks
little pocks
that had worn on his face

from a life he lived

al a erosion

though each scar, skin deep
as shallow as the rest
he felt best
when they bled
someguy Oct 31
My world was your love, the sun was your smile,
Now darkness has come and blackened my sky

In life I will find joy no more, green turned to gray forevermore
Death I’ll go looking for… to comfort my everlasting woe
Mirror mirror on the wall
Tell me how to make his ego fall
Break the barrier between us two
Teach him a lesson
But how should i do?

Does he really care
Or all these are a facade?
Oh mirror, oh tell me dear.

I feel like a broken glass
Shattered and broken
With his ego so tall
And my wounds tend to open

If he loves me he should express
Or leave me like he doesn’t care

With a heart so fragile
And a life full of woes
Tell me dear mirror
Where should i go?
Raian Maruvin Oct 27
A have a guardian angel of woe
Watching over me
He collects my due of sorrow
Pocketing it in black memory
Only when I have been too happy
Will then he a little share
Out of his enormous collection
A carefully measured handful spare
So I am never lost to sadness
Nor ever in happiness corrupt
Living a life in measured scales
Between the two, in his trust
Devoid of bliss, far from infinite joy
Safe from maddening grief and
Stalwart Dull Oct 22
The sky thundered and the rain poured down
Together with my tears flowed 'till I get drown
I am used to be like a clown
Shows a fake smile to cover my frown
Stalwart Dull Oct 15
I was shut-in on my own little freedom
Where other people die because of boredom
How can I escape in this reality of wisdom?
I want to live in my imagination and build my own kingdom.
Stalwart Dull Sep 29
Things are just hard to explain
Help me! I'm now in pain
Tears are falling like rain
Spending my life I cannot regain.

Oh my precious life!
Words are sharp like knife
How can I restore my sui generis vitality
When it is supposed to be bury

Lethargy is suffering like torment
But all of this pain will never be permanent
Cherish vivaciousness every moment
Commencement might end with contentment.
-elixir- Jun 22
The tears and shower blend,
while the thoughts I  amend,
and the deafening thunders
dampens the whimpers
of the stinging wounds,
in my heart abound,
as I drown
in the
some wounds take longer to heal than others or maybe never
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