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Your eyes
And if you
Still see me
Dearie, I'm yours

Almost Romantic
Theme: Diamonds are forever
Author's Note:
If those lines connect with you
And if you think this may be about you
May be, it is
Ginger R Aug 28
Say it's ok
To admit
Fears and feelings and I'm kind of freaking out
Maybe I'm still scared of the dark
I've never had that peace
A walk in the park
When it gets dark

Can you
Please stay
For emotional confessions and awkward conversations
Maybe it's ok to trust you
When someone loves you
You don't have to be
Scared of the dark

Promise we
Can dance in the dark

By the light of the moon
You and I spinning slowly
A waltz
A dip
The softest kiss

Maybe we will be alright

When morning comes
If you're by my side
Everything will be fine
Promise to stay
Don't ever stray
I think
We'll be ok

And sometimes I'll be lost
Sometimes you will too
It's dark at night
Hold my hand
And it's all ok

Maybe we will be alright
Uhh this is pretty sweet and I don't know where it came from but I'm not complaining.
Isabella Aug 17
Why can’t I seize the day
Tomorrow feels so far
I know I’ll blink it away
Then one more will start
Each one is quite a headache
Like they always are
Oh why can’t I just be okay?
It shouldn't be this hard...
so many people have it far worse than i do, so why can’t i just be okay?
Heike Borgard Aug 11
Nightfall - time for a walk in the green
silence -  the noisy day has gone to sleep
finally I am on my own - no more avoiding by zig zag runs

I take off my protection mask and a deep breath -
summer air and the scent of a freshly mowed meadow,  
familiar and normal.....

In the  distance a falling stars lights up

and I remember the taste of white clouds  
and the sound of laughing butterflies

Everything will be alright
© Heike Borgard 08/2020
s a m Aug 1
God won't always give you sunshine to feel alright.
He'll send the rain so you could be more fine.
POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
The opposite of all right
Is nothing left

But that’s not true
I've got nothing left to lose
And that means i’m not scared

Anyway this'll probably be the last time you talk to me
But that’s all right
Don’t miss me too much, okay?
(Who am I kidding?)

Bardo Jul 1
I've been too far out all my life I think
And not smiling but... but agonizing.

They rang to see was I alright, was I
I smiled down the phone, told them I
   was fine
That I was reading a bit, watching TV
Out sunning myself in the back
What I didn't tell them I suppose, was
   the real truth
That my Demons they were keeping
   me entertained
They were sitting on the fence right
   now watching me
Like great big Birds of Prey.

"Are you keeping yourself fit", they asked, " getting enough exercise ",
" Yes!", I smiled again, "I do daily runs
   around the garden"
Of course, this too was a fib, a lie
The truth was it was really my
   demons again
Who were chasing me around the
No! Me! I wasn't smiling, I was just...
   just agonizing.

"Are you eating enough ?" they asked
"Yes, I am", I replied again smiling, " I
   had lots of food in the house
What I neglected to tell them was of
   course, the truth
That really it was my demons who
   were eating me
And Boy! were they having a feast.

"O!", I thought to myself, " when this
   whole thing is all over (the virus
I gotta get myself a woman
Some lovely sweet pretty lookin'
She'll save me from my demons
They'll find her more appetizing
Can eat her first instead of eating me".
This is my Covid poem, with a little help from Stevie Smith's classic "Not waving but drowning". My demons, a great bunch of guys LOL. I seen a picture of a girl I know, she has a beautiful warm inviting smile. Me! I rarely smile and when I do, it's a wary smile, it's like I'm waiting for the next piano to fall from the sky LOL.
Dreamer Jun 23
I just wanted to hear "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT"
It was my only wish
that fog horn blows,
worries my mind, lord knows, we don’t need,
more obstacles in this tired world, so the horn
trying, to be blowing fog away, without success

the sound’s remainder air-lingers like foam bubbles
ridden down to coffee cup bottom, resisting, protesting,
refusing to expire, useless/nonetheless, says no dying

sole boat outlined, bout mile out, must be anchored, it’s
unmoved by fog danger or noise, fishing is my informed
best guess, but fish ain’t stoopid, swimming another way

the fog horn wakes the woman who looks askance
cause there is neither coffee or a newly christened
poem upon her nightstand, an explanation is sought

“stand by me,” I sing, “be unafraid my darling, stand now,
stand by me,” poet said “been guarding our bed, this long
foggy night, agin interlopers, bad dreams and sea troubles”

shied ‘em away, knowing that when a man loves a woman,
she can lean on him, cause he’s load bearing, her safety is
always first, poem second, coffee coming, with sun rising

she bemused, funny you’re, kooky like the poems you’ve up-
written all night, up all life long, all stored up in my nightstand,
you’re sweet, like  Tennessee whiskey, ignore my scowling my own
poet-mr. coffeeman-sea guardian, you’re alright with me
Astral Mar 29
You give soulmate a new meaning.
Love and care and companionship,
But in a friendly way.

Someone who will hold me,
While I cry on their shoulder,
And pat my back,
And lay their hand gently on my neck,
To let me know they’re there.

Someone who will laugh with me,
Who will run,
And leap,
And fly across the sun kissed sky with me.
Ignoring any responsibility.
We’ll land so far away,
In an old weather-worn bay.
We’ll dance around the creaky boards,
And scream louder than the silence,
Our voices as high as our bounds.
And then we’ll leap again,
To a place long forgotten.
Where the vines have grown over,
And alive is the dirt under.
And we'll play in the grass,
And rejoice in the sun,
And bask in the starlight,
And we'll know everything is alright.
We'll be sure everything is alright.
And then we'll lay under the moon,
And we'll talk without words,
And the wind will whisper,
Its alright.
I wrote this for a friend I can no longer see due to the corona virus. I hope they’re okay. Stay safe everybody.
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