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NoctOwl 5h
'Cause I can' t understand why
But He said, "I am here"

And I asked how
Yet He said, "let me show you"

For in this suffering I long
Not for an answer but a companion
When they meet someone
Thinking that person going to be through with you.
There’s are some ladies are very smart and honest.
But there are some
Who you did wrong in your past.
Will come and hunt you down.
Not ever women are the same, there’s are some what different.
Depending whom you with.
We all thought at one point of are life.
That person we was with will always be true to you.
Only a pure heart. Will always stay true to you.
Vachaspathi Sep 1
Solitude has always been my loyal companion.
We were born together. We were raised together.
We had fun together. We always enjoyed each other's camaraderie.
Until that moment, when the radiant smile of yours broke the greatest friendship ever.
Levi Jul 3
In despair
Anyone will do
Any touch could be love
Any whisper, your name
I think I’m beginning to understand relationships that grow real quick
Darryl M May 8
What speaks more of a mother’s love than your kind of love?
What they say about our triple threat family matters not.
We are like a triangle, our bonds are stronger.

Call me a mama’s boy,
but a mother raised me well.
Whatsoever the world might like from me is because of you.
You never made a wrong investment in raising me up.

I’m grateful for your love.
I’m grateful for your care.
I’m grateful for the good looks you shared.
I’m grateful for the great clothing style you taught.

I don’t like birthdays.
But yours is special.
Coz yours lasts till the ends of time.
In my eyes, you’re always precious.
Not just for today.

No other lady compares.
You’re the one I’ll always look after.
You’re the one I’ll always care for the most.
But there might be one I like the most.
I say this with a smile on my face
as I aim for one on yours too.

I don’t want to do this on anybody’s death bed.
In case we don’t show it enough.
We love you.

From your dearest sons.
Happy Birthday Mom.
Completed: 29th December 2017 [02:12 AM]
Darryl M May 8
You’re the one that gets it.
Whatsoever it is.
I used to believe that commitment was for losers.
I guess I lost after all.

Even when distracted.
My thoughts still run towards you.
Whenever I see you, I’m all goosebumps.
And my heart sprints with joy.
My tears shower with love.

Whenever you leave,
I’m left counting seconds.
It’s like I can hear the sound of the jiffy.

You ripped my heart out.
Dipped it in your love and never gave it back.
I want it back, but with you along.
I hate it when I bring you close,
because watching you leave is like losing a part of me.
I guess I’m stuck on you.

I don’t worship you.
You don’t worship me.
But I do give praise to our love.
Oh hail what we got.

You got me stuck in dote.
This is my, I LOVE You note.
Just in case I don’t tell you enough.

This is my Good Night for Today.
My Good Morning for Tomorrow.
And My Good Day, for days to come.

One more time,
Sia - Bird Set Free
Darryl M May 4
He came into her sacred lands.

Chivalry laid on his tongue use,
Cooling the flames of her lava body,
Steamed in the essence of the divine.
She, being built for the savage,
He, being carved for dominion.

Knowledgeable of her biting, scratching and pulling,
He discovered her screaming, shaking and thirst for more.
Faster, harder, just the inevitable.
Control over her body,
Her sensual palace;
Like mistaken words,
He kept taking it back.

You want me and who else?
You and Myself as One,
There came a point where neither could tell whose fluids were whose...
A Sensual endeavour in the Gardens of Desire...
alasia May 4
I feel as though I am a slave to destruction, knees nailed to rickety floorboards that creak against creation. I am head bowed, pleading for pleasure against the cacophony of the ******, washing white floors with grime. I am the harbinger of ends, an omen of unhappiness. I am question marks, red streaks, spilled coffee on loved words. I am torment, tormented by the ways I’ve been tormenting the things I love. I am oceans inviting and striking with no warning, hurricanes gently shaking before swallowing and devastating, promise land offering refuge and whiting out identities because nobody gets to be free. I am shackled to remorse, self hatred, anxiety. A prisoner of pain, daughter of broken glass, born in spider breaks, marked by shards and splinters. I am the whisper of ruin rattled through crows calling home across worlds and realms. I am jutted bones cutting into flesh collecting blood for breakfast and sorrow for supper, feeding famine to families I am familiarly unfamiliar with. I am cast away, fallen angel, victim to the rise of hope and sequestered from safety. Left to forage fight in fields long forgotten, to discover decades of indecency and be punished by punishing the lucky ones. The thinned wrist souls slipping from restraints, to make commodity of clear consciouses, and deliver doom promised by our ancestors. I am an agent of misery, a companion of karma, nothing more than a slave to destruction.
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