Tell me, how can I resist this otherworldly invasion?
Of you. Defying the stars, and gravity within me.
Consuming, and corrupting, and kissing my constellation.

The vast dark, the blackhole that empties me
And the celestial sadness within my sky
You fill them, you reborn the stars, you reborn me.

You came in like a comet, a force I can’t deny
Why? Did I want it? Was the sky that sad?
That I gambled my stars to give you a try.

And as fast as you came—you’re gone, and now I’m mad
I lost the stars. I lost the world. I lost you.
I lost all the reason for all that I had.

So I'll let you, your infinite eyes, your heavenly kisses go
That for aeons you'll realize, I'm the only true love you'll know.
Em MacKenzie Feb 18
I wonder when you see me,
do you see the darkness that is seeping,
or do you find the spark to fight off your shadows?
And when your hand's in mine,
do you feel we intertwine,
or do you feel your clutching a weapon for battle?

Do your lips feel incomplete,
when mine aren't there to meet,
like we're two perfect puzzle pieces?
Do you miss me when I'm not around,
even though I don't make much sound,
or do you feel the silence is blissful sweetness?

My love, I named a star for you,
and it's the only thing I see in the sky.
It shines through black and blue,
it's so close but just too high.
I'd live on the empty moon forever,
just so we could be closer together.

I wonder when I cross your mind,
do you go deaf and blind,
or do you feel every sense you own?
And when my words hit your ears,
are you brought to tears,
or is that something you've outgrown?

And if I'm being too sappy,
you can say, cause I feel the same,
but it's been so long since I've felt happy,
and I don't know where to place the blame.

When our eyes connect, does time lose retrospect,
or do you stare right through a ghost?
And when you reach out to touch,
do you stop because it's too much,
or because it's what you want most?

My love, I named a star for you,
but you became my galaxy.
Into a supernova you grew,
and you became all I could ever see.
I'd live on the empty moon forever,
just so we could be closer together.
I remember sitting on the auditorium
Floor, when I saw you-dark sparkling eyes,
Like a bird, looking at me, short hair,
I remember how I felt entranced,
Like a deer startled in the middle of
A field. You know that my mind stays there
Forever lost in this memory of happenstance.

You just stared at me. We never really spoke,
When your friends asked me why I always
Followed you around even though you didn't
Like me, you sat there with pen in hand
"click click-click click" it went, there I sat
At the library table, I could dare not
Look, but I knew even near you I felt grand.

It's like you cast this spell on me, and if I could
Answer, you are my strongest inspiration,
it was enough to let you be, to observe
Your great beauty even from a distance like a star
Shining in the Capricorn constellation. I'd wait,
No matter how long, near or far. To think I would
Never share life with you? But maybe some day I will be
An innocent Virgo star shining right by where you are.
starchild Dec 2017
why do we
connect the stars
if those specks of light
are millions
of light years away?

but i guess i shouldn’t be the one to talk.

since i always try
to connect myself
to you
even when i know
that we are
too far apart.

it’s like building a road
from california
to hawaii.
it is
(or will be)
but why bother?
because i know
that you would never
put in the energy
to drive several days
to come and see me.

but i bet
you’d drive for months on end
to see her.

but what i have to realize
is that even though
i am not apart of
a constellation
(well, certainly not your constellation)
that i am still a star

and i will shine.
Billy Nov 2017
Come, quiet now
Feel it in the air
Listen to the whisper
Of the stars on the dark sky

Big stars, small stars, all bright
Shine as they do through the endless night
But the way you light up
Make the whole universe stop and stare

You find peace with the sunrays at day
But at night, when the darkness creeps in
Even the stars are jealous
Of the way you find comfort

A whole new galaxy is forming within you
Seems close, yet unreachable
You are way beyond a beautiful constellation
You are a stardust of the dazzling cosmos
Grace Daniels Nov 2017
His voice resonates
like an old record player
soft, smooth
filling silent rooms with songs.
He could charm bees out of hives
with his silver tongue
teasing, tempting
melting me into honey.
And those brilliant eyes
dotted with stars
constellations, galaxies
stealing my muddled words away.
I imagine his kisses tasting like warm coffee
on a cold monday morning
blissful, breathtaking
stirring my sleepy soul,

But who could tame a fox?
MP Martinez Nov 2017
stardust filled her very soul
as her mirror eyes reflected the galaxies
right to where she truly belonged
connected to the constellation
that was you
starry love~
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