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I’ve thought about you lately
Where did that bubbly personality disappear to?
Why did you allow people to hurt you?
Where is that strength when you want a man in your life?
Where did you go?

You’ve gone through so much ****
Yet you don’t hate anyone but yourself

How can you write about love
And not giving it to the people that love you
But a make-believe version of what it is to strangers?

I’ve thought about you lately
Where did you go, Bri?
I miss you
I need you
I forgave you
Will you ever get back to that version of you before your hurt?

I miss you daily
I need you daily
I forgave you

I’ve thought about you lately
Me to me
I'm not good in sweet talks
So I say, I adore you
I can't say everything in my thoughts
So I say, I need you
Everyday and all night
In sunrise and moonlight
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Wherever you are
Wherever I go
Whatever I do
I miss you.
fray narte Aug 2019
midnights still find me retracing the moments
that led to our thousand lakeside kisses;
they were secrets left in a summer dream.
each second — a bowline knot
leading straight to our
late night drives
and vehicle breakdowns
and last minute goodbyes
at the break of dawn.

midnights still find me sleeping
next to a shoebox of the books you left;
i still hear your voice
when i read the lines
of your favorite paragraphs
the clock hands, mocking,
leading me through a maze of
memories and parking lot conversations.

midnights still find me rewriting histories
with resin-pressed flowers,
maybe the petals will point to where
i started losing you —
and maybe it's in every direction.
the black, bold numbers have become my crumbs
leading to road trips and
to all the bus stops we missed,
now i still miss my stop
without your lips next to mine.

and midnights still find me
writing poems like these
but clearly,
you're too far off
for these words to reach.

and now, midnights still find me wanting you back.
and 'til now, midnights still find you gone.
Shammyshamsham Jul 2019
And when I die little bird,
Don't be sad, don't weep.
For I loss all my sufferings,
Im happy now Im free!
What my grandma told me during her last moments.
David Blaikie May 2019
I miss our chats, the endless days
It felt like time stopped still;
Our hands together, lying down
Electric pulsing thrill

Eating ice-cream, stolen moments
And laughing all the while;
Feeling happy, loved, contented
That perfect beaming smile

I miss our silly time together
Being someone new;
Learning and discovering
All the while with you

Throwing paint and stealing kisses
Crackling touch, like sparks;
Trembling lips and shaking knees
The beating of my heart
Soliel Feb 2019
Banging my head against the wall
Looking for reasons I’m sure of.
Trying to prove a point,
breathing not,
not anymore.

Walls, I could hear them speak to me,
Witness to my deranged late nights talking to myself.
Their eyes, tired from keeping up.
If I could hear their words I’d hear mine back.

One more glass in the sink
One more thought of being cleaned
Then again who cares?
I’d be swoon once again.

Sweet flicker of lights
Deep liquor of lies
Singing songs of the old
Just missing you.
this is old but man, i can still relate lol.
Abigail Smith Feb 2019
I will miss you like the moon longs for the warmth of the sun in the morning.
I will miss you like rain that miss a rainbow.
I will miss you like a dry land that longs for water.
I will miss you like sand coving the foam waves sweeping away.
I will miss you like the end of a twig of trees that can't wait for the dawn to rise.
I will miss you like a dead seed that longs for spring.
I will miss you like a crystallized virus waiting for the right time to return to life.
galaxyofentities Jan 2019
Holding back tears with a straining smile
I speechlessly waved goodbye.
And now i think of you hopelessly
learning a thirst that cannot be quenched
a craving that eats you away like a venom.
As i type out this poem late at night
i begin to realize
There are pain in the world that leaves you helpless
and in that helplessness, I learn love in its full force.
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