Alaska Sep 19

It's okay to ask for help
       it is more than okay
you are not weak
       you are strong.

Tonie Aug 13

It's okay to cry
It's okay to be sad
It's okay to get hurt and hide
It's okay to get mad
It's okay to runaway from problems and feel free sometimes
but also remember that,
It's okay to be happy
to enjoy life and learn from all our mistakes
It's okay to have fun and break the rules
It's okay to get crazy and try new things in life.
Life has it positive and negatives views
and it depends on you.
If you still don't know what to do,
Just remember that "It's okay!"

Ally Mustin Jul 17

I hate how you think.
The way you think.
No really I don't care.
You knew me for awhile.
But you didn't get to know me.
So how could you be spreading these,
these lies.

I don't get how you can live with yourself.
Not only knowingly ruining and tearing
Two perfect hearts with the same words
But making people believe your sick lies.
Rumors. How do I feel about them.
They can't hurt me and neither can you.

But what you forgot was I was not your girlfriend.
And you cheated on her.
You also left one person witness to it.
So who says I can't tell the truth.
Those people you call friends would turn on you.
An then who would you turn to because,
It is definitely not me or her.

jenny Jul 13

don't fear my dear,
for you are a gentle rose with a solid heart
that withholds a universal intelligence.

crimson petals that are
the creations
bestowed upon our home,
we owe our gratitude.

but do not be mistaken by the thorn
although a part of you.
for it will prod right through your sentimentality and
your existence is far more than that.

you have bloomed into a garden of grace and ease
but your "duplicate" still suffers for their truth.
the fault is not at your hands,
so pay no heed to the spikes that neighbor you.

rays of mine contribute to heal your internal wounds
that could only take so much.
but don't fear my dear,
for your field shall sprout quite soon.

Christine Jun 16

i would like to believe that
loving so hard in you
is not a waste

i would like to believe that
leaving me behind
takes everything in you

i would like to believe that
you own your reasons
that it hurts you like it did to me

i would like to believe that
throwing us away
is another intangible gift i could possibly give to you

i would like to believe that
this whole feeling for you
won't go on waste

i would like to believe that
those aches in my heart is necessary
those pain in my memory is alright
each time i am hurting, you feel the same too
each tears and memories

i would like to believe that
the roads we ever passed, the places we ever been to, the memories we shared
you also sealed them in your mind and heart
always seeing them
like me

i would like to believe that
those smile on my face
is still your favorite thing
at ease because of them
like me

i would like to believe that
sometimes in remembrance of me
smile, shed tears because of me
perhaps surprisingly,
like me

it is not a waste loving someone so hard and give all of you for that one person you called 'Home', it is okay not be able to let that one person go even after all this pain, it's okay you still want him to come back even after all this time, if you ever heard people scolded you over this matter, believe me it won't go a waste when it comes on being sincere, because it's heart .

We are light bulbs
Every one of us is luminous and flickering with hopeful rays of light

And you know what?
All light bulbs break sooner than we'd like them to
Doesn't that imply that some energy sources deplete sooner than we'd like them to too?
And that we, as shatterable creatures with complex brain structures also do crack more often then we'd expect ourselves to

And that's okay, it really is
As long as each one of us manufacture new light bulbs
And continue to replace our fractured ones with freshly made ones,
But never leave yourself tangled in unilt fragments
The sooner you start helping yourself, the better you'll feel.
Don’t. Leave. Yourself. Broken.
Don't. Lose. Hope.

Note: I know that energy doesn't deplete and that it is transformed into another form but I wrote the poem that way to match the meaning of the poem.

We all have a little sadness that we have to live with
            And that's not a bad thing

HeatherBeth Aug 2016

Breath hunny, let it out
Let it float away in silence
There is no need to shout
Breath hunny, for one day
You will find a love like the one
That remorsfuly cast you away
Breath hunny, for you will learn
To love him, as you loved him
Your feedom you will earn
Breath hunny, this is just life
Not every relationship works
It's all just part of the strife

Guy Furniture Feb 2016

Sometimes I think,
Pain is okay.
If there were no pain in my life,
I wouldn't be able to write this way.

It was hard that she had fought,
but she was stronger than she thought.

She knew her only job was to  love herself  a lot.

---- 2.17.16 ----
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or personal information.
-Kaitlyn A. Warnken
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