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ImpliedLines Aug 2020
She's been given a path that is all but manageable
This is given with a smile and a suffocating responsibility

She does her best,
To Give,
To Listen,
To Be Who They Expect.

But what if its not enough
What will happen if she chooses the illicit path

Do the rewards out way the losses?

Will the love being sought after come from enduring hardship
Or rather through adversity?

She must be absent from her mind,
To even question the 'life' GIVEN to her.

How ungrateful she must be to question this broken and distorted guidance.

My guardians are not as wise as I was made to believe.

So how do I function with the apprehension of my selfish actions.

I can not stay true to myself for the fear of hurting others.

But I can not keep living with the disquiet in my heart.
Jennifer West Mar 2019
I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
I wish I was the daughter
That you could admire
Instead I just destroy
Everything I desire

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
And I'm not like the siblings you love
I promise you that I'm trying
But I know that it will
Never quite be enough

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
The others seem to find it so easy
I wish I could breeze through life
Without a care
Just like the others

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum  
I promise you I'm working
Towards a better future for us all
Even if it feels like
It's just a steady crawl

I'm sorry I'm the ***** up mum
I love you more than words can say
I would do absolutely anything
To make you proud
One day
Maria Land Oct 2018
A few words can turn it on,
A few more can set it off,
Then all my walls are gone,
Open to your scornful scoff,
I'm a challenge not a chore,
Give me some and i want more,
Give me kisses, give me hugs,
You're the ******, I'm the drugs,
Its been awhile since I've had affection,
I'll add you to my hearts collection,
I can't explain you won't understand,
Never on purpose always unplanned,
You might be an angel sent from above,
Now you're stuck with my heart and you're stuck with my love,
I doubt my heart from time to time,
My mind tells me there's no way you'll be mine,
I'm always ready for disappointment,
I like to stay vacant plus you cant afford rent,
This all makes me happy but it makes me insane,
If you take my heart, then with you it remains!
Maddy Mar 2018
How many
more pounds to go?

Well let's see
I drank some tea
and that was 0 calories

Also had some coffee
for the energy
I can't produce on my own anymore

I also had a granola bar
that's another scar on my record
that's 140

And that salad tonight
that was a real fight
with mom
it was also 205 but
lets round it up to 300 to be safe

And all of this
together, 440

What would you even call me?
A pig for these 440
little monsters

Little ******* sewing my
jeans tighter over night
I have to fight to get there

How many more pounds
are left to lose?
440 calories
and the weight of my bones
Feeling extremely disgusting today. My coffee today was actually 100 calories because I used 4 creamer thingies and each of them is 25 calories. Welcome to the hell that is my head.

Have a good day.
Gray Sep 2017
I touch the side of my thigh and feel the familiar ridges and raised skin, that I can not decide if I’m proud of them or asaimed. I could point to each and every one and say the reason and date, but I don’t. My thoughts are more twisted than that kid in fourth periods spine, you know who I’m talking about. People will look at me and the way I present myself and make snap judgments. Those judgments leave little voices whispering about how you are wrong. Ignore the good ones, they say. They are wrong, they say. My face blends in a crowd so easily, don’t think I’m complaining, I want to blend into the crowd.
This might be a bit triggering
Sam Oct 2016
We are friends, and will only be friends.
A part of me regrets my decision,
Us as a couple,
We both liked each other,
We kissed, sparks flew.
But, never forget the power that has.
Relationships have the power to grow apart.
Friendships grow strong, harder to break.
I will miss the gibberish, I will miss the hearts.
But in the end, I wont be missing you,
because I will have you,
You will be there when I need you,
You will be there when I fall.
Our friendship has grown forever strong.
I love you mostest
September 14, 2016
I question to myself
why did I ever let things escalate again?
If I hadnt, would I be in the situation Im in now?
Hurting, all I want to do is pick up my phone, call, text do something
But I cant
Nobody allows me to
but god ****** thats all i want to do
I texted her 24/7, I didn't text anyone else that much
my phone feels empty
i feel empty
like a hole was ripped out from me

I break in cycles
the cycles are getting farther apart, and by that i mean more sadness.
The realization is setting in, the fact that she wont ever talk to me again
that i said two weeks, but she meant forever
It hurts so much that expressing it words.

I honestly could care less if you are reading this right now, i know you dont follow me, so thats a lesser chance of you reading this. I needed to vent this out somewhere, and you have always said not to censor
Pauline Morris Jun 2016
I'm trying to break the norm
I'm trying to break through the storm
I'm trying to discard the dread
I'm trying to find happiness instead
I'm trying to escape the doom
I'm trying to save what it consumes

Try though I might I'm failing
Try though I might in my bailing
Try though I might my ships not sailing
Try though I might it's hard to keep caring
Try though I might I keep on sinking
Try though I might I keep on weeping

Maybe I should just let go
Maybe there is something I don't know
Maybe I should let things be
Maybe there's something I can't see
Maybe things will be just fine
Maybe this is my sublime

Maybe things won't get much worse
Maybe I really don't live under a curse
Maybe this sadness is my way
Maybe I'm supposed to fight for each day
Maybe I'm supposed to live with catastrophe being the norm
Maybe I'm  supposed to dance in the storms.
Robyn Feb 2016
Your eyes - they can't look at me right now, so I can't see their beautiful blue
But they belong to you
So I love them
Your smile - it doesn't light up your face today
But close my eyes and see it anyway
So I love it
Your lips - although they speak quiet and cannot kiss
Are my only escape and my bliss
And I pretend I can feel them
And I'm happy
Your fingers - although hesitant to hold me
Are warm and strong, completely wholly
Yours, and though they can't be mine right now
I love them, laying in your lap

To keep from collapse, I can always imagine you happy

— The End —