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Jennifer West Mar 2019
Cut me open
Rip out my heart
To you that's all love is
A sick form of art

Dancing on tears
Laughing at cruelty
All I can offer your sick mind
Is such pity.

Needlessly toying
With girl after girl
Good for you
For getting a thrill.

Congratulations on your game
I saw right goodness in those eyes
But I was just another one
You managed to play
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
‪She danced on graves‬
‪In dark reverence‬
‪Throwing a party for the dead‬.
Reveling in the beauty,
Of each delicate sculpture,
‪Her fingers traced the edges...‬
‪Memories long gone,‬
‪but in the souls
Of those who loved them.‬
‪Twisted smile‬,
‪Longing for the day‬,
‪When she too‬,
‪Rests eternally‬.
Godlink Nov 2017
Squandered love,
it's for the chase.
A wolf might gnaw preys bones,
but its soul lay waste.
Prey might run,
but its emotions have fate.
The wolf ***** soul,
not for the need,
but for the taste.
It took a year to get over you
To store you away in my memories with a wall that couldn't be broke through

To Learn how to look away in the hallways
To walk straight and not runaway
To put aside the anger
To hang the blame up on a hanger

Then you come and talk to me
You let those memories break free
My eyes can only fix on your eyes
I'd follow you up into the skies

I glow with happiness
I fill with fuzziness
What's wrong with you?
After all you put me through?!

Now I fear
It's gonna be another year

— The End —