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Sergio Gonzalez Aug 2020
I want to know you
And I want you to know me
I want time to fly by
Like the birds migrating by the sea

Be the keeper of my secrets
As I guard your dreams
You make time the present
I’ve always wished for
We keep evolving
Moving away from misery

You roam in my most beautiful fantasies
But nothing’s better
Than when you roam within my reality
I’m endlessly falling for you
But I know the feeling is mutual
So let’s fall forever
Into our own endless melody
Gara May 2020
countless times, you've watched;
every time, there's a tear,
every time, there's just me.

countless times, you've wished
for someone to come,
and take away the fear.

countless times, you've whispered;
of profound confessions,
and bridled promises.

countless times, you're just there.
watching over me,
wishing for me,
whispering to me.

and, countless times, i'm just here;
always looking up to you,
forever hoping to be by you,
endlessly singing my love for you.
our stars cast a spell of a never-ending parallel
Lexi Jul 2019
And brain washed
Your love for me is everything
Your touch sends shivers down my spine
And your presence lingers endlessly...
Evie Apr 2019
i will love you
for longer then i should

we both agreed
this was for the best

we are stuck in quicksand
trying to hold each other up
the most you lift the other
the more you sink

one day
we will be in a better place
and we will stand strong
we will stand together
i understand we both need this for a little bit, but it hurts so bad.
chloe fleming Jan 2018
**** the past, the present, and the future
If we even have one.
I want to be strung up and tangled in your mighty grasp,
Gasping for air between wet mouth kisses and clasping your clammy skin.
I want to forget about the ****** up idea of the world and the form it's taken in society,
And instead take in you, between cigarette drags and Southern Comfort swigs.
I want to feel the pulse of your heart as you ignite with excitement underneath me as our hot skin touches and you yearn for me.
Remember my presence, because passion does not come calling when sought,
It finds its way to you.
And if this ****** up world has brought me to you,
Then here it is-
This is the passion stupid girls like me write ****** poetry about.
Arlene Corwin Nov 2017
Always In Preparation #2
          (a rather long simplification)

Always in preparation for an interview:
What will I answer? Never know.
- What do I like? do things I do, the way I do?
- Write poetry, play jazz, do yoga?
Body/mind my mental window in my mental interview:
And I must justify it all.
Some germ, some theme begins the whole:
The technical; word hurdles
When I write or sing;
All challenging,
Performing, writing or just doing.

T’ween two covers it’s official;
Everything grist-for-the-mill,
I’ll likely publish ‘til I’m still.
No special motive winks or flirts,
No motive hides behind my skirts -

My ears hear musically,
It all comes naturally, substance counting most;
Not tricks, not formulae, cliché -
If there’s a Corwin idiom
It’s in the DNA.
I work out tunes, -out poetry, -out ******.
The mind works out spontaneously,
I (wherever I is to be found) give in, give form,
Substance from-and-in the frame.

In short, I paint myself into a box
And creep around  
Until some [final] satisfaction binds.
A futile paradox:
To clarify and satisfy
The interview,
But there am I,
Always in preparation.

Always In Preparation 7.6.2014
Pure Nakedness; The Processes: Creative, Thinking,Meditative II; revised 11.21.2017
Arlene Corwin
I tinker all the endlessy.
Jian May 2017
Nights like these when it feels like everything's ****** and it's just the same petty fights over and over again. I will still love you. I will love you even through our messy and chaotic wars. I will love you through all our difficult times, specially when you feel like you are incapable of being loved. Show me the calamity and the destruction and I will show you that I am willing to love you more at your worst.
I wont ever get tired of loving you
RenzoAndy May 2017
Word that i always wait to hears
Just like sunrise shows in years
Never too late never to slow
Hope of fate that me to know

These are what i knows and what i vows
Those are what i seeks and what i meeks
Are these what i hears and what i fears?
Are those what i says and what i pays?

Last night....
Bed wasn't that warmed anymore
Blanket wasn't nice as ever before
Stories of us making those taugh floors
Stumbling paths matching the true chores

Us right now...
Passing many years gone by with scars
Maturing our seeds to grow like thee stars
Here we are curing with quarrels
Nuturing the love in wine barrels

Let's see....
No body can see the journey up ahead of us
No one can expect the comfy bed for us
What you grove is what you'll grown
For us there's no groove for a clown

Years of love
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