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Jennifer West Mar 15
Send me to sleep please
I can't bear this constant grief
Send me to the world
Of a dreamless dream
Where nothing is real
And I'm floating on nothing

Do not let me go through
Another waking day
Because I can't bear this
I can't bear the constant pain

Can I live in my memories
Where your smile will stay with me
And I'll never have to face another day
Sometimes I must do nothing.
Not wash the sheets,
not vacuum, just
stare into the generosity
of the Red Oak,
whose loving indifference
is achingly intimate.
Her branches gnarled,
hidden by green plumes
desiring sun, wanting time
to let be.
What does she see of me
thumbing a poem
on a glass box to join
the unfinished poems
I leave in my wake?
The tree smiles,
today we are one,
I in my green,
you with a period
at the end of your poem.
for Al Estock
Jay Feb 26
I've seen the pattern. It's almost always like this.
Either they're too scared to go out with me
Or they are too intimidated and ends up
Not being able to express their feelings towards me.

I've seen the pattern. I've seen this more than once before.
I become wary of whoever's trying to get close to me
And when I decide to open up, I end up falling hard
Falling so deep, I become unaware of how he's actually afraid.
Another unfinished poem. It's difficult to put into words thoughts that one's self can't even comprehend.
Jay Feb 26
I'd like to write about this good news,
This good news that arrived unexpectedly.
It wanted me to embrace it fully however weird and awkward it was.
It wanted to stay and be with me even if it was unconventional.

But the good news is not for me.
For the good news was young and was not ready for the real world.
I can't seem to wrap my head on the idea of having you. You who seem like a bad a idea but makes me feel so good everytime.
Makayla Jane Feb 22
I'm being told by others that you may be the one
The person who's supposed to love me
Treat me right

I'm being told by you that you care
The reasons why you enjoy talking to me
Love me greatly
This is unfinished but maybe some poems are better when they're left unfinished?
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Makayla Jane Feb 21
I'm jealous of those who get to see you every day,
The ones you can't wait to meet up with
To talk about today and yesterday's gossip

I wish I could be the one that could sit with you at lunch;
To brush my hand against yours as we walk in the hallways claiming it's an accident

I'm jealous of those who get to hear your voice often,
The ones who've heard it so much
That they can automatically put your voice to your name or your lovely face

I wish I could be the one that could come over your house;
To have sleepovers where I can imagine holding you close against my chest
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Makayla Jane Feb 18
He smelled of a bonfire;
Burnt wood and charcoal ashes
With a hint of a dewy forest musk

Why must it be him?
Where have you gone?
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Astral Jan 22
One day you make me laugh and smile,
You make my face flush,
And my heart rush.

Some days I just don't feel it,
And there isn't a spark there too,
Sometimes I just can't talk to you.

I wish my heart could make a choice,
That it knew what to say,
Or what to do at the end of the day.

And I just feel lost,
Like my feelings are unfinished,
Like I'm missing something,

But I don't think that something is you...
I guess I'll have to wait and find out.
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