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Mind Matterer Apr 26
Head placed upon the middle of your pillow,
leaving a circular dent surrounding it-
Your pigtails on the side,
tied in pink and red bows.

An attire of frilly, cotton, pyjamas,
tainted with dainty flowers-
a total of 32 spastically placed.

Filled with frills and pixie dust,
along with the shards of glass
-lined with blood.

Thinking back,
On the beauty of the moments,
Of the innocence that once filled your mind-
gently placed upon the pillow
lined with delicate lace,
beneath your frail, fazed face.
Corey Apr 1
Allow me to take Springs flight
and blossom with the sun
The birds arrive with morning light
nesting, with new life begun

And in these mornings let me see
that the birds have come so far
Let me hear the buzzing bees
and not forget what ears are

Allow me, then, to speak my mind
and listen to the words spoken
A drop of honey from the hive
of knowledge and of emotion

And in those days of trials, troubles,
I’ll no longer hold my tongue
But in careful breathing I easily struggle
and need reminding how to use my lungs

Allow me next to closely whisper,
to ask myself for forgiveness.
The trees forgive the retched winter
for its cold, unending stillness

And in the next days I ask for time
to take note of my frailties,
but in the Spring, I will rise
with radiant and blossoming peace
I leave a trail of shattered hearts.. so frail..
Clumsy I am...
I have to sadly reject people that ask me out..
Do not say, what you feel
I'm not here
To listen
Do not remember me
I'm not the one
Who cares
Do not dream of me
I'm not the one
You deserve
I can't be there, where
You want me to be

Then he/she felt
Nothing left
No dreams
No wishes
No voices
Nothing at all

Stayed silent with
A fragile heart
A heavy head
A dead soul
Since then
Genre: Dark
Theme: Tough Time
She has taken Times test
And stood till she was 80
The skin is thin on those old bones now
She shivers
And for the first time feels
old and frail
mary liles Jan 17
I'm like a butterfly in your grasp
Too weak to move
Too frail to live

I'm scared
Solitude Man Dec 2018
even love, a faded meaning
the uneven skill; bludgeoning the compass
a longing, a thirst for fortress in the prodigal past
always seems to swim so shallow

an even meaning when roses die
a shadow walking ground, a skeleton in the earth
leaning on its symbiotic ecstasy;
frail and ephemeral dipped in a sea of ash  

when paradise keel's over in sea
awake in this lucid dream
let loose of the pipe
lest you breath as love

a silent lips for astrologers, even a tombstone for gazers
blood streaming down the crown;
never to grow rose
love is the soil.
Asante' Nov 2018
You keep on running back to me,
You sneak into my skin,
Banging on my frail bones, shouting
“Please let me come in!”
I try to keep the blinds closed
And pretend that I’m not here,
But you wait until I yield to you
Before you disappear.
Nik Bland Sep 2018
Ramshackled dream
Held together with glue and string
And prayers
Floating as a feather
Yet easily the heaviest of things

What tapestries you inspire
Yet not strong enough the exit my mind
Keeping you hidden
Incubating long term
Until you’re almost over cooked

Make I take a glimpse of you
Never to touch, in fear of the break
Complexly understated
A warming flame
Flickering in this empty cold world

Ramshackled dream
Pretty to most, breathtaking to me
Sitting ever fervent
Waiting to shine
Wait to breathe the air
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