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May 20 · 61
I watched them all fade away
I saw the moon,
The stars,
And the planets
Hover around the galaxies
Searching for something
Something we’ll never understand

Under the water
They go wherever there’s trouble
I hope I don’t drown when my ship sinks
It’s scary to believe
That the worst could be a possibility

I live in my sin
Like everyone else
I’m constantly running
But I’m running out of time
For the redemption I desperately seek

But I know you
You’ll be there past the expiration of my time
You control the heavens above
If believing in you is a risk
Then you’re the only exception

I’m no longer afraid
Of what I’ll never know
May 3 · 145
I know you’ve been searching for something
A step forward with a million to go
But it’s alright
You’re closer than ever before

All my life,
All I wanted was attention
So much to be consumed by it
Let my ego soar
At the flow of the light of the uncertain
Towards the end of the universe

In my mind
That’s the only way to happiness
In your eyes
I’m delusional and disconnected
Far away from something genuine

But when I’m alone
I feel so far away
My thoughts become consumed
My heart becomes corrupted
If only you knew how to cure this vanity
I’d spent all my dimes
To be brought back to reality

I pull the tides closer to me
I’m more than a shining light
I play games with gravity

I know you’re sad when I’m completely gone
But just wait for the heavens
To run amok
Light always fades
But the darkness shows my true colors
Watch me go
As I overshadow the cosmos
Apr 21 · 141
Seeking for sunlight
I found my own bright star
But it glowed too bright
It burned too fast to ever last
I’m glad to have met you
But sad to see you go
I wish there was an alternate dimension
Where you’d stay
But everyone needs to move on at some point
But at this point
I’d rather be selfish and not let you go
But it’s not up to me
We all need to see our future
I wish I could see the skies in black and gray
To be impartial to my own dismay
I fell apart, but I’m not broken
Not yet, I won’t allow it
This is just a stumble
In a long race against time
And when I move on
I will also have to let you go  
And escape the black hole
Apr 18 · 107
Light years away
You can find what you’re looking for
You feel like you’re trapped
In the same routine, it’s monotonous
I know
But life has its responsibilities
And if it didn’t
How long can you hold for
Because it takes time to change things
It takes effort to do things
And it takes passion to be patient
For you’ll never know
What the future holds

Some look for happiness
Some look for love
And others wonder
What’s up there up above
The clouds hold the truth
As the sun spills its secrets
The Earth spins round and round
To keep you safe and sound
We are all walking paradoxes
Waiting for our turn to be relevant
Light years away
I hope you’ll find what you were looking for
Apr 11 · 108
Butterfly butterfly
You fly so high
You fly without hesitation
That’s at least what I see with my eyes

Animal animal
That’s the wish I had as a kid
To morph into anything
Whenever these toxic people
Came running
Only to put my happiness at risk

To the oceans I went
To swim with the otters
To the poles I went
To look fly like the penguins
To fields I disappeared
To run for excitement
To escape the bad memories

But for a moment
Just some small moments
Being me wasn’t always that bad

Animal animal
You were there at the low moments
And for that thank you,
You’ve been very kind
Mar 28 · 141
Rising star
You shine so bright
As I wake up from my long slumber
I can’t help to wonder
What’s the world been up to

The days go by and there’s no lapse in time
I’m closed off to the world
In fear that I won’t be accepted
For who I am

I rather blame everyone
Than confront my own demons
It’s easier that way
To live in denial
To live in delusion

I mourn the death of my old self
Living in the past is so exhausting
I try and I try to move on
But who the **** knows
When my time will arrive

I wish I had the ability to change
If I don’t love myself
I’ll just morph into the societal norm
I’ll just be somebody else

I’m cheated of happiness
I’m cheated by my own mind
And I always wonder
If someone out there
Will ever love me
Forever love me
But the night brings darkness
And it’s time to close my eyes
And wait,
If tomorrow will ever come
Mar 22 · 27
Too many times I’ve fallen
And in those times I felt defeated
The weight of it all
Keeps growing and growing
And I tell myself
Is this what I deserve?

I try to grow
From all the pain
If I just sit by and let time go by
Will I regret what I left pass by?

In the end
One can only take so much

Could this be the end?
Mar 18 · 147
The bad dreams
Have me falling off the deep end
When will time resume
And kick off this weekend?

I see the planes fly by
And I just spend my time
It’s you or I
What’s my demise
Could it be my feelings

I’ve been running my whole life
What’s the point of it all
Or are we all just dreaming?
I try to decipher this life
I try to comprehend
I try to find a meaning

But this is bigger than                                                             ­                Both you and I

I’m hurting on the cellular level
Where are you,
How are you feeling

I just want to say Goodbye
To my ****** old self
Let them rest, let them rot
They were never part
Let them fall this deep end
Mar 5 · 159
My eternal light
Illuminate my path
My eternal meadow
Fill my life of colors
My eternal love
Fill my heart with joy

Because without you
The night is bleak
The fields don’t bloom
And I lose hope

I know you seek warmth
From this cold world
I know you seek meaning
To this dull void
The ennui is getting old
And as we try to move along
We get bored

I grasp to reality
Like my life depends on it
I grasp to hope
So I don’t lose my composure
My mind races
Ten million light years to go
And there’s no finish line in sight

I need to breath the air
I need to feel the sun
I need to touch the water
I need to hear your voice
To bring me back to Earth

Only you
Can make time cease to exist
Only you
Can make this word small
Only you
Can bring happiness to a lonely heart
And only you
Can make the sunsets beautiful
And the stars align
But for now let’s just take it day by day
The future is an enigma
It was always meant to be kept that way
Dec 2019 · 283
Sergio Esteban Dec 2019
Put your faith in me
And so will I to you
Lean in my dear
For time and space is infinite
In our own world
The atoms will expand
And the stars will glow
But if we don’t make it
Past the first galaxy
Some things were never meant to be
But I’ll chase this feeling
Until I exhaust my options
And until then we will know
If Eternity is meant to be
Dec 2019 · 54
Sergio Esteban Dec 2019
It feels like I’m lost at sea
A sea of insecurities
Fears, and disparities

I live in the past
To not look forward
I learn to love my comfort
They way I see the days go by
Complacent in time
I drown myself within my own sorrows

I wish I had the confidence to move forward
Baby steps never hurt anybody
Or so they say
When I’m reluctant to change
Even the smallest steps
Feel like Jupiter’s gravity has pulled me away

The high seas
Keep me from looking at my own potential
I can have a million fans
Guiding me towards the right direction
But in my state of mind
I’m so fragile, I’m so weak
I forget the resilience I’ve built from the past
It’s nothing more than a distant memory

But hold up
There’s no right if there’s no left
There’s no East if there’s no West
And there’s no We
If there’s never Me pushing against the tide
It’s hard work
But there’s no change
If you never give yourself the time
It’s a zero sum game
It’s just part of life
It’s just,
A part of life
Oct 2019 · 213
Sergio Esteban Oct 2019
I took the time to know you
You took your time to know me
But you once didn’t exist to me
And neither did I to you

The winds always change
But the skies will always be blue
But if your world turns to grey
The clouds will move on soon

The Earth cries in periods
It’s natural for its growth
I wish I could wipe yours tears away
But what is happiness
If you never know the truth

Reality can be cruel
Reality can be sweet
Reality can mean anything
It’s your life for you to keep

But my reality is you
Wether sweet or sour
We might be in treacherous waters
But I’d rather fight the storms with you
Than live in ignorance of your existence
Because storms pass
And rainbows glow upon the horizon
Life goes up and down
It was never meant to be linear
Oct 2019 · 182
Sergio Esteban Oct 2019
A trillion stars
Glow the night sky  
A trillion grains of sand
Stand beneath my feet
A trillion thoughts can never define
What I am,
Or who I want to be

I flew to the sky
Looking for ecstasy
I traveled the world
Now would you travel with me?
Leave your problems for a moment
Let’s defy the laws of gravity  
For this life is only temporary

We are all strong
In our own way
And we are all weak
What’s the endgame?
Time is relative
So take your time,
It’s your life,
Go at your own pace

And when you’ll hold my hand
You’ll make my roses bloom
My heart will run on jet fuel
Zero to a million in twopointsix beats
Things will never be the same
But what’s life without a little change
Sep 2019 · 228
Sergio Esteban Sep 2019
Oh falling star
How you fall without me
A perfect world among the many
Yet I still take you for granted
If tomorrow never rises
And we spin out of control
It’s all my fault,
For never understanding
The complex schemes
That complete your world

I live among my flaws
My greed
Won’t allow such luxury to love myself
Better you than me
To be consumed by this fallacy
I won’t allow the cracks on my walls
To show the mess behind me
But you can’t lay your righteousness
When I fall apart
When you hide behind your walls
Just like me

But nevermind the past
Just focus on the future,
Just focus on the now
Because the day we forgive ourselves
Is the day that we defy gravity
And all the anomalies within our world
Will make sense
Jul 2019 · 232
Sergio Esteban Jul 2019
Of all the things
That I can be
I choose to mope around
And wait for things
To “let it be”
Sometimes I contemplate
Wether this life is unfair
Everyone gets second chances
While I just sit right over there

I’ve gone to search
For something new
But my imagination
Puts me in Jupiter’s many moons
I’m overzealous of things yet untouched
I wish that I could see
Like the Hubble and its keen eye
But not even a team of experts
Can cure me from my obstinate personality
So I let your records play
To the tune of my gloomy days

I can see the universe and its anomalies
I try to comprehend this world
But I can’t for the life of me
But I don’t need to if you’re ever by my side
Knowledge can be power
But love may never die

So when I’m overwhelmed
With what I don’t know
Let’s take a trip
To all these parts unknown
Where all the lizards can reside
I want to go
Let’s watch this sunset
For tomorrow is never known
May 2019 · 662
Sergio Esteban May 2019
Oh ocean eyes
Where has the current taken you
Deep in the waters
You drift through the waves  
Relentless it seems
But hold your breath
For greener pastures lay ahead

Oh forest eyes
If I fall for you
From the tallest trees
It’s because I love the sight
Of the evergreens
And the soil from which they grow
I can feel it on my soles
There’s no better feeling in the world
Oh Earthen eyes
The steps you take
To make things better
The winds that change
And take you away
You roam free like never before
You are the one that cures
My soul from this misery

Oh my eyes that fill the void
Deep in space
Secluded from the universe
I think of you, when I’m alone
You remind me
Of how I use to see the world
But I’m here blindsided
By the vices of this world
But I can feel your energy
More than ever before

One day I’ll see your light
Where I can fill this empty heart
Time will come
And time will go
But I wait for the day,
Where I’ll see you
Past the realm of this world
May 2019 · 266
Sergio Esteban May 2019
Luna del cielo
Alumbra mi paz
Luna de mi corazón
Siempre serás
Porque tu luz siempre trae mi paso
Y por ti camino mis pasos

Luna de mi vida
Nunca jamás se acabará
Por mi amor a ti
eterna será
Y si las nubes te llevan
Por un tiempo
Te esperare
Porque mi luna bella
Siempre serás

Moon of the sky
Light my peace
Moon of my heart
You will always be
Because your light always brings my step
And for you I walk my steps
Moon of my life
Never again will it end
For my love to you
eternal will be
And if the clouds take you
For a while
I will wait for you
Because my beautiful moon
You will always be
May 2019 · 164
La Vie Dans Le Monde
Sergio Esteban May 2019
I follow my own path
And if the world rejects me
For who I am
Let them have their laugh

I focus on what I want
Things may not be easy
But easy things don’t really last

The world keeps spinning
Regardless of who you are
Going slow or going fast
We all have our own pace
Don’t compare,
It’s not fair to yourself

You were meant for this Earth
Even if things don’t seem that way
Sometimes our vision may be blurred
But there may be a lesson to be learned
Love yourself it’s a truth untold
Follow your path,
It’s a life of your own
May 2019 · 1.2k
Sergio Esteban May 2019
I try to be true to myself
I want to be free
But when I show my courage
It reminds me of who I turned out to be

I bleed the colors of my pride
But I hope I don’t lose to much
Or I may fear for my life

I want this simple life
I long for simple times
As you left this Earth
I wish I didn’t have to cry
But it was a shame to let you go

I did my best to make things right
I searched the havens and Earth for you
But I just needed to give your time

In the end
It was just the two of us
After I have exhausted all my foes
The pain I caused for satisfaction
Wasn’t worth adding to all your woes

I’ve only thought about myself
For my devotion has been fickle at times
Life is a long game of chess
But when I felt like it was time to be defeated
You helped me see past this test

Now I wait
And I don’t know
If I’ll ever see you again
You’ve touched my heart
And made it for the better
I just hope I don’t lose my way
Because if it’s too late
I’ll surely lose it all
But for now let’s enjoy
Right now, today
Apr 2019 · 258
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
The birds fly so high
The fish swim with pride
And forever more
When I look at the ocean and the sky
I think of you
Regardless of the height of the tide

Warm waters catch my dreams
With you in all of them  
I take a nap at the beach
And I never have to worry
For the moon keeps me at peace

I follow the sound of the waves
Melodic vibrations
Decoded by my brain
I can feel your love
Past the realm of reality
This isn’t a delusion
Your love is more apparent than gravity
Apr 2019 · 258
Who Knows
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
Who knows when this world will stop
When the winds will change
And my heart will drop

I live this life knowing  
Only what I’ve learned
Whether good or bad

It’s days like these where I reflect
The light of the sun
And when darkness comes
I’ll fight tooth and nail
To see your shining hair
Brush upon mine

But for now
I’ll keep my selfish secrets
For no apparent reasons
Other than to remain an enigma
To your mellow heart

Sunday afternoon
With nothing to do
But fall in love
Apr 2019 · 167
Dark Matter
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
Your worlds
Far from here
And close to anywhere
I’d hold my breath
In hopes to see you there  
From dawn to dusk
In hopes to catch a glimpse
Of you anywhere

You shine so bright
Brighter than a Quasar in celestial skies
I’m the darkness that fills the void
I feel so empty inside
But your light
Finds my line
You can’t escape my gravity
So hold my hand
And live this life with me in my proximity
Apr 2019 · 187
Hazardous Enigma
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
My life is on the line
I’ve been alone
This whole time
But for now I fear
These voices in my ear
And the worst I fear
The echoes from the great beyond

I’ve been running
All my life
Dark times run deep
I need you
Even if it hurts my pride

I’m tired, and I’m hopeless  
7 billion souls
And you’re nowhere to be found

I’m tired of projecting  
These complex web of lies
Hurt me deep
Like never before
If I love you when I heal
I will love you forevermore
Sing to me to soothe my soul
Your memory lives
Past all dimensions
Of space and time
I’m glad I knew you
But it’s time to say goodbye
Apr 2019 · 611
III. Sometimes
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
I feel like life is unbearable
And other times
I feel like I’m on top of the world
Never mind the middle the ground
I seek for highs and lows

I numb my feelings
When you’re around
I let these faucets open  
When you leave this town
I wish I could tell you about my life
But I need to keep this secret
Like it will cost me my life

You run my mind
Faster than the speed of light
slow down
Maybe you can unlock my mind

I’ve been helpless, I’ve been lost
But follow me,
To my forgotten stars
You’re my binary moon
In my fantasies so far from this abuse
Let me love you
More than the Googolplexes of nebulae stars
Let me hold you in my arms  
Galaxies will rise and fall
But my affection towards you
Will never die
Inspiration: III. Urn : Childish Gambino
Mar 2019 · 685
I’d Like to Know
Sergio Esteban Mar 2019
I’d like to know
What is to be loved
I’d like to feel
What’s an affectionate hug

I never knew
But I’d like to know
It’s never too late
To mend a damaged heart
Mar 2019 · 250
Sergio Esteban Mar 2019
Heaven up
And Heaven down
The moon rises
As the sun falls
Dark clouds fill the sky tonight
Let the rain pour
And let it seep deep into the ground

Give me life
Give me warmth
Give me a map,
To reach your world
I’m growing fast
And I’m growing old
The clock keeps on ticking
And the seasons come and go
Life is a trip
I don’t know who I am anymore
Feb 2019 · 216
A Song
Sergio Esteban Feb 2019
How can I ever forget you
You were the one that brought light
To this everlasting night
And even more
You brought peace to a broken heart

How can I ever regret you
Whether good or bad
Time slowed down
When you were by my side
Your smile turned my world
So warm inside
And with every story
I feared the change
Oh for heavens sake
I’ll never forget you
When our nighttime comes

But no matter what
You were always by my side
You were always
By my side
Feb 2019 · 345
IX. Living
Sergio Esteban Feb 2019
Now I don’t want to live a lie
I just want to live my life  
But for now let’s play it by ear
In this world that’s so surreal
I can wait with you my dear
Happiness is not far from here

Let the mountains run high
With the moon so low
Feel the wind upon your face
And let’s be mindful
That the world is a beautiful place

See the water falling from the sky
Remind me
We were gifted
The dimension of time
But I grow older with every tide
And I have moved on
From this calamitous life of mine
Jan 2019 · 774
VIII. Wisdom
Sergio Esteban Jan 2019
I searched for you
High and low
Looked up at the heavens
And beneath the Earth
And when I think I’m completely lost
You guide me to nirvana
For all of my pain is lost
And I am one with my shadows

I want to let go of the past
But the scars remind me
Of the consequences
For existing in this life
A mere mortal am I
I’m nobody to tell you
How to live your life

If love is what you seek
Then look no further
Love yourself, and reach your peak
At the end of the day
I can’t take your pain
Though I wish I could
But you would never learn the lesson
That life is formidable
But not cruel
Jan 2019 · 287
Sergio Esteban Jan 2019
A billion water droplets
Falling from the sky
It’s a sad day
But I must say goodbye
I rest my eyes
For the long haul
Sleep never seen so better
For the world I love is gone
And my soul rests in peace
Knowing you were here with me
I’m sorry I neglected you
It’s my biggest regret of all

I wish our destination could be the same
But destiny doesn’t work that way
We get what we deserve
We weren’t give and all the take
I have no one else to blame
Dec 2018 · 517
IV. Miss
Sergio Esteban Dec 2018
All of my sadness
Is amplified when you’re not here
It’s not than I’m not happy
But I really miss you my dear
Dec 2018 · 424
Sergio Esteban Dec 2018
Blue skies all around me
And these rainy days are behind me
Too bad I bought this umbrella
Its my insurance to cover my superstition
But I never truly had an issue

I thought I needed you
But in reality I don’t
Good evening
Beautiful planetarium
My dear
You look so lovely
Therefore I love the Earth
Treat me fairly
Your air tastes like honey
You’re like the Sun
Always treating me warmly

You’re all I desire
Your purity, I greatly admire
So don’t let tire
This lonely heart
That has traveled the 7 seas
In hope
One day you’ll be free

But lately I’ve been pensive
I’ve been lost at the moon before
And loneliness has been my tune so long ago
But I’ll spacewalk
Any galaxy
In order to find my true calling
Within this cosmic fallacy
So don’t worry
My life is in my hands
It’s really all up to me
Dec 2018 · 55
Sergio Esteban Dec 2018
Stay silent
It’s a sad day
I lost my sweet symphony

Send me on my quest
I need to get this demon
Off my chest
Won’t you sleep
I’ll have you in my dreams

The moon swings low
Wishful thinking
Was to be yours
Let me sing to you
At the tune
Of the angels from up above

Flow like water
Pump through my heart
Like thick blood
That runs through my veins
Fill my love
As I close my eyes
For the rest of the night
Dec 2018 · 185
Sergio Esteban Dec 2018
I don't put myself out there
Into the sea of society
Fear gets the best of me
My insecurities make me think
That something's wrong with me
I fail to make a connection
to the world outside of me

I feel like I'm drowning
When you talk to me
My mind oversimplifies
Your body language
My eyes don't meet yours
In fear you might read  
The book beyond
The first word

I guess I wouldn’t mind
Falling deep
Within my thoughts
But I’m tormented
By the void inside

I’ve been thinking about you
So I’m hanging on
So what’s this new feeling
My spirit’s gone
But my heart is not
Never leave my side
Never leave my love
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
I stay up
Late at night
My head keeps spinning
Let me hear the rain
It’s the season
Sweaters exist for good reason

Islands in the clouds
Calm waters all around me
And if I’m gone
You should know
I’ve searched for something better

I dig into my brain
I forget all of my pain
Even if its just for a second
Call me by my name
And I’ll run out to you
No matter the situation

Tell me that you’re alright
Let that flower bloom
That’s its purpose to the world
Too many variations
Of the same kryptonite
Keep me from traveling
At the speed of light

I keep my loyalty
Walk me to the city
Lights shine so bright
I guess it’s alright
I can hardly see at night
So I guess I’ll kick it here
Til the sun shines so bright
Nov 2018 · 226
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
I exist to enjoy life
Whether good or bad
My days are numbered
So ill go ahead and make the best
Of the time I've been given
Take control
You’re the only one
That can make you whole
Nov 2018 · 161
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
I don’t need another friend
I need my love with you
I want to spend my time
I want to give my life
In my quest
To make you mine

It takes two
To make one complete
The stars in the heavens shine
because they agree

Take my hand
And let us roam free
Próxima Centauri
Isn’t far
When you’re with me

You’re more than just a friend
I’m in love with you
Your eyes cut deep
Within my soul
I’ve never had to worry
I’ve never been a ghoul

You linger in my fantasies
You’re a no show
When it escalates
To more than just a fling
Let’s talk about us
Let’s see about us
Could you?

The skies cry
From up above
You’ve never knew
I’m torn apart
You chose what you wanted
And now you’re gone
The only option is to move
With my life
Nov 2018 · 191
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
You’re just like a dream
Always so close
Yet so far from me
And I wonder what it feels like
To revolve around your energy

I’ve been here for a while
I’m hanging on for you
But my dear I fear we’re too apart
I want to dive into your heart
And show you
What it feels to fall in love

I try to follow your protocol
But I curse to the wind  
When it all falls apart
Our love is fragile
But not impossible
You’re the cure
To my broken heart
And I’m the console
For your endless tears

I’m love ridden
But I’m far too timid
To let you know
That there’s a world
For you and me
I’ll never get close to your gravity
That’s just the way
It was meant to be
Nov 2018 · 168
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
I think I’m low in potassium
Or maybe feeling loved
The world is perfect
When It revolves around the sun
The birds and trees
Live life through and through
I could run for many miles
Dreaming I could be with you

How many parsecs do I have to run
Before I realize
I’m not the one you want
You can wait ten lifetimes
Wishing they’ll arrive
You’ll drown in your sorrows
When they’ll fail to show you love
But hold on til tomorrow
Someone else will steal your heart
Oct 2018 · 2.0k
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Nothing matters to me
I might as well be
In a different galaxy
I’m disconnected from reality
I sleep my nights dreaming
I could be someone else
And lose sight of me

I hate my anatomy
Chemical bonds gone wrong
And I choose to dissect
Each and every one
I never lose focus when I criticize
My imperfections
I intend to improve myself
But that won’t change my perception

And there you go
I figure you’re prefect
In every sense of the word
Nothing can stop you
Not even the cosmos themselves

But you’re just like me
A flawed human
In this world full of impurities
We bend like metal
And sway
Wherever the wind takes us

That’s the price we pay
Each and every day
Our insecurities
Hide the best of us
But we wake up in the morning
And continue life

But one thing for sure
We’ll keep fighting  
Until we perish
Life can be beautiful
Never forget it
Oct 2018 · 1.6k
Oh Anxiety
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Oh anxiety
You sway like the tides of the sea
Oh no, have mercy on me
You’re here pouncing
like a predator to its prey
engulfing me slowly
like an ice-cold blanket
You drag me
into the vacuum of space
Flying into nothing!everything!
At the speed of light
I try to comprehend you
But you’re more invisible
Than the sun at night

I try to reason with you
But you hold no hostages
I’m yours for the time
Are you aware of the damages?
Well you bring them out to light
And all my secrets
Rush to my head
My mind plays tricks
When will this end?
I’ll just have to wait you out
And when you’re done
I have to pick myself up
And move on
With you as part of my life
Oct 2018 · 399
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I’m falling deeper
Into the water
I’m being suspended
By the hope of tomorrow
But as I fall
I think of you
And I’ve sunk deeper
And no light can go through

I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
What’s another minute
I’m in my perfect world
But without you
I’d leave it all in a minute

You’re all I desire
I want to be consumed by your fire
Nothing can stop us
If we lie here together
On the brown grass
Our attraction never tires

Kiss me
Make me feel alive
Like the ocean and its waves
Love me
Like the sun shines throughout the day
Touch me
Before this world turns gray

I need you
Like the world needs the day
Let me kiss you
And show you I’m okay
The world revolves
Around the Sun
But my world revolves
Around your vitality
I hope our forever is enough
You’ll never stop loving me
I love you my sweet honey bee
Oct 2018 · 902
III. Chocolate Dreams
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Chocolate dreams
Never ending fantasies
I keep it going
So to not lose my sanity
I’m trapped in this box
That I’ve made to keep you away from me
How much longer
Before you give up on me
It’s the same story
Each and every year
And I wonder what’s wrong with me

I can’t contain myself
I can love you past the end of time
I’d make more dimensions
Just to prove my love
But it’s not enough
I know,
You want more
You’re no give and all the take
And if I do it
I know it’s a mistake
Self respect I cannot contain
The flowers bloom
At the expense of the rain
But it’s alright
I know,
That you’re worth it in the end
That’s why I’m happy when it rains
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Another hour
Another day
Another year
What’s my delay?

I waste my youth
To my dismay
Searching for sunlight in the heavy rain
Oct 2018 · 5.1k
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
Long walks on the moon
The beach is made of cheese
Violets could be anything
As long as you’re with me
Oct 2018 · 154
II. Bloom
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I long for your love
The way I long for the change
Of the seasons
Our thoughts reshape
For no apparent reasons
And the axioms we’ve had
Have disappeared
Over the span of time

Stop looking for the aesthetic
She’s beautiful the way she is
God didn’t make any mistakes
It’s apparent
Put your eyes through the looking glass
Look towards the intellect
Not what you see through the internet
I miss you in the summertime
I miss you all the time

Take the time to know me
You’ll see me bloom through the clouds
And find a better side of me
One I can share with thee
My sweet honey bee
Write to me your feelings
I’ll treasure them
The way Mr. Krabs
Treasures his very first penny
You mean that much to me

I want to be with you
Past our Amazon primes
Let me hold your hand at night
And let a myriad of calendars pass by
That’s a future
I would really like
But for now
Lay your head
And dream,
my love
Oct 2018 · 112
2 apart
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I could cry my eyes out
For a good lifetime
But what point
Would there be
To mope around the idea
That you never loved me

Today is a new day
Where I hope and pray
My memory of you will fade away
We’re the chasm of two lifestyles
Polar opposites
We were never compatible

I wish we shared the same hue
But I’m all by myself
Feeling blue
I’m a lone wolf

I could wish us together
But no wish of mine
Will have us
Running into each others arms
And loving us
Until death do us part

Life moves forward
And it’s better to wish
For a good morrow
So I’ll recollect myself
Shake the pain
And hope,
For a better tomorrow
Oct 2018 · 139
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
We live and we learn
But we never conform
To the norms
That have been set forth
By others on this earth

I’d rather live in lies
Than waste my time
Waiting for someone else
To tell me how to live my life

I see something in you
Past the limits of dark and light
It’s your enigma
That fills me,
So full of energy and love

You’re a perfect spec of star dust
In the infinite galaxies
You make the universe yours
Like the nebulas that create
The most wonderful worlds

I want to travel with you
At 20 parsecs past the end of us
Never conforming
To even the laws of nature
That’s the wish that I have
for you and I

My beautiful
My Nebula
My sun and moon
And all the matter in between
My greatest achievement
Will be when you’ll finally
fall in love with me
Oct 2018 · 2.2k
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I looked at the moon
And got lost between her eyes
I conform to her moves
Like the ocean and its tides
I hear her whispers
As she reflects the bright of the sun
Telling me
To lose all the doubt

You may be young
But you don’t have a lot of time
Take the initiative
To go out and live life

She spends her time lighting my way
Making sure I’ll make it to the day
She protects me
As she were the love of my life
And I thank her for lighting my nights

I’ve gone through valleys
Wondering if it’s my place in life
Little that I know
That I was there to lift the status quo
You were there too
Waiting for your paramour
But alas I’m here for you
In the same manner
That you are my moon
You’ll light my path
And I’ll light yours
Together we’ll see something more
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