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Jeremy Betts Jan 20
Love letters and flowers, sweets and treats
It's all been wasted money and time
She belongs to the streets
She was never mine
Left her scent on many sheets
Simple as a glass of wine
Line as long as 20 meet 'n greets
A free-for-all free for all, small of her back there's even a sign
How'd I miss that...?

Jeremy Betts Oct 2023
Dear Alcohol

~My Verse~

I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted


She goes five sheets 'cause she says she can't deal with my **** sober
I'm sure there's plenty out there who'd agree with her
I don't make it easy on her, she's a ******' warrior
Wasted or sober

I know it's an escape from more than me but I'm why it's nightly
Just her current mistake, worst one yet, yeah probably  
I know what she sees when she looks at me ain't pretty
Wasted or sober


I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted

Shadow Jul 2023
Wasted nights
Turning into restless mornings
Cause opportunity to pass
And now all those feelings remain
Cemented in the past
i would love to
be able to identify
a bird from its call
or the shape of
wide-spread wings
as one flies overhead
in theory
it may seem impressive
but if i were to
successfully distinguish
a chiffchaff from
a willow warbler
based on the patterning
and colour of
its plumage
or the shape
and length of
its tail feathers
i struggle to think
of a single person
who would respond
with more than
an indifferent
mocking or
pandering "oh"
forgotten are
those bright
autumnal colours
of the freshly fallen
no longer able
to offer
a crisp rustling
with each step
a whisper that
invites child
and adult alike
to kick
   and shuffle
ignoring the bite
of frost
by noses
and fingertips

those downbeat leaves
lately of such
seasonal delight
have been rejected
by bough
   and branch
drifting meekly
without protest
or wrenched
from arboreal familiarity
by gusting wind
or gloved hand
turned to mulch
by constant downpours
muddily trodden upon
without second thought
clinging to any
passing boot
trainer or shoe
only to be scraped
and scuffed
on pavement
   or curb
stomped in a puddle
left behind
CJ May 2022
I'm an Anti-Romantic

I don't believe in Love anymore
I think I've lost faith in it
A waste of my time

Is like eating chocolate
I don't feel any sweetness
Only the bitterness within

A flaming love
Burnt till there's only
black soot left

No more love poems
No more rom coms
No more valentine's

I'm an Anti-Romantic
Inspired by
TXT's 'Anti-Romantic'
Mrs Timetable Mar 2022
Made for you
You didn't use it

Can't get it back
Gone forever

Always there...
Is it waiting for itself?

If you find out
Let me know

I need more...
Time you really know how it was spent
Abi Sep 2021
undeserving of the energy i possess, the universe requires better
but i cannot exceed these thoughts that i am less than the dirt that covers the grave
this soul is daunting and the world, it taunts me
i push myself to try
for from the dirt grows life and nourishment
and flowers that decorate the dead
this wasted flesh and poisoned blood
become the wine and bread
am big sad rn but it's ok
George Krokos Apr 2021
A wasted effort can be seen to be like a trial run
and the objective would be to learn and have fun.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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