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Traveler Sep 14
Beneath the tears
That bleed fools dry
The eye of Ares dwells
Peering into eternal night
The darkest blackest ****
There be found
The wretched bound
Trapped within their dream
Whispers of madness
Within their ears
All shall be redeemed
Traveler Tim

This pretty little witch taught me this, try it!
Repeat aloud to cleanse
Evil spirits from houses and homes....

Seriously I wrote it!
madameber Sep 13
when their words stick
in your flesh like pins
do not blame your skin
for its tenderness,
how could you know
they’d make a doll
of you?
and choose a frame
you’d never take
contort your body into
something fake
a likeness too uncanny
to be true.
but none of them
could have foreseen
they’d taken on
a voodoo queen,
let them play dolls
while you play
with their souls
and turn the lights
out on their games,
take back your face
reclaim your name,
hold your hands high
and let the pins
fall where they may.
"Bitchcraft is a contemporary grimoire for femmes and women of colour to heal and protect themselves against all the woes and plights of this world."

In other words, once upon a time wonderful friend Miriam took a short story of mine and came up with the idea to design a gorgeous spellbook for university project (and believe me, it is gorgeous). I had to come up with six spells, and well, this is what happened.

the rest will follow.
Carolina Sep 1
Illuminated by the moon.
Her whispers come to me.
I show her that I listen,
I'll prove her that I see.
In a white summer dress,
barefoot by the creek,
with my loose long hair
and my soft pink cheeks.
Almost midnight time,
stones, herbs and tree barks,
kneeling on the grass,
going over ancient marks.
My silver hoops sparkle
and I begin to recite
a beesech to a force
unnoticeable to the sight.
Developed energies.
Astral effect;
my state of mind goes higher
so my wish I can project.
I feel its presence;
It thickens the air.
The wind blows stronger.
I can feel its piercing stare.
I command you my will
and I order you to bow
as I start to float inside the circle
baring my tar black soul.
The moon is still there,
up there in the dark sky.
It giggles and whispers:
*You belong to the night.
Nicky Aug 9
And there she sat with her little black cat and her cauldron of herbs and spices
Book of shadows in hand, perfect spell planned, her magical aura entices

So it be, good luck she'll see, taking her darkness away
Bless her soul, keep her whole, lead her to brighter days
And into the universe it goes, energy far and wide
Patience needed, till the spell has succeeded and on happier days she'll ride
Traveler Aug 7
Solomon indulged
In the witchcraft of poetry
The magical rites of nature
He broke the yoke
Of wasted hopes
And became a woman chaser

Words form spells
The seeds of dreams
Dark verse light
The earliest memes
Songs of songs
Building grace
Magic is attainable
In the Poet's case
Traveler Tim
She is a magician
Mastering, how to disappear

Till the next act
Genre: Observational
Theme: Lifechanging moment
I took the seeds from an unknown
to plant one day, near the lake
And now they sit in the darkness
of my jewelry box
worthy of more

I take the seeds and follow gravity's pull
to the shore
Birds and insects moan
as the sun sets into the acid black
Colors entwined with the moon
burn in pink fury

I wait twelve minutes for the sunlight to disappear
the curve of the moon's crescent glowing
Heavy perfumed winds tickle
my ***** arms are prey to the icy spring chill

In the dark I bury my old dried seeds
deep in the soils of earth
I chant a timid song to the moon.
surrounded by magic patterns

I spell the seeds to mingle
root in oblivion, rolled in earth
I give them hope, a potent magic
and perhaps, they will grow
into something more.
I gave a prompt on allpoetry.com where I challanged everyone to write a poem about a memory or dream using these 16 words.
Seeds, Clue, Pattern, Acid, Oblivion, Moan, Gravity, Perfume, Curve, Twelve, Worthy, Prey, Wander, Entwined, Fury, Lake

So I wrote my own and this is it.
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