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shel 11h
i retreat, retreat and retreat again,
to a point that i
am standing at the edge of the precipice now
and behind my back is
an ocean with deepness that i
could not reach unless i
am bones
but you are asking for more and i
have got no choice
but choose to jump

somewhere that i
don't want to belong
I love you
As a friend

These words mean nothing
but mere shackles

"Tell me please,
tell me that you love me,
as a friend."
jcl Oct 13
enigmatic, exotic
alone, deep in the jungle
fierce, afraid
passion, love in her eyes

to hold her, is to lose her
to have her, is to **** her
ephemeral, a ghost
a dream, a fantasy
never to be had
Written to accompany photos of a flower https://flic.kr/s/aHsmiTGp93
Samuel Nov 27
What is this love I so often feel
How do I know that it's even real
Will it be there when I wake from sleep
Or will it be gone, never mine to keep

I wanted to love you so
But you had other plans
You betrayed my trust and broke my heart
All for another man

I thought you were the one from my dreams
Our humor matched just like ripped seams
But in the end you were scared off
You left me here to scream

I don't know why I thought I loved you
I guess I was just lonely
But when it came right down to it
You really were just phony

I know I didn't love you
Not in the way we needed
But at least we had our fun
Neither of us pleaded

Now you're right back in my life
And I've fallen once again
All you want is someone other
I guess we'll just be friends

Please tell me why I am cursed so
To live this life without another
All I want is you to love
But you always seem love another
This is about my experience with relationships
sometimes i miss you way too much and i just want to be near you. distance *****. and in those moments, i want to throw some punches and scream at the universe for keeping us at a distance. but i have to be grateful, i have to be appreciative for what i already have. i still get to talk to you, see you, and love you (even if it is through a computer screen). it could be worse. we could have never met at all. and then where would i be?
jcl Nov 25
From the moment I saw you
I was in love with you.

I watched as you floated around the room, like a butterfly collecting nectar, your eyes sparkled and glittered like thousands of facets off a diamond

As you moved, your hair undulated back and forth as if caught in a gentle ocean current

Your smile was magnificent, powerful, and awe inspiring, like the rising of the sun over a steamy exotic jungle

Across the room, you turned, our eyes met, and I felt a jolt, I had been harpooned through the heart. I could have fallen to my knees

I went from numb, stunned, to being on fire, with love and ****. I wanted you, wanted you so much. I could feel my primal urges and visceral needs rising and overwhelming me

I wanted to protect and provide for you, to build a house and hearth, to keep you safe and warm, a place to have and raise children, together

I wanted to hold you, feel you, in my arms, your head lying on my chest, snuggling, cuddling, purring like a newborn kitten

I wanted to look eternally in your crystal blue eyes, mesmerized at their depth and breath, like a endless desert sky

I wanted to kiss your lips, red, full, and moist like a rose on a French summer morn

You are a bijou, a jewel, like no other, rare, priceless, and precious, a gift to gods and men alike

I am grateful, for our brief, intense, and tumultuous love, like a shooting star across a darkening evening sky
jcl Nov 18
is here
and gray

there is
no shelter
from the freezing

i want to come home
sit by the hearth
be protected
made warm

i crave
to be loved
everything will be ok

hold me
in your arms
protect me
from the world
i need to feel safe

hug me
i want to hear
your heart

press me
let me
your body

i was a fool
to turn
to run

i need
your love
look into
my eyes
let me
whisper, i surrender
"never the way she looked
always the way she was
i could have fallen in love with her
with my eyes closed."

- atticus

jcl Nov 9
there was hope
there is none

are the dreams
what might have been

i live
but die
a thousand

where is
the happiness
the one
you promised

what did
i do
why did
you leave

you were
my sun
you were
my reason

what sin
was committed
you banished
into the cold

do i live
end this
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