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Mori 23h
I'm breathing,
feeling how the oxygen
spreads inside my body
after passing the way
inside my lungs.
So why am I questioning
if I'm living?

I wonder about when
I will actually be able to live
and not just simply exist.
joren's Jan 30
Should of started your good bye
Right when you arrived
Cause i wasn't ready
Time wasn't steady
You we're here a minute
And gone the next
Was that 20 minutes
or a couple secs
Or wait a minute
I'm just a wreck
When you're around
time passes wack
My eyes are fountains
I want you back
It takes a long time to say bye to someone when you dont want to
I'm honestly better without you
I hope this is the last poem I write about you
I feel that I have wasted all of my words on you
And I thought you were the only one who could make me truly happy
But that's not true
Because I met someone new
So much better than you
And I will not write about you anymore
Because she is the one that I adore
She is the one who deserves my words
Not you
I won't waste my words anymore...
Amanda Jan 25
Today my heart beats sick with shame
A million pieces I am reluctant to claim
I am losing touch with the person I am
Losing you and my life is a sham
Please crave me more than drugs
Craving you and your comforting hugs
Your heartbeat sounds slow, far away and low
I'm not ready for my crutch to go
You have ways of drawing me in
Witness devotion carved into my skin
I bleed out lost time I wasted on you
Love me how I always wanted, like I loved you
People have different ways of showing their affection
Tiger Striped Jan 24
when i left

i set fire

to every word i ever wrote for you

so that it meant

as much to me

as it did to you

nothing at all
Amanda Jan 19
I wish I was able to wave a magic wand
Take all our broken pieces
Put us together perfectly
Without cracks, chips, and creases.

I wish I was an ancient shaman
Who could heal with just one touch
Caress each and every wound and fracture
Soothe pain so doesn't hurt as much.

I wish my muscles could bear both our burdens
Not falter under their weight
Peace the impossible destination
When we carry baggage we hate.

I wish we could rise high above
Small opinions of close-minded folk
It seems perfect until someone makes a comment
Reminding me our relationship is a joke.

I wish the day would come where we walk hand-in-hand
Without obstacles in our way
Across this beautiful atlas
Not stopping until far away.

I wish for a paintbrush
Large enough to paint the sky blue
Tried different shades of navy and indigo
I never could find the right hue.

I wish I had the ability to sculpt
A duplicate of your heart out of clay
Savor these wild emotions
Relive your love day after day.

I wish I was cold enough to make time freeze
But precious minutes and hours won't bend
When will I discover that love never lasts?
Time destroys all things in the end.
Everything must come to an end
Abigail Rose Jan 15
Memorize poetry—
Wonder what you did that for—
Time is currency.
Poetic T Jan 9
Prayers all like confetti,
  you may think there pretty
throwing them in the air.

But the reality is no ones
                      catching them.
There just cold on the floor,

Make you better
by trying, not asking.
           For only your
           listening to you.
madison Jan 9
i feel weak
everyday another piece of me folds in
im becoming the thing you never wanted to see
im becoming to reach the point you hoped i would never

im the piece of paper in the bottom of your bag
the one you needed
you lost it and spent ages looking for it
but by the time you found it
it was torn to shreds
it was no longer useful
and you groaned and complained
but then you got another
and you were thankful that there were others
to replace the one you forgot about
until it was too late

but i couldn't forget
i laid there in pieces wondering what happened
you cared
but you realized it got bad
and then you realized it was too late
and you moved onto the next person to care about
until it was too late for them too.
n Jan 8
Stinging morning coffee bliss acompanies the first cig of the day,
It’s all downhill from here.
Does normal things Goes to lecture
Lunchtime sugar low.
Self-destructive tendencies itching,
Beer kick - gets drunk.
Being constructive is crushing.
Goes to lecure
Mind numbing normality
Fearful of loneliness and needy, go waste some hours.
Its late. Restless.
Stoop on the street,
with friends. Anxious, ill.
Wasted night.
Collapse into a shallow sleep of self-loathing.
Repeated offence.
An acurate describition of my daily university life. Evident is my dependency on drugs and my fear of being alone. Both loneliness and 'mind-numbing normality' are perceived as a threat. The title comes from the french word for daily life to accentuate the repetition and spiraling.
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