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Wearing out my smile
I grin once more in death’s face
How long can this last?
Desiree Sep 18
When we wake up feeling heavy and pass through time less than
We often say it's just been one of those days,
a day our hearts decide to play the song of a sad
usually the reason being unknown,
wishing we could feel more grown or stop being grown,
looking to others for the answer,
the cure,
to this longing ache of sadness, or loneliness,
confusion perhaps,
this unexplainable feeling that never fails to stop us in our
almost seeming to completely darken our path,
making it difficult to see past, when things will feel more
today's present,
tomorrow's not even going to last,
so we continue to hold onto that bit of hope that tells us
to not stray and push through all our faults,
suffocate our sorrows with our laughs,
and burn our anger with the warmth of the ones we love,
yet we continue to allow this feeling to have
enough to bring us down,
for even just right now,
we give it that right to play a part in our
heart, but then again,
I guess it's just one of those days..
Slime-God Sep 18
Have you grown weary?
Would you like to rest a while?
Shut your eyes with me...
for clarity yes, I mean bade, the past-tense of bid, not bad.
Fatigue engulfs my every ounce
With every new thing that they announce
It begins in my back ridden with scoliosis
Leaving me longing for a period of hypnosis
It shifts to my neck where the ache is persistent
A reminder of days that were not so distant
My breath it shortens to the tune of sleep
Hoping my daughter won't make a peep
Only to remember the volume of work
Awaiting my attention with a knowing smirk
Without an end to anticipate
My essence tries to bear the weight
Opening inquiries into all I can't deny
Hoping to eventually release a sigh
Colm Istoirm Aug 5
Your clouds need not seek
Just as shadows need not flee
From the falling rain
All that a running soul needs
Is to in acceptance be
A tanka for those who are tired and in need of rest. To reassure the weary that their time of rejuvenation will come. Be it tomorrow or in eternity. Free.

God bless.
N Jun 26
I cannot sleep, my dear
You see, yesterday the sound
of waves crashing inside my
mind kept me up all night

I’ve been at war with my past,
and I failed to make peace with it

Now my bed is on fire and nothing
remains of my heart but the ashes;
I beg of you don’t ask me to stay
alive for another sleepless night

Lover, I’m weary
and I long to sleep
To the girl who kept asking me why I can’t sleep.
Stop saying

No one knows
the last tomorrow,

Just do it!

What is procrastinated is never done until procrastination  is overcome.
IMCQ May 2
The words left unsaid.
Words deep within the hallow.
They smolder with an intense heat.
Demanding change.
Demanding freedom.
Demanding validation.
Its flame tearing into me.
The rasp of its scream deafens all rational thought.
I, the fool, stumble in its direction.
As the words ring aloud, I find myself
Ashen and burned.

* * *

The stillness of your voice.
Unfazed by the violent blaze.
Your expressions permeate like spilling tides.
Granting tranquility.
Granting patience.
Granting pause.
The waves wash over me.
Soothing tones give way to a clear conscience.
You, the faultless, guide the weary.
As you speak, I find myself
In the presence of peace.
Hear me.
Heal me.
monica Apr 10
too lonely to beat
too painful to bear

hold on tight
and make it right

take off the mask
and let them watch

they are the judge
to make things right
Allyssa Mar 21
Running was never new to me.
Different places,
Different people,
Unfamiliar smells and unfamiliar buildings.
When things became too familiar,
Recognizing street signs,
Familiar names,
Memories and places etched into the back of my mind,
I move again.
Pain is an ever accompanying acquaintance,
A travel partner that never fails to remind me that I am,
In fact,
Always running from something.
Weary bones
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