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ashw Nov 2023
Daydream my day away,
I can't wait;
Maybe two good things will coincide.
Hawley Anne Aug 2023
This empty seat is for the addicts,
who never made it home.
The ones who lost their battle,
on a long lonley road.
Gone but not forgotten,
we keep them in our hearts.
We remember them in silence,
and the knowledge absence imparts.
They sadly could not win the war,
the one that raged inside.
so I know one thing,
   I know they really tried.  
So please dont judge the addicts,
you do not know their fight.
Just pray for peace to their souls,
lost silently every night.
Raven Mc Chim Nov 2022
I love you
Though I didn't tell you properly
I don't know when it started
My crush developed into love
But I don't mind if you don't love me back
I'm glad that I found a good close friend with that I can share all the things  roaming in my  head
You know the things that I didn't dare to tell anyone
So, never doubt yourself there are always people who love you dearly.
Loving a person is not a crime. Don't hesitate to express it. Don't think you don't deserve love. You deserve everything in this world, even though you are a disappointment to some people
Kelsey Sep 2022
Dont give up
On the real you
Just because
Others thought
You were
Someone else
Rachel Gosby Mar 2022
Don’t give in to frustration, stand above it.
Our mistakes tend to make us stronger.
Yes, depression may weigh you down at times.
Our plan will get interrupted.
Our hearts get torn into many of pieces.
Just don’t give up.
Things will get disorganized at times.
Health problems may occur with time.
Bad situations may try to come in between our plans
Our enemies tend to come out of nowhere.
Just don’t give up.
Even when others don’t believe, you must believe.
Fight the urge of giving up.
Even when bad memories try to ruin your day.
When it seems like the rain won’t stop.
Feeling overwhelmed may seem like it won’t pass.
Just don’t give up.
The pain maybe unbelievable at times.
When fighting the Tidalwave gets too hard.
When all you hear is whispers all around you.
Just don’t give up.

We can’t give up, because that is what others are expecting for us to do so. So, let’s work together and fight even harder.

Don’t Give Up...
Lainey Sep 2021
This gift called life sometimes seems like the unwanted kind
and you find yourself trying to be clever, tape it back together.
You don’t know whether to complain
so you refrain from saying  “Hey, this is not what I put on my list”
and so you miss your opportunity to speak your truth, to speak your pain.
But see, it’s never too late to call it out!
Your story is about your chronology, there is no expiry for being real about how you feel- your authenticity.
So take the gift again and know that it doesn’t always have to be about endless happiness and joie de vie.
The gift is the journey, not all paths are paved. Not all angels triumph nor all sinners saved.
Hold fast to hope, knowing that it has no end and your true gift just might be revealed around the bend.
Kimiko Jun 2021
There is no safest way to face your own darkness and pain
Running from it won't help, it will always catch up to you one way or another
Hiding from it will only eat you up inside, for its the silent parasite that pretends to be passive
You are a lot stronger and braver than you think
You are beautiful and wonderfully made
You don't deserve to cry all your life, you are much precious than that
Pain and sadness is Only a "part" of your life, its not the whole picture
Identify the things that is keeping your from being happy
Bring it to the light by laying it all down through a prayer
For only God knows your heart better than anyone
You don't even have to say a single word for he knows what you need
He Loves you more than anyone could ever love you
For his Love surpasses all understanding
He sees you beyond your failures, your pain, your regrets and incapabilities
For in His eyes, your are always "Enough"
Khaab May 2021
It felt like a nightmare...
I laid in a dark room...with no door
Just a ray of light falling on me through the window
Making me feel like...the only star in the universe
And the other day....the window was smaller than before
But I did I laid on the bed the whole time
The days flew if they had got wings
But...made the window they went by
A hole was all the name of the window
so weak...I couldn't even reach
out for the last ray of hope with my hand
The window was gone...the hope was gone...
Not even a quark of strength was inside me...
to collect some light for myself
I laid there...paralyzed...on the bed
It felt like...a never ending tunnel with no lights
As I began to forget the colors of the sky and the flowers
I had lost myself...infinitely lost
It was getting hard to breathe in there
Until one day...when I got chained to the bed
the radio was broken...just silence...biting me hard
the air filled with sadness
laid there...hugging me all the time
My heart drank poison everyday
As the pain was unbearable to take
My voice got trapped in my throat
My own words choked my neck
Couldn't even shout...or ask for help
I just laid there...all the a living dead.
I apologize for this kind of poem as it has no hope or positivity...but I just felt like sharing the condition of mind during depression.

This is my it is inside the mind...when a person is depressed.
The dark room with no door is the mind, The window which gets smaller with passing time through which the light enters...are some of the left positive thoughts that vanish as the person gets more depressed.
And the chains are the negative thoughts...that just don't leave.

Depression to me feels like getting trapped in our own mind...but it's okay...i guess if someone is trapped...just please ask for help...because nobody deserves to live in we all have a motive to's hidden...let's find it!
Mel Gadd Mar 2021
10 years ago you left this earth
10 years ago you died
you quit breathing
and I continued
you no longer smile
or cry
10 years ago you stopped living
yet I continued
and now
I gained eternal life
a life that was meant for you
and now
in everything I do
I can only think of you
and when I remember that you are dead
sometimes I wish
that I was you
this is a poem i wrote two years ago while I was in the hospital. at that time i felt like there was no hope for ever feeling joy. I just wanted to die. However, i am still here and am doing so much better. i have found happiness. even if there are still moments i cant see the light, i can always know that I'll find it again. so if you ever feel like giving up, keep fighting. work hard and you'll make it. there is always hope.
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