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daphne May 27
bereft of emotions
a dull thud in her chest
dearly missing someone
she hasn't even met
is that what they call
loneliness now?
Let’s me see things clearer

Than what my bare eyes would let me  

Brings far off images nearer

Makes it easier to understand what there be

Does away with haze in my vision, as well my ‘thinker’

Accompanies me as a guide I see

as a friend who’s dear

brings fulfillment and glee.

To help figure

Life's mystery

I put it on thee

look at the mirror

Start my day with cuppa tea

Tryna be positive hereafter  

I call myself me
Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2020
I’m dreaming my life away
While wishing there could be a change
Every feeling, every wish
It’s all in vain
For my past mistakes
Accuse me of who I use to be

I feel you from time to time
You’re my only companion
Were you sent from up above?
You’re like a wave in the middle of the sea
I have nothing to grasp onto
And save me from your endless tyranny

I look to my surroundings
Who can save me
From my endless sorrows
Who can cure me
From my own self
I run away from my shadows
Do I dream my life away?
Or do I wake up from my comatose state
Take control of my own life
To never look back
To never fall back
To move forward letting go of the past
Nalinee Nov 2020
You talk of tangibles
I'm stuck in intangibles.
Highly doubt if you'll ever see
Questioning eyes, I can no longer hide.

Who'll believe, if not you
My smiles deceive, do you know.
Not you, but myself
Eagerly waiting, to be caught.
Sabika H Nov 2020
I owe you my life
My wisdom
My talents
My strengths
My beauty.
I thought I knew myself but
I’ll never know me like
How you knew me.
And somehow
You looked passed the ugly
And deemed me
Pulled me to safety
Away from the edge
Inspired within me an urge
To give you my pledge
To serve.

When I thought I reached a peak
I was proven to be short sighted.
When I was presented with the answers
My heart was delighted
And my soul lifted.
You are like the stick my stem is stuck to
As I grow tall, broad and straight.
You are the rope I hold on to
As I climbed and floated,
And you were not bothered by my weight.

You’re a friend to me
You’re the someone I always wanted.
Heard me cry scream and sob
And you were patient when insulted.
And so I live by your mercy
And you remain exalted
And I pledge to continue serving
So that I can prove to you
To myself
That I am deserving.
FairlyCultured Nov 2020
We escaped the city of damp faiths
We walked hand in hand
Far away, leaving behind waves of unknown
Something like...
A journey of detached dreams

Vagrant souls, landed somewhere far from home
Where homes don't have lights of their own
Pouring the emotions to the sands sitting under the bright sun
We waited for the dusk, then the night.

Aspirations reached astronomical height
Clear and bright in the dark sky, creating definition.
As though projected by a designed searchlight

We realised before the dawn
Here, happy moments don't feel like a loan

Wishes of the unlived unknowns have unveiled
Promises made, and you and I
We will never, again, become prisoners of lifestyle.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
If you want
To follow me
Astral walk
To the dreams I see
To the beliefs I have
To the path I step
To the joy I cast
To the ache I feel
To the senses I plead
To the love I share
Follow me
To the depth
Of my soul

To the one
Who is willing to try
Follow me
To the unknown
I will be
Welcoming you
In the most special way

Follow me
As you please
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: The Journey
RQ Sep 2020
Staying up late because I can't sleep
Wild thoughts running, making me overthink
I feel something bothering me but I can't figure it out
In my head I always have doubts.

I can't open up to anyone, I am scarred
It feel like I was put behind bars
Not by any person but an entity
No other than another me.

Headed outside to get some fresh air
Looking up to the sky so bare
Nothing else but the moon
Alone and I hummed a tune.

From child to adult I needed a companion
Everyone else is busy I had tension
I felt like I was alone broken and bent
Then I remembered the moon has always been my friend.

Up in the sky shining bright at night
Talking to it makes me smile.
The moon at night
Spadille Sep 2020
The stars knew my battles and pain
They gave me comfort

The stars saw my river of tears
They wiped it away

The stars heard my rants
They eagerly listened

The stars became my company
Loneliness temporarily left

The stars sparkled in my darkest night
It gave me a glimpse of hope

The stars aren't always present
Sometimes they are covered by clouds

The stars doesn't know everything
Yet they still gave support

The stars that I knew
Are the ones that I dearly loved
The stars are my friends. If I win the war that I'm dealing with, I will give credits to the stars. They are one of the reasons why I won and survived. On the other hand, if I grew tired and gave up. I want the stars to know that they've done their best,
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