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clem turner May 29
he says, "some students settle for good
instead of pursuing great."

sometimes, my great is turning in a paper
days before it's due.
my great is doing my work and making drafts
and being the kind of student that he praises.
my great is going to afterschool cookouts,
making shirts for spirit week.
my great is natural.

but sometimes, my great is getting out of bed today.
sometimes, i wake up with 2 spoons in my pocket instead of 20.
sometimes, my great is that i wear a different outfit than yesterday.
sometimes, my great is that i brushed my teeth.
my great is that i'm at school all the while taking a step is

he says, "some students settle for good,
instead of pursuing great."

today, i am good enough. i am good enough to be here, good enough to hear you say these words with that smile on your face.
i am good enough to define "great" for myself.

you may have settled for "good."
aghhhhh this teacher made me so angry today - i wish he would read the room, sometimes.
Joilee May 2
It's a black hole, engulfing all the light and good inside,
no one can comprehend this black hole,
you can only feel it.
Feeling the way it consumes your strength because you have to prevent yourself from screaming into the abyss.
It's running miles and miles, but only being able to breathe through a straw.
It silences you from speaking the true meaning of your words;
shredding you up thought by thought.
Yet, it's the one thing that will never leave.
Moving around in circles, like a dog chasing its tail,
trying to find an opening from the voice within.
Getting questioned 'what's wrong' and desiring to punch them is what this black aura does to people.
Having no sense of what's right or wrong at that moment.
It's not just butterflies in the stomach
or having your palms sweat
or feeling light-headed,
it's the feeling of wanting to throw up,
not being able to breathe properly,
the room getting smaller while feeling like everyone is judging you.
It can get so bad to the point where you start wanting to peel off your skin,
to shut your brain off,
but you can't.
It's impossible.
Some strength comes from pushing
your own head
to the surface of the raging current
Without a helping hand
to pull you out
Some strength is in the form of fists
clenched and brimming eyes
And some strength is in the
heavy silence
That returns at every crack breaking
across the surface of your heart.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
I am strong. I do not need them. I can stand alone and forge my own path.
Jennifer West Mar 16
I'm not okay.
I'm not going to recover.
I know you expect me to just snap out of it.
But I'm only human.

I'm okay not being okay.
I'm okay being sad.
Yes I'm fine with shedding tears.
I need to get this out.

It's not okay to hide it.
It's not okay to let it go.
It's not okay to bottle it up.
It's not okay to keep pushing me when I say no.
It's not okay to demand things of me. When I have so little energy.

I beg of you please, listen to me. I'm going to be okay, I know.
Yuki Dec 2018
The dark is not empty
The dark is full
Full of colors
And navy
And grey
And white
The dark is comforting
You are being hugged
By the dark
Halle Oct 2018
Life is stressful
But it’s okay
I’m getting by

Some days are rough
But it’s okay
I still see the light

People come and go
But it’s okay
I have people that love me

I’m tired a lot
But it’s okay
I’ll get my rest one day
This past week has been a lot but I’m standing
Kit Scott Sep 2018
this poem is made of glass
it is delicate
glittering gently in the light

like tears at my bedside

let them dry

this poem is me
it is short-lived, and meant for you
and i, like this poem, am made of glass

i am delicate
and soon i will shatter into a million pieces
i'm leaving i'm going goodbye
Amethyst Jul 2018
Look up to the sky
what color do you see?
As the wind brushes your hair
And birds are flying freely
Is it a shade of fading yellow
Painted over shades of smoggy red
A shade of sapphire blue
That holds words,  no one  ever said
Or is it a shade of wilted pink
Just like the shade of the sky that one night
When it felt like the world just suddenly stopped
And the setting sun beamed golden light
When everyone suddenly froze
Took moment and looked around
Appreciating all of the smallest details
That never seemed to make a sound
All the new people they met
All of the things they have seen
And for the first time in forever
We weren’t looking at a screen
But you didn’t notice the sky that night
You were too occupied in your own mind
Not allowing yourself to stop and breathe
When you just needed to open your eyes
And maybe you would’ve smiled that night
If you just hadn’t given up
Oh but if you just saw the sky that night
Oh if you would’ve looked up.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Broken hearts.
Lost ones in the dark.
A cage for a mouth.
The voice inside refused to come out.
Locking of hands.
Tightening of chest.
Hoping to be alive.
Trying to survive.
My father.
Sorry for letting you down.
For putting the scroll down.
For missing the crown.
Forgive me.
I pray.
Your presence, I crave.
How I feel and probbaly many others too sometimes.
Sorry God
Sorry parents.
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