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You can offer me all the riches in the world
And from time to time I’ll get tempted
To sell my soul
But whenever I think of you
I remember my simple words
Time is the most valuable thing
In this whole wide world

All I need, is you by my side
Let’s go out and have good time
By the sun
The beach is vast and I hope today will last
But if it doesn’t
At least we had some fun

The blacks from your eyes
Move from left to right
What do you have in sight?
Can it be me?
Or just a blank stare into the night sky

You think you know me
But you’ll know me better
When the rain has settled in
And you’ll stare at my soul
In between the sheets

You can offer me the riches of the world
But nothing compares when I see you smile
And if you don’t today,
Then at least we’ll have tomorrow
But one day you’ll hold my hand
And forget and let go of the past
Because all we have today,
Is all the time In the whole wide world
I think about you
Even when I don’t want to
I don’t think you think about me
Otherwise you’ll call me
During the most ridiculous hours of the night
But I think about you day and night
I think about you
Even when I’m dead at night  
But you won’t think about me
And that’s completely fine
Or is it?
Oh hunny
We’re so different and yet the same
We move like the moon and sun
Everyone thinks we’re crazy
As we move 671 million miles per hour  
Some say we light up the world
While other want to see us burn

Oh huney
Nobody knows me like you do
You treat me as I’m the only one in the world
But you’ve been distant
Like you’re in another world  

Oh honey
You’re barking up the wrong tree
You left so long ago
All the wounds have sealed
And while you regret that day
There’s no turning back
We’re past the point of no return

Oh hny
You’re just a distant memory
I wish you the best
What we had was special
But my real love has arrived
And it’s time you let me go
My heart feels heavy
It must be Tuesday afternoon
My eyes seem so ******
And my skin has turned to blue

I dream with the jellyfish
Existing with no direction
Heading to the point of no return
I wish I could see the singularity
Of a supermassive black hole

What’s gotten into me
I’m here waiting for someone to notice me
I’m scared to open my mouth for help
Thinking no one will answer if I yell
So for now I’ll hold my breath
Below the pools of disparity
I spent my mornings alone
Wishing a world without you

While the world continues without a care
This self pity that I have built for myself
It’s getting kind of old
So I seek for my next move
I’ll continue life
A life without you
The wind is picking up
On this peaceful night
My tea is half empty
Or half full
I can never make up my mind

I think of you before the sun rises
My sleepless nights
Have given me superthoughts
Existential crises all around

While you were living life
I stayed behind like a hopeless fool
I blame my misfortunes on everyone
And especially you

But what I don’t want to hear
Or even think about
It’s the truth,  
I was never ready
Much less mature enough
To live hopeful life with you
I’m scared of failure
As if my life would end if I met her
I face my problems head on
Because I can’t stand
To stab a ***** from behind

I’m the problem to my solutions
And when I let go of this toxic life
Then maybe I’ll see the light
Even though I’m right outside

I’ll fly to the moon to start a new life
I’ll run away from these judgmental eyes
That have been staring at me for too long
Too bad I can’t gouge my physical self
It’s a matter of perception,
These eyes only serve as tools
To allow the light inside

Our minds are so simple yet so complex
Reality is an illusion
But please,
Don’t throw that brick at my head

And when I reach my point of clarity
I’ll stop and reflect the struggle within
Life seemed so rough at that moment
But it’s what helped me love myself again
I got a thing for you
And I’m pretty sure you know it
I regret yesterday
For I let my feelings show it

Ever wonder why
The skies weep from above?
It’s to hide the tears
Of the dejected from rejection
There’s no objection
To my explanation
Pardon my lack of discretion

We do it all for love
We do it all for hate
There’s no neutral territory
There no time for explanation
There’s no time to set my mind straight

If only you could fall in love with me
Then we do it all
For the possible chance
That our one true slice of heaven
Will be sweeter than,
All our past miscalculations
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