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Lost 3m
I am an abandoned ship floating at sea
Like a message in a bottle, I bob aimlessly
I drift along waiting to find my respective shore
But I find open waters and row my tired oars

I am fawn lost without a guiding mother
Wandering the wilderness and searching for another
My spindly legs fail me and the buckle under my weight
I collapse in the grass and decide all I can do is wait

I am balloon that was let go to sail into the endless blue
Gradually drifting higher and higher with nowhere to go to
I know sometime I’ll pop and that it may be soon
But for now I fly not trying to predict my doom

I am a pair of shoes tied together and thrown around an electric line
I have all the time in the world to dangle as the days wash by
My fabric has worn and lost its color but my shape holds true
Laces suspend me in this purgatory of treetop views

I am an abandoned ship floating at sea
Like all the other things I am, I’m living quite lonely
Feeling lost occupies the majority of my time
So I spend my days whiling away and working my mind
Writing now and then just to remind myself that I’m alive
That my thoughts and words are as tangible as relentless time
Ticking away the clock stays as consistent as my rhyme
Structure and hope are all I have to cope and keep me alright
I wax and wane with my commitment, it’s a shame,
But I think I’m doing pretty fine
Priya Jul 23
Wanna leave??
Go, i won't stop you!
I won't ask you why,
I won't judge you either.
I won't keep things from you,
I won't lie to you,
Afterall, in the end,
I don't want to be like you :)
May someone never inflict the same sort of pain upon you as you did to me
Cameron Jun 30
The mask is here to stay.
I wear it day by day.
Behind it stare sad eyes.
Empty and broken inside.

Instead all that you see
Is what you expect to see
A guy who's always smiling
Versus a guy who's always crying.

The mask prevents intrusion.
That's only part of the illusion.
In the end the mask will dissolve
In the end, so will my resolve

Why do I wear this mask?
I only want those I love to see past.
I do not know when I'll show my true face.
I'm looking at the world through a glass vase.

If only somebody could see past the lies.
Somebody who can see that I'm not alright.
If only somebody could undertake this task.
Only they would be able to remove my mask.
There Always A Good Day For Everyone ,
Not A Bad Day ,


If You Having A Bad Day,
Remember You 'CREATE IT' Not The Good Day 'CREATE IT'
#have a good day loves.... iloveyouall
Today I am at peace

I released a few crippling thoughts
and the apologies I finally wanted to give
It brings a smile to my face how each day felt like a race up until this moment
I feel calm and serene
For once I don't want to shout or fall down and scream
And I thank you for being willing to listen
Amidst the sorrow of wilting petals,
Your spreading aroma
Make my heart feel better.
And, says everything will be alright
With the smile.
Jennifer West Mar 16
I'm not okay.
I'm not going to recover.
I know you expect me to just snap out of it.
But I'm only human.

I'm okay not being okay.
I'm okay being sad.
Yes I'm fine with shedding tears.
I need to get this out.

It's not okay to hide it.
It's not okay to let it go.
It's not okay to bottle it up.
It's not okay to keep pushing me when I say no.
It's not okay to demand things of me. When I have so little energy.

I beg of you please, listen to me. I'm going to be okay, I know.
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