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Aubrey Sep 23
i hope she makes you smile
the way it made me smile
on the other end of a phone
in the middle of a highway driving alone
oh baby i
i hope you hear a song
that makes you sing along and gets you thinking 'bout her
then the last several miles turns into a blur, yeah
i hope you both feel the sparks by the end of the drive
i hope you know she's the one by the end of the night
i hope you never ever felt more free
tell your friends that you're so happy
i hope she comes along and wrecks every one of your plans
i hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand
i hope she's wilder than your wildest dreams
she's everything you're ever gonna need
and then i hope she cheats
like you did on me
i hope she shows up in a 2 AM pic from her friend
hanging on to a guy, and you just ain't him
i hope you stay up all night all alone waiting by the phone
and then she calls
and baby i
i hope you work it out
forgive and just about forget
and take her on a first date again
she's everything you're ever gonna need
and then i hope she cheats
like you did on me
thank God i found the one
that'd never cheat on me.
he is a parasite
he is a leech

he feeds on your blood
he is full of greed

he has a plan to put you down
without even your notice

he started with love bombing
he ended on blaming

he did projection all the time
he injected toxicity within your happy soul

he targets his prey
he handles ten at times

he can never be loyal
he does chronic lying

show him the mirror
show him the death

cut off his oxygen
don't ever interact
Jaxey Sep 4
"I love you"
You say
As you lift up my chin
But you're eyes shine with metaphors
And your hand feels like sin
Stop lying to me
Nicole Sep 1
I spy with my little eye
Your hands intertwine
With another and your favorite tie
If I had a gun with two bullets
And I was in a room with you,
I would shoot at my heart twice.
F A Pacelli Sep 3
when you gave yourself
to a nameless stranger
my heart was ripped apart
by my bloodied hands
while i descended
into poisonous perdition
RH 78 Aug 5
When you left
I felt low
I felt hurt
I felt crushed
I felt upset

After you left
I felt stronger
I felt alive
I felt independent
I felt awake

Now you have left
I feel stronger
I feel wiser
I feel happier
Not every ending should be sad. In time YOU will feel better. In time YOU will feel STRONGER. Some things are not meant to last but provide you with experience and knowledge to have a better life.
Peter Garrett Jul 12
I’d say I’m a complicated person
Yes, I think it’s a proper definition
Yet such a fraud in every version
I’m afraid I’ll run out of ammunition

People don’t realize I’m a mess
You see, I’m quite a skilled actor
Every character’s made to impress
For looking good’s all that matter

Still I wonder if one of these days
My lies and cheats slipped away
Which part of me would stay
Would anyone recognize me?
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