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I was flying back home
It was getting dark
I got excited
I planned to sit next to the window
In the plane

Since I was 9 years old
I’ve always thought if
I were to be in a plane
Next to the window
And it be night already
I’d see the big moon
With it being clear enough to see the stars
It’d something beautiful

So here am I
Next to the window
And it’s night already
I see the big moon
With it being clear enough to see the stars
Then i knew that this was something beautiful
Allen James Sep 28
I bought a one way ticket
at the price of all your pain,
On a plane with feathered wings
and an engine fueled by shame,
Now the memories get smaller,
But I can't turn around,
As I take off in the distance
and leave my shadow on the ground.
Seanathon Sep 17
Think of what you want the most
To share with another human being
And if you can’t envision your lover there
Simply being
It will never be so
2017 - On a plane to Austin, a stranger told me something really worthwhile. And now I give it to you in verse form.

When you're questioning if you're with the right person. Get out of your own head and take a mental look at the future. If you can't see your current interest there. Can't envision your life together (or whatever). Pick up your phone and let them know that your search goes on.

m h John Aug 28
i stayed until midnight
standing at the bus stop
waiting to go to the airport
to the board the plane
to the moon

because i heard
it doesn’t shine as bright

now that it has you
Mitch Prax Jul 21
Ten haikus later
and I'm still trapped on this plane
in need of a drink

6:21 PM
It’s been a week since the crash, first there were many of us, then there were few, then there were two, and now there is one; I am the one who survived on the others.
Rene Arreola May 28
The constant reminder that our loved ones are gone.
Visiting their graves and placing flowers you bought on Amazon.
Realizing past problems that people never put their focus on.
It’s just an excuse to remember someone that has been withdrawn.

A physical phenomenon that keeps opening past wounds.
Feelings that people try to keep in, but still get loose.
Its repetitive and sad to tell you the truth.
Will it ever go away?

Ding, ding, ding. The alarm in my head rings.
Caution ahead. Dangerous feelings.
Prepare to get hit by sadness and other emotions.
It will end soon. Your mind is in the process of erosion.

A woeful fate with a caustic tone.
The mortality paradox without a doubt, well-known.
The charming idiosyncrasy of our loved ones,
Carved nicely in their granite gravestones.

The focus of death at all, ruins the day.
Exacerbating the situation, digging a grave.
Warning signs popping up like ads. Stop. Stop. Stop!
Just please stop and go away! Everything is better without it, okay!
I am writing a poem book based on a young man whose family was teared apart by a fiery plane crash. His view on the world is full of pain, anger, and fear. Hope you enjoy.
Flight delayed
For one hour

I got time
To remember
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Boarding Pass
T R H Apr 14
Some people are afraid of flying
out of fear of falling from the sky
but I've been falling for so long
with no end in sight
so you see,
when I'm soaring above the clouds
I dream of the plane falling down
because at least I know
I'll finally hit solid ground
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