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Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2021
I dream of you every night
I loathe the sun rise
For my time with you
Is gone when I open my eyes

You talk to me
As if I’m the only one in the world
The skies are gray
But my world is blue when I’m next to you

I want you  
Like the forbidden fruits
Our forbidden love
Will never make sense
To the fools who judge
What they never understood
Sergio Gonzalez Sep 2021
Is it too late?
To return to a time with you around
Is it too late?
To mend what’s been broken before

If I could turn back time
I’d feel your soft skin against mine
And watch the stars shine
Under our favorite spot
Your attention was the best part
And now it’s gone
Like the Sun at night
You’re nowhere to be found
And there’s nothing I can do about that
To: MissSue
  Aug 2021 Sergio Gonzalez
The first time she looked up
She fell in love with the sky
Her heart reaching higher
The only answer was to fly

So she made wings of her heart
Carved dreams into feathers
Bid farewell to earth
And fluttered towards ether

But gravity loved her too
Had no intention to let go
Pulled her firmly to the ground
And broke her wings in woe
  Aug 2021 Sergio Gonzalez
I despise myself for not being someone you could love.
  Aug 2021 Sergio Gonzalez
It took me seven years
to realise
the words in my mind
were too deep for
my mouth to dig up
I thought it was easier
to open my skin
and let the truth
pour down my arms

It took me seven years
to realise
nobody should be allowed
to touch parts
of your home
or hold pieces  
of your heart
that you don't yet understand

It took me seven years
to realise
I will wear these scars
I'll carry them
through every smile
every kiss
every concerned gaze
I'll carry them
to my grave

It took me seven years
to realise
the pain carved
into the walls
of my castle
etchings of
attempting to disappear
are not a story of weakness
but a tale of
how I survived
Sergio Gonzalez Jul 2021
I know you’ve been struggling
To keep it together
Whenever the weather changes its mood
I know you’re out here wishing
You were on the moon
With no reaction to change
The wind blows with force
To move on to its next destination
And away it goes

I wish you could talk to me
The way you talk to your pillow
Always wondering why you’re so alone         When you don’t allow me in
When you hurt the most

So what’s holding you down?
You can blame the whole world
For the way you are
This and that
I’m so happy and now I’m sad
And my rain clouds form
When I see you like that
I wish I could do something
I wish I could take it all away
But my ship is sinking
And you’re the one to blame
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