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Zack Ripley Aug 2020
Stay alive. Stay in bed.
Stay with me. But stay out of my head.
When the day is long, stay strong.
And when everything's going wrong,
I'll pick up my guitar
And we'll sing our song.
If you're asked to stay away,
Please tell me we'll stay together.
Because when I'm with you, I feel better
Jennifer West Mar 2019
Who knew how much
The heart would ache
For every day
That you are away

God only knows
The mess I've become
Without you
How can I carry on

Things are harder
Without your wisdom or guidance
And I feel so blind
Lost in hateful darkness
Little Lyssie Jun 2017
don't be like life
and come and go.

stay with me
Jasmin A Oct 2016
Dewy grass in the morning
                                                                ­­             sun and I'm laying in it with


                                                   ­    ­                            The flowers in the weeds
                                                                ­­             seem much happier than we


                                                    ­       ­                  The roses have wilted in our
                                                                ­­               hearts and our love's soil is

no good.

                                                       ­    ­                       Just say that you love me
                                                              ­­                     If not truthfully then just

for me.
                                                          ­   ­                
Patience is insanity. Love is
                                                                ­­        destruction. But after all of this
                                                                ­­                            thinking and loving

still my only. And I beg
                                                                ­­                             you, my love, don't

make me wait for such
                                                                ­­                                          an exciting,

*beautiful chaos.
A poem inspired by E. Hopkins.

Apparicious Mar 2016
"A love so pure
I hate to admit
I love you

You make me a good person
Without you I'm nothing
I love you for loving me for me

Without being free
What would become of me
Love without you, is nothing I want to be

Swing with me
Swing soft
For white is alone and pure

Just as pure as we
These comments don't move me
For I love being with you

Being me
No matter how mean I can be
Why do you always put up with me

For love will set us free"
May E V Watson Nov 2015
Love me, use me, Never let me go.
Quench this unbearable thirst, this fire in my soul.

Use me, hate me, ravage me, destroy me,
As long as in the end you promise to hold me in your arms and love me.

Grab my neck and pull my hair only keens and moans will be gotten from there.

Stroke me like a harp, pluck me like a live wire string.
Tighten me up, and snap me so I scream.

Fill me, tempt me, push me, pull me.
Throw me to the bed and make me sing

Hold me down and shatter me,
Pick me apart, and rebuild me made just for you.

You met me a cracked photo frame empty and useless,
Now fixed, filled full with only your image.

Please don't leave me I promise to obey!
Hold me apart so my pieces don't stray,
Here in you arms Sir forever I will stay.
I'm not sure if this fully will make sense. Feedback is loved.
Dougie Simps Aug 2014
If honesty was a skill it'd be something you lack,
It's so hard to keep going  as I still look back,
Maybe I'm a fool, a fool for unforgiving love...
When your heart rips open is that finally enough?
Simplicity was all I've seen,
Wish you would still hold my hand as I walk along the streets.
A bed fit for two but it's only me,
Use to lay, use to rest but now i can hardly sleep,
As nightmares have come and taken over dreams.
If someone told me lonieness is where my life would lead,
I would close my eyes, block em out and never hear them speak.
Think it's time to rework these mental images, as I press Delete.

Passion, where have those lips gone?
Why must it take losing love to write the perfect song.
Why must it take, losing write the perfect song (guitar playing)
uhmmm, she's gone away,
But I would erase this song just for you to stay.
But still...
Why must it take losing love, to write the perfect song.
Uhmm..why'd she go away. (Last guitar strum)
Wrote this to Sam Smith's - Stay With Me

— The End —