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Moonwriter May 6
Things in life aren't the
brightness diamond imageable

                                                             Sometimes it's a smelly marker
                                                         moving from corner to corner, like
                                                                  my poem right here

My life has been full of light
and dark times were I needed
to see the light

                                                          But not everyone can help you
                                                            reignite the light with in your self

So like most I and others
would have to help ourselves
to find that lost spark

                                                          Cause not going to lie other can
                                                   help to find the one burning spark
                                                           that lives within most hearts

And it takes one moment in life
that can help you through a
dark storm

                                                       It's taking me awhile to find this out
                                                              but you should know that

Your passion can be reignite by
the hope in heart warm heart
One spark in life can change the hold board game. Or the people in your life
can change things, you need to find or look for them.
Lee Aaun Apr 3
those whom you love
if their eyes seek somebody else's sweetness
then don't feel sour
because it ain't a betrayal
it's their choice
to see someone by their side
when they open eyes in the morning;
somebody whom they love
isn't you wish the same with them?
but always remember
only one of you
will get a chance to be with someone
since your love is one-sided;
they don't know about it
will you sacrifice it
to see them happy with someone else?
hard choices to make
fariha Mar 30
in the silence,
i can hear something is shattering,
but it’s not the glass,
from the table,
nor from the kitchen,
what is it?
its turning into dust and debris,
all over the place,
but blinded by eyes,
and silence at mouths.
Lee Aaun Mar 10
when you will seek peace
and you will find it in your pieces,
it's the real peace
peace is in your pieces
David Beltran Feb 27
I found myself aboard a midnight train,
I left Salerno for Milan
listening to Her for Five Minutes,
Simon used to sing this song.
Come si chaima?
She asked as a drug's side effect,
Soft grin and all she may not have spoken French, Spanish,
nor English but music is the universal language after all.

Love in retrospect like a butterfly effect,
Sua, Cinque Minuti.
a quiet smile,
between laughter and silence
filled her face.
She came from Verona, to visit family,
I came to see the city where God met the Sea.
Lui dice, l'amore che non ti aspetti?
Her voice, a dream complete,
the universal language in tones and  beats.
Galileo of Galilei finally free,
my heart a quivering seat.

I expected to fall asleep,
but mistakes you don't regret,
an angel's voice inside your head.
errori di cui non ti sei pentito, è amore, non è vero?
She said, as rain translated words obsolete.
love is something you don't regret.
I don't know her name,
but all I need is five minutes,
to feel her voice in my imbibition,
a reminder of a midnight train precognition.
Thank you to Simon and Victor of Her, dedicated to the memory of Simon for his amazing work on his short time here. To Victor for your incredible voice on your Colors rendition, helping create a moment on a train. To Isa a beautiful reminder of experience when you venture out to seek discomfort.
Strying Feb 18
the call of the void.
I may not speak French,
but I seek the same:
existential freedom,
endless darkness,
eternal peace.
writers note ab mood: I really feel like my anxiety is getting worse despite a week off of school.
Mark Wanless Feb 10
the answers we seek
are within as the questions
that form in our mind
He is a great master
I don't underestimate him
He tells all sort of stories
Declares some true
Makes people believe in them
Contrary to what he preaches
"If you believe, you don't know
So don't believe
Seek to know the truth"
Does he believe in his stories?
Or has he lived those stories
Every character, every setting himself?
What he preaches, latter should be his case
How many can seek and realise
During this birth
It's anybody's guess
Seeking is not so easy
It takes many births
According to scriptures
He refers
Till then shall we live and die again and again
Without belief?
He talks of Shiv Purana. He talks of Adi Yogi (Shiva). He talks of Saptarshi. He talks of Adi Yogi disseminating divine knowledge - 112 ways of enlightenment - to Saptarshi. Did he live to see the story for himself and not believe anything? Did he travel back in time? Or does his enlightenment encompass everything at once to know what's true, what's not true?
Without belief
There's no beginning
Without need
There's no action
Your mother's womb
A safe haven
When you come out
You believe in mother's
Love, affection and protection
As you grow up
You learn by believing in others' instructions and guidance
You believe your teachers
Books and books' authors
You believe history and historians
Newton and laws of Newtonian physics
Einstein and his relativity
To know everything
You don't go ab initio
Do research, experiments
You believe and believe
To proceed and progress
In the process doubts ingress
Further investigation and research
For further progress and success
Before finding anything
You must believe in its existence
Begin with believing in certain things
To give your hundred percent
Before seeking any truth
You ought to trust procedures, methods
You can't seek God
Without belief in Him
You believe and seek
To realise Him
And know what you believed in
To seek, you must believe
You must believe to seek
This poem is antithetical to the fallacious propaganda by some: "Don't believe, seek".
Don't believe
You tell
I follow you
I don't believe what you tell
I don't believe in "Don't believe, seek"
I believe
I don't seek
So in following you
I don't follow you
A following non-follower!
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