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Kyle Oct 15
Don't let other people define you;
Don't let the fear of perfections and failures;
Hold you back.
You will make mistakes;
But that is a part of growing.
Be who you are;
Don't give up.
To all the people who are losing hope,
Never quit, You can do it!
Romaisa Abbas Jul 27
If you reach out to Him, He will.


One day you'll see,
He will bring you alive.

He will mend your broken heart,
He will open up your eyes,
He will make you see,
The beauty that you yet cannot
He will open up your ears,
To listen to chirping birds around,
The roar of the sun, the calling of the truth,
He will make you feel,
The warmth that surrounds,
The smiles of glee,
He will make you understand,
Ill-fate follows,
Only if you believe it to be,
He will have you notice,
What a home your eyes have made out of dark,
How accustomed they have become,
How the shine of their own, is suffocating now
Gradually fading, wasting themselves away
He will then fill you with courage
To accept, acknowledge, and find a way out for thee,
And in this very dark of mortal world,
He will take you by surprise,
He will show you,
How your gleaming eyes,
Were all along, the very light.

Only that if you hold onto it,
You will have enough,
To navigate through this murky mess,
And make your way to the eternal lightened world.

And one day you'll see,
Amidst this misery and pain,
He will bring you alive.
He Will:)
Aubry Jul 19
If i could write the world a song
it would start with a drop
all pray for it never to stop
the people would join in on the melody,
they would all belong
every word that was uttered would make you fall in love
no one would be waiting for heaven above

there would be no insecurity,
no violence,
no doubt

There would be nothing you were living without
it would make you start wanting to live for today
and let you get over the fears of yesterday

when the song would end the world would stop
it would no longer feel like a ticking clock
the birds would still sing
and the wind would still blow
why the song ended no one would know

but from that day on goodness would flow
through the wounds of the people, the world used to know
this song would show how its ok to fail
but if you keep on singing you'll surely prevail

so don't stop singing my wondrous song
because believe it or not you DO BELONG
Broken Echo Jul 13
Falling away

The edges crack
They break

Slipping through
Losing all we held onto


Trying to swim

Deeper and deeper

A battle within

Fearing death
After a life of sin

An unforgiving goodbye

Trying to survive in a world thats falling apart. Almost seems impossible. Almost.
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
The prince of the
A land whose up is down
Had a hammering heart
A noise that won’t quiet

Shunned and despised by
the rest
He clawed endlessly at
his chest
Until his heart gave its
Last beat
And he slept forever in
Achick Jul 1
I am the lady with a purple fingernail
I can be your safe haven if you want me too
I will fight your battle along side with you
If you’re  not ready to fight that’s okay too
I promise to encourage you
I promise I will never leave you
You can say anything to me
The good
The bad
The ugly
It doesn’t matter
I’m here for you
You don’t have to be beaten and bruised for me to encourage you
No matter what,  I’ll open my heart to you
I can be your pillar of strength
Or your silent ear
You don’t have to trust me right away
But I’ll always believe you
If you see me on your journey
Don’t be afraid to show me your true feelings
I will accept you for who you are
Scars and all
We can count them one by one
Or sit in silence and wait for your voice
I promise to be gentle and patient
I swear to you, I will always be in your corner
It’s a lonely and cold world out there
I swear, you don’t have to go through this alone.
This is my vow to you
If you need me I’ll always be here for you
No strings attached
Just me and you

I will fight for you
I would die for you
You may not know it
But I already love you
If you need me, I’m here just inbox me here or on facebook
Zack Ripley Jun 1
these days, shining a light
In the darkness
Is harder than it sounds.
But don't give up.
There are still people
Looking to be found
TyeniWrites May 28
Every morning, the sun reminds me
Just like it
I can always rise again
I may fall but I will not stay down
My days may be dull
But everyday I will rise
Until one day I will shine bright
Just like the sun
jules May 18
to the brave warriors
who reach deep within
their souls
turning darkness into
something beautiful
and whole

to the emotional empaths
who feel things
speaking their truth
wildly embracing

to the poets
who self-doubt
fearing they’re
not worthy:
the world would
not be the same
without your journey
jules May 18
embrace the demons
that lurk beneath
the shadows of your mind
and turn them into
beautiful rhymes

your mind is poetic
and so is your soul
never stop writing
turn your darkness into
something beautiful and whole
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