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Late nights spent comparing myself to a thot named Devin
I’m crying cause I know I’ll walk alone right into heaven
His heart was in my wallet
I’m crying cause I called it
Feed me baby carrots and lies about long nights
We do not solve our conflicts with physical altercations and fights
She is the odd one out
She has an ugly pout
But at the end of the day
He is the one who with ** walked away
And when she makes her bed
In it she will lay
And after all of ******* that
I missed you every ******* morning and night
You lied to me
You brought life to my fright
You chose someone over me
You embarrassed me in front of them.
Oh my god I am so hurt.
This pain is throbbing and constant
I can never feel anything without feeling underlying sadness from this.
I know they’re talking I know they’re ******* and doing everything we used to do. I hate to think of him with someone else. It tears my heart apart.
I was a real ride or die.
I ******* hate your new *****.
I ******* hate you more.

Sorry this poem is so unfinished.
Eventually I’ll fix this one up. Gotta find a way to word that pain.
you told me you didn't like snakes
so why the hell did i find out

you went looking for them in afternoons
while i had my back turned?
Jennifer West Sep 20
How I wish
My eyes were wrong
And I didn't see
You sin

How I wish
My ears were gone
And I didn't hear
You with him

How I wish
My hands wouldn't shake
And I didn't feel
You betray me

How I wish
My words would come
And I didn't silently wish
You to disappear
Jennifer West Sep 19
You seemed
So close
By my side
But of course
You told
A lie
Falling through webs
From the truth
Went to a place
I couldn't reach
Or stay
daycrow Sep 15
I know a boy who cheated the sun- he says,
"It's easier than it was supposed to be;"
I remember him holding serpents between his fingers, riding waves and running-
   from the children-
with joy in his eyes.
Not sure why my eyes are so haunted- all my
      ghosts are in the past
and as tired as I am today,
nothing will top last February
      or the one before that,
            or the January before that one.

I was never supposed to be older than he was;
            time drips past us like blood, true,
but it's as equal to me as it is to you.
I don't remember him finishing school-
I suppose we have that in common-
But I remember the game he taught me
(even that was a cheat… a game of lies).
I just wish he realized that when he took those days from the sun,
             he was cheating everyone else too.
so cold
killian Sep 4
imagine if i dated you for almost a year
but before we could make it annual, i chose to disappear
imagine if i was your one and only best friend
and then i got a job, got some more, and less time together we spend

imagine if i strayed away oh so very far
driving where i wanted to––you don't know the history of my car
imagine if i starting vaping, though my lungs are very weak
and then i got scammed out of my money, but the high i still seek

imagine if i started hiding everything from you
because i misbehaved, but that's not what i want the world to view
imagine if i told you some things, but gaslit you not to worry
and then i quickly give us a break and make our love story so blurry

imagine if i went to a party for the first time and met another guy
i got his snapchat, we started talking, but he doesn't know that i
have a boyfriend, he's alone, and doesn't know a thing i've done
because i want to be a good girl, but only the bad things are fun

imagine if i ****** this guy while we were still together
but you don't really know that because you don't know any better
but since i've done all the bad **** that i manipulated you into thinking untrue
you go batshit alone, i'm nowhere close to you

you have no chance to mad anymore, i'm so **** far away
i get what i want, baby, yes, it's always been that way
you are just so far behind me, now i'm doing what i want
but i am now a ghost, and you are who i haunt
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