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Ashwin Kumar Sep 2022
I know it's just been a week
But I'm already beginning to miss you
And I'm not the only one
You do make an impact
On anyone who has been lucky enough
To get to know you
Whether it be family or friends
Or maybe even total strangers!
Anyway, we've had some great times together
I shall never forget our trip to the UK
And the fun we had there
Especially the Wimbledon camping experience
Would you have believed me then
If I had told you
That you would end up returning there to study
In a matter of three years?
Mysterious indeed, are the ways
In which Fate works
Our trip to USA was equally memorable
Who will ever forget that iconic moment
When you identified a McDonald's cafe from the plane?
Nothing, absolutely nothing ever
Escapes those beady eyes of yours
This is one of the many things I love about you
We may not spend a lot of time talking to each other
But you understand me very well
Perhaps more than I understand myself
And I know that I can always count on you
Anyway, I am getting too sentimental
Have a good time out there
I'm sure you'll find new friends
In fact, as I write this
You seem to be making progress on that front already
Try to balance studies and housework as much as you can
And most importantly
Take care of yourself
Whatever problems you might face
Know that you're not alone
We have your back always, no matter what
It is your happiness
Rather than what course you do
Or what job you may find
That matters to us the most
So, on that note
Let me wish you all the very best
Take care and stay in touch
Miss you loads
Poem dedicated to my sister who left India for UK a week ago.
stillhuman Jul 2021
I see my feet tracing back
my previous steps
And I can hear my throat
choking on itself
My insides are in shamble
and I feel them all, my organs
as they tremble
and I don't understand this feeling
Just that I miss you
and that might be the meaning
I've never felt more uncomfortable with the idea of bothering you
riri Jan 2021
i miss you
i miss your voice
i miss your laugh
i miss your presence

but i don't miss you in that way
i don't miss you romantically
i miss you as a person
i miss having you in my life
i wish we could at least be friends for now. we agreed to be but things are just awkward between us and it's too early to talk again i guess. maybe part of me does still have feelings for you but i'll heal from it, but i just miss you genuinely as a person.
If it isn’t my day, then tomorrow will rain
But before today, before my smile came
It’s your ray, beaming through all decay
So before today, in the land of memories is where you came.
Take me by surprise, through the water of my eyes, You lay.
Beam some joy, bring us hope that tomorrow you won’t go away.
Time is going to show us all how much we missed our fallen ones.
Mei Aug 2020
It's okay to cry alone
For some reasons why
It's okay to smile
You don't need to tell why
It's okay to miss someone
Because to miss someone
Doesn't happen once
It happens over and over
It's okay if it happens again.
alupa Aug 2020
It's not that I just think of you, every now and then,
Or that I sometimes hope that I, will see you once again.
It's not that you're the late night thought, I try to keep at bay,
Or that I wonder how you are, when I start my day.
It's not that I wish you were here, when I feel alone,
Or that I'm calling out your name, when I'm coming home.

It is that I look for you, in an empty room,
And that since you walked away, all I see is gloom.
It is that I overthink, everything you said,
And that no matter what I try, you're always in my head.
It is that everything I think, and all the things I do,
are drained and soaked and coloured black, by the loss of you.
I'm not good in sweet talks
So I say, I adore you
I can't say everything in my thoughts
So I say, I need you
Everyday and all night
In sunrise and moonlight
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Wherever you are
Wherever I go
Whatever I do
I miss you.
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