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She Writes May 2023
Betrayal cut her like the sharpest of knives
Leaving wounds that take time to heal
The trust she had; now broken
Her heart is left to reel

Rebuilding trust is no easy feat
For once bitten, twice shy she has become
A guarded heart became her shield
She fears letting herself come undone

Although every step forward feels like two steps back
She knows what they have is worth the pain
Side by side they fight for their love
Getting through together is their ultimate gain
One Andean Sky Sep 2022
I do was forever
I do is for never

I will, for a life to fulfil
I will, for the blood spill
Quansome Jan 2022
I’m just a stoner hitting high notes and your a coward in a cool coat
We'll go swaying for a while to the toon of broken hearts
Playing backseat twister in your car that never starts
Take a sip find your grip tonight you can have it all
Forget the lovers in our lives they can catch us when we fall
Hold me tightly through the ride god your so ugly when you frown
Close my eyes to chase the high only good till I *** down
Don’t like the angry silence **** your sweet prefer your violence
Play the prince for me and I will be your queen
Blaze one up make me beg it’s only good when it’s obscene
I could tell you that I love you but we both know that that’s not true
So lay it out and I’ll cut the lines with these ****** cards we drew
CJ Oct 2021
What do you call a poet,
who don't write?

What do you call a teacher
Who don't teach?

What do you call a driver
Who don't drive?

What do you call a lover
Who don't love...
We know they are not who they are suppose to be but we still choose to believe so...
Vinolin D Aug 2021
He left her for someone
Just for the luxurious life
But someone left him
For the better luxurious life.
I hope u all like it. Please comment about your opinion friends.
why you did it
still escapes me
but nothing else matters

all that savings
for better lives,
vows and memories
don’t make it any

some kind of relief
or reassurance
would be great,
but i know there’s
nothing you could say
or do to fully
convince me

i hope It has
my nose or eyes,
but surely It has
your voice

… guess we’ll see
for T.W. & L.W.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Cole Aug 2019
The loudest moment.
The smallest whisper.
The quietest cry.
Wondering why
No one can hear
Your world crumbling around you.
As you cry out
"Somebody save me!"
But nobody came
Nobody's coming
Nobody's here.
No one can hear you cry
As everyone leaves
And says
"Good luck trying!"
But trying isn't good enough.
The more you try to save it,
It falls even more.
And you drowned in it long ago
You didn't even notice.
I did.
I know how it feels
To have everything you love
Ripped from your grip
Because you dared to say
"I love you."
I didn't notice
The flicker of the eye
As they left my sight
And poked at some one else.
I said it back
And believed you.
It made it worse
"I thought you loved me!"
But this isn't love.
It never was.
Love doesn't leave you
Alone and cold,
Crying your heart out
Pleading to die
Before it happens again..
By people are like that.
They leave because
They find something better.
I, then, give up on the human race.

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