Love's breakfast ...

ohh babe...
i feel you ...
as i'm seeing your now ...
listening to you soft breaths ...
seeing you naked ...
waiting for my kisses ...
to dive within me ...
while our lips dancing ...
hugging ...
and needs more than kisses ...
i feel you sweetheart ...
feel you love now ...
love you ...

sweet angel mine ...
the sun smiled ...
with it shinny lights ...
sent it's warm ...
as our warm feelings ...
needs us to start our day ...
while we making love now ...

did you got my desires ...
do you feel now ...
how much i need you  ...

come sweetheart ...
our lips calls us ...
it needs it's breakfast ...
need to get it's honey ...
which we both hold ...
inside our mouths ...
which it made only ...
for us ...
come let's babe ...
start our breakfast ...
into our warm bed ...
love you ...

hazem al ...
How can a poem begin to trend
Without any likes or loves
It just doesn't make sense.
mythie Apr 13
Dancing in the rain.
With your coat drooping off me.

You smile at me.
And it shines like the moon.

Counting the steps we take.
Every minute feels like an hour.

Your hand in mine.
Makes my whole body warm.

I wish this evening could last forever.
With your lips interlocked with mine.

Poking at the fat on my thighs.
Laughing at all our quirks the whole day.

Binging movies and sharing drinks.
Playing with your hair during a thunderstorm.

Even though the world is cold.
You warm me up.

So I curl up with your wet coat.
And dream of that night again.
mythie Apr 12
If you're a saint, I'm a sinner.
I'm willing to do anything for you.

Pools of blood drip from my wrist.
It's a spicy and agonising feeling.

You lick it all up.
Pushing me down inside you.

Love hurts like a bitch.
Guess we must be sadistic.

Every morning is a break for the wicked.
Because I lay with you in comfortable silence.

But I know that you'll let go.
Untangle your fingers and flee.

But you'll always come back.
Because without my blood you're thirsty.
A gentle breeze is flowing free
Amongst the leaves a robin sings

Her tune rings clear and floats with grace
Hewn down my fears, the sound embraced

The sweetly sung and blended notes
Are neatly strung with mended hope

A robin’s song is better still
More stories told than letters will

They lift me up and see me down
A gift of love that’s free from doubt

Her nestled sound forever perched
Has settled now in clever search


A robin’s song is never free
It’s bound by wind and
Lives in me...
jas Apr 3
looking into the past
wondering why we didn't last
all those chances i gave
all the promises you made

i should have known
all the promises you would break

forever reminiscing
thought it was you i was missing
it was always your ass i was kissing
tell me how i got so caught up

in lies
in what i thought i knew but was disguised
memories, and how i wish that they would die
like our love
so ashamed of how many times i tried

its in the past
how i wish to forget
but my heart doesn't stand a chance
past love
mythie Apr 3
I have so many worries.
That I just can't escape.
They flood my brain.
Controlling my memories.

I keep up the facade.
That I'm stable.
Happy, nice.
But I'm not.
I'm anything but.

I break down every night.
Because of you.
My tears stain my face.
Because of you.
I don't know what to say.
Because of you.

You never meant to hurt me.
I never meant to hurt you.
But in the end.
We wound up hurting each other.
We were the monsters they warned us about.

The dark clouds, wrapping themselves around us.
Only engulfing us in sadness.
So I keep on crying.
Because the more I do.
The more the dark lets go of you.

You don't know.
But I do.
With each tear I drop.
The monster consuming me.
Will eventually.
Swallow me whole.
mythie Apr 3
What defines love?

It's viewed differently when compared to every other person.
I could say love is an intimate feeling.
While you could persist that it's non-existent.

What does love really mean?

I believe love means you're willing to devote your life to a certain person.
It's an intimate feeling - but it comes with stress and fear.
But you can rest easy if you know the other party involved loves you too.

What does it mean if you don't love someone enough?

Is that a real thing?
Because I tried my hardest.
But it wasn't enough.
Salem Noxolo Mar 28
I want to be in a lilac mood
And listen to lacey lullabies
But I feel electric blue
And long to hear bands like Queen.
I don't wish for forever lilac loves
But maybe just for ten minutes,
Just so I could recognize the feeling.
But I feel electric blue
And to that I must be true.
So I'll kick my feet,
Sing my rag-tag beat,
And go on to dream of sunset yellow
And saffron stories too.
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