Close your eyes and start to scream
You’ve lost your mind, you’ve killed your dreams
You’re dancing in circles and laughing out songs
But you’ll fall back in the hole before long
You’ll dance for them across this rope
You’re holding on, but what is hope?
You’re spinning out and up in flames
The voices screech “you’re who’s to blame!”
You love this world and hate your life
Is that why you flirt with a knife?
Healing to hurt and mending to break
Just make it end for goodness’ sake
One more night to loose your mind
With bones to break and scars to bind
You’ll sit and stare and lust for death
But force yourself another breath
Hold on

luca 6d

im locked.
im locked up with you.

but, i don’t mind.

my hand is locked in yours
my eyes are locked on you
and my heart is locked with yours.

i don’t mind.

my lips are locked with yours.

but i don’t mind.

my mind is locked on you.

but sometimes,
i lock you out.
i lock you out and i don’t mean to.
sometimes, it’s all i know.

but, surely, one day
i will wait before slamming the door

because you have me locked in your heart
and you are locked in mine.

some draft i had laying around and had bouncing jn my brain
Simon Dec 4

I'm not very pretty
I'm not very smart
I make the wrong choices
I follow my heart

I may be selfish
I may be blind
But i'll swallow my pride
And swear not to lie

I talk too loudly
And brag all the time
with a big smile
I'll set up a rhyme

To hide my true feelings
To cover my heart
But when you're around
My words fall apart

I'm not very pretty
I'm not very smart
If you are the choice
I'll follow my heart

I need to change some things about this one, but I wanted to post it anyways, I may be able to take some feedback.
chloe fleming Nov 20

if you’ve seen him.
you’d know,
nothing gold can stay
and this is why,
i can’t wait for the day,
where you turn foe
so i can love you,

Nightsung Nov 16

A calm winter night.

The street lights at the window sill did not seem to embrace my room as I was seated beyond my desk.

The unlit screen still seemed bright for when it carved its image in my eyes,
The glass display shattering in millions of shards piercing through my paper skull.

An etymology of communication, the relation of electrical currents through my crevasses,
The empty eyesockets in my skull ridden with blood, pus and ink, oozing out of my empty casket on what remained of the abandoned framework in the chair, corroded to unidentifiable bits of gore

A steaming pile of putrid mass desecrating the serenity of the chamber,
decorating the walls with mould and algae

A murky portrait indeed.

Tangling vines carress the oxidated heaps of sticks and bones, they feel it, they long for it
Mutilating the sheer remains of contorted steel and ivory as the ink chants its final tune.

It feels unfinished
chloe fleming Nov 14

Please stop calling me nice.
I am not nice.
I will not be contained to a single word,
When my bones are built from metaphors
And my lips leak similes.
I am a fireball of emotion, splitting trees and men in two with my passion for my art.
I am a slurry of terror, creeping up on you at night that curls your toes right before you fall asleep.
I am not nice, I am anything but
I am alive with the summer heat that burns in my eyes and the sunlight that flows through my ribcage.
I am a warrior, a fighter, a solider in disguise.
I am the moon that hides it face in the day, only to showcase it's purity in the night.
I am the stiff wind that knocks the shallow air out of your lungs on a cold, January morning.
I am the tick, tick, tick of the buzzer right before its majestic song.
I am the obscene, the extraordinary, the menacing things in life.
I am not confined by a single word.

furies Oct 30

I can't stop crying
Some people can't even start
I ponder on which is worse while choking back tears

chloe fleming Oct 24

You are a flower
That constantly sways in the wind
Petals scattered from shore to shore
While I,
I am a seed
Buried deep within the cold soil
Who hasn't been watered in days
I am the seed who has not yet began to grow
But instead, fades away

Pipin Oct 27

Nung una pa lang alam ko na
Pero ako'y nagbubulag-bulagan pa
Dinadaya ang sarili para sa isa
Sinasaktan ang sarili para sa kanya

Nung una pa lang alam ko na
Nang makita ko ang kanyang mga mata
Tila ba naglalakad ng mag-isa
Sa walang katapusang tulay, umaasa

Nung una pa lang alam ko na
Nang ang labi nya ay nanlamig na
Wala na ang dating pagsasama
Ang dating punung-puno ng tuwa at saya

Habangbuhay na nanatili sa nakaraan
Pilit pinagsisiksikan kung ano lang ang alam
Ang bumitaw sa tadhana para ilaan
Ang mga natitirang dahilan para lumaban

Walang katapusang paniniwala...
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