Sink Jan 12

This is not a poem,
This is a stream of consciousness.


opi Jan 9

i'm scared i can't do things right
i'm scared i'll become nothing
i'm scared of being responsible
i'm scared to try
i'm scared of being the only one
i'm scared to do things by myself
i'm scared to be different
i'm scared i have too much sin
i'm scared to be alone
i'm scared i'll fail
i'm scared i'll disappoint people who love me
i'm scared of this world
i'm scared of being alive
i'm scared of death
i'm scared of everything

Tristan Brown Oct 2017

Dear Tristan,

          You're a coward,  
          But you're too scared to admit it

This is the very first of my Dear Tristan collection, and hopefully, there are many more to come.
Blois Oct 2017

What do I know about you, really?
For certain, only a few things.
Nothing about pictures or loves,
about the ghosts in your heart,
or something as simple as your cigarrette brand.
I've noticed that I know just enough
so I can never reach.

We can die laughing, that's true
and that is important for someone
who doesn't laugh enough. As I.

If I told you that I wouldn't mind to know
what make your eyes like two burnt holes in a blanket,
would you shred my ears to pieces?

If I confessed that I hang on your words
like a thrilled coward, that I have died many times,
would you fell silent?

These are the kind of questions
someone who doesn't know have.

I accept that I also keep people in the dark.
Flying blind, they must think "here goes nothing",
while they yearn for the ground. Have I done that to you?

If I was to fling myself onto you, for that matter,
absurd as the notion sounds, would you flinch away
and ask me to give my head a shake?

I know we are getting into the realm of imposible things,
of things that can blow in my face. Don't mind me,
let me quietly keep on barking to the moon.

Let's get this to a conclusion.
Of the few things I know, one is this:
you told me you are dark chocolate.
I will be sincere and confese that
I don't see where you're coming from.
One thing I know and I tell you now,
your are sweeter than that.

Emily McClelland Oct 2017

Diminishing the hope in which you thrived.
Allowing for the demise of the greatest warrior.
Cowering in fear of the unknown,
So you remain silent.

Vale Luna Oct 2017


Stop shaking

Maybe you didn't press hard enough
So the bleeding will stop after an hour
And you’ll only be left feeling light-headed
Proving that you didn't have it in you

Try harder

If you want to commit murder
You have to commit to it
There is no half-assing a crime
It’s either all or nothing
And you've already gotten your hands dirty
If you stop now
You'll be caught
But it's hard to be fearless
When the murderer and the victim are both you

Be braver

If you over analyse this
Your victim-side
Will prevent you from cutting deep enough
You have a sharp blade
But your will is weak
So strengthen it

Push past the pain

If it hurts
Of course it'll hurt!
It’s death
If you truly want it
Then your murderer-side
Will get over the agony and the guilt
To seek the power to succeed

Embrace the feeling

If you hospitalize yourself again
Your family won't forgive you this time
So finish the goddamn job
Because the pills only gave you a tummy-ache
And the noose snapped under your weight
And the gun that Daddy hides doesn't have any bullets in it
So this is a last resort

Find your courage

If the bleeding stops
Pick up the blade
And try again
Don't be stupid by cutting horizontally
You've seen enough TV to know
That the cuts have to be vertical

Be desperate

If you feel yourself getting tired
Let yourself sleep
It means you're getting away with murder
It means you're succeeding

Don't wake up

If you do
You didn’t try hard enough
You weren't brave enough
You didn’t push past the pain
You couldn't embrace the feeling
You never found your courage
You weren't desperate enough

You're a failure
You're a motherfucking coward.

So yea I had to put trigger warning at the beginning of this one. It would be messed up if I didn't.
Please dont kill yourself...
Fynn Sep 2017

I have always been a loner
and to me that was fine
I liked being by myself
and I spend so much time
wandering around thinking
about how the world could be

I have always been a dreamer
This world was not for me
theres way too much rules
But I wanted to be free
I dont need power or money on mass
I just wanted to be safe
and not a person out of glass

I have always been honest
and never backed out
stood up for mistakes
And never had a doubt
about doing the right thing

I have never been a coward
and rarely dropped a tear
I always met challenges
and rarely feld fear

But then the day came
When I first saw her smile
To see it again I would run through hell
and it would be worth every mile
She made my brain freeze
and my heart stopped a while
It was a moment like no other
this moment of her smile

Its been a year and my feelings wont budge
but Im too afraid to ask her out
A yes from her would change my life
But i guess that is what love is about

I dont want to be alone anymore
And theres no need to dream when she is around
Her no is the only thing that I fear
but I guess I have to stand my ground

I am a coward
Im too weak for this
I guess I should stop it
And never hope for a kiss

I tried to forget her
and go back to the start
but her glance broke my will
and her smile stole my heart

Actually a true story. I guess everyone has a weakness somehow..
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