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Bhill Jun 12
deep concentration amazes the corrupt intellect
secrets lay in waiting as the mind deciphers the message
why do the senses allow corruption to succeed
the age-old dilemma is, well, age-old....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 160
Fight the corruption...
Chris Apr 2019
A: Do you think I owe you my body because you are nice to me?
B: Yes.
A: Do you think of me just as a boy/girl toy that you can do with as you please.
B: Only when I'm *****.
A: You expect I'll ******* after I found out how many people you've had.
B: I don't expect anything, but you probably will.

Stop pretending you don't want *****(or ****) just because of social norms, I've had both (quite a lot) and here's the trick:
DON'T ******* CONFORM!
julianna Sep 2018
I thought the solution was talking,
But when I talktoomuch it hurts
Because I feel like I’m hurting you

As if taking up your time
With my conversation
Is selfish

I just delusional
Or broken?

Now I have a dilemma
Should I talktoomuch or just never

I’m going to try shutting up tomorrow. I feel like I ****** up too much air, so I’ll just be quiet.

Let’s see how long it will last...
I might delete this later. I think I’m crazy, but I have an actual dilemma where I feel guilty about talking to much or feeling like I said something wrong ALL THE TIME, so I’m just going to shut my stupid mouth tomorrow.
The Admirer Mar 2018

the way you make me smile is the greatest
You are my sunny days amongst the greyest
You make me laugh like no other
I am the happiest when we're together


You are a ****, ******* and a selfish guy
you say I don't change, at least I try
There are days I don't ever stop crying
My sanity slowly dying


My dear to other couples they cant  compare  
We live our lives without a care
They can only wish and dream to be like us
Power couple like Bonnie and Clyde  once was


I am sick and tired of this ******* and fighting
you say you tell me the truth, I know you're lying
You love me one day an then you don't
leaves me wondering should I leave you alone





The Admirer Mar 2018
It all seems like a routine. The build up  to the argument, the fight, her crying and her asking for forgiveness without it being her fault. a story many have heard of, of a daughter and father. Daddy issues, funny a lot of girls have them, I wonder why is that... why we all have those problems? Is it all planned out or is it a coincidence. A painful journey we all must have as an adolescent girl or an unlucky few.

There are the lucky ones, whose dad is the one who comforts them, when their moms are not letting them go out to a party or be with a boy they like. Those problems are sweeter i guess, unlike hers, the bitter sweet kind. They both love each other fondly. He can never get over the girl's mom. He release his pain to her and she does nothing... Wait she does nothing? WHY!

Daddy is sad, and daddy gets mad because he is hurt, but when he is not hurt he loves her very much, he calms down, he seem like a dad. Daddy promises her he will try to get better, give him one more chance and don't tell MOMMY. She blindly believes him every time wishing he speaks the truth, but he doesn't.

The saddest part of this is he doesn't want to lose her. He cant lose anyone else, he would be all alone. Whenever he tries to get better he buys her things, builds up strength but looses it whenever MOMMY calls.  Sad thing is she will learn to hurt like daddy does.
A bitter sweet tale of a dad and daughter.
Lady Ravenhill Nov 2016
He died. Sometime in November
In the black hole that is my heart
Where love goes in to die and then
Leaves me with the desiccated corpse
Of what we had and all he'd hoped
Though shriveled, weak and small
Unable to love as it once could
My vowed vampire’s heart
Yearned for the passion it should
He had it beating, the blood moving, once more
Though my mouth was dry after years of drought
from a life without the sweet taste of red
And the heaven, that now, I am not allowed,
for I too am dead.
@LadyofRavenhill 11/25/16

— The End —