Love will not set you free.
If a man really loves a woman,
He will  become
Her devotee
And worship her like  goddess.
It is known that
"The Truth will Set you Free"
So, if a man
Sends an honest letter,
Expressing his true feelings
And authentic thoughts.
To the woman he loves,
It's n odd combination
Of Liberation and Devotion.
He's not really trying to
"Make a Good Impression" with her,
At the same time,
He's showing his Devotion to her.
Nicky Aug 9
And there she sat with her little black cat and her cauldron of herbs and spices
Book of shadows in hand, perfect spell planned, her magical aura entices

So it be, good luck she'll see, taking her darkness away
Bless her soul, keep her whole, lead her to brighter days
And into the universe it goes, energy far and wide
Patience needed, till the spell has succeeded and on happier days she'll ride
Traveler Aug 7
Solomon indulged
In the witchcraft of poetry
The magical rites of nature
He broke the yoke
Of wasted hopes
And became a woman chaser

Words form spells
The seeds of dreams
Dark verse light
The earliest memes
Songs of songs
Building grace
Magic is attainable
In the Poet's case
Traveler Tim
V Exeter Jul 26
If it were true that
I am divine, well,
I'd eat shit.

I eat it, & with
fiber between these
smiling teeth.

If I am full of excrement,
why should I let you
feed me?

I'll have my trash compete
up against your debris.

If I am full of shit,
why should I let you
enforce my

I'll shit.
Simply to spite you.
If nothing else,
why suicide?
Sadistic glee may
replace the arthritic pains
in both swollen
hands if you murder,

I'll shit.
She is a magician
Mastering, how to disappear

Till the next act
Genre: Observational
Theme: Lifechanging moment
I took the seeds from an unknown
to plant one day, near the lake
And now they sit in the darkness
of my jewelry box
worthy of more

I take the seeds and follow gravity's pull
to the shore
Birds and insects moan
as the sun sets into the acid black
Colors entwined with the moon
burn in pink fury

I wait twelve minutes for the sunlight to disappear
the curve of the moon's crescent glowing
Heavy perfumed winds tickle
my naked arms are prey to the icy spring chill

In the dark I bury my old dried seeds
deep in the soils of earth
I chant a timid song to the moon.
surrounded by magic patterns

I spell the seeds to mingle
root in oblivion, rolled in earth
I give them hope, a potent magic
and perhaps, they will grow
into something more.
I gave a prompt on where I challanged everyone to write a poem about a memory or dream using these 16 words.
Seeds, Clue, Pattern, Acid, Oblivion, Moan, Gravity, Perfume, Curve, Twelve, Worthy, Prey, Wander, Entwined, Fury, Lake

So I wrote my own and this is it.
maya Mar 5
For however many petals I've picked,
For however many spells I've wicked,
For however many clocks I've ticked,
For however many needles I've pricked,
I still think about you.
I still think about you but not in the same sense.
moon Mar 3
A clock ticks time,
A heart beats fast.
Her mouth whisper spells,
she couldn't cast.
The lies lie down,
beneath her lips.
Loving a man,
for his blood.
They were cursed,
under the full moon.
Blood for blood,
death in love.
For when I remember I used to write poetry based on fantasy.  This one tells a love tale between a cursed witch (her) and a grim reaper (his) .

Skaidrum Feb 23

*Full Lakota moon,
unzips me from her womb &
dismantles this love.
Of the haiku series
iii. spells

© Copywrite Skaidrum
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