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Moon in the sky
You shine from time to time
But when I miss you
You’re invisible to the naked eye

I look throughout the whole world
Searching for your light
You live within my dreams
I can only remember you
Through my memories

You have the power to make me feel strong
You also can make me feel frail
I’m overwhelmed by your gravity

All that matters is your presence
Pull me from side to side
Push me past the shores
Give me life to rule the world
I need you,
More than ever before
There’s something in your eyes
That yells out to my soul
I tried to reach perfection
Only to end up on the down low

I missed the point of living life
Living more than material things
More than the chase of hopeless love
Past all the little things

Past the bad moments in life
I tried to find an answer,
To the emptiness in my heart  
Sometimes I wish God could talk back to me
But in the good moments
I’d ignore every single advice given to me

We are all alone
But that’s not necessarily bad
It’s in these moments
Where we find the answer
To who we truly are

To find your peace
Time is a blessing
So use it wisely
I hope you take these words with gravity
With every step there’s pain
With every stumble there’s disappointment
The day may beat down on us
As the moon and sun dance around
Controlling the world from up above  
And there will be days
When your strength might be gone

But with every step there’s hope
And with every stumble we build the courage
To be something more than we ever hoped
As the Earth and the planets
Circle around the celestial galaxies
We should count ourselves so lucky
As least we were here to see it
I want to know you
And I want you to know me
I want time to fly by
Like the birds migrating by the sea

Be the keeper of my secrets
As I guard your dreams
You make time the present
I’ve always wished for
We keep evolving
As we keep growing

You roam in my most beautiful fantasies
But nothing’s better
Than when you roam within my reality
I’m endlessly falling for you
But I know the feeling is mutual
So let’s fall forever
Into our own endless melody
I look at the skies
As I think to myself
somber and lonely
Better days come
Even when the sun won’t shine

As I think of you
Bittersweet moments haunt my dreams
Beautiful scenes that will never be
I cross past the treacherous waters
But I’m far too calm
I’m far too stoic
It’s not the first storm I’ve ever seen

I’m not the one who you’re used to
The ghost of him travels with my shadows
It’s the past and so it seems
Time came and said hello
But now it’s time to go  

I’m over the moon that you’ve moved on
But take it day by day
You left in search for the new  
things may never be the same again

My mind plays tricks on my emotions
But as I go through the motions
I’m left with nothing but broken promises
Waiting for a sign if I’ll ever see you again
Day to night
And night to day
I see the sun more clearly
When I accept my fate
The years go by and I’m closer to death
I’m grossly terrified
But it’s only Natural to give what you take

I know pain is part of life
But what’s the struggle
If you never had the chance
I know no one gives a **** about my struggles
But why should you,
When I don’t even care about yours
It’s nothing personal
But how can you save a person
If you’re in the same hole
We both need the same life jacket
In order to stay afloat

The cynicism that consumes our life
Is something taught by those that live in hate
We’re a selfish society let that ruminate
I wish I could see the world change
But some things may always be the same
Life itself can be cruel,
But no one’s superior over another
At the end of the day
The Earth will collect its due
If it takes a lifetime
One day I’ll know I’ll reach my goal
To soar high in the sky
With no limits,
I hope I don’t reach the sun
When I glide above the ocean shore

If it takes a lifetime
My hopes and dreams
Will go from fantasies to realities
Like magic from the skies
On rainy days in the end of May
The heavens will glow soon after the storm

If it takes my whole life
One day I’ll love myself
As much I love you
But even if it takes a lifetime
At least one day I’ll learn to soar
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