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I know we meet
people for a reason
and every time I didn't
think it was the case,
hindsight proved me wrong
ten times out of ten.

But us? I can't seem to accept
you were a stepping stone,
a lesson, a memory etched
in my spirit only meant to
redirect me to another place.

I just don't want what comes next
without you here to share it with me.

Tell me why I can't seem to
come to terms with us being
not only impermanent
but seemingly forgettable.

I cannot bring myself to let go
Bella Isaacs Jun 2023
I put up an advertisement
"WANTED: A handsome man
To play the villain of the tale."
I was in earnest in this wail -
My play is falling as it can
Apart, in disestablishment.
I didn't think you'd laugh or like
My addition - "I don't need one
Personally." Well, I don't, no,
I don't need one, but if you'd show
A wish for consideration,
I'd love a hero on a fixed-gear bike.
I actually needed a strong actor to fill a role, but hopefully it's fixed now! Directing Arms and the Man for July :) My granddad directed the same play 70 years ago - The family tradition continues!
Bella Isaacs Feb 2023
I was never good at avoiding pain
It is what comes from placing faith
And why I do something so vain
When I can't know that there is ground beneath
I can't tell you, but I can recount
How my days are nothing until
I hear from you, and then I count
Another age until you will
Show me something I think is love.
I don't know what makes me depend
On knowing this; perhaps I could dream of
Stopping and do it, too, but rend
My heart in three rather than that I
Should let your claim upon me die.
Nzangi Muimi Jan 2023
In a moment of a sweet silent thought,
A yearning for attention and recognition of the want,
Like a bride longing for a man it wondered,
Claiming its own existence, its own reality,
It still came.

The living presence still stirred,
Seeming to rise from a place inside,
Arousing the urge to be held in loving arms,
And be touched and be talked to,
It still came.

It’s like wanting a flower in buds,
Because the beauty in the bloom is without mystery,
Darkness in the night creates moments not sleepy,
Fighting for elusive that was indefinable,
It still came.

An attempt to feed imagination,
To create images to make alternatives desirable,
Bringing it closer to consciousness it can be able,
It still came.

Confused by the reality of life,
With those stories, it brought live,
Afraid of a mischievous and untamable resident feeling,
Hungering for a life not actual, a life not living,
It still came.

Like a desert traveller running after a mirage,
Driven by a persistent thirst for water,
A feeling of helplessness took over
Searching in a language of its own,
It still came.

The following of this search is silent and irresistible,
As it direct eyes, ears, mind and all the body as it is able,
Defying logic and any rational thinking,
The body being its slave and it the king,
It still came.

After taking its own time, days and even a whole week,
The presence would retire and yearning subside,
Something inside would be free again,
Life goes on and thing around noticeable,
The mind forgets and would be keen on the physical world.
Diandra Pratama Jan 2023
if i jot down the first syllable of your name,
think nothing of it.

if i convince myself with a startingly, dizzying
clarity and call it a victory
even if it means losing any semblance of my self-control around you,
think nothing of it.

if i conjure an image of you & i in my head
and pretend we are some depressed intellectuals,
self-hating provocateurs dressed up like some coltish,
out-of-place ivy leaguers waiting on death row,
think nothing of it.

if i'm not careful around you, and slip on the snow
that is the surface of your heart,
think nothing of it.

but if i tell you i love you,
know that it means more than everything that means nothing.
Hannah McGregor Dec 2022
I love her,
I love her like the sea returns to the shore and I love her because her breath on my skin feels like a heart beat on the outside of my body.
I love her because her smile gives the sun competition for lighting up the room.
I love her because her voice soothes me like liquid gold entering my ears.
I love her because she buys me flowers which bring me sunshine everytime I look at them.
I love her.
I love her because her red hair entwined in me is the perfect way to wake up.
I love her like the way that my heart races when my eyes lock on hers.
I love her like seeing things that remind me of her when I'm shopping and then crying because of it.
I love her when we connect on a song and it becomes a part of our story.
I love her because we fit together well like our bodies were meant to feel and touch the way they do.
I love her because she dries my tears and holds me when I am upset, making me feel safe and at peace.
I love her like we are the perfect equation, like 1+1=2 and me plus you=us.
I love her.
Love is a smile or a hug,
making someone a cup
of tea. Love is holding hands,
intimate massages,
offering support.

Love is early morning kisses,
making breakfast
in bed. Love is complete understanding, long conversations
and telling truths.

Love is a connection of the heart,
making a long journey. Love is
forever enduring, always receiving,
helping others.

Love is a word (or two),
making joint decisions,
love is unspoken -
sometimes soundless
or confidently loud.

Love is intimate, love
is kind, it's those late
phone calls. Love is unwavering,
intimate stares,
delicate yet strong.

Love is more than ****** intimacy,
it's keeping a
life promise. Love is sacred -
beautifully pure,
love is holy.

Love is all of these qualities.
so before you love -
remember them.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
Tiana Jun 2021
Serene like an oceanic horizon
Striking like the fiery waves,
The essence of a longing affection,
that melodious thrill of an adventure my heart craved;

Delicate scents and gentle wind,
With the soft sunlight on cerulean, grinning,
Soothe my mind
yet left me anticipating
the dramatic secrets you hide;

But everything came along with your magical shore
Made my belief stronger about this quest
I've been wanting to explore;

Whatever happens, I want no regrets
I don't care if you have a stormy tide awaiting
If it's a charming masquerade, it is divinely sedating;

But at the end of the day,
you still remain an entrancing enigma,
Like in the unknown depths of the sea,
You are the unacquired jewels,
So tempting for the ones, fiercely passionate and distinctly greedy;

You make me so happy with
mere the knowledge of your existence,
Yet it turns back to utter despair,
Cause I despise the fact

That you are there
with all your charismatic abstract,
but not mine yet;
Do give me ideas regarding this writing to make it better
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