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[note: contains words which intend to offend, but Jesus isn't one of them. ] That's the bomb shelter if you ever read...

What if books were fun
And fun were good.

We could use words for fun, but

first, do no harm.

It's Okay

Life's such a book, you know. Like a book you know
like some people know 1984

or claim Proostian wit beyond the environs of Dooblin

It's all about finding joy
And enjoying guiding
Finders who lost all
Out of the maze, the fly out 'the bot'le,

Amazed atheists facing

Cold hard truth

No, joke, man, pulling your bling.
Out of the maze every body sees
In alienable un alien able right
Clear as day. Everybody.

(is there some cool new way to say
Comprehend with solid understanding
'side jes dig?) wentwiditdigit

Can you dig it digital retro key
Pre Pac man dude this is sir real

No ****. What else can you say/
Can you dig it, way down to the
Bottom grunt that was agreed upon
To use for containing one
Idea. Only one. Any more than one,
You are inviting confusion into you mind.
He can't come in without your invitation,
But when he does he'confuse the life right outaya.
**** strait. And a good thing, too. Times
Like these I find bumping into walls
Comforting, like
Everytime I hit the wall
I find the wall and the word
"few there be"
Finds it's way into me and I grin.
God it is good to be alive this day
In the narrow way
Far from the madding crowd
We may spend for ever with,
Grace being grace.

Yew E-ternal Sec Cur ity?
Why, yes, I am, if you mean
Am I eternally secure,
Oh yes, I am then and now
Let me say
If you sought to prove me wrong
You might wear a crown some day

Still whether instability of soul were
Even possible post mortality
We shall see what we shall see
You must love your enemies,
Whether you made them or not.
They got here some how or
Possibly, some why, but
We must deal with them as we
Would be
Dealt with.

Yessir. Shouted the experts in war'round
About King Solomon's bed
Off wit'therheads.

Dodge that son, it's an old Alician trick.
Victorian, I believe. War
At the height of its glory.
Shame, so much remains when
It all should have washed away.

Who teaches war? Is there a reason any more?
Aren't we who God says we are or are we who
They think we are? Well,
They just might happen to be writing their part
Of this book right
Now and may
Be realizing peace's price's paid.

Jesus, what a handle, eh? Easy to hold on to,
Once you get a grip on good.
After that, what can we tell you?

The truth, what else is there, and more abundantly.
Living words.
I wrote this a year ago, took off some edges and found it holds water, still, after a while.
Did you know me

Did you know me when I knew you , back then

back when

none of this was real but we felt it

could be.

If you knew my type,
my sort o'critter
from under a
shadow of
a rock.

Von Neumann said you need not accept
responsibility for the reality

others imagine you in, or
something like that.

But, if

there was a then when I knew you,
then I know how to
take action
wave my hand
swish, besom of de struction
con structuring
com panions, company of ---

no, there is no such

being appearing needed,
what's missin' for this

Feynman, make a tool.
Ramanujan, right the algo rhyme
Count as reason all the sets of infinite things
as we see. As they be, with no seeing being done.

Re, same vocalization as Re, the big Kahuna
in Egypt, sun god, crazy family,
senility and drooling
rulers. That Re

sounds just jest jist like rey ray re, eh? and
re is the oldest word we

link to the idea of reason and counting.

Come, let us reason…
Re, eh,
that counts. Counting positions now
away from then in any direction.
beta test re quire

That's for your protection.
Bubbles have edges for that very first reason,

keep the inside in and the outside out.

Feelings every language can name,
are those not spiritual things
being influential as they may?

Should we, you and me, let feelings reign
the realm?
****** your qualms awry.

My realm,

I took responsibility. Von Nuemann, meet

my machination. It grows and grows and grows,
breaks are mended,
edges tended,
the meekest of us make peace for a living.

But, if

there was a then when I knew you,
you know how this came to pass.

War as an idea, counted me out, worthless.

I was drunk and he who drunk
was you. ..

back when

none of this was real but we
imagined now would
prove the point, one way or another

Life makes us,
we, who knew then,

did you know me when I knew you , back then?
remember knowing, this

is the big show, the one that counts.
Von Nuemann machines were intended to act like living things. There were experiments. Surely, you are joking, Mr. Feynmann inspired my meandering muse.
Ken Pepiton Jan 14
{a mind game during intermission}

there were reveries recorded while telling the tale.
the teller was taken up, some say,
at the throne, say others,
in the spirit, others still

thy will be don on earth as in heaven was bound to be done

once, upon a time, very similar to this one. We had clocks aware of all we counted or qua n-tuple times pi is as fine a guess
as ever has been made, since the first fortythree.

We have so many things in common. Tuples and Hitchens survival for one,
and I have my integrity integrated despite the ergotic episode of daring/

A property of continuous dynamical systems that is the opposite of ergodicity is complete integrability.

From <> ]

What? You missed that? I dared you.

do you feel odd? irrational? pyramidic-pi-eyed?

Wait, we need a date,
then, we syn crow own, oh god the hieroglyphs include all types of idle words

we need order, C# or, no, no, no
all things are possible
this is the quarkish


Play again, kid?
Just playin'.
Alle Jan 12
they tell you to
seek what sets your
soul on fire,
but i have searched
for so long
that nothing is left
of my soul
but ashes
XyL0S Jan 11
Why can't I trust you
to answer
the same question Tt Ww Ii Cc Ee,
When I think we're
       °               c      
r      ° u   m ° b
°          l °    in
°             g
?      ?    ??  ?

Am I not enough
even when I'm bleeding cold?
A smart person
Is not because she is one who knows alone
But one who knows
Because she learns.
I don't feel the title's just right
Bryce Jan 11
Finally, that we may be all at once all at once, when the coil is unwound and exhausted and begins to cool
And the corneal fillaments glaze into placid glass marble lakes, reflecting the small spurn of the world they held

That our soul should be upwelled
To the lapping stones of Valhalla, to be arisen by great arms and carried to our tableplace
To jest eternally of the great disgrace...

And woe of our whales, lost long afar
And the men who hunted them incessant
Pleasently warmed and vibrating with the humming mumble of the upper yards,

Worn travellers return to tired halls.

And sing,

"Hei do Yey-- be come what may,
High winter hünde beheld at bay
And Yeh they feed in rare reprieve
On souls of such we will not say.

Hei do lum-- what will be done,
What valor hark thy martyrdom
Upon thine breaths and storied crests
Upon thy tomb, thy charter won

Hei do ill, ye sum thy will
To heed thy lands upon the hill
Down back from whence thy kingdom lent
The battle-horn, heard she so shrill"

And I confessed,

Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
the attention I paid
you paid
I meant
these were the last lines

Worthy one, I paid too dear
truth to tell, when no truths were mine.
I sought.
I asked.
I knocked.

Enter into the joy of the being who governs you.
Whose kingdom we have made ready,
into tu corazon, eh.
Where a man's core is, there's where
the dragon guards the hoard,

the hero in your mythtical meander

Wise ***, as an actor in my play, is your roll real?
Am I mad, or are you a mind
I imagine answering me
because you saw the
angel with the sword?

Jesus. Really, that was the door I knocked on.
He opened.

And long ago, a quest was taken,
is my first answer a lie?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Every gaijin's first koan

The answer found in the sound
of one hand clapping is
in the sound
each makes
as each claps

swish, swing, and a miss,
that one hand was not clapping, or
the other would have helped.

Clapping calls for both hands,
to clap, neither asks the other,
stop me from failing to
imagination, see the sound
the effect one hand
clapping with another and
in the middle of the motion
the sound of one hand clapping
The intention to make this sound
calls another hand
to clap along
sing a song, appraise the worth
of knowing the sound
balanced against making
this sound of one hand clapping,
keeping time
to swishpering shuffling feet
dancing in the sands

a value scale must balance on a point,
weight and worth must meet
at that Hermetical metal river side
Twixt all of this in all o'that.

point made and taken.

Is this the meta game?
Your next koan.

What is the measure of worth?
An exercise in rewriting. I would sure like to talk about why poets do this. WOuld you join me in a youtube discussion about why?
myrrh Dec 2018
Infinite universes spoken of in a finite verse
It's an injustice of the one's life's lack of justice; one's curse
There's a means of escape with no desire to pursue
When torment keeps dawning, you let it seek you
It's not beneficial to erase the weight on your ankles
When you're free falling into despair regardless
Chris Dec 2018
Seek it and Don't resist it
Say more
Seek it and don't resist it...
Fate..Say more

Except for people you can't save.. Mislead yeah..
The rhythm and diamonds off
And there all flamed up

Don't need em to make a hit
Metaphor Metaphor
Let's run this ****..out..

No weary rest....
Unless ending it
They are who
U should be fine.

Off with the wicked...

Cause in the minds mind mind
Yeah that's right
I'm in the middle

Now you should accept the fact
This is how you reach the stars now..
If ur sure they serve the mark
Ill show the passion...
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