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When we first met I’d write you love notes
Leave them scattered around your room.
When we first met I would stay up all night laughing, not yet tired from the lack of sleep.
When we first met every time you kissed me I could feel that you loved me then.
That was what seems like forever ago.
Terra Levez Oct 18
Is it my fault that I love you
Is it so much so my fault
That you need to try so hard
To make me unlove you?
Don't worry
I'm trying too
Tina RSH Oct 13
600 feet up in the air with you
Battling gravity tooth and nail
"No strings attached” you say

While my soul has already nestled  
in your arms
There comes an incoherent yell  
Of an old friend from beneath
Her alarm attempts to tickle my ears
Yet I’m held to your heart too close
To care for anything
Other than the melody of your pulse
"No strings attached” you say.

Aye- agreed!  
What holds us together is a chain
you must know.  
Looping itself around us both  
With each twist we take
In your whirlwind of passion
Every tiny particle of space removed
Locking us together- as one
“No strings attached”  

You murmur into a deaf ear
Hurling my soul out of your lap  
At long last.

600 feet downwards I’m shot
Like a bullet out of a ruthless gun
Landing in wrong hands  
and wrong beds on my way
in mid-air,suspended
In dreams spinning

Now I’m fumbling in my heart  
for the rusty chain  
That held us together  
The old friend too yells “No strings attached”  
My chest is empty
You must have pulled at my heartstrings..
🖤 :)
Lomlom Mizo Sep 30
May the rhythm of the stars lulled you to sleep,
And take you where the sky turns the colour of one’s dream;
And Into the labyrinth of the heart that beats for you.
The forest shall echo with a song,
About a girl who once walk on the moon;
And fall!

#lostlove #echo #hurt #pain #love #moon #stars
Dom McDo Sep 10
What’s up
Lil buttercup
How’ve you been
What you been up to
Never know this how we’d end up
It’s been a minute for me at least
You were my cup of tea
So what’s tea
How you feeling bout me
Since you’ve been without me
This ain’t even about me
I just hope you see I been miss you
Those beautiful brown eyes
Yeah I’m think bout you
Social media tell me lies
Since I’ve been less social with you
Seem like the stars don’t shine without you
Just think back say we were meant to be
Funny how we had it under lock and key
Coupd up in the house on sum locked up ****
Sun don’t hit the same since you went missing
Bottom line “I miss you “
You told me then that communication was the issue
No longer going on bae-cations with you
Absence makes the heart grow
And your absence has only started to make my feelings grow stronger
You told me then that communication was the issue
No longer going on bae-cations with you
Absence makes the heart grow
And your absence has only started to make my feelings grow stronger
We grew further and further apart
I was starting to think you blocked me
Part of what I’m saying is Do you still think about me ?
Like I think about you
I been feeling blue
Since our last link
Think I really caught feelings
Who knew
We all have that someone we miss
kai phox Sep 5
dear lover,

they asked me why i loved you, but to be honest, i knew more than i wanted to. i always would state that i didn't know, because it had felt like my heart knew more than my mind did-- that my body knew more than i could ever fathom. when my words fail just like dreams do, the question echoes-- why do i love you?

is it because of the way you put your forehead against mine, or the way you **** me and revive me with just the utter of my name? your name makes me dance. watch me twirl to your music even in your silence. your love is the most beautiful, horrid tune i've ever heard-- i'll dance in your flames and let my one-sided love burn me out. one match lit lover and oh my stars, look how i shine for you.

i exchanged wishful words with the meteor rocketing across the sky, "can you send my love to him? oh please, shower him in my celestial kisses and burning body. oh, how i wish i was you, so he could watch my skin glisten and gleam and gaze upon all my glory. maybe he'd call me beautiful once more and taste the air that i currently reside. so far, yet just an inch closer. oh, selfishness doesn't compare to my nightly despair! watch me die and be reborn as the brightest heavenly body so he will look up at me and know that i am here-- watching him and protecting him and loving him-- a star is as close as i can be to being his angel.  my love as the heavenly fuel for my radiance, he'll look up at me and think of my name. that too much to wish for? too much to aspire for!? don't you know that one-sided love is like an unclaimed, cold planet aimlessly orbiting around the sun? awaiting for a warmth that will never come?"

the shooting star didn't respond and left me with the pregnant silence of my own melancholy. if the star were to speak, it'd tell me that i am nothing more than a mere fool who loves gently, but is never enough and too much all the same time; a sweet treat gone sour and a future cavity.

so why do i love you so dearly, so deeply? is it because you hold my hand and stare at it with such gentle eyes? is it because of the way you light me up, tickle me, and make me guffaw until i have tears and pain in my side? is it because of your tough exterior that melts away like bittersweet chocolate when we are alone? is it because of the way your eyes soften when you talk about your interests? is it because of the way you say i'm your princess? is it the way you made me feel so beautiful and smart? is it because i felt like your equal? is it because you know exactly what i want? is it because you know me-- really know me? is it because you are my mirrored image in the flesh? or am i clouded by the delusions of what we could've been? all of this, dear heart, you are no good for my health. i told you that i didn't want anyone else when you exist and how there was no one like you to which you replied "that's not true."

you lied.

i'd rather you have died than to know you left gazing upon another with those same eyes. the same love you gave me is tripled and poured into another's chalice; torturous couldn't even begin to describe my pain. i'll rip my eyes out their sockets with bare hands that you once have touch than to defile them with the sight of my lover with the Delilah of a woman-- she will be your downfall as i am praying on it. with your name shouted as my religious mantra, you are my most divine, sweetest disgrace. you are an abomination amongst peers and an apparition that slices the tendons of my wrists and heels in your love's absence. reading through old messages and reminiscing about the way you used to speak to me-- i used to be a woman you said you'd worship at my feet, but you'd fallen for a power far greater than mine.

with her around, i will always be last place.

a flash of purple light roused me from my slumber and i thought i saw you--i promise you, i did. your silhouette haunts me so...our messages, our words, our laughs, our tears, all our 'ours' gravelly whisper in my ears. i fought against the pools of brine, that eventually won the battle, as they fell from my eyes. i cried out and begged for you tonight. i am nothing but a pawn in the ultimate war of life; love is a losing game of chess and you say, "checkmate."

i know that if i were on my death bed, ill and lame, all it would take were for you to say i love you one last time and even god would be witness to your miracles.

history books may not know about us nor will they speak on us, but i will remember you.

i may not know why i love you, but i do know how i cannot live without you. you are not mine, but i am yours-- always and forever. my king, my world, my darkness, and my light, i love you. speaking of you in the past tense is the most painful, yet glorious experience, for i can't wait for the day you are no longer on my mind.  thank you.

with love and grace,
dlfleurival Aug 24

I apologize to you without knowing my fault
Without the sense of you not wanting me to respond
I’m careless, persistent & overbearing
Because I decided to act impulsively on my feelings
It hurts
It hurts to know I’m not what you want
I’m not
You are everything I want
I didn’t know you weren’t ready to talk
I know too well what that means
You’re moving on without me
I won’t disturb you
Or try to touch your happiness anymore
I’ll vanish beautifully as you wish
Contacted them today. I was the last person they wanted to hear from.
Mei Aug 14
Forget about the
tarnished pages, tingy blues,
tattered memories, ties severed, a love that died long ago.

Papers stained of sweaty inks, tear scented poetry,
someone lives
between the lines-
Don't let a poet fall for you if you don't want to hear yourself in every scribbled notes she writes.
Hayley Jul 26
Memories of you laughing brings tears to my eyes
I miss you with my whole heart, I wish this pain would die
How could you leave me?
I thought we were in love
I wish you’d believe me
I don’t want this to be done
You’re so beautiful to me, even when I’m being rejected
I want you to come back, I need to feel protected
My soul is so empty, but it’s holding onto hope
My body is tight, like it’s covered in rope
I want to relax, deep into your arms
Please come back, I won’t do anymore harm
Nad Simon Jul 25
Well now this is sad and tragic
For both of us to hear
You and I at cross purposes
Ever our fate, my Dear

I just found your correspondence
Last letter that you sent
It was, I think, the final time
That you called me a friend

It was in a pile of papers
From my old mother’s house
With other cards and notes you gave
Back when we were devout

I will use these words to explain
In a way you’ll never see
That this miscommunication
Gave a wrong view of me

You sent it at a year or so
After we were finished
Within its words I sense your hope
Love not yet diminished

I think you may have mentioned it
After you came back home
When I once tried to talk but you
Walked by and wouldn't slow

A mutual friend spoke of it
Some two decades ago
And I was mystified because
I simply didn’t know

I didn’t recall the letter
Forgotten its receipt
But when I found and read its words
I recalled its described deeds

Your letter was at my mother’s
‘Cause I was injured bad
I’d had surgery and meds
With healing to be had

I received it in the doorway
Of my home at college
I tore open with alacrity
Falling from my crutches

I read part of your note that day
Then stuck it in my bag
Packed your other notes and cards
To fix the hurt I’d had

After my knee operation
Sitting up late at night
Unable to sleep sound because
Meds made my heartbeat slight

I recall being sad one eve
In Mother's modest home
Watching her little poor TV
Reviewing your slim tomes

In your letter, amazing lands!
And magical far places!
And one hundred mile per hour
Motorcycle chases!

Such experiences you had all
Through Europe’s bevelled plains!
But I in healing poverty
Felt sore lament and pain

I could not join you there, at least
Not for several years
Did you even want me to try?
You couldn’t know that fear

Your family was very wealthy
It’s hard for you to see
The lowly circumstances
That were the start of me

You never knew how bad it felt
My inadequacy
To give you that magnificence
That you deserved to be

Poor upbringing was no issue
For your generous heart
You never held it against me
Never pushed us apart

But it caused misunderstandings
From worlds so different
And my worries about it too
Increased how much it meant

I read your letter ‘til I saw
Your plans a year away
When you said with hopefulness
You’d move to Greece to stay

That is on the note's second page
I never read page three
‘Cause that's the point when I just knew
That you were lost to me

If I had read a bit further
For a lover's redress
Was hid a small request you made
In false casualness

You sought a call for your birthday
Bare affection from me
The letter asked for that action
A simple courtesy

Your year away almost over
You were soon coming back
I was thinking about restarting
And fixing what I lacked

Like truth serum the meds would have
****** away all my fight
I’d have called so quickly
I’d have called you...ev’ry night

My Precious Girl, I’d have called you
There’s no way I wouldn’t
Healing slow on a pleather couch
There's no way I couldn't

I used to wish for your number
I was so ready too
I’d been pondering what we’d had
And I still wanted you

You were badly hurt thereafter
There was no getting through
Your broken heart gave a verdict
And THAT's when I lost you

It’s a tragedy in our lives
As that was your last sign
Of my lack of real love for you
And fickle boyish mind

It rankles so much in me now
Since that’s not how it was
It’s just one of those fateful things
God’s little joke on us


A Happy Belated Birthday
For now and all your life
I wish you joyous contentment
And love that’s free from strife

But I know something deeply in
My bones and in my soul
I know I would have called you if
I’d read your letter full

And I’d have wished you way back then
A Happy Birthday too
And I’d have told you on that call

How much I still loved you
This, unfortunately, is a true story as far as I can piece together from a quarter century later through medication-addled memory. This was a pivotal moment in my life, and I did not realize it until recwntly. Life is full of ironies and sliding doors.
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