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Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
in a world dumbfounded
by careful detail.
What the hell's the point of this?
Its creator better explain it to me,
if they want my sweet green sheets
of superfluous pillow stuffing.
Is there any wonder
why you're niche?
You speak of specifics,
and America speaks with money,
"Give me Very Easy, as
at the end of the day
I just want to wind down
my thoughts, and turn off my brain."
You're alone,
because you go,
"Hit me with that good shit!
I wanna think and speak
tongues with a loved one,
til we both change into eggs."

This is my song:
Where are my loves?
I thought misery
loved company.
She loves me so much
that i don't need me
to love myself.
DemonCrimson Sep 23
The beauty of your eyes make even the most hardened heart beat.         Your lips are like candy, something everyone want to eat.
Your body is on a whole other level, the way you move is like water and fire. Graceful and mesmerizing.
You make my heart beat like a drum, you make it hard to stand and easy to forget. It's hard to think you feel nothing for me, but I understand.  
For you love another man.  
Why was fate a cruel man?
Bernnard AF Sep 18
Don't give up,
God is watching you.
Don't look back,
God is moving you.

He knows your pain,
He'll give you strength.
He knows your name,
He knows your face.

He knows your life,
and all your mistakes.
Don't give up, He's watching over you.

Don't say no,
God is calling you.
He feels your pain,
He'll give you strenght.

He hears your cry,
He'll make you smile.
You're beautiful the way you are.
God loves your name,
He wants to be your friend.
stay strong
Mary Frances Sep 5
You are my forbidden fruit
- the sweetest sin
I repeatedly commit.
And I have no plans to stop
- because the heart that loves
will never go adrift.
brooke Aug 30
I fell in love in love with a person i known all my life,
and a person i met at the beginning of the school year,
i told to one i've known forever i loved him when i had a panic attack,
and i just started dating the one i just met,
the person i've known is in PPH a suicide hospital,
the other is on the way to his class in Wabash,
the person in PPH is there because of me i think because i told him,
  the other is waiting to get on the bus to sit with me on the way home,
the person gone, has a girlfriend and he said"if things don't work out than i'm asking you out because i love you"
and i told him that i had a boyfriend yesterday,
Now, he has 100 new scars and i think its my fault,
i didn't want to be sad watching him and his girl,
At my table being happy while i was sad,
i love two people one here, one gone
but i still love them both
but i love the one whose gone more......
Nexus Jul 21
You see I think I might be dying because i'm feeling mighty fine.
Ever since you took me by surprise god knows that i've been trying, to get back all of our time that I wasted away crying and maybe someday i'll get back to feeling mighty fine.
Someday you will call me yours and i'll call you mine.
I promised to you that i'd make all of this right. Iv'e been begging down on my knees, now it's time to fight. This feeling it's so nice.
In love with you I think I might be, for you i'm up all night praying please. Pray I might get better and you'll still be there for me.
We lay together. Swear to take no other and lay ourselves bear to be seen. For you my love I master my stutter, control my shudders and my mind shall be clean. It's for you my love that I write these words. I'm no longer than man I used to be.
I feel mighty fine.
mythie Jul 20
Sometimes at night.
I look at the glistening sky.
The sky shines bright with thousands of stars.
Each one of them reminds me of you.

One star is your eye, shining when you’re happy.
Another one is your mouth, your pearly teeth when you smile.
Yet another star for your big, blooming heart.
And one more, a flashing star, for your silky laugh.

Sometimes we meet in my dreams.
We hold hands and dance on a road of stars.
We count the stars as we step.
And by the end of the road, I’ve woken up.

These stars and these dreams are all I have.
Since you live across the sea.
But know that I would travel far and wide.
Just to hear your laugh again.

You make me so happy I can barely breathe.
It’s hard to describe the way you make me feel.
Even through poetry.
You leave me wordless.

That’s why this poem.
Is a bit messy.
A bit wild.
Pretty all over the place.

Because there are so few words.
To describe how special.
And important.
You are to me.

I know I say it a lot.
But I really do love you.
And the day you said it back.
Was the best day of my life.

These stars and these dreams.
They’re enough for now.
Because one day.
I’ll be there.

Taking a plane across the world.
Just to see you smile.
Then those stars won’t compare.
To the most beautiful sight before me.
for my girlfriend.
I'm on my way
fate cuts
fate blesses

I'm on my way
everyone hates
everyone loves

I'm on my way
and is insignificant
and beautiful

I'm on my way
and the path is wonderful
and the way is terrible

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way

I'm on my way
Love's light ...

This night ...

Let's turn off the light ...
let's see each others ...
with no eyes ...
let's feel one the other ...
within souls ...
to touch the love ...
to see our love ...
more deeper than eyes ...
while we melting ...
into our hugs ...
while our lips ...
enjoying ...
and our tongues dancing ...
on our beat's heart ...
to taste this love ...
while we both ...
feeding up ...
one to the other ...
the nectar's  love ...
to get both drunk ...
of our love ...
and to make it ...
as we feel ...
as we need ...
as the desires ...
which it lives inside us both ...
as our dreams ...
that we always dreaming  ...
to make our love ...
more deeper ...
than all lovers ...

sweetheart ...
let's turn off the light ...
let's light up our love's light ...

hazem al...
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