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andres Apr 27
for you i almost gave up everything.
stephannie Mar 18
how frightening, to forget the lyrics to my favorite song
how frightening, to get lost in a place i call my own
t'was horrifying, not having things under my control
horrifying, being pulled back as i try to crawl

the books were wrong and the movies lied
you weren't a storm, and i didn't cry
you were an ocean silently seeping through my boat
and i was smiling, thinking above it i could float

it didn't feel like 8am on the first day of class
but a 4pm sunset on an empty room so vast
my mind was in shambles, looking for an answer
no word in the dictionary could my heart ever muster

and what was my sheltered being supposed to do
with all that i've ever known suddenly untrue
my peace was shaken, i couldn't move forward
the reality of you has rendered me coward
Mark Wanless Jan 10
haiku 20/11/5x

you coward amen
not soul saver till the end
no you were just a man
A Jan 9
It was Sunday and you asked me to stay but I never meant to linger here for so long, so I pulled back, retreating from my line you tried to cross

Smiling, so you wouldn't taste the hesitation on my lips,
talking louder to hide my hasty breath,
giving you sweet promises of nothing, pouring it out like syrup on those pancakes I never stayed for

And I don't think I've ever needed Monday as much as when I walked home, self-starved, carrying all my weight and bricks with my sticky fingers
Yenson Dec 2021
Seven thousand mile away
I studied Shakespeare by candlelight
due to long and constant power cut
yet I still made A1 grade in English Literature

My friends grew up in Shakespeare country
they have electricity twenty-four sevenRed
all they can write is diss poetry
and act as useful idiots for thieves and loonies
they tell me I am suffering
and cancelled
I say
“You starvelling, you eel-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue,
you bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish
O for breath to utter what is like thee!-you tailor’s-yard,
you sheath, you bow-case, you vile standing tuck!”

“Your brain is as dry as the remainder biscuit after voyage.”

“Villain, I have done thy mother”

“Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell”

So we know why anarchists are dripping with envy and jealousy
about the man who read Shakespeare by candlelight
and yet bettered them all
so I say again

“You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I’ll tickle your catastrophe!”
I should be just like you, Heart of black ice, Be kind, A friend, how to create an illusion, in your mind, be close, pretend to be real, a way to know, your dreams, your plans, your next move,

When I see your aspirations, which carry you forward,

Being a master manipulator, like you, I will cunningly plan your fall, like a jester, laughing with the crowd, which I am convinced you have always been, nothing more than that of an immutable intimidated.

You are really just a coward, you are afraid of someone, you just make an effort to do what is best, you are afraid of someone, who is not even a threat to you, or the position you occupy.

Prove your superiority, self-confidence, by being proudly bold! Your pride, your arrogance, your ignorance, your blindness and your hypocrisy ...

NO, I could never be like you, ruining others like you do, I thought I was the fool, now I see, now I have peace.

So I sincerely pray. "God open his heart, to accept your extraordinary grace, through you, we will both know our part, our place, and if not soon, then in Heaven, we will have

an eternity to be redone. "Yes, I love you my sister in Christ!

- VenJencie Ⓒ Author Ven J. Arnold
Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Inspired through a true experience just recently that shattered my spirit, my trust in humanity. Out of being hurt I acted out to show them that I was everything and done everything they accused me of, then 1 night, my feelings completely changed because of a personal conversation with God, and I felt and feel sudden peace. I love her and the few others involved and only want the best for them and to succeed in God's bigger plan even if they don't see it yet because I've seen in it and #God is not limited. I'm truly praying for God to open their hearts and work in their lives. It doesn't matter if I'm part of that exact plan or not but praying that God will open their hearts so they don't miss out on this opportunity to do a mighty work through God.
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Brumous Oct 2021
I am a coward
with little to no integrity,
who only chooses
what satisfies me.
𝐅𝐮𝐝𝐠𝐞𝐥= Pretending to work without actually accomplishing anything.
Reshnia crimson Aug 2021
Dash now my hopes on foreign shores
Let the distant ocean stake her claim
She cannot do any further harm
Than silver devils who have done the same

Thoughts of the heart are unrelenting
Yet bared teeth have made
The tongue they bite awfully craven
They dare not utter what the heart may say
don't blame me, it's not my fault.
you're afraid of the decisions you have to make.
you're obsessed with what isn't yours to take.
you're tired of the confidence you have to fake.
you're ashamed of the way that you break.
stand in your place, and don't blame.
and the coward points their rot finger at someone else, hoping that this will make them braver. but blaming doesn't purify, it keeps rotting them from inside
fm Jul 2021
your greedy hands are no greedier than mine,
as your fingers travel past my waistline,
thinking that i’m about to waste my time
on a man like you,
“too good to be true,”
kinda borrowed, about to be blue.
my greedy hands will clench,
as i lean closer on that bench,
ignoring your disgusting cigarette stench.
“i’ll break your ******* jawline
if your hands don’t leave my waistline,”
and you didn’t waste time

running away.
it’s 2:37am and i went to a bar for the second time in my life on my own volition, and a guy grabbed my ***.
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