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God's Oracle Oct 3
In the pennacle within the inner sactum of a Human Soul there exists an unsurmoutable amount of interchangeable energies that are transmitted thru the cosmos in form of vibrations and abstract auras. In God's throne there exists Principalities and Powers that precede in intermission with Humanity's prayers that are heard by all Heavenly Host and God himself and are being assessed and the final decision is made by the Lord whether he will act upon your desperate supplications or remain unanswered due to God's perfect nature and inner workings within each individual life here on Earth.

In his Holy Mouintain God subjugates his blessings and trials allowing the King of this World to ******, tempt and test our Spirit thru Worldly Carnal Desires and oversees every human soul working for it's own salvation. The accuser Angel Lucifer seeks to keep us chained to Wordly temptation and continues to torment the Human psyche and weakened fleshly bodies in constant opposition with the Spirit leading us to spiritual destruction and his final goal is to drag us to perdition of our salvation by rejecting The Holy and Only Begotten Son Of God Jesus Christ. Heed to a direct order from the Lord himself...for he says "I am the Way, the Truth, The Life No One Comes to the Father except thru Me" allow him to build a personal relationship with you because he cares loves and yearns to get to know you personally.  Our mission here on Earth is to Love God above all things and to follow and imitate the Lord Jesus Christ as our Sheperd and Lord overseers and intermediator of our souls who he holds in his hands. Most importantly our grand mission is to bring the Gospel of Love, Truth and Peace to all Humanity. Let the lost souls be led towards the Light of God the Father and the abundant mercy and benevolence our dear Lord Jesus has in store for those who want to get to know the Son of Man the Divine Author of all things for he was made before the foundations of the heavens and the earth which was slain being a perfect, holy and was is and will forever be the mirror image of his Father.

In remembrance of his sacrifice we ought to walk living in this World as the "Light" and doers of righteousness. We are the salt of the world and thru our daily spiritual walk and by our spiritual fruits we bear we show others what can be attained thru a solid relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son and Father God the Maker of all souls all things and his plan shall NOT fail because he has NEVER failed before and never will. Bestow upon our heads a crown of life a white robe of pure eternal life and a place in the Heavenly Realm where many unbelievable treasures of perfect obedience and the sacrifice of us exchanging carnal pleasure for a lifetime of servitude and humbleness dedicating our time at straightening our paths and relying on the Lords understanding and NOT ours for if we rely on him fully our paths will and shall be made straight. The Lord wants us to live in this world abide by their rules and submit to our authorities ...but NOT let them take our faith nor our savior much less our relationship which must stay in our constant care and continue to grow, flourish and be surely visible for others to see and in turn either be curious about it and see for them to ask us how we do such things and how are we so concerned on living a quiet pious and righteous lifestyle. By arousing the curiosity of turn we get to touch all people who we come in contact with and get the chance to share freely what the Lord has done for us that we cannot and could NOT do for ourselves which is allowing the Holy Spirit to daily be fed thru reading the scriptures, acting according to God's perfect orders and trying our very best to live by his precepts. We undoubtedly fail the Lord daily but we keep a everlasting submitting soul to his judgment and continue to come to him for everything and forever keep a diligent sincere open heart conversing with him day and night and never sieze our constant mingle between us and him and having the FAITH towards him that unifies our Spirit with his and in accordance to our deeds may he have mercy for all our wrongdoings and as he pour blessings for our righteous deeds in the spirit. We envision a Paradise and a New Heaven where the souls of the saved and redeemed souls will go to abide in when we reach the afterlife...nevertheless, the ones who choose to ignore the calling of the Lord will suffer the ones who remained stubborn and rebellious and decided to follow the World and love themselves more than their Savior will be doomed to be branded and cast upon perpetual everlasting torment a lake of fire where there will be Hellish screams of agony sour tears and gashing of teeth with an endless separation of their souls from their Creator and where they shall curse him forevermore and whatever petition made to God will be unheard. God please have mercy on us may your light and love NOT turn cold on us seeking your guidance daily. Zion awaits the holy and righteous. Amen!!!
The Lord shall come in a blinding flashing light to bring Judgement upon all.
God's Oracle Aug 27
At my age I lay here awake 3:00 AM on a Thursday Morning yet have to learn to remain still and allow The Lord to help heal my body from the chains of perdition that are constantly rattling at my feet. Fighting to bind me once more to allow my carnal self indulge in Earthly pleasures with a very short temporal joy and comfort that certain actions and activities allow us and our carnal bodies to become either energetic, overly happy, *****, obnoxious, sympathetic,  lethargic, drowsy, unable to maintain proper posture to stand, odd quirks, excessive laughing, unusually hot or cold, euphoric, nervous, hyper or nodding, hypersensitive and lastly grandiose like feelings with boosted self confidence and shift changes in overall mood. For Thousands of years plants and herbal medicines have been created to aid nurture back to health the pain and suffering of the patient must use medicines especially the pain killing medicine administered and prescribed to people suffering from a bad car accident or a serious life threatening injury leaving them in constant excruciating pain needing to take the pain medicine for managing their hurtful pain the person must endure to heal yet only time can slowly heal things like such...the part that Doctors  tend to leave out of their strict warnings about the medicines potential of abuse and alarming rate of people who become hooked to that mellow, easy warmth euphoric/dreamy/drowsy/slightly off balance feeling.  Brings them a temporal time of peace joy and comfort...yet that feeling is the high provided by the medicines form of functionality throughout the human body. Slowly other drugs with similar potential of abuse is high are MDMA, *******, Methamphetamine,  Synthetic Drugs, Nicotine and Alcohol.  Ever since these Drugs became available in the streets millions of people turn to them use them and abuse them to temporarily create that sense of inner peace, fictitious joy, temporary solace, and take the way we feel and block us from displaying our true feelings masking our pain with a temporal method to not feel that pain and suffering if need to be able to alleviate those feelings of terrible pains become bearable to endure. All the other drugs I mentioned earlier also create a what may seem a solid foundation to stand upon to heal your stress, problems, certain circumstances and last but not least our spiritual struggles we carry with us.  This medicating yourself with narcotics to balance and repair what the doctors have finally concluded I as a Mental Patient suffer from the Disease Of Addiction. This is only a mere example of the millions of other addictive behaviors and irresponsible acts we tend to try out to feel as if we are no longer prisoners of what our own minds hearts and bodies desire...yet this is exactly what we must avoid doing to ourselves because is not only wrong to do is unhealthy and has dire repercussions towards our life. Our focus should be figuring out how to spiritually grow up more become a more pure at heart, gentle, genuine, loving towards all, loyal, honest, servicing towards the elderly and disabled, helpful, overall well mannered, respectable and clean. The struggles we face on the daily are for man mainly 1.Females. 2.Finding Comfort 3. Finding Peace 4. Learning to be spiritually still and hear God's voice and gentle guidance through our daily battles 5. Finding Balance 6. Finding Strength & Hope 7. Remembering to put God always first in everything on everything in the presence of anyone 8. Prayer changes things unseen yet to the human eye for this gifts are slowly unlocked by practicing to use our extra sensory energies 9. Denouncing the World to be able to Live beyond this physical Life 10. Seeking God with all your heart mind and soul listening and obeying his commands directed towards your individual path of faith

Be aware we become desensitized towards the right things and our vision becomes blurry with heaviness settling in our eyesight the adversary tries all day and night daily 24/7 and yes 7 days a week to someway separate your relationship with our Lord making us stumble with traps and snares hidden in our lifetime blueprints learning our likes, dislikes, what we love to do and what we hate to be doing...then formulates ways to somehow interrupt your spiritual journey and provide you that same worldly temporary escape from my problems and refocus my energy on doing worldly things because when the Devil has us running around doing everything he asks of us to do you know daily day by day night by night slowly but surely that your body mind and soul quench for the presence of God thirsty for his water and hungry for his bread. The day is yet to come when I completely delegate myself to NOT ever use drugs again. Nevertheless, I am counting on God's hands and divine plan to finally click with me and start to work on it building the pillars of my faith stronger bigger and evermore beautiful. Knowing that he will never leave me and always and forever forgive my constant sin and nagging transgressions to be blurted out washed away by the holy precious sanctified pure and perfect blood of Jesus Christ. I am far from where I should already be but am no where close from where I began so thanks Lord am grateful to you for everything and everyone who choose to believe in me and allow me to vent it out. To God be the glory honor and everlasting supremacy and it's power to delegate perfect judgement upon the wicked generation of children who have given their lives to serve themselves their God and his system. I am not judging them at all am simply pointing out the obvious but yet even in a fog of thick darkness a state of profound sin and constant transgressions being thrown ed to God's throne he can still save them and shoe them the Light for they are lost souls without the Lord. I believe is never to late to say to yourself with dedication and a sincere open heart fixated on change...then God will for sure work on you till you become part of our sheep once lost now found by the Great Shepherd Herder Of Lost Souls.  No sin is bigger than my God to handle. Remember that as long as Right fights off Wrong in your mind and heart still speaks in that secret tongue bestowing knowledge and wisdom with Firm Gentleness and Loving with an open heart...forgiving with sincere intentions but last and of radical importance to communicate with the Lord via Prayer ... and at least once or twice a week fast and utilize that fast to pray with extra emphasis on the lost ones out there seeking to be one day spotted by the Light Of God.
God can do anything.
Angel Aug 22
Poem per lover
No fret
Poems of hunger
Drowned in so much thought
It’ll make you melt
Even though the sun is low
We’ll see the day
We’ll see the day that a love is truly felt
Umwari uwera Jun 23
Death can we be friends and share a cup of coffee
Death can you be color red like the blood of Jesus and I will paint you all over my room
Death can we share secrets  ?
Death can we be soulmate ?
Death can you see me ?
Death can hear me?
Death don’t you see me drowning
Death Are you  invisible ?
Death why don’t you **** my demons ?
Death you walk in the light or darkness
Death do you know my deepest secret ?
Death do you know fear ?
Death can we please be love birds ?
Death why wouldn’t you  send an invitation before coming?
There is some many reasons why I write this
God's Oracle May 23
Long past have the Foundation of the firmament upon the Earth has progressed. The lands have been tainted the water polluted the air becomes toxic and Humanity precedes to run its course as the future of all Mankind is threaten by disease, famine, wars and to top it off a New World Order. The age of Information and technological advancement in all fields of study have become more and more susceptible to greed and corruption. The One World Government orchestrating a illusive grand deception of false sense of peace and security for all giving up on the Maker and his beloved only begotten Son the Messiah who came lived among us as a noble lowly servant to all yet remaining the prince of peace the lord of lord's anointed with God's zeal yet perishing on the old rugged cross for you and me to atone all humanity's sinful taint which was shaken by it's very core when Christ rose from the dead 3 days later and ascended to the Maker the Father of all Living things to be seated in the Holy Heavenly White Throne next to the Father who created all carnal and mortal or spirit and immortal beings alike. Once again within us we must all face the temptations bent towards pleasing the flesh yet killing the spirit slowly... or choosing to seek follow and obey to fixate your eye upon Jesus and taming the flesh by NOT our understanding and mastery over our carnal desires but by his who has sent the Holy Spirit for guidance and penance of our daily sins. I ask of thee heal my wounds lord, remember me when my day does turn to night and my final moments of living among you all are long forgotten only remembered to be a distant memory of a Man who seeks redemption from my Worldly trials and tribulations because I do fear the Lord for his judgement is pure  holy and perfect. He prepares a way for me accompanying me thru my daily struggle to maintain my faith remain in his grace and respect honor and live by his precepts set to keep me healthy happy joyful and free. What must I do for Lord you know my circumstances and current situation a matter in which I require your aid in. All I humbly ask of the Maker and all his heavenly host is to show me a proper way out of this constant affliction and perilous times I am currently facing. Yet deep inside me I know you will NOT abandon me my God for it is you who knows all sees all hears all treats all heals all and seeks all to come to true repentance and want us all to become heirs of your heavenly kingdom. With uttermost importance emphasized on this matter I seek you out Lord Jesus please do light the path my feet may walk as I live to serve and serve to live. I have done my fair share and still do my fair share of bad hurtful sins sometimes against me sometimes against others and even yet sometimes against you. I am NOT proud of it at all I want my Life to change I want to make you proud of who I can become with your help guiding me. I know of the plans of perfect design the blueprint of all children born to live and live to die and return to the Father who is the Maker overall God of all creation of which was is and is yet to come. Shall he be forevermore be praised and worshipped till the last human falls to the ground and becomes dust once more transcending thru the Sands of Time returning to the Fade. May you have mercy on me for I know I fall short daily but do know Lord I will give it my very best and attempt to restore what I once had and now I lost. My prayer is sent to you with much grievance and lamentation nonetheless, when I finally reach the end I pray hope and believe you will be pleased with your servant. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Amen!
Transformation thru God's Grace & Mercy.
Love comes at us at different times, from different directions. In a parking lot of a hospital. Two cars parked side by side. A woman and a man  both entering their cars at the same time. The man says, "You are beautiful." The woman walks around the end of her car, smiling. The man says " I said that to you because it is true." "I'm in my early 40s," she says. The man replies, " When a woman is beautiful, which you are, age flies out the window." The woman smiles even more. Then man gets into his car and drives away. The woman will never forget this exchange.

Copyright Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
Maria Mitea May 17
that plows intimacy by the use of words

that imagines by the use of words

that touches by the use of words

that cries by the use of words

that dies by the use of words

that hates by the use of words

that loves by the use of words

that kills by the use of words

that wakes  up by the use of words

that heals by the use of words

that you know by the use of words

that you want by the use of words

that paints, lives, teaches, grows, speaks,
works, hugs, cleans, protects, keeps, creates, listens, ...
by the use of words

that makes the world rise by the use of words
aj kamari May 15
3 untrue words.
2 fading loves.
1 shattered heart.
this will pass.
DzulJumadi May 11
"Do you do Netflix all day long?"
Yes, but I don't chill.
See there's a difference
Between "Netflix and chill"
And just a plain Netflix all day.

Orange is the new black
Was my favourite show.
Yoga Jones quoted,
"You don't ask why people are leaving when you pushed them away."
That **** was real.
Have anyone ever in this junction before?

Reason why people hurt other people
Is simply because they are not happy.
With their life or perhaps with the other person's expectations.
They called them toxic people.
Always finding them negatively-rejected.
Humans need love.
We use things not humans.
Poussey Washington said,
"Love. It’s just chilling, you know? Kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes. And, like, not even wanting to go to sleep, ‘cause then you might be without ‘em for a minute. And you don’t want that."

Don't choose hurt, babe.
Always choose love and beyond.
One day, what goes around comes around.
And who knows that day, we are no longer around except the lovers of love.
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