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Why am I turning my heart into stone?
Trying to wash it off everything I've known?
Why am I suppose to beg for you to stay?
Isn't it dragging me far from the right way?

How can I begin it all over again?
How can I live along with this pain?
How can I try loving someone new?
When I know that Someone isn't You.

Why are you making me realise I've grown?
Why am I craving for the one I own?
Why am I expecting from others the ease?
They aren't the one who needs to be pleased.

I'm Sorry! I won't be able to fall over again.
With the same feelings which drived me insane.
I'm Sorry! I won't ever be able to forget you.
My Love won't be same for that Someone New.
Arke 4d
I saw you last night once more
golden waves cascading
down your shoulders
we lived in a tiny log house
on the ocean
like you've always wanted
a cozy space for us to write
the windchimes whistling
watching Disney movies on VHS
a cold winter night
our faux-fireplace on high
keeping warm with body heat
fields of vanilla and spring lavender
ocean salt in the air
my fingers on the small of your back
you killed me quietly and said
you wanted to break free
I didn't mind dying by your hand
I hated waking up
There's a certain something that I really can't express
The passion that I feel for you leaves me quite distressed
A passion I was sure that I could no longer feel
A passion I try to tell myself isn't really real

There's a certain melody that keeps humming in my brain
The tune that I can't strum out is driving me insane
I can't put the chords together, hard as I may try
The only sounds I can form are a grumble and a sigh

But there's a certain thing contained in a barroom glance
A certain shocking feeling that leaves me quite entranced
The stolen looks across the room really say it all
Knowing that a tremble in your hand is what I saw

There's a certain speech I've got that I have rehearsed
There's a certain part of me that must say it in verse
There's a certain inner voice that just won't let you go
There's another part of me that just can't let it show

There's a certain part of you that sees exactly what I see
There's a certain part of you that sees only me
'Cause when your hand lays upon mine, I see it in your eyes
But then we go back to leading our very separate lives
after all these years
it still haunts my dreams
main street happenings
still hidden away
i awaken shaking, sweating
wondering why i can’t let go
rarely thought of by day
but always visits at night
one day i will shake
this relentless shadow
this restless specter
this damaging presence
What the fork is going on
We argue all knife long
The table settings a froze
What the fork is going on
Can't we at least spoon
A ladle here, a ladle there
What the fork is going on
We argue all knife long

Logan Robertson

There were many a night it rained and the weather outside was fine.
Is that you my little tigress
I see you
So covert
In oranges shaded in black
Peeking through the blades of grass
Your eyes darting at my movement
We're both in this jungle
Called life
On this last visit
You tiptoe closer
Your eye candy melting
Vitamin C runs amok
My heart beats past your orchard
I see your teeth
Whiter than the piano keys
Lined hungrily
Sharper to take me to mill
But it's that tounge
Carrying a war of words
From your  tundra you bring lightning
My feline is hurt
Am I to prey
You let out a roar
Forsaken are the trees
The ground bellies up
In sync
Your words  
Carrying me lower in debt
Change will be  sparse
My pockets empty
Of heart
My eyes, like the mist
And wander away from you
We cried that night
The moon and stars having a front seat
The ushers of fate not to be
A buzz
With Cupid arrows
In the feet

Logan Robertson

Your writer loves to use play on words, homophones. For example mill-meal, thundra-thunder, feline-feeling, prey-pray, foresaken-shaken, debt-depth, sync-sink, like the mist-dismiss, not to be (a bee) a buzz, Cupid arrows in the feet-in defeat. I do remember that night. We both worked at a small hotel. It was the last face to face. It rained. It stormed. I sought better weather. When I look back, and my heart still thinks of her, maybe my thinking was clouded.
MissingKid Nov 26
i'm hurting inside
my heart is breaking
you think you're a fuckboiii
you think you're a bad person
you want to be "gone"
you feel like you're not worth it
you know how i feel?
you're hurting
you're in pain
you're scared
you think we won't last
I know you don't trust me
you blame yourself for it
i blame myself too
i'm scared
i'm in pain
you wan't to be alone again
i don't blame you
you feel

i wan't to hold you while you weep
i wan't to be in your heart again
i wan't to feel your pain
i want to kiss you all better
i want you to trust me
YOU, YOU YOU!!!!!!!!!
Dear lover,

I finally found the foundation I thought I’ve lost at your grandmother’s house during the summer,
It was where you told me it was,
Inside my luggage indeed.

Along with many other things that I haven’t seen in a while such as
My guitar pick,
My jewelry,
My camera,
Your hoodie,
My hoodie really.
My hair brush,
My seashells from Revere beach,
And a bunch of pictures from us that I never wanted to throw away and I never will.

I put them all in a drawer next to my bed,
The drawer closest to my head,
The drawer that I never open because there is a valentines day card turned upside down,
I refuse to see the massage.

- Dear friend,

I haven’t called you in a while and I’m sorry I disappeared,
I don’t want to bring you down with my depression,
I just don’t think I should add anything else to your plate,
And I’m sorry if I did.

I think I made a mistake,
And I need your help,
But I don’t want your help,
Because I don’t deserve it.

I hid the keys from my drawer and I forgot where I put them.

Now I don’t have access to my most valuable items,

They’re not lost,
I never lost them,
I never threw them away,
And never will,

I just can’t reach them.
I can’t reach to you either,
That’s funny.

- Dear guy that follows me on Instagram,

Your pictures really attract me,
I know that beautiful things can start with just one like,
So I liked all your pictures,
And you liked all mines back,

Is this going somewhere?
Should I slide to through the DMs
A simple "hello?"
A concerning “How are you?”
A heartbreaking “Hey”
A disappointing “I’m sorry”

And that’s why I never wrote back,
And never answered the calls,
And made sure that you knew that I wasn’t going to,
And I didn’t
But now I am.

- Dear stranger,

I love how we vibed for the shortest
And I think that’s a sign for us to vibe longer.

Wanna hang some time?

And if you don’t want to that’s fine,
I get it…

I don’t.
I don’t get it.

I want to hang out with you,
I want to be with you,
I want to be able to like your pictures and not feel that I’m annoying you,

And I want to be able to feel something beautiful when you upload a new picture.

Instead of feeling a sinking hole form right in the middle of my rib cage
Swallowing my heart and my bones,
Feeling that they're poking my lungs,
And ripping them apart.

I can’t breath because you’re gone,
You’re not the guy that follows me on instagram anymore,
So I can’t call you that,
And you don’t want me to reach out to you,
And I want your help,
And just your help,
Because you’re the cause of my mistake.

I can’t call you a friend,
Because friends don’t let other friends cry on their own,
And they’re not cold when they go to the hospital for attempted suicide,
They’re not cold when they beg them to not hang up the phone,
They’re just not cold.
And you are,

And it’s my fault.

- Dear stranger,

I found the keys to my drawer.
I’ll send you back your hoodie.
my phone
still rings your name.
Though I wish I could explain
this inibility to refrain,
boy you still remain
in my silver picture frame.
Clear in everything,
my life; your domain.
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