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I know I’ll always love you
Both of you
She is my other half
And you are my home
Our breath is one
Our bodies
Submissive to the chemsetry
We are one a temple of new hope
A trio of the gods picking
Iska Nov 8
patchwork poetry
from a broken soul
ageless words
stitched together
take their toll
as we twist them
to fit the role
I was told all I do is rewrite what has already been written.
With no creative twist or flair
Just wasting time
With empty air
JAC Nov 7
is wasted
on the loved.
mae Oct 22
I don’t know if being pregnant
Was on my mind
Or the fear of being left behind
Unable to rewind,
Back to the time
In which I was able to make good decisions
To think with great precision
To look beyond  a short sighted vision.

Taking a risk,
Over someone who doesn’t care for you
Lack of resolve to take care of you
A person who doesn’t care for Love
And I simply paying the price
For disobeying the king above
Because I did wrong instead of doing right

His final straw has been cut,
And unfortunately I am out of luck
Yes I am what you call, ******.
Arcassin B Oct 17
by Arcassin Burnham

Full of choices in my life I couldn't figure out,
Competing with other men has been so dumb,
That’s why I don't give a **** about the sudden doubts,
Cause only *** Himself can tell me what I should do without.

Anxiety has taken over me,
And has consumed me in the worst way.
I guess i should stay home,
I shouldn't do this anyway.
Ignorance consumes them all,
I never needed friends to talk these days,
I should've just stayed home,
i shouldn't do this anyway.


Time is delayed , no time is wasted , just focus.
You could tell your family you won't be home tonight.
On the wide open road with a jar full of secrets.
Didn't listen to the man up stairs now you got cold heart.

You could listen to the angels vocals or the demon screaming in your ear.
Watch the paths of the roads fade and evaporate then disappear.

Put yourself in the place of me,
Then tell me what you see.
Put yourself in the place of me,
Then tell me what you see.

You could listen to the angels vocals or the demon screaming in your ear.
Watch the paths of the roads fade and evaporate then disappear.

Kristaps Oct 14
Through the street lights  and brutalist cliffs,
blinking beams echo my breath.

Laughter still bleeds in my throat, conversations still pierce my ears, alas
A Kodak haze,  a synchronized buzz

and agony is gone. For most are
nothing but pines,

A sleeping balm, a charming whiff, all the
same submissive to a whirr.

As a child, they  left me in awe
Now I know they're nothing more

than a palisade for the sea.  Those
that bid time in the isometric

backwoods, simply haven't the clue,
that no concrete can still her.
MeanAileen Jan 10
Wasted all of my precious time
wasted on someone who will never be mine.
Wasted my hours and days and years
wasted emotions....worthless tears.
Wasted laughter and falsely felt joy
wasted on a cold, and careless boy.
Wasted efforts....tried so hard, in vane
wasted thoughts, can't get you out of my brain!
Wasted my love, a love unrequited
wasted inside, heart broken and blighted.
Wasted wants and wasted desire
wasted devotion sworn to a liar.
Wasted my heart was wasted on you
wasted and beaten and black and blue...
Justa dumb poem...
Amanda Sep 16
What do we do with all the time wasted together?
Stares exhanged in ***** hours,
Silent seconds ticked as our spellbound eyes
Took beauty in, sight devoured.

I used a multitude of minutes attempting
To beat insecurity, show you your worth,
You'd listen, I could tell you didn't believe,
But each night I drifted to sleep thankful for your birth.

Feasting on the flow of flattery we voiced,
To fill empty parts with desire,
Through my lowest days you stayed by my side,
I did the same even dead-tired.

I've accepted I will not gain back the years,
I lived in a haze, wish they felt real,
You think I abandoned our love,
The longer we were together the worse you made me feel.
I didnt leave because I no longer loved you. I left because the longer I was with you the less I loved myself.
Alexis Sep 10
i'm wasted
filling myself, shot after shot
after beer
after shot
after beer
after beer
after shot
i'm thinking that maybe i'll overflow completely
my only hope
the menacing thoughts wash away
and dry up with my liver

good night
Selienne Aug 25
Clack. Clack. Clack.
Coins are falling down
hitting the stone floor.
You watch them helplessly
because you have no other choice.

One. Two. Three.
A calm, emotionless voice
counts them down indifferently.
You're trying to cover your ears
but the sound is too loud to block it.

Weep. Sniff. Hiccup.
Heavy, salty tears
flow down through your face.
Mourning each and every piece
of metal that's thrown onto the floor.

Tick. Tock. Tick.
The clock is constantly
measuring the passing time.
Coins represent years you've wasted
and when they're gone, you'll have nothing.

The only thing waiting for you
at the end is death after all.
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