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Leah 2d
dead air hangs heaviest on phone calls cut short
the static hummed like an ancient hornets nest in my head
deep imprints left from landline buttons on my cheek
i thought if i pressed hard enough
i could pretend plastic resembled the feeling of his face against mine
i thought if i pressed hard enough
i could pretend the static sounded like his voice in my ear

he told me once that he liked my skin
but what he meant is that he liked it better on the floor
i would have never guessed how quickly hungry hands could eat me alive
but i wanted their starvation to be my salvation
i always knew i was a better window than a wall
but I didn’t know how easy it was to see through me

seven syllables like bee stings
my throat began to swell like his words themselves were anaphylactic
and as i began to see stars i pretended i was in shock
he left me like a bullet exits a body and i guess that’s what i get for loving a loaded gun
but I’ve always been known to be the first to pull the trigger
roulette was just a way to pass the time between waking and sleeping

i was a phantom of longing and lament
i missed his hands even when they were around my neck
i wasn’t a woman
i was shades of blue and violet and unwarrented violence

the perverse pleasure of pain
left like a malady in my mind that spread across my nervous system
and seeped its way into my bone marrow
the only chemo i could find were empty beds and dark rooms
indiscriminately i handed myself to the radiation of sterile hands and nameless faces
i wanted them to rearrange my molecules
or at least help me shed the skin he had liked so much

etched into my eyelids in glowing persistence were the words he left me with
i hung onto them, i gripped them tightly, white knuckled desperation i clung to the sound of your voice rattling like a chain link fence in my mind
“you will never be enough”
i wanted so badly for you to be the cure i made myself love-sick
**** and limerence felt like love even when the landline went dead
i realized that corpses have a funny way of staying just alive enough to get through the day
it's just me
and my coffee
sitting at the corner
of your smile
I wrote a poem
about you
You wouldn't leave my head
and when it was 4am
laying awake
i was drowning in the feeling of
Just as all the love songs
suddenly made sense,
suddenly all the words I wrote
where about you.
I promise this will be
The last words I'll write
about you.
a lovesick poem
Ian Robinson Jan 14
Grab me an ice pack for his ache
I'm head over heels
And now I now how it feels
But I don't think you know what's at stake

Oh I've fallen
And now I'm sore
I feel like I was hit with a boar
So now I sit here callin'

I feel the birds and butterflies
In the pits of my belly
It's turning my insides into jelly
And it makes me want to cry-

-Out in joy
and I promise I won't play
You aren't my prey
And I won't be coy

I'm so madly in love with you
I'm head over heals but I'm feeling blue
Ariel Jan 12
Suffocate me with your eyes
Be the cause of my glorious demise
**** me softly, save your breath
There is nothing in you I regret

Sometimes I forget to breathe
Sometimes I cannot speak
I lose myself in you all at once
You make me lose my mind, I'm insane
How do you destroy me so beautifully?
Why do you break me?
What is it in each other that we find?
Why is it you find in me your delight?

Suffocate me with your eyes
Don't stop me, let me die
**** me softly, use that breath
There is nothing I don't regret.

You make me unable to breathe
With you around, I cannot speak
I lose myself along the way
You lead me along the path and before you know it, I'm gone
I'm insane
How do you destroy me in such a brilliant way?
Why do you break me to suit you?
What is it that, in me, you seem to like?
Why is it you delight in my pain?

Suffocate me with your eyes
Stop me in my tracks, let me cease
**** me softly with feather-light breath
Press those lips close to this skin
So that there will be nothing I will regret.

I'm unable to breathe
I cannot speak
You make me so unbearably weak
I've lost myself, and I've found you instead
Have I gone completely insane?
Maybe you can exist in my stead
I feel insane
Maybe you should just leave me to break
To exist in this gory glory
Stop this heart, halt these thoughts
Delight in my ache
Find joy in my spite
And, in the end,
Love me with all of your might.
unnamed Jan 12
I feel like that's a question we never truly get the answer to.

What is Love and why do we depend on it so dearly, is it a true experience or is it just a pure figment of our imagination. I've been asking myself this question most of my life considering I'd never seen it up close, I often like to think love is that feeling you got as a child when your mother would give you kisses for no reason, or the feeling you once had when you first got introduced to chocolate chip pancakes.


Maybe love is summer water on a beach at sunset, the fresh breeze brushing up against your warm flushing cheeks, your toes buried in the sand.

Wordsforthesoul,| I still don’t know what love is
So afar and tall are you to me,
For you are from shining mountains,
Higher than the clouds, your brow,
Darker than the heavens, your hair.

So small and fey am I to you,
For I am but lone whisper in glens,
Slight as one firefly on the moors
And my reflection but a tiny glow.

    Only to spark at edge of pools dark,
    Only to fly when in harnessing arms.

I crossed a bridge to be with you,
The streams slipping times away,
Beneath my girlhood, all in a rush,
Then I entered the deepest wood.

So small and wan was I to you,
For you are from snowy mountains
And I am from rain-watery glens,
For you are portrait and I bokeh.

    One day the woods engulfed me strong,
    One night the bridge I crossed was gone.
The cold familiar chill
of November mornings
now comes with despondent

Sleepless nights on cold
gray sheets of stone.

Tired lovesick limbs
reaching for home.

Thoughts spoken in solemnity
to the dark.

Oh how these nights
they go leaving a yearning
in my heart.
Harry Roberts Dec 2018
The thought of you sets my blood to boil,
In my mind there's hatred & stress in a coil,
In my gut there's a knife that sinks deeper with each breath,
The thought of you makes me feel a whole lot less.

It's like tar how thick & sickly my thoughts slide to you,
You are a cancer there's nothing to cut outside of you,
You're teeth & hair in a mutated tangle,
Words like venom with which I'll strangle.

Did you think you could take and only keep taking?
Working nonstop not just my soul that was aching,
Sweating out blood all the work it was breaking,
You made it harder when concrete was flaking.

I am just happy he's cashed out and gone,
Worn out his welcome his soul was all wrong,
This was a lesson that went on for too long,
Now it's all over I know I belong.
Harry Roberts - Lovesick (Aching)
Banele Dec 2018
Mountain flower ,
She kept on flowering,
She gave the green grass utmost flowering,
She kept on flowering
Onto the rocks of the mountain
She grew and glowed
Away from the shades of darkness
She ran and rest at the shades of light.
With the rock ahead , she turned,
With the baking sun
She longed for the cool shade
under the vine ,climbing on another vine.
She ogled like a seductive goddess ,
Like boiling water she kept boiling.
Mountain flower.
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