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Take a walk with me
through my soul, over
miles and miles of open land

Through the forests
brimming with honeysuckle
and songbirds

Along the jagged majesty of indigo
mountains jutting like saw teeth
from the pink-gummed horizon.

Do you see? How you color
the sky over it all?

Watch golden hour spill like a
molten avalanche across the valley –
sunset swathing every shadow in rose.
Leah Oct 4
Yellow wasn’t always my favourite colour, but I once read that Vangogh swallowed yellow paint in an effort to know happiness;
      so I chose to be that for people.
You could chew me up and spit me back out and I’d still shine for you.

But when the skies are overcast,
and the clouds weep;
and you hear the thunder roll in,
I’ll be the yellow paint you swallow.
Only this time, the happiness stays,
and you don’t have to cut your ear off
in order to win my heart.

I may be my own yellow now, but I’ll be the colour of sunshine for you too.
your sugar-sweet voice
makes my face shift hues.
most every word you speak,
tastes of toffee and milk.

honeycomb heart
so sweet and so kind
your gentle embraces
taming my world of fear

you turn salty tears
into sweet honey
like warm liquid citrine,
golden as meadow’s light

delicate kisses
light sunshine touches
romance’s secret dance
our blooming love flowers

drunk off your nectar
a syrupy high
your heavenly flavor
erasing my mind’s pain
neon red humming
in the shape of a Heart
on the crumbling facade
of a house
telling stories of
sad love songs
lost souls hoping
to be found
and sins
that were born
in a dance
healing is never easy clean.
the cruel wish of death
is much heavier in my own hands.
I suppose I needed to start one day,
standing under the burning rain was the first step.
the shower nozzle reminding me that
healing was always at my fingertips.

why did I wait so long
to finally let the water
hit my raw, cut skin?
I guess I used cold pleasure to outweigh my warm sin.
healing is easy under the dirt. when you try to get clean, then its hard.
Aawatef Sep 13
I can't explain why my heart beats lightfast
Can you hear the thumping sound? Quiet fast
When you are around

I can't explain why my knees feel weak
A giddy feeling, red are my cheeks
When you are around

Everything seems a little brighter
My soul moves to the beat of the choir
When you are around

The world conspires to perceive a feeling
For my feral heart is healing
When you are around
Most luck ones have that special someone who makes them feel weak in the knees. Appreciate them, tell them you love them.
I have
five fingers.

when we were apart
I still searched for you,
but all I found was


why did I ever burn this finger
for someone else?
their love was nothing
but silk to a flame.

now, my love,
what shall I do
when I wish to hold your hand
but my four fingers
are not enough for you?
we learn
two things,
is a kind of poet,
and there is another poet
who may even have the same name—
a poet.
My idea of God in a poem, if that makes sense. And sure, poetry is my religion. Why not haha.
from hymn—
soft lips humming like my singing bowl,
hard tongue tracing circles at the corners of your mouth.

from soothing—
meditating at the sight of your sharp teeth—
cutting at my skin.

from healing—
kiss my raw cuts,
let your cadence cover the bleeding skin
from him.
homophones are my favorite ;)
Pallavi Sep 10
It's 2' o'clock, and I am having sleepless night.
Thundering in the sky,and the Moon is sinking in my tears.
Seems my heart is breaking, thrashed into pieces and crushed into powder.
Women in love are more vulnerable than men.They are crazy when in love.
They love like a universe full of stars & galaxies.
Their attachments are like my Amma's old remedy of glueing paper with rice.
Being in love crazily for a decade & suddenly
walking alone in a terrible path is like walking on cold graveyards.
My heart thaw and I couldn't put my foot forward, I freeze there.
I freeze in love, for love , to be in love forever
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