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Jennifer West Jul 20
You may shove me
But I will still stand
You may call me weak
But I will still stand
You may say I'm a little girl
But I will stand tall
You may tell me I can't
But I will
And if it hurts
It worth
That’s all

And learn
Being too real
That's the way

All you have is
Hold on the hope
Breathing deeply
Believing the universe
Waiting for return
Before the world end
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Just do it
Ronza Jairy Apr 17
Make peace with mistakes
they have no power unless-
we breathe into them
Things that touch
Our life
A day with sunshine
Night with calm moon
Little bit of rain
Little bit of shade
Little bit of magic
Little bit of music
Little bit of silence
Little bit of madness
Words of trust
Time  of  honesty

To whom it is
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Breathing is effortless, live the breathe
Jennifer West Mar 19
Who knew how much
The heart would ache
For every day
That you are away

God only knows
The mess I've become
Without you
How can I carry on

Things are harder
Without your wisdom or guidance
And I feel so blind
Lost in hateful darkness
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Life we keep going,
Even when you’re gone.
The wind, still blowing.
The sun still shining in the dawn.
The thunder and fire
That shook your soul.
The endless tire that
Took its toll.
You ripped away the mold
And sold your bruised truths.
Time ensues,
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
This isn’t

This isn’t
The end of,
A road
A hope
A dream

This isn’t,
The last sunset
The last sleep
The last pray

Seed of hope
Will embraces the trails
Keep the spirit, and
Just move on

This isn’t the end
This isn't the end
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Tribute to the natural calamity victims who have ran a race, without
a finish line. But this is not the end.
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
I am an empty shell
I am full of happiness
I protect my loved ones.
That makes me happy.
That's all I feel but it will soon disappear.
Don't cry carry on for me.
Raakel Apr 2018
You know it's funny how people leave

One day you're their whole world

The next day you're not even in their world
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