mythie Feb 7
You don't have to say
"I love you."

Because when you take a kiss from me.
It's just us filling this landscape.

Colouring the outlines of a dull world.
In bright pastels.

Our entire life is one big memory.
Reliving our love over and over.

Please rely on me a little more.
Don't go crying in a split second.

You don't have to say
"I love you."

Because when you take a kiss from me.
It's just us filling this landscape.

A dream world that consists of only us.
This world is a story about us.

Please don't leave me.
Where did you even go?

Life flashes before our eyes.
Running by so fast.
So I press pause.
And rewind back to the start.

You don't have to say
"I love you."

Because when I hear it I go cold.
It's only us.

I never want to wake up.
From this dream-like escape.

Don't take me from your warmth.
Close the blinds - the suns too bright.

Give me five more minutes, please.
when she hates me
it teaches me to love her better
we don't really think its me
she come
she come
she come calm
she calmed me her
her parted lips rested
my heart embraced
she only
hates me

The poem of the nights I roam,
Roam the house in wonder,
I ponder these names "Magnus or Mika",
who should I claim,
But I love them both just the same,
I know my heart is young,
But to whom does my heart belong?
Silent is my pain,
Silent is the night,
Silent is the heartache that is not meant to be heard,
inside the fir burns....

her love was like



me right
love me
or learn
to fight
hammer down
my love on her love

she tagged us
Alex Adrian Dec 2017
I'm an unpainted

I'm Stainless and white,
Spotless and pure.
Paint me with pain or
Make me Brand new.


I am reborn
Though the ashes,
Through the gray,
The dull Because,

I'm an unpainted canavas;
Fill me with colours,
Paint me vividly,


Through your eyes,
I am reborn.
Aishah Dec 2017
she collects


life gave her;

wilted roses,

broken loves
Ophelia O Dec 2017
"you are one of us"
the flowers whisper
No! Can't they see
I have pulled off
My petals?
To be bare
is without fear
of getting plucked
one by one
only to land on
"he loves me not"
I can't take
that plucking
no longer delicate
hazem al jaber Dec 2017
As love's birds ..

let's kiss each other now ...
and we can talk later ...
if we got a time ...
let's do babe ...
as lover's birds do ...
however they feel ...
and whenever they got time ...

let's learn from birds ...
how sweet that love...
how love should be ...
and how we could make it ...
let's do babe ...
as they do ...
silently with no words ...
get more close ...
just smell me now ...
and touch my lips ...
to talk both ..
with now words ...

sweetheart mine ...
my lovely bird you are ...
come my tree ...
here to my heart ...
to sing together ...
our love's song ...
here ...
at our tree's love ...

hazem al ...
RK Nov 2017
All the little things I love
Like meeting friends and giving hugs
To eat a scone I've made at home
To meditate on a yoga rug.

To feed the birds and to care  
That every one gets a share
To inhale deep the breath of life
to exhale in sheer delight.

To go for walks all on my own
To watch my thoughts and not respond.
To show the mind who's in command.
Standing firm in who "I am"

I love the city where I live
I wouldn't change a single thing
To see myself in every man
Trust and do the best I can.

To be, and joyous is being - free
not easy in our reality
I love to try and when I fail
I set again the "Self Name" aim.

Like an athlete who perfects a skill
Small loves build incrementally
Through understanding and the will.
To go beyond expand what is.

And most of all to wish you well
Allow each one to grow, excel
To catch oneself in the act, and
delete the thoughts that create the lack.

Affectionately yourself!  

Hello to all the poets.
I've been on and off site as my husband has been unwell.
I wrote this poem  just after reading Harlons poetry. I hope it's read in the right context.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
The monster who loves you
Was never a monster at all,
Red eyes full of unshed tears
Twisted, broken soul from the long, dark fall;
He fell from the feeble arms of grace,
Haunted by the slow burning of his wings
And the fast fading of his mother's face
The lifeless wind has whipped him
Till he can't feel the sting anymore,
Now all he knows is that he's bound to you
And he can't decide who he's fighting for
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