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Tyler 9h
I need your heart
I need your presence
And all that aches within me
Is the lack of you
The lack of your scent
The lack of your soft skin
Your absence breaks me
It splits me in half and rips me to shreds
I’m missing a piece shaped like you
Shaped like the way you curl up when you’re cold
Shaped like your messy morning hair
Shaped like the electricity between two souls
Yours and mine
Heart to heart
Together forever
Even if miles apart.
Josh 9h
Write me a poem,

Share your emotions,
Share your feelings,

Show me how you feel,
Write anything,
What’s on your mind,
Share what you think,

Just write something,

What you imagine
Or things you see,
What you admire,
Show your beauty,

Give me an insight,
What’s underneath,

Show me something
Special to you,
What you hold nearest
And dearest,

Or show me a story,
Show me something
Different something,

Write me a poem,
Give it a go.
What do you think? Ways I can tidy it up a bit or improvements welcomed! Maybe “Write me a poem, write something“ as an ending and link it in but I wasn’t too sure
Tyler Oct 6
I’m frozen like a traveller under an avalanche
Your touch is all that keeps me warm
The way you trace your fingertips on my arms
Or how you look at me when your hand cups mine
Your scent, your laugh, your being
It’s all too much because once not there
My arms are empty
My hands are cold
And all I feel is the scent
Of you missing
Of you not being here
And the glow of your presence
Being gone.
You whispered
sweet lullabies, keeping
all of my demons under
your control.

You thought
you had my heart, but
really it was my freedom
that you stole.

-You hid me behind
prison walls..
JK Cabresos Sep 30
you are
the gravity
in my world,
and i
will always
Copyright © 2018
As we lay together
comfortably entwined,
and supine
in this bed.
I can’t get these thoughts
out of my head.

But then you slowly trace
your love on my face.

Your fingers brush across
my thighs, then hips.
You kiss my shoulder,
my neck,
my lips.

I swear to god, I could
stay here forever, just
like this.

-You quiet my demons..
Julia Mae Sep 26
the type of love where i catch you staring at me. longingly. admiringly. the type of love i can feel, not only hear.

the type of love where i look over at you. my eyes become fixated. locked. my heart becomes warm. full. the type of love where i look at you. and i love you. i simply. i love you.

you meet my glance. with no words. you love me back. you love me back. you don’t even need to say.
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