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A trillion stars
Glow the night sky  
A trillion grains of sand
Stand beneath my feet
A trillion thoughts can never define
What I am,
Or who I want to be

I flew to the sky
Looking for ecstasy
I traveled the world
Now would you travel with me?
Leave your problems for a moment
Let’s defy the laws of gravity  
For this life is only temporary

We are all strong
In our own way
And we are all weak
What’s the endgame?
Time is relative
So take your time,
It’s your life,
Go at your own pace

And when you’ll hold my hand
You’ll make my roses bloom
My heart will run on jet fuel
Zero to a million in twopointsix beats
Things will never be the same
But what’s life without a little change
Oh falling star
How you fall without me
A perfect world among the many
Yet I still take you for granted
If tomorrow never rises
And we spin out of control
It’s all my fault,
For never understanding
The complex schemes
That complete your world

I live among my flaws
My greed
Won’t allow such luxury to love myself
Better you than me
To be consumed by this fallacy
I won’t allow the cracks on my walls
To show the mess behind me
But you can’t lay your righteousness
When I fall apart
When you hide behind your walls
Just like me

But nevermind the past
Just focus on the future,
Just focus on the now
Because the day we forgive ourselves
Is the day that we defy gravity
And all the anomalies within our world
Will make sense
Of all the things
That I can be
I choose to mope around
And wait for things
To “let it be”
Sometimes I contemplate
Wether this life is unfair
Everyone gets second chances
While I just sit right over there

I’ve gone to search
For something new
But my imagination
Puts me in Jupiter’s many moons
I’m overzealous of things yet untouched
I wish that I could see
Like the Hubble and its keen eye
But not even a team of experts
Can cure me from my obstinate personality
So I let your records play
To the tune of my gloomy days

I can see the universe and its anomalies
I try to comprehend this world
But I can’t for the life of me
But I don’t need to if you’re ever by my side
Knowledge can be power
But love may never die

So when I’m overwhelmed
With what I don’t know
Let’s take a trip
To all these parts unknown
Where all the lizards can reside
I want to go
Let’s watch this sunset
For tomorrow is never known
Oh ocean eyes
Where has the current taken you
Deep in the waters
You drift through the waves  
Relentless it seems
But hold your breath
For greener pastures lay ahead

Oh forest eyes
If I fall for you
From the tallest trees
It’s because I love the sight
Of the evergreens
And the soil from which they grow
I can feel it on my soles
There’s no better feeling in the world
Oh Earthen eyes
The steps you take
To make things better
The winds that change
And take you away
You roam free like never before
You are the one that cures
My soul from this misery

Oh my eyes that fill the void
Deep in space
Secluded from the universe
I think of you, when I’m alone
You remind me
Of how I use to see the world
But I’m here blindsided
By the vices of this world
But I can feel your energy
More than ever before

One day I’ll see your light
Where I can fill this empty heart
Time will come
And time will go
But I wait for the day,
Where I’ll see you
Past the realm of this world
Luna del cielo
Alumbra mi paz
Luna de mi corazón
Siempre serás
Porque tu luz siempre trae mi paso
Y por ti camino mis pasos

Luna de mi vida
Nunca jamás se acabará
Por mi amor a ti
eterna será
Y si las nubes te llevan
Por un tiempo
Te esperare
Porque mi luna bella
Siempre serás

Moon of the sky
Light my peace
Moon of my heart
You will always be
Because your light always brings my step
And for you I walk my steps
Moon of my life
Never again will it end
For my love to you
eternal will be
And if the clouds take you
For a while
I will wait for you
Because my beautiful moon
You will always be
I follow my own path
And if the world rejects me
For who I am
Let them have their laugh

I focus on what I want
Things may not be easy
But easy things don’t really last

The world keeps spinning
Regardless of who you are
Going slow or going fast
We all have our own pace
Don’t compare,
It’s not fair to yourself

You were meant for this Earth
Even if things don’t seem that way
Sometimes our vision may be blurred
But there may be a lesson to be learned
Love yourself it’s a truth untold
Follow your path,
It’s a life of your own
I try to be true to myself
I want to be free
But when I show my courage
It reminds me of who I turned out to be

I bleed the colors of my pride
But I hope I don’t lose to much
Or I may fear for my life

I want this simple life
I long for simple times
As you left this Earth
I wish I didn’t have to cry
But it was a shame to let you go

I did my best to make things right
I searched the havens and Earth for you
But I just needed to give your time

In the end
It was just the two of us
After I have exhausted all my foes
The pain I caused for satisfaction
Wasn’t worth adding to all your woes

I’ve only thought about myself
For my devotion has been fickle at times
Life is a long game of chess
But when I felt like it was time to be defeated
You helped me see past this test

Now I wait
And I don’t know
If I’ll ever see you again
You’ve touched my heart
And made it for the better
I just hope I don’t lose my way
Because if it’s too late
I’ll surely lose it all
But for now let’s enjoy
Right now, today
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