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CJ Nov 13
I kept quiet
Even though I love you
I stepped back
Watched you
And saw you smile...

I kept quiet
Even though he loved you
I sat away
As you got flirted on
And my heart slowly breaking...

I kept quiet
Even though he left you
I worried you
As you hurt yourself
And all I could do was watch...

I kept quiet
Even though you left him
I sat with you
As you smile again
But I know you are still hurting...
I blame myself for not ever having the courage to do something...
Justaperson Oct 25
When I look into the mirror, I expect to see a girl staring back at me who I know is nothing but me.

But when I look into the mirror and see myself all I see are labels.
A whirlwind of insults that takes the place of my reflection, and throws its words at me whenever it sees me.
I know what I should do when I see it.
I know I should just rip them off and show the it I am above the petty labels that it chooses to define me as...


I don’t

I look into the mirror and sink to the ground; balling like a child because I know the labels are true.
I know that everything it tells me is true.
I know because...

That thing is me.

People say things about me when they think I’m not listening.
Friends make a joke without realizing they’ve crossed a line.
I look at myself and know this is how everyone sees.

I don’t embrace these labels.
I don’t let myself stand beside them and act proud and confident.
I sit in the storm and watch as it grows larger and larger with every second a conversation continues.

I’m a coward.
I don’t let people know I hate this.
Don’t let them know I despise the labels everyone sees I have.
I want to tell them I want to change.
I don’t want these words anymore.
I’ve been in pain for far too long, and I don’t won’t to complete another dictionary because I’m too afraid to speak up.
But I never do.
I continue to look at myself in the mirror.
Continue to be a person I don’t want to be.
I **** at poetry, but what are you gonna do when a random wave of emotions hit you like a bus?
Fay Kim Oct 23
I can't see your face through the dark room
only the glow from the tv shows your true outline

Like a coward, I keep still

Too scared to awaken and scream for help
I toss and turn hoping you'll leave

I was a child


Why didn't you come forward when I woke and cried in my mother's arms
Were you ashamed then
Did you feel instant regret
Would you take it back

Lie to me and tell you will

Make it go away
Redeem me
Burn a hole in my memories until I feel my childhood pure

Leave me pure

Please, just tell me who you are
Just let me put a face to the nightmare that haunts me every time I close my eyes

Do you not owe me that at least

Can I just have my peace of mind and hurt you 
Like you hurt me

Let me traumatize you the same way my bones feels your presence creep up on me
The shudder I feel flow through my legs and spine makes me freeze and remember
What I wish to forget

Let you live with the guilt that eats at my soul.
A coward can also love
Not making a move unless you give him a shove
He can only watch and seldom initiate
How sorrowful for to fail is the coward’s fate

The other party can’t be blamed
For the coward is the one that aimed
But didn’t try to fire due to fear
Fear that he will miss and his dreams will tear

The intended prey he have lost
To find medicine for his regret is a must
But there are just some things in this world
You wouldn’t find no matter the gold

Crying over spilt milk is useless
Man up! Suppress your tears and cry less
Gain courage and change your cowardly way
And happiness will find you someday
i didn't understand
how my back was curved like a spoon all the time
how my breath stops at the eyes upon me
how my voice stops to be heard at their stares
my cowardice

i was jealous
their stance, the way they held their chins up high
their never-ending smiles and laughs and talks
their wits, never stopping to think, always ready
their courage

i am stuck in my own world
not because they told me to
because i have to

someone has to yield
someone has to be the clapper
someone has to watch
someone has to be inferior
i am—
that's my role in this world

i will never be—
never be the.
just thoughts
Sarah Aug 29
Who am i ?
The girl who wants to ditch the scarf?
The one who lost her love for ***?
The girl who once chased a dream?
Until forcefully shook awake from sleep
The girl that used to be so brave
Or the fearful coward she became?
The one who had a sparkle in her eyes
Now her eyes reflect her dull soul's cries
No dream. No hope. No love. No sparkle
Is there anything left to live for
If her life has lost all meaning
Why not she tries living no more?
P.s scarf = hijab, what muslim girls uses to cover thier hairs
This reflects a period of my life, thankfully it's over now.
A M Ryder Aug 22
You should know that I often fall in love with girls I play board games with.
Really, it's nothing personal.
It's just that when I get competitive, sometimes I get romantic
Someone once told me that they can't love someone until they've witnessed their worst, and I think you should know that I'm not my worst self anymore.
Breaking down isn't realness.
So for all that self awareness..
I am more of a coward
than I am a king
And I will fill my time with more ordinary things
Because I can barely stand the way all these feelings within me sing
Harriet Cleve Jul 20
Courage and his old friend Coward

hand in hand felt quite empowered

off they went from tower to steeple

amongst the land of broken people

they climbed amongst the highest fears

sailed the deepest darkest tears

weaved amongst the dreadest schemes

faced down nightmares, took on dreams

Coward hoped they'd do some good

in the land of flesh and blood

He didn't feel so terrified

now that Courage was by his side

they walked in wars and abject terror

hoped the world would see its error

Sometimes they got a glimpse of peace

yet many times that too would cease

Centuries passed and Courage cried

'You can't say we haven't tried!'

Then Coward's knobbly knees would settle

deep inside he'd find his mettle

In the land of broken people

beneath the towers and lofty steeple

Hope came home, it may seem absurd

holding hands with his old pal Word

Off they went to home sweet homes

Writing letters, posting poems

Off they went from tower to steeple

holding hands and healing people

Courage and his old friend Coward

hand in hand felt quite empowered

off they went from tower to steeple

with Hope and Word to heal the people
Xylos Jul 10
Are you holding my hand,

Just so that you don't fall?
Concern doubt love fear
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