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Grace Jun 2023
We are on a plane. We are on a plane and flying fast enough to cross the world in days. We are crossing the world in small increments. Every minute is one hour closer to home. Every minute is one hour, and every 24 hours is 365 days.

What difference does one year make?  One year later, I am wearing new clothes. One year later, I am singing fresh songs. I am in the air with nothing but white clouds and blue skies ahead.
Ram B Feb 2023
A flight delayed
Can take a toll
Schedules remade
Like dominoes fall
Yet plan A
Can be overrated
Trust that plan B
Is what we truly needed.
Ram B Feb 2023
To ride a plane
Is to let go.
Entrust and rely
On the pilot’s hands
Pray he be guided
By the Mighty One
Boarding this vessel
With several other humans
Who likewise let go
Of control from their hands
Trust and faith
Are what we need
In moments like this
We relax and yield.
nick armbrister Dec 2022
Rev Pea
It's all about the features and benefits
Make a product which will benefit
The users satisfaction oh yes
An aeroplane that delivers
All promised things and more
This one they got right
Even if it's costly beyond compare

For a century it'll reap profits
Make them rich beyond realms
Not to mention the next one
More capable more costly
More profits more sold
Lockheed did this right
No revenue in peace
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
Odd Odyssey Poet Nov 2022
looked to the skies
a pilot's dream

to fly his father around the globe
unfortunate to come to being old

he sets eyes to the skies
on gained licence—to see his father
as the wings guiding;
tis a plane of angel
Jules Harper Sep 2022
Toy plane flying
Yellow is playful
For sliders queuing
Wanting all the thrills

Life worth living
What’s waiting ahead
Deep breath, leaping
Look back to my friends

Kids keep fighting
All for turn table
One start crying
Other walk the road

Parents’re watching
Tourists getting lost
Higher swinging
Pigeons leave their flocks

Many’s happening
In the park of mind
So overwhelming
But I know I’ll do just fine
First time moving away from home. It’s for only 3 months but it’s surreal and overwhelming. Love the freedom but also scared of the possibilities. I know I can do it swiftly, I just cannot help but be anxious.
A M Ryder Nov 2021
You're the
Oxygen mask
To the plane crash
That I've
Always been
nick armbrister Nov 2021
Plane Bike
There was a man who was mad
He ******* wings onto a motorcycle
And went flying up high
The engine turned the prop
That was at the back

And the front was a rudder
His rear passenger was thin
For his plane bike was slow
With a 125cc engine
Going from A to B

No rush here 1500 feet up
Motorbike made plane
Land take the wings off
Ride where you want
No rush here...
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Delicacy8100 Sep 2021

Silence conveys

Society Plays'

Rebellious oppositions'
taking position.

Could you listen?

All the labels keep us
in moments of wonder for sure, a bit fazed.

Cured by clouds of HAZE
influenced by the world

At this moment
World- State is in order.
We the people of the world are gifted experiences mixed, matched.

No two thoughts the same,
(I love the rain)
similarity, insecurities?

Given a label.
Food, Water, Safety
to bring back sanity.

Greed brings swivers.
THEY say

Breaking down unity?

US rebellious share this unity along with a doobie.
New World Order
Look to humanity, the future is standing.


Good & Bad sometimes sad.
All in all
Together we stand.
Accessibility is Unification
**** Regulation
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