danny Aug 23

Body so cold
But my heart is so warm,
This landscape, my landscape
Pushes my wings to keep beating.

If I feel now I would not be sad,
For I wish only to land up
the manicured lawns of Aristocrats.
I would have earned my sleep.

Raw is how I feel,
the brooks, the hollows, the trees
all seep into my mind and bones.
Utter joy and contempt, a mixture.

I should have flown away more often,
My nest in the turret was always a haven,
and natures prison,
I would have earned my hope.

Autumn Reighn Jul 23

Drain me.
Substance heavy, sedate me.
Mentally erase me.

Just like I do you.

Save me.
Emotion weary, intimidate me.
Critically hate me.

Just like I do you.

Engage me.
Fuck me over, break me.
Ironically elate me.

Just like I do you.

Taste me.
Emotion weary,
Sedate me.

Please fucking erase me.

So I can you..

A wondrous
day and night
of daydreams
and nightmares,

Haunting for
i wanted to

I wrote a lot
of piece
it's all about you,

but you give nothing
you just bring
rain and dark skies.

The habits are
so weary
seems in need
a rest.

On my
drowsy hopes,
i want to wake up
and see you soon

Lay down your weary tune
Lay down your feet and head
Rest upon my lap for the night
Wait for this long day's end

Lay down your restless rambling legs
Lay down your heavy lids
Rest the tight line of your mouth
And breathe in the evening wind

Lay down your blistered bleeding hands
Fold them upon your chest
Think of something sweet to dream
It's time for you to rest

Lay down your troubles
Tell them to me if you'd like
Lay down your heavy thoughts and burdens
I'll carry them as mine

But don't lay down for too long
Remember the night is short
I'm not here often, but here I'll be
If you're cold or hungry or hurt

So lay down your weary tune
Sing it to me before the dawn
In the warm rays soon you'll wake
And find your aches are gone.

I'd write a town into existence for you
If you'd just end my agony
And let me be

Sometimes I get so tired...
aryanalynae Jun 14




Steve Page May 15

Grandma's girlish giggle
A wink from grinning grandpa
And a burst of farts from the sleeping dog -
These raise a much needed smile
To brighten the close of my bone weary day.

Warm families make life better
Zenith May 15

In the misty hours of my consciousness,
I come to you with weary eyes and a plea:
“Come back to me, come back to me,”
I cry out, but my attempts are futile
for my suffering has pained me greatly
and though I cry, the tears are dry.
And though I call, my voice is small.
And though I love, you hate.
And there can be nothing
to stop the black coal spreading within your soul.

written 5/12/17

latticed windows
dutch homes
Notre Dame splendor
weary eyes
soft edged sweater
warm recording playing
swooping palm
candle fumes cream

I want to be on yellow
brown edged paper.

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