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Ray Dunn Aug 20
filled with bookmarks,
always line the shelves
of a dusty house...
death *****
Tryniti Jul 29
It still hurts to see you
My heart crumbles when you appear
It's of utmost pessimum to need you
Wishing desperately to avoid the austere

But sometimes I catch myself pretending
Acting like we're not worlds apart
My well of hope seems never ending
Oh, if only we could restart

I would have done things differently
But there's no going back now
I'm trapped in this emotional debris
I want out, but I can't see how

We are stuck here in this void
In the space between dusk and dawn
Where all that was has been destroyed
Yet there's little chance of moving on

There's something left unfinished
A remnant of a promise of a dream
And though that future was diminished
I hold pieces of you in high esteem

I cannot let those pieces go
I cannot let them fade
Though they still hurt me so
I'm grateful a part of you has stayed

So here we are trapped inside
The space between dusk and dawn
This is the only place "us" can reside
I'll be here until the day it's gone..
Mr Poet Jun 26
Some stories are meant to be unfinished
Its not that I want this but;
It's better left untouched
Navi Jun 25
It is not that of getting lost in the spirals of the wall, those patterns and faces, making shapes from basic dots and strange angles in places.
Imagination straining.
This is dissociation, it is no joke of wow that fan looks nice
But I really just lost my sense of self in this life.
The surrounding surfaces were not real even with my hands on it’s surface
Was this fire really burning, those candles melting?
All I see is glass burning, charred over black ash.
Tell me dear
Do you stand in doorways feeling dizzy because the reality is crumbling and that sense of smell does nothing
It lingers with this annoying sweetness
Yet the candles keep these levels grounded
It is looking in the mirror and not being able to recognize who is seen
Is that me breathing? Am I touching the sink, is my face so strange to look this way.
Some days feel normal and others I have no sense of taste
Imagine those sweet desserts no longer having flavor
We will cry at this frightened state, the world does no favors.
But here we are also aware that this is real despite how it feels, maybe I am magic
Sage my beloved hated name.
Who are you? Why don't you ask the world the same.
Ankita Dash May 21
know when you said you wanted the world, wanted us to take on the world?
to read strange eyes and stranger smiles off of strangers' faces;
to see what makes you laugh, bawl, shatter, feel;
to knit stars into daydreams;

but your mama never gave you pocket money.

so you needed a runaway girl to fund your self destruction
and now you've been living backwards because
there is a place in your memory where your hand clenches my autumn kissed green hair that you never really liked

and you like that, don't you, darling?
simone May 10
you can feel the love in his fingertips when he touches you
when his lips press against your skin
he never has to say it
he doesn't need to
not finishing poems is my brand at this point
JW Apr 26
a story with a beginning so
we weren't lucky enough to be written a worthy end

i wish we had something to blame for what is missing
but we have always taken the road less traveled

compiling to an unfinished tale violently bursting with
               ­   maybe-somedays
i will recite the idea of you until your finger prints vanish from my brain

you read me everything yet left me begging in vain for
i wonder what beauty we could have created
JGuberman Apr 25
This time of ours
Reminds me of all that I have
And all that I have lost at the same time,
The many-faced memories
Flow like tears
That come more easily
And unexpectedly now
Like the ghosts of loved ones
In a fever dream.
I’ve seen such world,
A sight i would always cherish
Seeming end to life that begins,
And we leave with unfinished words

I haven’t flinch nor cried aloud
The blood and sweat of soul
Obligation Shall find unafraid
For we are tears in different shade

We have thoughts that hunt us
The mistakes with saddened memories
A discrete thought of failure and regret
Sleep settles it— when you were not to wake

The life i have lived to the stars
Thoughts can’t fathom into constellations
Beyond this place of grieving smiles
I have lived a life of no regrets
gt lexicartis Mar 29
I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings.
They're fresh, they're inviting
and promise all things exciting.
Beginnings are just right
for variety and spice.

I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings;
but once past the genesis
in kicks my nemesis,
and as in sets the blight -
I begin to think twice.

I'm just a beginner,
I love beginnings.
If, perchance, by some fiddle
I get near to the
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