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Perdue Poems Apr 17
Two birds in lovely willow lay
In shining spring
with sun do play
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In shimmering summer
Though sun does weigh
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In amber autumn
A colored display
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In whispering winter
A field of white and grey
Never parted
The endless mercy of her love
is a sustaining salvation.
Her judgment of my feeble soul—
the most awesome revelation.  

Her love is a merciful hand
to the undeserved in despair.
She judged my woeful heart’s intent
and placed her absolution there.

She cannot love without mercy,
as the living depend on rain.
She judged my spirit perfectly.
Her kindness washed away my pain.

The mercy with which she loves me—
the greatest blessing one can give.
Her judgment’s better than my own,
it makes the world in which I live.
The ancient Jewish tradition is that the world was founded on mercy and judgment because the world could not survive on either alone. She makes my world possible with both.
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The pantheon of misplaced fears,
Whose walls were built on oppressed tears,
Has been well-guarded through the years,
Hiding from curious man’s ears.

There is no faith that threatens fears,
Afflicting the weakest with tears,
No faith like that withstands the years,
Silent in curious man’s ears.

Unchallenged faith the true faith fears,
To give compassion through the tears,
Where questions repeat through the years,
Faith needs curious eyes and ears.

The curious confront faith’s fears,
The curious fight through faith’s tears,
The curious give faithful years,
The curious give faith their ears.
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You leave my hand so gently today
to hold someone else's with eagerness.

The eyes shift their gaze to the earth in your presence,
For what would happen if the eyes would pour tears all of a sudden?

Hiding my sadness from the world has been in vain,
For you have unknowingly lit the candle of pain.

In the new love stay happy and blessed,
While I think of ways to get my crying heart caressed.

The heart's realm stays eternally open for you with no borders,
For love and faithfulness don't require any noble king's orders.
Rebecca Nneka Oct 2018
Loving you is so easy...

I get nothing but pains and aches..

Love me the harder way..
Sweep me off my feet..
Make me feel like the love of your life and not the gal of your dreams..
Love me the harder way by being the man momma told me I deserved..
Love me the harder way by not putting a tear on my face..

The hardest way to love me is to be the personification of truth..

Can I ever find someone who stands for this?

Rebecca Nneka
They love you and still do hangouts, it's the commonest part of love today..
Love has been simplified..

I need a love that's so HARD..

That will never look outside..
That's be contented with me...
Alyssa Underwood Feb 2016
Awakening will find me
through the daily mundane
faith's step in front of tiny step
for the sake of Christ's great name
Even David the brave did not set out
with a lofty ambition to see the giant slain
but walked forth instead with a servant's heart
obediently for his father, carrying cheese and grain
and as he went in faithfulness about this simple errand
God raised him up with sling and stone to champion His fame
*Inspired by this morning's sermon from Doug Rutt
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
For Little Blue, I Love You

Hey there beautiful, why so sad?
What’s going on in that heart of yours?
You know I like you, but reality is bad;
For the truth is you are married,
But at least you are secure.

In the knowledge that my friend you are;
You shining star with such empathy inside.
You don’t drive a car, but you do raise your child,
With perfection I am sure, for you speak with such pride.

He’s lucky to have a mother like you,
So Peace, Love and Empathy to all who surround you.
To you Little Blue, I love your sorrow,
Give it all to me and be happy tomorrow.

I’ve seen you smile; I’ve seen you laugh.
I’ve confided my soul in you, in the past.
I’ve shown you part of the real me
And now I just wanted to say thanx.

I could speak to you when I was in love.
I could speak to you about smoking these drugs.
I could speak to you at random intervals.
I could love you as a friend, but nothing more.

For there are women I will meet throughout my life
And I will find them beautiful, as I do you my child;
For I speak as God now and I bless you – My gift to you.
You are an Angel, so I speak now just to Little Blue.

Become Little Pink and laugh, dance and love love.
Be happy forever, for your heart speaks of pure trust
And faithfulness; the thing I crave the most.
One day I shall find a woman, who has your thoughts of love.

She will be faithful, for that is what I admire the most;
Her past loves will become forgotten, as ghosts.
Her love will be true and she will be faithful like you,
For she will be a true believer in love; just like us two.

So to Little Blue; no sorry, Little Pink.
You are a wonderful Wife, Mother and friend
And I want to say thanx.

Peace, Love and Empathy.
Read ‘The Poem for all Females.’
It shows all women my heart
And sends my love to all the beautiful, faithful females.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
An illusion of happiness

If no love is faithful, then love does not truly exist.
If we are not of one consciousness, then we are simply nothing.
If we are heading in opposite directions,
Then we are no longer together;
So can I make a simple suggestion?

You go your own way and I will stand still.
Go climb your mountain tops, as I sit at the bottom of the hill.
You can reach for the moon; I will dig myself a grave.
You can go on without me, because you and I are not the same.

My idea of love is a castle, now in ruins.
Your perfect palace still shines,
So what are we doing?
You are so full of hope, whilst I am only ever helpless,
So I think it is for the best that we split up;
So we break up
And I will just leave love to the rest.

You can continue searching when I am gone,
Because I know you have already begun to look for love.
You must travel your own journey,
Because to me love is not real
And it is no fun.
It is an illusion of happiness,
So take it all with you,
With love;
I am done.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
(A Psalm of Praise: let all things bring Him glory.)

The songs of praise surround me;
I will sing of God's goodness faithfully.
Oh earth, hear my song
And the trees sing along.

Let the sound of the birds
Be joyfully raised
As dawn's twilight
Emerges with praise.
Let the moon and stars
Tell the great story—
Brightly sparkling
With his glory.
Let the waves prance
And the clouds dance
As the sun peeps
Upon the sea.
They all show forth
The praise of God
Who causes them to be.

For the Lord has made all things,
And let them bring him glory.
Life’s skies, beauteous,
Are ever morphing – but the
Ole mountain’s steadfast.
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