If life were like Internet history
I wouldn't be here
And neither would you
I'd have deleted us from my history
And never seen you again

If life were like my email
I'd have endless lists of friends
Following me everywhere
Asking how my day was
And being "always there for me"

If life were like Spotify
I could hear what I want
And skip what I don't like
A song for the day
To carry me through it all

If life were like Facebook
I wouldn't be sad anymore
And you could move on
Once it all becomes "complicated"
Afterall, I can just delete it later

If life were like a video game
I could be the best
And you the worst
Because I couldn't fall for you
If you were only pixellated

If life were like an avatar
I could shape you up
To be the perfect image
And when I get tired
Just delete you like you did me

If life were like a video
Your voice would play on and on
Forever in my mind
Until I eventually realize
You pressed pause and I never knew

I want to dance with you again,
Before the light descends;
Dance, the troubadour sang:

     Dance me to the end of love.

Place yours in mine,
We'll wind with time;
Repose your head, close your eyes,
I'll hear you breathe another goodbye.
Can't you dance with me again.

I'm spinning off this elliptic world;
Holding the dark side of my moon,
Orbiting 'round this star lit room.
Waxing on the upbeat,
Waning on the down,
Dancing on a gyroscope,
Through phases round and round.

I awaken, tapping toes,
And humming in the after glow.

Yes, I danced with you!
Did I dance with you?
I didn't dance with you.
And never will again.

Leonard Cohen: "Dance Me to The End of Love"

So many details.
So little time, it's essence.
Winter comes to soon

I've always felt too much, too fast
I fall in love too easily, heart gone in a flash

Sometimes my emotions are a sudden storm,
A flash flood, flowing viciously
Everything happening at once,
too much, too fast, too many
And then

It stops.
The water recedes and the clouds go away
But the sun doesn't shimmer,
everything's just,

I feel numb.
And I feel stupid.
Clinging to the debris of myself,
Trying to put one foot in front of the other
As I remind myself, over and over
It's okay, it's okay, it's

I don't laugh like I should anymore.
Too many heartbreaks that I faked laughter through
I don't know if I know how
To not fake a laugh.

Miss Me 6d

How can I find love
    With all my broken parts
It is not true
    That my eyes haven't fallen upon it

To whisper a love's name
    Brings such excitement
But once I see upon it
    I find myself broken once again

To each and every man i have ever fell for,
I am sorry.

The pen rambled across the pad
To write something untrue
Yet mind and heart did seldom see
When the pen hid it's rue.

Mind could think but heart would long, for
Insidious days to part
Yet pen would foster spilling of
Blood from the wounded heart.

Verses written in sparkling red
Couldn't sort the haze around
A poet caught in the vicious fray
Wouldn't want to be homebound.

Prashant Shaurya ©
All Rights Reserved

Today I saw you.
You drove past me medium speed.
My heart dragged along

Break. Heal. Scarring
Break. Mend. Scar.
Break. Pretend. Scarred.

Leonila Sep 7

It's okay...my love....

The fire of amber tones consummate this season
The breeze rushing swiftly as the leaves begin to fall
And it's with much trepidation I write you these lines
As this tempest of hailstones has affected you and I
The blazing flames of love can't extinguish the cold
A massive boulder of space that stands between us
Something's changed what we had and how we were
Would I like to believe that we could metamorphosize
As the process from a cocoon, caterpillar to a butterfly
Such is the profound prayer in this heart beat of mine
But time drives a sinking wedge in these lives of ours
Your love for me seized, it seems you've outgrown me
I accept this and that life and time are full of changes
It's okay....my love....
You'll live forever hidden in the chambers of my heart

©Leonila 2016

Leonila Sep 1

into a vast infinity of darkness
do you dismiss my love for you
not caring in the least about me
plunging me into a massive void
this empty space of a black hole
and I'm lingering in the universe
my life a leaf fluttering in the wind
past the milky way I'm spiraling off
gravity that's your calloused heart
oblivion destination eternally you
shining like the brightest of stars
high in the bodies of constellations
in the heavenly of cosmos like god
comet unreachable forever you are
far in the galaxies and deep of night
the moon shines her consoling light
she knows the heartache of my plight
my astronaut won't set foot on land
he won't join ethereal dreams tonight
the man whom I love and can't have
why oh why couldn't I win your love
© Leonila 2017

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