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Cole Aug 2019
The loudest moment.
The smallest whisper.
The quietest cry.
Wondering why
No one can hear
Your world crumbling around you.
As you cry out
"Somebody save me!"
But nobody came
Nobody's coming
Nobody's here.
No one can hear you cry
As everyone leaves
And says
"Good luck trying!"
But trying isn't good enough.
The more you try to save it,
It falls even more.
And you drowned in it long ago
You didn't even notice.
I did.
I know how it feels
To have everything you love
Ripped from your grip
Because you dared to say
"I love you."
I didn't notice
The flicker of the eye
As they left my sight
And poked at some one else.
I said it back
And believed you.
It made it worse
"I thought you loved me!"
But this isn't love.
It never was.
Love doesn't leave you
Alone and cold,
Crying your heart out
Pleading to die
Before it happens again..
By people are like that.
They leave because
They find something better.
I, then, give up on the human race.

Nikita May 18
Tight in my grip
I feel your nails slip
Digging deep
Digging hard
She says to me
He left me a card
Made an ocean before a drop
Of water dried-up before it's mopped
A shoot before the backdrop
creative feeling before she gulped

Beauty before the beholder
or let say before he behold her
Grown before she could be older
Timid before, She is bolder

Loved, before realizing they are ****
Yet to get the love-in, but he has come
He's here, she will yet describe him as gun
Only shoots around, like he's as* god

Now, she wished what was dim was clear
Like courage coming before the fears
She hoped this affair could be fair
Like seeing the future before it appears

If only we can know Tomorrow's end from to Today's end
But Today's end is just a start
Well, will like to stay a start can just be the needed tip for the trip.
Theanm Ankh Apr 2
I'd like to slow dance with you
A tasteful sway, just for two
Don't tell the moon
I'm ready to leave her
Not ready to be left so soon.
flitz Mar 15
Chaos hearts,
Chaos hearts,
Don't come to me,
I am not your sanctuary,
Nor will I ever be.

Chaos hearts,
Stop asking for me,
Do not commit a burglary,
A lover never will I ever be.
Aquila Mar 9
we made eye contact today.

                                   The last time I held you was a year ago.

                                                                                               I don't know
                                                                                          how I feel about that.
theres still salt on the roads from the snow.
rig Feb 11
meg j. chu, f, six-two; qz: park blvd. ny.

wyx, ph: v – strangled iq f/ muck jobz.

clef: vr. zygo-jab w/ u, q-pid, k? thnx sm.

cob jigsaw v. pretz’l funk – my hq x’d.

pangrəm – hub: wolf’d; sticky: j q v x z.
pangram - a sentence or expression that uses all the letters of the alphabet.
perfect pangram - the same but with only 1 of each letter, a to z.
(im)perfect pangram - sometimes i like to cheat, it's fun.
max Dec 2020
you were the one he'd always leave me for,
you knew how i felt about him,
about you.
i loved you
i trusted you

november twenty-third

i think about you when i pass the subway next to the domino's.
i thought about you yesterday
i thought about you today
and i'll think about you everyday

did you think about me on my birthday?
do you think about me at all?

it's hard to think we were so close once.
we havent spoken in a year,
and i dont want to speak to you.

we loved eachother.
you cheated,
and you lied.
you were kind,
that's who i fell in love with.

november twenty-third

it was your birthday,
was it a good one?
i hope youre okay,
i hope youre better.
uhh :/
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