People dissolve feelings dissolve
I'll dissolve this city will dissolve
Those people with liquor
Those people with sticky lips
While with other sit and sip
They claim it is ichor
That runs through their veins
Liquor is just a chain
That grips their brains
At night into false blissfulness
But when sober they know sinfulness
People dissolve feelings dissolve
When will I dissolve
Will i dissolve before i find resolve
Will i feel unfinished in life
And left like a ***** knife
For sinners
To eat with over dinner
Timber Dec 2018
You’re gone now
So long
Farwell, Have fun
Hope you’re doing okay.

Trauern und geben.
Das ist unser rhythmus,
eine süße Symphonie, die langsam verblasst
( To grieve and to Give.)
(This is our rythme,)
(a sweet symphony slowlying fading out)

Actually, we are doing well, but you want
You arent home.
Dont pick up the phone
Please I your gone stay gone

in Teenager-Tendenzen eingepackt
du hast deine Seele für das einzige verkauft, was du wirklich liebst:
und Geld.
(Wrapped up in teenager tendencies.)
(you sold your soul for the only thing you truly loved:)
(liquor, )
(and money.)

You’re gone now
So long
Farwell, Have fun
Hope you’re doing okay.
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Drink all unkindnesses through with *** creamy glugs
The rested brain of reason with senses drowned, with
No polished quality, nor with the beauteous likeness of tact!
The shift to jumbo laughs, till the song of drunkenness arrives
Come near, booming bounty! We’re the kindred who punch so high,
Like easy fools with faded heads, with a bottle-tease for Life
Our eyes blinker to the clippings of a soft-ochre melody,
Till the butting vows of deepest yearnings spill free
We wish to define our flying feet to straighten placement right
And with pulsing heads squirm to the Deed of liquor
Till it reaches slur-banter, and having nothing, fixing nothing,
We fall to the floor, our frolicked bodies sadly squatting
      Against the beating numbness, in reward for a dying mind
      Till rounded Time pats the lofty heart made once more sound
Inspired by getting drunk, then a hangover.
MissingKid Dec 2018
Tequila kisses & ***** thoughts,
Hungover love shines through tired eyelids of mine
Drink, drank, drunk, on liquor, on each other.
Punch drunk love, is not real love.

I know you're my hangover love.
Hangovers ****. Just like heart break.
Sage Oct 2018
An alcohol-driven confession
left on silent for years
until it started screaming
A deafening admission
A little liquor
And your finally talking
A medicine for muteness
cashing in
lint ***** and
couch change
I long scrounged for
at Gardenia Liquors
in exchange for a jug of
the cheapest red wine
found on the selves
of pity, this might be the
worst tasting wine I’ve
ever drank but it was
the best I could afford
at the time
it may be very little or
hardly anything at all
my dear
but this reconciliation
between me and this
liquid fire is certifiable
and factual.
it won’t make me
feel better
in the morning
but at least
it got me through
another night of
desolate smiles.
Dream Oct 2018
I've begun a war, i wanna abandon.
But the love in me, the one you can't see, is the only reason im here.

I wanna defeat gravity.
I wanna be high and woke.
I wanna blow all these thoughts and the **** called feelings up in smoke.

I want that liquor in my hands and my *** on the floor.
Till i find my way, i won't take steps no more.

Don't wanna go home, cause walls gives the body warmth not the soul.

Give me words to express how i feel.
I don't wanna be real.

I wanna dissappear into the crowds, and not come out.
In my own world.
Im gonna cover up, i won't let them know.
Cover up, i won't let it show.
Cover broken soul
I wrote this a while ago⛧
We often latch on habits that kills us
Cigarettes turn to painkillers
Liquor turns to cough syrups

I die everyday without a dose of heaven

As we picture out these habits
as an escape from reality
D A W N Aug 2018
5 shots
my voice is slurry.
10 shots down my throat,
liquor filled with doubt and woe.
15 shots burning down on me,
drunk of the Hennessy
20 shots and everything is blurry
tonight, im drowning
with 20 shots and counting
Sara Lindsay Aug 2018
I use to jump in pools of liquor and call it happiness,
now I jump in pools that look empty but they’re filled with things that I can’t see.
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