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Elect me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You all need Me

I am your Savior
I will fight for you
If there is no War
I shall start one for you

I am your Savior
I am your Warrior
Accept this Truth
Ultimate Truth

Beware if you Cheat Me
If you fail to Elect Me
I will break into the System
I will ruin it to Ashes

I follow this golden Rule
Either Win or Stalemate
I can initiate Religious Riots
I can give birth to Civil War

Therefore Elect Me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You All Need Me

You all have no other Choice
So Never Ever search for it
I am your only Choice
So Stay Cool and Rejoice
Democracy has its own problem
Mims 7d
Suger kisses
Silly crushes
Candy hearts ask
"Will you be mine?"
Wandering eyes
A glance at her thighs
Thorns on the roses in the bouquet you bought yesterday
Two things that can pierce
And in between
Two things that bleed
Heart shaped cardboard boxes
Filled with chocolate
And caramel
Walking through target
Commercialised, consumerisim
And everyone likes talking about how
This holiday is what it is for more sales
Than romance
And its true
Sugar hearts do not equal ancient love
But we love to spend
Money and time
On someone we love
Or someone we are saying sorry to
Maybe its the same one
Humans are so cute
Making cards
Red and pink
And surprising with favorited
Chocolate things
But today is take out
The girl your 'one true' doesn't know about
Or maybe they do
But choose not to mention it
Because maybe they



Lacy black things
Long receipts
Long nights
Not at the office
Where you claim to be
Let me ask you
Were the flowers for her

As large, and as beautiful,

As the flowers for me?
Things I hear about in wine tainted conversations between the wives
CM Lee Feb 12
Do you know what it means to be alone?
Do you know what it feels to be on your own?
No hand to hold, no shoulder to cry on
No one to hug you when you come undone

I’m with friends but why do I feel so abandoned?
Living life like a bullet without a gun,
Like a sunset without the sun
Thousands of songs still left unsung

I don’t know why they all left me
Maybe, possibly, it’s because I’m a cheat
Tried to keep those promises, believe me
Just had to save a stranger, its in my nature

I guess I deserve everything and all of this
Let me just wait until the poison hits
Let me close the eyes no one will miss
Let me lie here waiting for the dementor’s kiss
Arcassin B Feb 5
By Arcassin Burnham

You can't join,
What's a man to do to get his own peace?
Mind in a place with no granders,
Living day by day with no say and no law
and no purpose,
Hope it's worth it,
Still don't wanna create a life in world
that displays its okay to cheat on your wife
and lie,
Good thing I'm one of the good ones,
Pretending not to be the hood ones.
M P Jan 29
If I thought yesterday I would lose you, I would’ve kissed you longer, I would’ve taken in every single detail of you. I thought we would be together forever. That’s what you said when you gave me the ring. Ten years we were together, I guess that means nothing to you. I fall asleep thinking of you, while you fall asleep thinking about someone else. I should be happy for you, but I’m not. No matter what you wanted to do I always said “If you’re happy, I’m happy” but that’s not the case. I guess that’s selfish, but I should’ve been the one walking down that aisle. I should’ve been the one that said ‘I do’. I should’ve been the one that you would kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas. I should've been the one that your family would hate, but you wouldn’t care because you love me anyway. But now… that’s all happening with the person I told you I didn’t like. I told you not to trust them, that they would take you away. You didn’t listen. And NOW look what happened. You left me there. You left me at the snap of a finger. You loved me. You said you loved me every day, and that the only person that you could ever love is me. You obviously didn’t mean that. But I’m over it. You’re happy and that means if i’m not happy I’ll act like I’m happy. For you.
You had my heart in your hands
You told me that I was yours
Playing with my emotional strands
But you did things behind closed doors

I stood and watched as you played me
Wishing each day that I could break free
You woke each day and said I love you
But you had a feeling that I knew

I asked you if you where a cheat
You said to me that I was wrong
But I knew for a fact you weren't so sweet
You called me back knowing my love was strong

I wish I'd just left and gone
But I came back and you said it wouldn't happen again
But you played me again like a ****
And now you've left me feeling slain
I loved you
You didn't feel the same
You were acting like you did to
It was all a big game
Yet you continued to play
With the strings of my heart
And when I lay
With you, I was falling apart

I continued to see where things would end up
But nothing came from it
And in the end I saw it closeup
You where a lying *******!
Autumn Noire Jan 20
You want to hear about heart break
I spent two whole years making mistakes
Letting you walk over me
Making me believe that there was something
Wrong with me
I gave my all
And you let me fall
I wish I could take it back
I would tell myself drop him
It'll never last
Thought I was so lucky
How ****** to think you were the one
This was all supposed to be fun
I helped you in ways no young girl would think to
Stuck my neck out for you
And you smashed my heart
Like it was nothing new
Played me like your games
Knew exactly what buttons to press
And then you got bored and left me a mess
I tried so hard to pick up my pieces
For awhile I refused to believe it
How in the **** could I just leave this
This thing I thought was love
But love doesn't break you
Or play you like a game
Love doesn't cheat and lie
By saying it wont happen again
Love does not just stop in the middle of the sentence
You were not love
You were **** in every sense of the word
And I'm glad that were done cause I'm a survivor
jaelyn lance Jan 17
I shouldn't be frustrated.
I should not be mad.

But something inside me,
Tells me I am.

I've denied the feeling,
Whatever it is.

To try and be happy.
Shall I begin?

You met up with her,
You guys are just friends.

I trust your decisions,
To my very ends.

But something inside me,
Crawls to my head.

Starts complaining,
A small shallowly beg.

Get out I will say,
Every time!

But it tells me.
That you're not only mine?!

This creature comes,
Quite often I believe.

I goes by a name,

But that's not the only name,
It goes by so many.

The green eyed like grass,
Somethimes even envy.

I despise it greatly,
If only I could see.

That this creature or....feeling,
Is a part...of me.
Mae Jan 7
A mask with a face that no one knew
But you
I let you see me
Be with me
***** and scared I lie awake now
Your selfish words still robbing me
And now you say that I am guilty
But I shared with you my reality
Everything I knew about myself at that time
But after time
You began slipping
Falling into the cracks of your own mask
So I gotta ask
Was it the pressure of your own fears that broke you?
Because I was nothing but kind to you
There for you
When the rest of the world refused to be
And now that we
are nothing but strangers
*were nothing but strangers
Somehow your walls
= my mask?
Your fears
for my innocence?
I should no longer have to suffer
From your hesitance
Being cheated is the worst ain't it? It truly is so invasive and it robs you of everything you gave to that person. In my was everything.
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