sofia l Mar 11
I have a proposition
A small inclination
That we should just stop
And run away from these constraints
That bind us to these pointless repetitive lives
this is sort of bad and unfinished but oh well im trying my diddly darn best
Elin Roberts Mar 11
in this reality

we created something out of nothing
nipped uncertainty in the bud
i buried it softly
among the weeds and untamed foliage

in this reality

i didn't rip out my roots
from the ground below
i watered the seeds with kindness and love
threw insecurity to the wind
and set my heart free

but, my dear
this isn't my reality

i still claw at the dirt
with love bitten nails
digging for an answer in unfertilized soil
searching for a life that was never given
even the slightest chance to grow

no life will blossom here
the flowers will wilt and be rotten from the core
life cannot grow from a loveless garden
the petals will fall before they're grown
thorns will sprout and puncture the cellophane suit
wrapped around this broken heart

in this reality

the weeds will strangle the light from the sun
rip away the facade of a blooming aftermath
deprive my flowery veins of water
and kid me into an illusion that

the seeds will sprout into a thousand colors
not one of them real enough to describe
the color of my aura when i see your face
feel those hands on mine
your touch out of descriptions reach

cos in this reality
and every reality after

love will never be a word that can be defined by any set opinion
love is a vast and bottomless pit
of beautiful and scary uncertainty
made from the memories it creates
built on the foundations on which we were born
rough draft but dunno how to finish it
Mica Kluge Mar 9
The biggest struggle
I have with the concept
Of death
Is that one day I’ll die
And leave some
Piece of writing unfinished.
Lyda M Sourne Feb 24
And in the end
There is no

The End

Because life is just
A series of
Unfinished stories
enikola Feb 19

        I had to live this shit, in order to tell it, resurrected from the pit of doom, now trying to claw my way back, I wondered if I would get a second chance. Since my battle with the gods had left me scarred, which gave me the upper hand, I was more confident than ever, I didn't fear anymore, what was, was, what was bound to happen, would become, I could only watch over myself, there was no force over me, I was the force, I was my own.

Modern technology would be the death of men, I thought, as I reached out to one of my long lost brothers, wondering if he'd return the call, putting a dollar into the vending machine, awaiting my hard earned prize. This was it, I thought, I had battled against the gods, coming out victorious, what was left, out of luck, beat severely, no money, no love, who could love a grumpy motherfucker like me?

Katie once did, but she had all she could have, she was now off living, me trying to mend the broken pieces, while she was having fun, I didn't mind that, I wanted her happy, I just really missed her, and that caused more pain for me. I recently ran into her and we decided to hang out one night. I was into stoner now, and she lived off speed, heading down the bright lights of the city limits, I pushed the car into fifth, and she begged me, not to let her fall in love again.
maybe it'll get finished, or maybe not...
wolfie1501 Jan 17
the Brooding unknown dream heads to the orgiastic tomorrow ceaselessly
wolfie1501 Jan 19
i am going to fail this assignment
this assignment and me
failuers we are failuer we will always be
our defet is immesureable
the pain unsufferable
yet they say im capable
i should be able to thrive
yet i take a dive
i am destion to fall
i am nothing at all
yet their is a light in my life pulling me up from the shadoes
is it possibe i have found my hero
no i have found my true love
she means everything to me and i will protect her
no one can stop from this but if God says other wise then let him
for in death i will search for her till she is mine again
i want advice on how to make this better
wolfie1501 Jan 12
the fire of evil burns endlessly. burning any thing in its path. and the waters of love are guarded by life its self. even tho this fire lights our path we are still blind and cant see that the river flows in you. infinite in distance.
Olympia Jan 9
when i was younger i used to think i could be anything
and in that thought i said i wanted to be a writer
but it seemed as though everytime i tried to write
the words would run away on me and i couldnt seem to catch them
so eventually i had piles of unfinished stories
stories with beginnings and no end; a sad infinity
but then i realized something
with poetry all the mess of words i had sitting on my heart
they could be thrown into a slob of lines and called art
all my messy feelings could begin and end whenever
this made me happy
because i'm terrible at ending things
but i'm an expert at being a messy poetic fool
Lightheart Dec 2017
Close your eyes and start to scream
You’ve lost your mind, you’ve killed your dreams
You’re dancing in circles and laughing out songs
But you’ll fall back in the hole before long
You’ll dance for them across this rope
You’re holding on, but what is hope?
You’re spinning out and up in flames
The voices screech “you’re who’s to blame!”
You love this world and hate your life
Is that why you flirt with a knife?
Healing to hurt and mending to break
Just make it end for goodness’ sake
One more night to loose your mind
With bones to break and scars to bind
You’ll sit and stare and lust for death
But force yourself another breath
Hold on
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