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s Willow Jan 11
The darker armor
on the stand.
blood dripping
clenched in it’s fist.
sushii Dec 2018
when my eyelids close
you flit away
again today

when the sky darkens
the devil unburdens
giving all his sorrow to me behind the curtains

when the night is deep
the angels sleep
and with their consciousness goes the secrets they keep

when it begins to rain
it marks the return of the pain
eating away at my brain

when you hear the start of the etude
on comes the solitude
and you find it awfully rude

and when i'm done writing this poem
the colors will fade away
all of the hope sinking into the gray
for when it's typed and i can lock the box and put it away
i will have to return to a day of dismay
lia jay May 2018
we speak them,
but do we always mean,
what we speak?

they can brighten,
but, they darken as well.

they are complicated.
is it easier just to not,
speak at all?


— The End —