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Angel Juice
They fueled my warplane with 130 grade octane
It was bright green and full of spells
It was witchcraft just like flight
Making my plane soar like a rocket
So I could shoot down **** jets
Defeat their Me-309 escort fighters
Beating them by pure ******* speed
Then nail the ***** jet with my cannon
Blowing his ******* head off with 20mm
Me the aerial knight in his chariot
An airborne God in a Hawker Tempest
The best fighter plane of the war
Superior to all that was German
Be it Focke Wulf 190 D versions
Or their upgraded Me-109 K series
Or the 309s and anything else
I was equal to their vaunted jets
Like the He-162 Salamander
Or fast Me-262 which was ace
I was God...
It's coming up to holiday season love to watch aircraft flying overhead seeing them leave their vapour
I watch the early morning and late afternoon either they are going to their holiday destinations In the mornings
Then the ones I see In late afternoon probably returning from holiday
try to Imagine where  they've been or to where they're
I look up their miles Into the sky think the people on the planes looking out of the windows down to the
Earth below everything looking like
Sometimes When there's  fog visibility so bad the planes fly so low In search of the airport you could reach out and touch
Never had a desire to fly
In modern planes but given the opportunity to fly a world war two plane
I give my right arm that's what you call flying sometime we have fly over
Spitfire's Lancaster bomber now they were what you call planes the unique sound of that Merlin Engine unmistakeable beautiful to
see them In flight
Never had desire to fly In modern planes but give
World War Two planes now that what you call flying
Life is a journey,
An adventure into the future,
A dive into the unknown,
Flying a plane with no route.

Life is a journey,
With you leading it,
Being your own guide,
Or sitting in a cockpit being the pilot.

Life is a journey,
Meeting people on busy roads,
Asking for directions no one knows.
Or alone in the harsh wilderness,
With no help ever less.

Life is a journey,
A trip you must make,
Though not one that you can take
like a slice of cake.

But the end must come,
For another to start
Pyrrha Jan 7
I sometimes wonder when I leave this house
Will there really be a hole that can't be filled
An absence of this mess I've left
Will I miss the taunting?

When im flying above this state, above this country,
I live for the moment I see how small my problems are
And watch as they fade away and disappear under the clouds

Will I feel fear or relief?
Liz Carlson Dec 2018
leaving everything behind
has been torturing my mind
for what feels like forever

some days i want to stay an eternity
and never let go of these things
and other days,
i just want to fly away and get it over with.

yet here i am
standing still
as the clock keeps ticking by
in wait for that day to come.
arden Dec 2018
It wasn’t
Time to
It wouldn’t
Ever be
Go back
The plane
Into the air
Across the world
I went
Try Dec 2018
lead to future sorrows,
rather remain swimming in the oceans corals,
then open up the next portal,
into anothers world.

© Try
IPM Nov 2018

My gut spirals swiftly
downwards the twilight zone
a throne of skin and bone
"Thine sin you must atone."
Sat down, below red skies
above my head, familiars
reflection shines in eyes
of thousand flies perched atop rotten meat.
I rip my heart out and eat
it too.
Ignites a fuel deep inside
the hollow depths of this mind.
A darkness rose, roamed long ago
speaks to me now:
"Fear not what is to come,
sacrifice the living,
**** the young, burn their lungs,
eat their tongues an-"
"What madness is this?"
aksed my image
the ghastly apparition
"This plane is not unnatural,
tis' only a future you invision..."

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