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Ronin 2d
if you knew how much i love you
would you still be doing this?
you keep me in the middle
though all i'm asking is your kiss.

if you knew how much i love you
would you finally take me back?
how i long for words of comfort
and kisses on my neck

you say you know how much i love you
so why did you do this to me?
i'm not asking you for much
just your love, and i'd be happy as can be

but you just keep me waiting
making me doubt everything i know
if you'd know how much i love you
you wouldn't make me feel so low.
Chicken Sep 23
That’s how I feel
Yeah, you missed a bit
But then so did I
There’s not a lot
that either of us can do.
Stan Marsh is a character in the animated series, Southpark.
I crave her caress.
Desire her love.

She is perfection in the flesh.
An angel made human.

She makes me want to be better.
Makes me want to change.

Her touch makes me shiver.
While her smile warms my soul.

My heart picks up,
when she looks my way.

I could get lost in her eyes.
Every single day.

Over and over again.
I’ll love her till the end of time.

This beautiful woman,
who will never be mine.
Knit Personality Sep 2015
My love's a grim disease that has no cure.
It freezes me and burns me up in fever.
It pains me with a pain I can't endure.
It gaunts my cheeks and grays my whole demeanor.
It leads me through dark dreams of fear and torment.
It wakes me up with tremors and in fits.
It ceases never, sleeps not, nor lies dormant:
It's with me ever, crumble-ing my wits.
It saps my strength, my will to persevere.
It's pointless hoping I will ever mend.
It's best that I'm without you, for it's clear
That you would only hasten my sad end.
Your presence wouldn't fight my ill or tame it.
No, having you around would just inflame it.
MindlessSelf Sep 10
she couldn't wait for the night to arrive she had been going at it for hours especially to her best friend on the phone.

When she realized it was almost 7 o'clock p.m  she was already dressed up and ready to head into downtown.

She knew this could of changed her hole night forever in some sort of way. The type of the way you get when you meet someone for the very first time

That feeling you have in your stomach that just won't go away.

Is that what it feels like to be in love or is it just being head over heels towards them.

How should I know?

When will I know?

What will happen after this?

All these questions seemed so mind boggling through her eyes.

Everything seemed so surreal for her  like if any of this was for real or not

Not until she finally met the guy.
Erian Sep 6
Your poison seeps into my veins
Crashing in like hurricanes

Every bone numbs and shakes
By the sound of your name

When you see my face in scattered rains
You end those hurricanes
Rachel Sep 4
While waking up,
in that dream state of mine.
I imagined that you texted me,
and my heart leaped.
hope Aug 20
I reach for the phone
there's still no bar
you said it was the distance
the distance was too far

but why did you try?
surely you knew?
why did it have to end like this?
you knew what you had to do

you left me broken
and you don't have a clue
I opened myself up to you
and you shot me down, now we're through
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