You are neither accidental
nor a figment of imagination
but rather a tangible star
in this 89th constellation.

The sky we're standing on is a
thoughtfully tangled tapestry
with each of us set at an angle
to achieve a planned geometry.

Though you're made of stardust
you may not see your light reflect
but if you stop defying the dark
the dots will never connect.

There is much chaos, with stars
colliding, exploding, all around
but you can bring back order
that we lost and never found.

We are all counting on you
to help us hold the line
thus, you mustn't fade away
Shine! Shine! Shine! Shine!

A tiny cosmos
A condensed Constellation
City lights at night

Billy Nov 19

Come, quiet now
Feel it in the air
Listen to the whisper
Of the stars on the dark sky

Big stars, small stars, all bright
Shine as they do through the endless night
But the way you light up
Make the whole universe stop and stare

You find peace with the sunrays at day
But at night, when the darkness creeps in
Even the stars are jealous
Of the way you find comfort

A whole new galaxy is forming within you
Seems close, yet unreachable
You are way beyond a beautiful constellation
You are a stardust of the dazzling cosmos

Inspired by a girl way beyond my galaxy who I really admire.
Grace Daniels Nov 16

His voice resonates
like an old record player
soft, smooth
filling silent rooms with songs.
He could charm bees out of hives
with his silver tongue
teasing, tempting
melting me into honey.
And those brilliant eyes
dotted with stars
constellations, galaxies
stealing my muddled words away.
I imagine his kisses tasting like warm coffee
on a cold monday morning
blissful, breathtaking
stirring my sleepy soul,

But who could tame a fox?

MP Martinez Nov 8

stardust filled her very soul
as her mirror eyes reflected the galaxies
right to where she truly belonged
connected to the constellation
that was you

starry love~
Artyprose Oct 21

This earthly life
is too much for me.
I need to go home,
to the constellations;
Where I share
with the stars,
the same destiny.

Adrian Oct 11

I will re


the  s  t  a  r  s

to spell out your

n    a     m    e

So the universe is aware

that you are

m    i     n    e

Sandoval Oct 5

She was the

type of girl

who breathed in stars, and

spit out



Diána Bósa Sep 30

Someone broke the sun today;
it is raining flowers all over,
creating a liquid silence
by giving life to our constellation
of their falling petals.

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