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Rifqi Kim Sep 29
Staying up late because I can't sleep
Wild thoughts running, making me overthink
I feel something bothering me but I can't figure it out
In my head I always have doubts.

I can't open up to anyone, I am scarred
It feel like I was put behind bars
Not by any person but an entity
No other than another me.

Headed outside to get some fresh air
Looking up to the sky so bare
Nothing else but the moon
Alone and I hummed a tune.

From child to adult I needed a companion
Everyone else is busy I had tension
I felt like I was alone broken and bent
Then I remembered the moon has always been my friend.

Up in the sky shining bright at night
Talking to it makes me smile.
The moon at night
Spadille Sep 7
The stars knew my battles and pain
They gave me comfort

The stars saw my river of tears
They wiped it away

The stars heard my rants
They eagerly listened

The stars became my company
Loneliness temporarily left

The stars sparkled in my darkest night
It gave me a glimpse of hope

The stars aren't always present
Sometimes they are covered by clouds

The stars doesn't know everything
Yet they still gave support

The stars that I knew
Are the ones that I dearly loved
The stars are my friends. If I win the war that I'm dealing with, I will give credits to the stars. They are one of the reasons why I won and survived. On the other hand, if I grew tired and gave up. I want the stars to know that they've done their best,
Encircling the tree of life
In the centre of the womb which birthed bronze men,
Surrounded by plentiful resources and tropical refreshments
For the mouth of the dual souls;
Filled with the breath of Yahweh
Lived a couple,
Introduced by intimacy
Beneath the golden sun,
Dancing to the sound of African rumba.
Vergill Jul 29
Brown and White hue,
how I adore you.
A silky touch,
my guide and crutch.
Alone no more,
as you scratch my door.

Let me hold your paw,
my shield of roars.

A lick you lend,
for my mend.

No rhyme or time.
Can best you, friend!
Ming Jun 19
I swallowed my saliva
Desiccated air
It was darker than the city
At urban’s edges pretty
First Prize Second
The ringer goes off in sequence
The theme park illuminated
Not with lights but with
The smell of anticipation
Holding our own
Felt like holding someone else’s
Our footsteps
Loud but drummed to the beat of another it paces
The Crusaders mediated
A brawling debut
Of words at the brim
Of our throats in disputes
Our silence
Unlike the night
Was warmer than an Afghan
20 kilometres felt like 2
When I am walking alongside
Hand not in hand
Alongside with you
A recollection of a night walk home with a newly made friend that I will remember forever. "Way Back Home" is a song by The Crusaders, it was the song we were listening to.
Golden boy, my ray of sunshine,
You'll never know how much
Your radiance soothes my lows.
It seems so simple,
A furry back on my toes,
A lapping tongue, a wet black nose,
But you're so much more to me
Golden boy, my ray of sunshine,
And you'll never know.
Our eyes speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.

Our faces speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.

Our hands speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.
Diana May 28
The ******* who we call mankind
Is a place where we're all to reside
We move forward by using our mind
But in the end, on our hearts we rely

We are raised to feel the compassion
We are taught to spread our warmth
But a perfect world is hard to imagine
For on every rose exists a thorn

Grief hardens around us like a shell
And inside we may be flooding with strife
But though mentally we see war and knell
There's always the goodness that lives in life

But despite the evil alive today
There are still others who rely on you
So catch that kindness that wanders astray
For in the end you rely on them too

-- OrcasTogether
We all need someone in this world to rely on :)
-elixir- May 16
The cherub and her
balloons waited,
For her companion,
The sun.
He rises roaring
with laughter,
from the east.

They hold hands,
and frolic in merry,
he fills her eyes
with the sunshine of divine.
As time ticks,
They hop to the beat,
of her heart,
to the west.

Where she bids him
To the higher beyond
he goes,
as she, shares
her sunshine,
with the ghouls
among her.
And like that, she acquainted the ghouls void of warmth the sunshine amidst their wary cold existence.
Kat Schaefer May 11
I hope your mornings are filled with kindness
That you rise with the sun instead of the snooze
May your coffee be warm and runneth over
And that you take the time to walk among the lilacs

I hope your afternoons are fast and productive
That your lunch is always your favorite
That you have enough mayo to mix with your ketchup
And that your fries are always crinkled but never cold

I hope that you ditch work for Wednesday night trivia
Your evening away from the relentless overtime
That you indulge in cheap food and light conversation
And that you never think twice about putting yourself first

I hope that you crawl into bed before midnight
That you are greeted by a soft pillow and warm blankets
May your eyes grow heavy and the lights go dim
And that you always remember that you are loved
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