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Rocco Siravo Oct 9
I held wishes on your stories
Etched between the void and the sky
And hoped that even a glimpse
Of all your vastness and beauty
Can be reflected in me
Yoh Esters Sep 27
Our love is like a constellation. You can see it in the sky. Look at the stars, watch it align. It’s something that is always easy to find. The capability of it transcending time the longer it sticks together it cannot be categorized as an imaginary outline.~

The pattern it takes has the celestial beings engraving it in galactic history. Tougher than Orion’s belt, holding more weight than the Big Dipper, souring higher in the sky than Aquila, and more ferocious than Leo.~

So, take a deep breath, let the cosmos in your soul burn. Let’s seat down on our front porch, extend our hands up towards the sky to draw out our stars that will forever align.~
J'observe depuis mon télescope
Au-delà des nuages
Ta photo qui sautille
Et je suis les courbes, les points et les lignes
Et je trace des figures imaginaires
Les constellations
Et soudain tu apparais
Ultra Violette
Entre deux ciels
Tu me fais signe
Et m'invites à danser
Et je te suis comme ton ombre
Je retiens mon souffle
Je plonge dans le mandala
De ton champ de Cinabre
Je viens à tes côtés
Je m'ancre à tes eaux
Je suis ton lama, ton gourou
Et toi tu es ma parèdre, ma  bouddha
Ma dakini souveraine
et je te déshabille en dansant
Et je déboutonne une après l 'autre
Les étoiles couleur aubergine
Qui composent ta constellation.
C 'est une constellation disparue
Que seul moi puis voir.
Il m'arrive à l 'oeil nu de t'apercevoir
Au détour d'un rêve comme en cet instant précis
Et la musique résonne si forte dans l 'espace
Je vois tes lèvres bouger mais je n 'entends rien
Mais soudain tes yeux hurlent
et tu me clignes ton nom en morse :
dash dot dash dot
dash dash dash
dash dot dash dash
dash dash dash
C, une longue, une brève, une longue, une brève
O, trois longues
Y, une longue, une brève, deux longues
O, trois longues
T, une longue
E, une brève.
Allesha Eman Aug 2
If I could look to the stars
And find my way to a dream
Then I could stop time
And float away towards the sea
But every time I run
I see the hopeless disguise
The one your eyes tend to wear
When the night begins the scare
And you fade away into darkness
I search for you in the wind
But you’re never to be seen
Like a hidden constellation
Under a cloudy sea
You shine down like the sun
I can never catch your eyes
And when night takes you away
I chase the sunrise
Hoping to look you in the face
And hold my hand out for you to take
But you keep rising to new heights
Leaving me stranded, nearly blind
So I take that hopeless wonder
Put on your favourite disguise
Run towards the sea and take flight
Towards a never ending summer
One where you’ll be, waiting with stars
Somewhere for me
To the galaxy,
to my world of fantasy.
The place where my heart is at zero gravity
and all the constellation fall into place.
Silver Jul 24
i wish we were all just constellations

strung up in the dark with
silver strands we
holding us together (in a frame of hope).

for every star you pluck out of the night,
an image forms

in the shape of who you want me to be.

(& i can be your Polaris,
lead you to the truth.)
Molly Jul 18
Ursa Major yawns,
knowing winter will
grant her no rest
nor hibernation,
for sleep does not come easy
beneath the weight of
the cosmos.
Avy Gaile Jul 15
Kiss me under the stars
& let your warmth swipe away the cold.
Each night the wind blows,
I dream of you & me growing old.
Together, we make a perfect constellation,
Orion & Andromeda are no match.
Your universe is where I wanna stay,
in your eyes I wanna latch.
Come be my moon,
guide my path home - lead the way.
Be the light in my darkness,
until the night turns to day.
Restu Taurina May 17
you were once the ocean waves
and the forest depths
to my less lonely universe

you were also once the moon
and the sun, all in one
who did wonder in keeping me around your orbit

but little did you know
years later,
i'm no longer a speck among the stars
i am my own ******* galaxy
tree May 14
stars spun together like strands of cotton candy
sweetly melting away into the void of the night sky
in a serene twilight, two sole candles still burning
desperate not to be put out
constellations of small lights, glittering in the dark
to certain eyes, seeming like insignificant dots
to others, paintings of wild fantasies
woven together in a tapestry of the loveliest human souls
can be seen, a picture of us
mere constellations, but in love
loving you was like loving a fallen star
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