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must you wander elsewhere,
selfishly could ever seem,
may you instinctively
seek for me.
Mrs Timetable Jul 2023
The blur of grey
I felt it as you snuck up on me
Trying to hide from it
Should I show you my face
I'd never seen that in you before
You fumbled your words
Watching and waiting
I'm not brave enough
I'll wait till you are
Have you ever had a dream you cant explain, maybe only in pieces and it still makes no sense? Sounds like hide and seek.
Crow Jul 2023
within the walls of torrid days
where broken glass of mem’ry lays
on wine red floors by Sol emblazed
reflecting time in shattered rays

the golden house where passion bloomed
and craving raw two lives consumed
each kiss in auric light illumed
with camellia each sigh perfumed

in stucco rooms the heat we bore
through afternoon to evermore
and took no guilt to answer for
with whispered gifts on fevered shore

the salted air from sea reclined
on posted bed with we entwined
who sought the depths of joy refined
through cloudless days of love enshrined

now on cold streets like empty hall
where shadows reign and echoes fall
do sky and sun in grief recall
two souls conjoined two hearts enthralled

there I search for vine wreathed door
where all my life has gone before
for you alone can ere restore
this banished man to summer’s shore
I still remember.
The feeling of my heart exploding inside my chest with every thump.
I can remember my own emotions emptying into my body like acid
I just lay there and cry, ask “why”, moan and mump.
Never putting back together bits and pieces of my heart caused havoc
Emotional warfare. Back and forth.
She struck, I would strike.
So many half conscious actions to play her game when it too, degraded my worth
I was on a heart seek binge, for her love only, thinking, hoping one day it would be right
5 years later I decided to venture into my love-ridden heart and construct
Design a blueprint to reinvent my heart better than before
Even better than before all the scars, all the wrongs, all the obliteration
One that would convince my mind to make choices that were unconditional
If I’m to do it it’s because I would do it again and mean it each time
A heart that can be the guiding vessel I need everytime I’m losing course
Leading myself on a heart seek binge for my love only and a better love to come
I will remember
The connection of two hearts is the purest form of nature carrying itself to manifestation
Isaac afunadhula Dec 2022
There is a place like home
Far way from this land of mine
A place so distant yet close to my heart
It's a place of beauty where I  long  to be
With everything that's full of splender within the delights of  His existence
Yes it is place only  for those that seek after Him
Indeed there is a place like home
Far away from this land of mine were the saints live forever.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2022
If you are
Seeking Moon
Then you are
Seeking me

Here I am
Said she

Then I....

Simply adore
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Sensory delight
Author's Note: Since ancient time
Road to the heart
Start with a talk
My Dear Poet Jan 2022
Don’t hide your words
use them and speak
Don’t bury the truth
and play hide and seek
Come out, come out
from wherever you are
Don’t hide behind lies
and be found a liar
For ready or not
the truth will come when
there’s no place to hide
and they’ve counted to ten
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