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Nylee Oct 11
I was never this vulnerable before,
with the increasing exposure
I feel it all the time
So coward and not confident at all.
The changes occured in these few years
have boosted up my lingering fears.
The world has changed,
while I'm still the same.
Randy Johnson Sep 26
When it comes to my neighbor, I usually have a fit.
He irritates the hell out of me and he's a chicken ****.
He has wild parties that last until 3 A.M.
I'm sick of having to put up with him.
When I went to his house one night,
I made the mistake of challenging him to a fight.
When he showed up for the fight, the wimp brought along four other guys.
He talks tough but when it comes to being a chicken ****, he takes the prize.
Showing up with four other men made him feel empowered.
I got my *** handed to me but unlike him, I'm not a coward.
All five of them beat the crap out of me and they made me eat their fists.
Now I have to gum my food because my teeth are gone and sorely missed.
But at least I was able to land one very hard punch.
I hit my neighbor in the belly and he lost his lunch.
It didn't take long to realize something that I'm not ashamed to admit.
I got the living hell beat out of me but at least I'm not a chicken ****.
I am scared to die.
i know you wont be waiting for me anymore.
i miss you with every atom in my body.
I am a goddess atop a mountain:
I am afraid.
I am alone.
I am a beacon.
I am a coward.
how do i say this
Lace Aug 18
Eyes wide at 5 AM
I can’t tame them
My thoughts are miles away
Might as well call it mind decay

I drive in circles for hours
My fear hovers over it me, it towers
Just pick up the phone
No one will know, you’re alone

The cravings won’t stop
My thoughts are the robbers
And my common sense is the cop

Not very well trained
My brain is strained

Jump out of bed
Jolts through my feet like a knife
I’m on the run again
I have to choose
Nicole Aug 16
Maybe i was a coward
For not bearing the same strength as you
Hello, love, goodbye
Im still afraid
As time pass by
This piece was inspired from the movie, "Hello,Love,Goodbye"
I was too scared to confess.
I scared to confess myself.
How much I need you in my life. How much I love you.
How much I miss you.
How much I wanna hold you in my hands.
I guess I'm coward.
Such long time I lied to myself.
The lady hath lost it, surrend'r'd it
a penalty f'r h'r mistakes
h'r failures and h'r faults

the lady hast given it up
at consid'rable sacrifice
h'r eag'r young passion
f'r a m're content'd life

the lady's hath lost 't, finally f'rfeit
despite h'r yearning desires f'r m're
f'r nay gain, nay profit of h'r owneth
just to the desire to endure
with the one the lady's with
without h'r risking of less
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Part of a collection titled: W'rds of a Nimble-Footed Mistress.
Alysia Marie Jul 6
I’ve known then that I shouldn’t have hid
words that were pierced by with my tongue
Kept inside these jagged lines
racing across the paper as I hummed-

The tone of the song that brought me near
to the chambers where you’ve kept
Your heart guarded by thorns imagining all-
of the days where you’ve held me as I’ve slept

Yet for those pins that’ve pricked my mind
I hid and cowled away
Running from past mistakes and craved-
to see light of another day

But with these dancing crooked lines,
like the ones of which I spoke
I’ve pushed you into the depths of a realm-
where I’d barely exist outside of hope

I try to right my wrongs undone
by sharing in the entirety
Of what I should’ve sang so long ago-
left only for you to flee

So with this coward of who I am
hiding pains within my greaves
I take it all and shatter that thread of words-
for you’ve meant everything to me

                       Alysia Marie 2019
I’ve tried to right my wrongs by starting anew- by sharing what I was hiding for so long

Yet within those words I seemed to have lost what I was trying to save

That is all.
Mehek May 10
Wet chlorine splashing
Veins slowly numbing
I feel the coldness seeping deep inside me
Filling up the empty spaces
I wish I could be like this
Drown to null out the faces
But I'm not
I'm a coward tied back by your traces.
Swimming is an emotion to me
Comfort Apr 30
You say you want to run away  
From your world and all its dismay
I told you, don't worry about a thing

Follow me and let yourself unwind
Stare into my eyes, dive deep into my mind
Swim through the seas of my thoughts and deepest desires  
My world is yours, just let me make your dreams come true
For there isn't anything I wouldn't let you do

All through and through, I was never enough for you
Perhaps you were just dastard, too scared to try something dignified
For to come find it's all a lie, and I willing to forgive
An utter butcher, you wouldn't even let it live

I wondered if it was my ignorance that led to the end
But seems it just wasn't meant to be
But why is there something inside me that just won't let it be
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