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emily Oct 2022
I often imagine that the moon, the owls and the darkness of the night might be my closest friends, they are my trusted companions through the few highs and the many lows. They comfort me when it's 3am and the rest of the world seems like they are sleeping soundly.

They’ve been witness to my tears and plees for this to all stop and comforted me when the four walls of this bedroom felt like a cage. The moon seems so distant yet its warmth kisses my cheek. Someday I might be able to force my body to ignore the protection of the darkness and live in the light of the sun. But I am manufactured to die slowly to the darkness and this body is like an incomplete metaphor for the disease that lives in my head without paying rent eating up all the light.
Andy Chunn Apr 2022
We got him just a few weeks old
With energy to burn
But he was very brave and bold
For lessons he would learn

Named him Louie from the start
And every day was new
He ran and each day played his part
His love was deep and true.

We played and learned to chase the birds
As much as he would try
He never understood my words
That dogs can never fly

He was quick and he was smart
He understood commands
He had such a loving heart
Your love he would demand

Then one day out of the blue
Louie was not well
He was tired and troubled too
Anyone could tell

With my partner Louie went
Two hundred miles away
And I was checking, text were sent
On Louie every day.

I had to practice with the band
So early I had been
I sat there on the bench at hand
And wondered about him

And as I sat I saw a streak
A feather in the air
It flew and seemed to hunt and seek
Searching for me there

It swirled around and down the wall
The corner it did turn
And then like it had heard my call
It echoed my concern

The wisp was Louie I was sure
Sent to give me hope
It was a message to endure
Helping me to cope

It came at me so hard and fast
And flew beneath my seat
I hoped that it would stay at last
And make my day complete

The feather now I could not see
I smiled so deep inside
Louie had come back to me
Bliss I could not hide

But as I felt some comfort there
I saw the feather leave
It waved goodbye without a care
And I began to grieve

The next day when I got the call
The sun breaking the dawn
I knew before the words could fall  
That Louie now was gone

And now I know the wisp to be
The feather that would fly
Was Louie coming back to me
To say his last goodbye

A foolish poem I guess you think
It’s silly til the end
If so, you’ve not felt your heart sink
On losing man’s best friend
(Louie - RIP  November 9, 2021)
Rama Krsna Mar 2022
her alluring smile
may just be his aphrodisiac,
in that near constant state of arousal
the lyrical words
“who needs a lover that can’t be a friend”
keeps ringing like a temple bell instead

rendezvous may be planned on WhatsApp
but unions are only made in heaven

© 2022
Chie Dec 2021
oh dear, you've been through fires and waters this year
scarred, scared, burned and drowned in blue
tired but alive with the beige in your skin turning different hues
you've come very far, didn't you?

we all did the clichés
we laughed, loved, cried, got mad, been forgiven
and we smiled
as we travel young and lost-ly in this fond thing we call life

and once in every often while
we all ache for a home,
thank goodness I found you

one of my human homes
one of the truests I've known
whose kindness never fail to make someone's
and your heart of gold too

so with this, I remind you again that you need not to walk alone
because heart, you'll never have to
as long as you never let it slip from your mind
that with all the stars combined, we'll love you in every triumph and trying time.
this was written for one of my human homes in real life, my best friend through senior high school who makes the best titles for written works and lovers her nieces dearly so
Glenn Currier Nov 2021
Maybe if I take the leap of faith
that you will jump into the stream with me
I will enjoy the swim.
Red Robregado Aug 2021
I long to be a patient companion
who stays to listen to every unspoken word & whispered plea
when all else run out of compassion
for an anxious pilgrim in deep, tiresome agony

Through fires and rains,
An enduring and trusting friend as a friend can be
guilty pleasures and pains,
understanding as Christ has been, you’ve been to me

I long to be a faithful companion
‘cause despite hurting still
you have not left me abandoned
rather daily still, you make me want to live and will
to overcome life’s bitter ordeals
and see His manifold glory revealed

So let me be your companion
write stories of mercy ’til we fill up an entire canon
Through the devil's canyon,
conquering the flames of angered dragons,
all the while marvelling at the Creator of the Grand Canyon
Journeying today and tomorrow with zealous passion
Together, until the day we arrive home in Zion.
Birthday Poem for ***’s 27th Year
daphne May 2021
bereft of emotions
a dull thud in her chest
dearly missing someone
she hasn't even met
is that what they call
loneliness now?
Let’s me see things clearer

Than what my bare eyes would let me  

Brings far off images nearer

Makes it easier to understand what there be

Does away with haze in my vision, as well my ‘thinker’

Accompanies me as a guide I see

as a friend who’s dear

brings fulfillment and glee.

To help figure

Life's mystery

I put it on thee

look at the mirror

Start my day with cuppa tea

Tryna be positive hereafter  

I call myself me
Nickolas J McKee Jan 2021
I don’t know what you do to me,
But it makes everything clear.
They tell me not to talk to you,
Yet I always find you near.
When we break away it’s our pain,
Forcing us to come apart.
Then we find ourselves once more so,
Rebuilding a loving art.
I say this now to know you’re mine,
For it is safe to say too.
I am yours never to let go,
Hearts fond always to pursue.
What is this you’re doing to me,
I can always hear your tear?
For I will always hear you...
Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2020
I’m dreaming my life away
While wishing there could be a change
Every feeling, every wish
It’s all in vain
For my past mistakes
Accuse me of who I use to be

I feel you from time to time
You’re my only companion
Were you sent from up above?
You’re like a wave in the middle of the sea
I have nothing to grasp onto
And save me from your endless tyranny

I look to my surroundings
Who can save me
From my endless sorrows
Who can cure me
From my own self
I run away from my shadows
Do I dream my life away?
Or do I wake up from my comatose state
Take control of my own life
To never look back
To never fall back
To move forward letting go of the past
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