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Delicacy8100 Sep 6

Silence conveys

Society Plays'

Rebellious oppositions'
taking position.

Could you listen?

All the labels keep us
in moments of wonder for sure, a bit fazed.

Cured by clouds of HAZE
influenced by the world

At this moment
World- State is in order.
We the people of the world are gifted experiences mixed, matched.

No two thoughts the same,
(I love the rain)
similarity, insecurities?

Given a label.
Food, Water, Safety
to bring back sanity.

Greed brings swivers.
THEY say

Breaking down unity?

US rebellious share this unity along with a doobie.
New World Order
Look to humanity, the future is standing.


Good & Bad sometimes sad.
All in all
Together we stand.
Accessibility is Unification
**** Regulation
Raven Feels Jun 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sunset west moon flies east? ;]

air planes soar
beyond the limits they roar
in a longing stare they long
disappearing through the clouds and gone
arise arose arisen
and in my place still frozen wizen
they venture the winds purple skied time
to blend and wing the moon menaces racing in line
glistening afar
from the back of a wounded scar
archer to the future
claiming a bleach
where does it go?
where does it reach?
maybe Saturn not here
but the return is there
to the node of the belong flying up no fear
seems my flight gonna wait for years
the waxing gibbous flies
and I hope for dreams in the close of eyes

I’m 40,000 feet above the ocean
And 400 parsecs away from this Earth
I say hello to Orion’s nebula
On my way to towards the unknown

Deep in space within my own my brain
I feel the neurons misfiring on every end
I try to rationalize everything
Why am I feeling overwhelmed?

Ignorance is bliss up to a certain point
But never knowing what’s past this universe
Has my head thinking to a boiling point
But for now it’s getting late
So I fastened my seatbelt
As I return back to Earth
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
This is a Prelude to the canyon out on a vast plane.
Within a desert of sorts crying for the rain. Bursting explosions from the thought plateau.
Brought us drops of pain and the hate that you know.

This is a Prelude to the canyon in which we live.
Oh that vast plane gave all she had to give. Eyes wide to the sky where the horizons they bend.
Out on the perimeter we could never find the end.

This is a Prelude to the canyon all we are is thought.
Now we're in for nasty weather you like it or not.
Screaming through the cosmic sea at dawn I see the Horizon it seems so long, so long gone.

This is a Prelude to the canyon it's all we know.
The desert rains are coming, coming on so slow.
Hazy mornings were the thinking thoughts advanced.
That's where fate extends to us her Olive Branch.

This is a Prelude to the canyon shall we take the leap?
From that vast expanse to the crevasse deep.
Down where the fires glow in the caves we live.
Where the shadows dance on the Walls Within.

This is the Canyonlands where we've chose to hide.
Full of beaten paths down to the Riverside. Where the waters drain from the plains plateau. And the flames of the fire inside us grow where the flames of the fire inside us grow....
Eola Dec 2020
If I had a big paper plane
I would be a pilot of it
And visit your dreams
FinkZ Nov 2020
Set your soul free and expand your wings
Then follow the choir of the Angels singing
The ice won't freeze your feathers
For the sky is now your home forever

Set your soul free and sleep on the clouds
Don't worry about us griefing out loud
Rest in Peace, sleep tight
Rest in Peace, don't worry about tonight

Set your soul free, Heaven is waiting for your arrival
Let go of your flesh and we will set a proper burial
When you reached the promised land
Share your jokes and laughter with your new friends
Dedicated to my friend Gavyn Scott Sabin
Matt Oct 2020
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
Norman Crane Oct 2020
To look up,
And see the plane flying past,
Is to conceptualize,
The distance between us.
We may sit together on the swing,
Winter slowly rolling in,
And talk,
But we speak in different temperatures.
Your words condense on me,
And drip down my body.
Shivering we see,
That we are separate seasons,
Never again to exist coincidentally.
There will always be,
The distance between us.
Noa Adler Sep 2020
The world turns,
And I'm this close to caving in,
And it burns my heart
That you're not here.
No concerns,
I'm not tangled in my sins,
I am far away from long ago,
I have no fear.

Clouds go by,
And I am drifting off to sleep.
With a sigh,
Your world will disappear.
Say goodbye,
I'm leaving you forever,
I am far away from long ago,
I have no fear.
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