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I stand defeated in my virtue,
For the ones I cared for no longer care,
In my misery lies some satisfaction,
That they found, and with it, how to better fare.

I stand defeated in my beliefs,
For the ones I loved no longer love,
In my mourning lies some relief,
That they devour, like a mourning dove.

I stand defeated in my conduct,
For the ones that trusted no longer trust,
And in my loss lies some salvation,
That they incurred, and with it, friends rust.

I stand defeated as a man,
For my lover now, left betrayed,
And in my grief lies buried my love,
For her thoughts for me, forever mislaid.

I stand defeated with my feet buried,
For the ones, my dears, have gone afar,
And in my defeat lies the truth,
That they digressed, letting doubt ajar.
Francie Lynch Aug 15
I took up biking down past your street everyday.
I hope to spot you walking towards or away;
What would I do if you spun and said, Hi.
I'd get unbalanced if you looked in my eyes.
I remember how they turned red when you cried,

     Just leave me alone. Please leave me alone.
      I once loved you when we lived in our home.
      I'd have done anything when you were mine;
      Just leave me now and I'm sure I'll be fine.

This ride can never end for me.
I'll  pedal past the street haunting me.
I'll keep my head down as my wheels flee;
But I'll gaze in my mirror in case you call out to me.
Francie Lynch Mar 2015
I'm immobile
As my dentist blathers
On events and people
That don't matter.
I'd rather he just
Get IT done,
Leave rants and jokes
And silly puns
For one not in
His dental dungeon.
Today was his crowning glory,
When he'd finished needling me,
Before he filled my cavity,
He suggested
I see a cardiologist
To fill the hole
Found in my chest.
stillhuman Jul 17
I dreamt of you
letting go
and because
that had never happened before
I woke up
I've kept you in my hands for so long I had no other space to grasp new things.
I let you go now in the box of my memories
muteD Jul 8
Your face seems to be all I see
whenever I close my eyes.

why does he haunt me?
a ghost of love we never truly had,
how could I miss it?

Memories flash through my head
like daggers to the chest.
Wounding me seemed to be the target
before our first encounter.
To gaze, unbothered,
at something so innocent
while envisioning
how to bring me to my knees.

did I love you? or did I love the idea
of you loving me?
I’ll never truly know
because you are a ghost
of my past.

and ghosts don’t answer questions.
my ghosts never shut up though..
Laura Coulton May 10
The thought of ‘the one’ has overtaken my mind the past few days.

Is my person
The boy I met on the coast,
Wind swept,
Ocean eyes.

Is it the guy I found
At every house party,
Every single one,
And made sure we kissed each other as much as we could while using the excuse of alcohol.

The man who took me into the garden,
Onto a power box up the road where it was quiet,
And took my hand,
Ran his fingers through my hair,
And kissed the breath out of my chest?

I think I know.
Not hate,
Loss is a more apt opposite.
I don't hate.
Euphoria is distilled to misery;
Happiness trickles into sadness;
Delight drips to deflation.
Nope, I don't hate.
I'm lost, Love.
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