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Kurtlopez Aug 2023
It really is.
To breakdown once in a while.
To let the world forget your mind.
To hear wrongs & feel trapped.
To love so much & lose yourself.
To cry when no one’s watching.
To have no clue of what’s happening.
To forget why you started IT.
To feel the pain and take it all in.
It’s okay.
To be vulnerable sometimes.
To lose people & to lose your mind.
To hide the hurt & pretend the smile.
To harden your heart , become arrogant with time.
To understand, life isn’t easy for all.
To give it time to turn back & crawl.
To have a heart but still using the brain.
To let it rain as humanity is strange.
To hold hands, just your own.
To be alone & trying to control.
To mourn the loss of who you use to be.
To be weak & accept our destiny.
To realise that everything happens for a reason.
It’s okay. You’ll be happy again.
It’s just another season…
Zack Ripley Sep 2022
I know. It can be scary to feel.
You either feel too much or nothing at all.
Or even worse, you feel you've hit the bottom
so many times you stop being afraid of the fall. Maybe you're already there,
and you decide to take a look around.
You start to feel safe.
Because you fear you'll be judged
if you are ever found.
Judged for falling when people thought
they were picking you up.
Judged for staying at the bottom just because you were "stuck in a rut."
And these fears are valid.
These fears may come true.
But these judgements will come
from people who love you.
I know it might not be clear
what I'm trying to say, so here it is:
it's okay to be afraid.
But if no one knows there's a problem,
they'll never be able to help show you the way.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
People need people.
Animals need animals.
But sometimes, we need each other.
And that's Okay.
Because no matter how independent you are,
Someday, we're all going to need
somebody to lean on.
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
You taught me I wanted to live
when I thought I wanted to die.
In my heart, I always knew,
but you reassured me it's okay to cry.
So that's why even though we live in a world that's drowning in fear,
it's a world I'm proud to live in.
Because you live here too.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
If you feel like
you've been going through hell,
if you feel you've thrown
all your coins
into the bottom of the wishing well,
if you feel like
you want to scream and yell,
I want you to know
it's okay to let yourself break.
Because there's only so much
people can take.
And when you make a mistake,
just know it will be okay.
Because tomorrow's another day.
Zack Ripley Apr 2021
I want you to know something.
It's okay to ask for help.
It's not embarrassing; it's brave
To admit you don't know something
And want to change.
I ask that you don't worry
That people will think less of you
If you do. You're trying to learn.
And that's something you should
Never apologize for
Natalie Feb 2021
many times they go through
stormy weather
long, cold days and nights
before they can truly take root,
before they begin to grow and bloom.
they start off merely a seed
in the soil inches from the surface,
with water and light
they begin to become
everything they were meant to be.

if flowers can bloom even after the harshest winters
maybe you can too.

- growth is a process
Lu Wilson Jan 2021
I breathe, I close my eyes and I drift  
I'm so happy, but still wanting to cry

Air fills my chest this is truly a gift
Bidding farewell to all that why

I open my eyes and breath again
Singing praise yet quietly screaming out

Releasing this dark aggressing bane
Grateful, now hopefully liberating doubt
Good news, full heart
SpOoKy Nov 2020
Tell me Its okay
I don't mind if your lying

Tell me I'm better than this
I only want to be what you want

Tell me its fine
I know that everyone makes mistakes

And I know I've had My fair share
But I only want your approval

And I know you only want me to try
But I feel like that's just not enough for you

So let me go

And ill let you go

Thank you everyone for the last poem! I really appreciate the comments- So nice of you few ^-^
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
Everyone else,
Has theses “normal” kids,
They think they are special,
When mine really is,
You can’t compare or empathize,
For what I produced
From between my thighs,
Has haunted me since his diagnosis,
Believing I can help him,
But I’m foolish,
Every parent is going to need help,
I need to admit that,
I’m better than no one else.
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