Poetic T Jul 10
You held every star in place,
        keeping a glimmer above me.
Never letting me be alone
                                in the darkness.

Every grain connected echoes
of your voice,
                     uncertainty pierced
that place and I looked above.
Dots connecting to a constellation
                       of you setting me free.

I was never alone, you were the shooting
                     star that I wished upon.
Grazing the atmosphere of my troubles.
                 You were always within me,
looking at you I see every constellation
                      glistening above me.
I’d rather be in a starship
Visiting the stars
Than be a star.

Stars cannot retreat to remote asteroids
And turn out the lights.

Stars cannot drift loosely
among the constellations.

Stars cannot drink in
the uncertain darkness.

I gave birth to a star once.

He is a beacon
Attracting other celestial bodies
Into his orbit.

He grows brighter
With each ray
of admiration.

His admirers revel
in his cheery glow.

Sometimes he is blinded
By his own light.

He shrinks away
At the mention of shadows
Which must be eradicated
At all cost.

I offer him my hand,
Beckoning him to join me
In my starship.

He shakes his head, wordlessly.

I let go
And promise to meet him
Wherever he may be.
written: May 5, 2017
revised: July 8, 2018
Sometimes my mind is off
and i’m not there
neither here,
sometimes i’m just a fuckin burden, not much of a help
my mind, like a constellation, there’s just too much in there that i couldn’t bear
sometimes i just want to sink, disappear from all the things that exist
but you my love, you’re exceptional that despite the destruction of my soul and my mind and my body,
I will always be there, when you need me,
or when you don’t
gabriela Dec 2013
when does the sky become us?
at what moment is the soul raised to the sky?
death, say some
and some ask why
the stars are dead
and because we watch them miles and miles
from where they rest
we are yet fascinated by
these flames that hang in shapes and forms
that make up our night sky

but what if our night sky is
in fact not made up of souls?
if astronomy did not, shall not,
will not display our human bones
I would in fact believe that
the sky does make up your soul

I do believe your heart's the moon
and constellations map out your veins
so when they ask if our souls look down from above,
I'll say I'll ask when I see you again.
Julia Jun 23
The life
within me
is extensive as
the universe.

I will not
allow myself  
to be half loved
by someone
who doesn’t become
at the sight of
my stars.
Look out in the field when you drive by
Look to the ditch that your cruising beside
Look to the grass and you will see
Look upon that constellation of trash
That tells the story of how we treat
This street
This neighborhood
This town
This county
This state
This country
This continent
This place
We call home
Mrn Jan 10
When your moon crossed
my constellation
it left a trail of petals
now colouring the tiniest star.
chloe May 21
its harder to speak than to yell.
and harder to yell than to.....think.
as the slumber passes, and the daisies awake.
i feel as if i could talk to you.
just talk.
it might not be a real conversation.
because i might jut blink. and the time i felt i could talk.
would have dashed away from me.

in the night, the stars form into flowers.
others see constellations, or space stations.
but i am unique. i see picturesque flowers bathing in the night glow.
iris. rose. both in bloom. blossoming from the roots of the starry night.
it is really easy to know.
just harder to
speak even if your voice shakes.
~dolly everett.
Laying on the nice cold grass outside my country home. I watch the stars and the moon trying to connect the constellations I think of you.

                         With love,
Simra Sadaf Apr 25
allow me to get lost in your eyes;
for they have all the galaxies and constellations shining in them.
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