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jcl 7d
in late september, when summer has past and fall is here, as the sun sets and the sky blues, bitter sweet yearnings stir, as winter comes. the days cool, the nights lengthen, i long to hold you in my arms, smell your scent mixed amongst the fallen leaves, to feel your lips against mine, to taste the candied sweetness of your kisses.

i relish the coming of the cold, nights buried deep in flannel sheets, weighted down by woolen blankets, warm and snug, bodies naked, intertwined, vulnerable, safe in each other’s arms, oblivious to the world and its problems.
Seanathon Sep 11
We love the sea
For her deep impartial parts
Which demand respect and remember fear
Waving Waters - An honest series

Just one of many loves
Seanathon Sep 11
We love the heart
For how it beats aloud
For none to see and only one to hear
Pounding Heart - An honest series

From the twelve loves
Seanathon Sep 10
We love the rain
We love the night
We love the heart
We love the sea

We love the snow
We love the sun
We love the quiet
We love the trees

We love the dawn
We love the song
We love the sands
We love the birds

We love the warmth
We love the cold
We love the girl
We love the earth

How we love and love
And for a short while, our world
This is the shortened version of the twelve earthly, distractive, loves.

Each one gets its own individual poem, two of which are available right now.

Just taking my time and enjoying each one.
Shining light was burning in burst
Shattered into dark colors
Made those stars such a liar
Shooting light through the darkness
Looking for forgiveness
Too reaching fantasy in fearless
It gave me nerves
To think about someone that never loves
Seanathon Aug 27
We love the rain
Not because we can hear the sky
But that we can see her thoughts
Tearful rain - an honest series
Here is my famous recipe,
Ingredients for love, you see,
You need to slake your thirst,
Here are the elements: First,
Bring your patience kind,
Sense of humor springs to mind,
Laugh together through the years,
Sometimes there are days of tears,
But Cupid ever strings his bow,
Healing hands on his arrow,
Yes, this is Cupid's recipe,
Naughty little chap is he!
Feedback welcome.
jcl Aug 28
you set in motion, events which cascaded, your emotions imploded, descended into depression, you threw it all away. was it worth it, all the hurt, to yourself, those around you

i trusted you, let down my guard, let you in, only to have you wreak havoc, with my heart, i am trying to forgive, but the pain lingers, i can not forget, the emotional damage

i was there, your rock, tried to help, you pushed me away, self destructed, survivors shocked, after an explosion, trying to understand, what happened

i replay the end, endlessly, trying to fathom the unraveling, deciphering your words for clues, i feel helpless, i can’t understand, make sense of what happen

i pray you are happy, that you’ve found peace, have some tranquility
Poetoftheway Aug 25
Perchance it loves me too?

Vicki and patty m.

no one loves the same,
the moon, or me,
or you two too,
exactly exact,
or, especially
each other

every stream of light refracts differentiation,
rays scattered and triggering you-know-what

it is never by
always by
first glance

rays that are moon ordained,
plotting paths on the river and bay
that check my souls consternation
asking me nightly,
come walk on water,
come to visit me,
when I am a verdant blue

once upon a time,
the moon would come to me
by early afternoon, so had a
doubleheader of celestial admirable

for its plotting morning carryovers
going all the way occasionally
to afternoon sunlight,
as if it is like love
that passes
through a checkpoint,
saying, see!
a safe transition
to the east/west passageway
of your humanity heavenly inclusive

I’ve loved creatures,
human and even better than them,
feminine and masculine,
never made any difference,
for it was never a competition

my whole soul went wet,
from then till now,
when the love word escaped
my lips, troublemakers, happily,
the misery it provided was ecstasy,
made the poem solutions even better

but by now, august August,
woe within me, strong the sadness,
the end of summer chilling forces,
makes sure the dividing line
is redrawn and love and moonlight,
once inseparable,
are again fully distinct and

come September
hopefully I’l forget and I won’t remember
all the rest,
just the best of the best of
you two poets scheming,
how to enlighten the world
with blue moon words

2:16pm,Sunday August 25
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