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Tiana Oct 18
Oh Desert Prince!

Your existance is like the wandering golden sand of your fascinating desert;

Light enought to flow through every chambers of my heart,

Gorgeous enough to be the life of the caravan's artistic mirage;

Your love embrace me with sheer darkness and chills of starry nights,

But warm enough to magnify me to stay within your sight;

You are the desert Prince,
You flow like poetry,
Amaze like magic
Priceless unlike jewelries,
And your love seems like a beautiful tragic,
Awakening my deepest desires that I didn't know even exist;

Loving you is like enjoying a never ending magic carpet ride,

That keeps me on edge whenever passed by a strong tide;

Oh desert prince!
You keep me mesmerized how Scheherazade did to Shahryar with every story she brew,

Not Arabian nights though but there's always an unfulfilled thrill in every word you sew;

Oh wondrous prince!

Now when you have played the most melodious echo with my heartstrings
that'd shy away the Qanun,

I'll never let go of you,

Though I don't know if I'll ever have your heart as a miraculous boon;
Rox90 Oct 18
Every time I look up all I see is your face
Lighting up the sky with so much beauty and grace
When you speak my heart races I can’t keep the pace
Gravity just falls and I just can’t keep my place
Just wondering if your my lover or just a phase
And every move you gesture I just cannot escape
Makes my brain go through a new different maze
I guess I am just a coward and just want to behave
For I never want to lose you or for something to change
Hold me close and never let there be any space
Cause when I look up all I want to see is your face
Diksha Dhiman Oct 11
and in the last sonnet
You will blame love because of your lover.
G Oct 4
• • •
Bigo, yan ako labing-limang araw bago ka dumating
Pinaasa sa mga susunod na araw na hindi naman pala makakamit
Niloko sa hindi malamang kadahilanan kung bakit
Panay ang tanong sa isipan kung bakit ako pa ang napili
Na nananahimik at wala namang balak manakit

Sabi ko tama na't huwag nang umasa pang muli
Dahil sa henerasyon at ikot ng mundo ngayon,
Ang makatagpo ng taong kayang suklian ang pag-ibig na meron ako
Ay parang inaabot ang langit sa liit kong ito

Pero mahirap nga naman talagang pigilan [minsan] ang nararamdaman
Na kahit ilang araw pa lamang ang nagdaan
Umaga, tanghali, hapon, gabi habang naghahapunan
Ay laman ka na lagi nang aking isipan

Hep hep hep!
Sinabi nang saglit!
Masyado kang makulit
Hindi ka na bata na dapat pang paluin sa puwit!

Pero eto, seryoso na ulit. . .
Bakit ba kasi umaasa pa nang paulit-ulit?
Eh nasa harapan na nga yung sagot na wala ka naman ngang ****
Kahit sa totoo lang may konti nang sakit

Nakakatawa lang din minsan, ano?
Hindi ko lang sigurado kung yung tadhana lang o pati ako
Na alam namang mapaglaro
Pero sinasabayan yung agos kahit alam na hindi sigurado't [minsan] delikado

Risk taker nga ako, hindi ba?
Pero may kaduwagan sa aking kalooban at ayaw ko pang bumigay
Kasi hindi ko pa kayang mapalayo ka't baka magpaalam na nang tuluyan
Kaya dito na muna ako sa isang tabi,
Na muli nalang maghihintay sa iyong susunod na mensahe.
• • •
As you leave
You say see you
Soon my love
But I am still *****
So I rub myself
Against the AK
Until I ***
A have you watch
My loving Yarr
Rashmi Sep 24
Standing in front of the mirror,
I always try to look sober,
When precisely I'm losing my consciousness,
Only the mirror knows.
I feel my surrounding falling apart,
When I start looking into my eyes.
I saw a child, as the tears start rolling down!
A smile she gave and shattered my dreadful memories.
She is the one who adheres to my thoughts,
Looking back to myself makes me frightened more.
I'm standing in front of the mirror,
Just wiping the tears slipped from the shore.
Nostalgic feeling
Diksha Dhiman Sep 22
You...reason of my morning smile
You...who smile as bright as a ray of sunshine
You...reason of my carefree laugh
You...who is my other half
You...reason of my faith in love
You...who have heart sated with true love
You...reason of fluttery feeling in my stomach
You...who is so gracious and dynamic
You...reason of often my heart skip a beat
You...who is my favorite God's treat
You...reason of lighting up my dark night
You...who always say and prove"I am here, everything will be alright"
You...reason of turning my sad days into merry
You...who long ago make my life without you unnecessary
You...reason of my desire to uphold forever is not a lie
You..who never pause but give me wings to fly.
Neha Payal Sep 18
I think love is a blind person
who have acceptance as his legs
trust  as his hands ,
he has biggest heart
and other body parts too.

Nervousness and stupidities
all wander like butterflies
in his inexperienced stomach.
The tongue knows all the taste
whether its aesthetic , pathetic ,pain or agony.
Love knows the most exquisite languages
though he stutters many times .
He always stumble and fell down whenever he feels the weakness in his legs.
Survival gets lil harder
when arthritis touches his hands.

I have seen him getting paralyzed on his own.
Love has love in his heart but sometimes this place also became all cramped
like a flexible balloon .
No wonder I agree
That each body part is equally important
But the mind tell them all which one lacks where
to make it a whole.

He will be there for you always .
Sometimes with strongest trust fist,
bandaids on his heart ,
ready to give the punch mark on faces of those
who dared to give you scars
as if he is telling you
I have taken my lessons to stand still on your side
no matter what crosses my path.

He can't unlove your flaws
they never existed
Or it doesn't matter if they exists
As you know
Love is a blind person!
I am glad
For your stone cold words
They made me realise
You're not a part of my world.

Though I will remember you
Keep you in my heart
As how you were when we met
Not as when we grew apart

I will leave now as I thank you
For how you ripped my heart to shreds
Finally I am free
As I pull and snap the thread

I am glad
Of how different you've grown
But since I never did
You are no longer my home.

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Dark eyes messed up hair
Swinging, back and forth chair
Heads turn, eyes meet
Doubtless insecurities
I didn't notice you
I lie, but it's true
The air between, turned blue
And that was the moment
I knew.

Cold air, on my face
Eyes closed, head dazed
You walk, past me
I turn, only to see
You turn, your head around
Catch me, without a sound
Your sins were due
And that was the moment
You knew.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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