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ky Jul 22
Sometimes, I think I really loved you
but fell out of love.

Sometimes, I think I never loved you,
just felt like I should.

Sometimes, I think I loved you all along
but knew it was best to let go.
ky Jul 22
You were like a little kid looking to buy a new toy.

You picked the expensive one because it was
shiny and pretty and new,
but you didn't have enough money.
So you settled for the cheaper toy
even though you wanted the other one
so much more.

Eventually, you were happy.
But you still dreamt of that shiny toy
every time you closed your eyes.
ky Jul 19
I never knew you.
You never knew me.
We never met;
this never happened;
it was all a dream.
(And I'm finally
Roman Pavel Jul 18
I remember when I first saw you, standing firmly in the doorway.
Your hair glistened and glimmered in the air, as you, made it across your way.

You were beautiful and bold, but I could not bring myself to say hello.
You had my heart in a hold, I knew I could never let you go.

I spent an eternity thinking, of how I can lure your lust.
Until confidence came sinking, from a kind fellow, in drugs we trust.

We danced that night. And I made you feel excited.
Under the artificial light, we merged as one, our paths united.

The next several years became a blur, as we went on our world tour.
Diving into the depths of our emotions, we flew across the vastness of the oceans.

We lived through pain, and sorrow.
We grew through regret and shame.
Gifting each other our intellect to borrow.
Maintaining one another’s lit flame.

We prospered, dare I say it, we thrived.
Our souls fostered, our spirits, combined.


But, In the end, my heart was broken and my virtue shoved.
Those final words were never spoken, and now
you’re just someone, I once loved.
I've poured cement
On a love
That will never surface
Hoffaesque: Like Jimmy Hoffa
Mark Toney Jun 10
dawn's bitter echo
weeping willow’s silent wail ...
misting eyes beseech

painful memories
I should have begged her to stay ...
mourning most mornings

Mark Toney © 2023
6/9/2023 - Poetry form: Haiku
Mark Toney May 7
loss of a loved one
treasure precious memories
allow tears to flow
do not isolate yourself
focus on faith and blessings

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
5/6/2023 - Poetry form: Tanka - Mark Toney ©️ 2023
There's not a sun that rises by
That dulls her opulence
For every day my heart beats on
I fancy I'm her prince

My ardent lust may never cease
Mind, heart and soul know this
Black rolling waves with curves so soft
Sign in winter solstice

Indigenous blood with values true
Her traits my soul extols
With duties carried both out and in
She stands firm heart, firm soled

Soiled sanctity is not my wish
For once, and just this once
Entombed in full by your embrace
Your enraptured, enamored dunce
Megan Oct 2022
i wish i never let you leave me
i wish i talked you into staying
i wish i wasn’t so courteous
i wish i confessed my love like i had planned
instead i held my tongue
i knew you had made that decision
i knew i had done you wrong
i knew i wasn’t deserving of your kindness
i knew i wasn’t strong
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