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Jennifer West Apr 2019
Please leave me be
For I know that I'll never be enough
For what you seek

Don't use those shining eyes
To look at me or lure me in
For I can see straight through those lies

You burned me once
And I know that's once enough
I do not want your touch

I know love is not
What you want from me
So stop sinking your teeth

Please leave me be
For I can do better
Than a beast
Luna Jay Mar 2019
My rhymes, they chime.
The truth between the lines.
My time, short lived.
Inside of my mind;
I’m grime.
I want my scrubbing bubbles-
My troubles always double when you
Try to wash me away.
And I, will always stay.
An ancient crime of whine
I shall present to you.
But what would it matter?
You always play the victim of abuse,
And misuse.
You dilute the minute
Necessities you think you don’t need.
But when they’re gone,
You find it hard to breathe.
she remains anon Nov 2018
And even roses,
they get crushed.
By wicked motive
we still trust.
No matter what I try;
these thorns.
You always pass my garden by.
Alas, let me mourn.
Spencer Smith May 2018
It holds me down with an iron fist.
At least that's what I tell myself.
It pins me to my bed,
Not letting me get up to do anything.

I finally defeat it,
But he is not a forgiving force and he keeps pulling me down.
I want to get up,
But it's strength is more then I can handle.

I just want you to leave me alone,
Though if I'm being logical,
I'm not sure if you're the thing holding me down,
But if you are as John Mayer would say,
"Gravity, stay the hell away from me."
You left me with
words I can't remember
and memories I wish
to forget.
Ravanna Dee Sep 2016
My body's but a host for all my many thoughts.
They get stuck in my veins when trying to reach my heart.
My lungs squeeze them in and out as they slowly struggle across,
My windpipe made of words to slip past my lips of art.
They crash around my stomach when I'm nervous or excited.
Causing little fights with sentences that get scrambled in my throat.
And I'm certain behind my eyes you'll see them messing around- delighted,
As they switch and mix up words to create new poems and quotes.
Inside my body is but a container of all my favorite things;
Lungs made of fairy tales and muscles made of fire,
Vessels made of children's laughter and bones made of wings...
Beneath my skin lives a world of all my many thoughts.
And I’m sure they would frighten and confuse all those who saw.
So I do my best to keep them hidden with my human attire.
For if no one sees what I am then people can't so willingly withdraw.
It's difficult to show people who you are inside when you fear they won't like what they see...
Should I still wait
Or should I quit?
Is it worth it
Or it's too late?
Now hon tell me
You still love me?
If it's a No
Just let me go
What will I do?
apollota Oct 2016
That’s how long it takes
For you to be gone.
To walk away and leave me behind.

But, you said you wouldn’t.
You said you’d never leave me behind.
But, if someone better came along,
I bet you’d leave me behind.
In seconds.
The second in a collection of four poems
The face you see standing in front of your door
Doesn't want you anymore

You steal her weekend nights
You rewind the thoughts of her mind

The face you see standing in front of your door
Is not into it anymore

It was question of time
For her to realize
That you where never down for her
When the sun is about to rise
Neither when the moon says goodbye

The face you see standing infront of your door
Is not waiting anymore
Caitlin Miller Dec 2014
In the past 4 months I've built myself a life where I could survive in a world without you. On technicality you get to say I left you. Did you ever once think about what could've been, had you just fought for me? Instead you went straight to bed with as many girls as you could.
No, I shouldn't hold that against you. We were done. We were over. But ******* it you can't beg for me back now!?
I kiss you and I wonder how many girls have been here since the last time I was.
You hold me and tell me you love me and I can't help but accuse you of saying that to everyone else.
"I need you." Well ****, where were you when I needed you!?

— The End —