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basil Jul 2022
you text me when you get home
to tell me that you got there safely
and i smile wide
but i wonder

how can you be home
when you just left me
ur my home <3
Oh, Necromancer
Ill bore you to sleep
Jus' to hear you weep in your dreams
I guess I have nothing much to say
Jus' call me after I leave
oh,necromancer put a spell on me
kisses so sweet they rot my teeth
Jennifer West Jul 2019
Please do insult me
To the best of your ability
For I can promise you that
To me your words are empty

Please do gawp
Everytime I walk past
I can assure you that
My style is one to last

Please do make an enemy
Out of me if you will
For I've been looking for
Someone to give me a thrill.
Lou Gato Jun 2019
When do I get some Peace?
when can I get some Love?
when do I get to Sleep?

Since infancy,
I just always looked at life differently,
Everything’s epiphanies,
wouldn't accept what they’d give to me,
I would always question,  
had to know the history,
If I couldnt get that,
it became a mystery,
Had to connect the dots,
Had to make it make sense to me,
Unanswered questions,
are like open files on desks to me,
the more I let pile up the less I get done efficiently,
Heavy in my thoughts I don’t need no competition please,
Everything I’ve ever wanted, I thought of, and it's come to be,
I’m going retire at 42 like it was meant for me,
I been saying that since 23 with the only difference being,
I believe it NOW MORE than ever in history.
just rambling....
kain May 2019
I can't stop looking at
Empty photos
And wondering
Why everyone leaves
I love losing friends.
Matthew Feb 2019
There's someone outside my window
They're scaring me

I don't remember myself liking this
Hunger Feb 2019
Spill Spill Smile,
Your blood pours out all the while,
I am sorry you had to die,
But i am even more sorry i didn't cry,
I am sorry i didn't miss seeing your face,
I guess missing you is just not my place,
I am sorry for torturing you but now i am done,
I am sorry but it was so much fun,
To watch it run and run,
Slicing and Splitting skin,
Cause i have no emotion within,
I am sorry the one i hurt was me.
We have all run a knife along our skin....
Mel Jan 2019
It was in the shower i tried to picture you
With your shirt off your lips turned blue.
"I dont want you to see me cry" i said
And not from the pain between my legs, as I bled.
I try to picture romantic evenings as beautiful,
Ones that make my mind content and full,
But in the end these images rott
They stink of regret and the same shame that I fought.
There are dark secrets in my mind,
Some even darker, some hard to find.
But your unconditional love it made me blind,
I try to picture a night with you.
I know you picture this night with me too.
A night where these secrets dont stop me,
From your loving touches, I wont flea.
At least in these dreams I can do this
But in the real world its just a punch with a strong cold fist.
This cant heal as fast as a scraped knee,
But it does feel like an injury.
Please dont give up so quickly,
Because in the end its still me.
All bruised up and blue from my past,
Im trying so hard to make this last,
I know im selfish.
Know that if your patient i will get my wish,
And these pictured nights in the shower wont be so sad,
Theres a day in the future where your touch wont feel so bad.
This might not be for anyone whose sensitive to past ****** abuse.
Richard Frank Dec 2018
A rain so stupid, it touched my flesh with its bare hands
Every drop clinging to my attire
Soaking my very existence with a splash
Seeking to find a shade, but the storm hesitated to stop its rage
During the rain, anxiety unfold
Am I to be locked in uneasiness?
I felt lonely, it felt it left a void in my heart
The cold, harsh cloud started to drift away
The scorching sun shone on me,
simply catching my breath
Rain wont go away
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