i torment myself for my inability to love,
my inability to sense the light after the storm.
i spend my days wondering when,
when will i give myself to another
when will the world be ready?
Vivian g Jul 6
Two and I'm still hoping that
Three will make you disappear
Four and I'm delirious
Five and you're still here
Six and I'm seeing fairies
Seven and I'm warm
Eight and you're a wind that
i wonder what it feels like to touch the insides of your body,
are you as fragile as you seem?
or do your organs turn to stone at the touch of another?
Capuccino Jun 29
In the meadows of green pasture,
I saw a maiden fair and blue;
As I take a step, she does as well,
We were always a fret away;

When I finally approach her,
She gave me a soft moan,
speaking out from her bosom,
she told me these words:

"Young man, you have delved too far;
'Tis is not your place, nor is mine.
But if you wish to join me on a ride,
then take my hand, we shall head for the sun."
Some random poem I wrote. I have no name for it so I assigned a random stuff to it.
Trish Jun 25
tick to the tock
arms move in the clock
sheets of month
been removed from calendar

angel descends to heaven
people still remembers him
still sparkles in the sky
beautifully as it always seem

voice that still echoes in my mind
songs written still plays in my heart
life that became a novel we read
without doubt, he is still here

with all the unfinished page
they fill it up as they think of him
doubts visits from time to time
but as long as they believe, they can

pitched dark roads
lost motivation
a light shines upon them
they remember him, once again
I watched the newly released song of SHINee "Our Page" I got inspired as it was written for Jonghyun a member of them who passed away last December 2017. I read the lyrics and the mood in the mv got me inspired. I made the poem after listening for 3 times
Nylee Jun 23
a half line
incomplete stanza
an unrhymed sentence
well defined trauma

the poet's thought
uncaptured on the paper
many drafts
and crushed papers
around the study

there is a lot
same thoughts
and some sought
no process
little sense
world of words
and many buds

more time needed
to bloom
and here comes
the start of coming doom.
Wyatt Jun 14
I’ve had in my life
are a lot
like my thoughts,
always scattered
and unfinished.
We were born to a life
We did not choose
We have the right to choose the life we want

Experiences we gain
Received hands down ,
Some sought
Some pleasant
Some not
Letting us learn
What is right what is not

A few wrongs
Cannot make a right turn
There would be someone who would want to correct
The turn left .....
Would have been right

Choose wise
Blessed with instincts
Choose what is your right
Rest assured its the destiny and destination
Which awaits
Of all the decisions you took
An ongoing process called life
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