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jee Feb 1
I am paradoxical;
an oxymoronic anomaly.

all my nightmares are made
of daylight,
but I’ll still sleep to escape
the darkness.

I am paradoxical;
an absurd abnormality.

it’s a chaotic peace,
loud with it’s bated breath
and bittersweet ring.

I am paradoxical;
an irregular oddity.

my counterparts are contradictory,
and I change to chance
the possibility
that opposites attract.

and we’re all just paradoxed;
argumentative attractions.

there’s no stopping at the end,
when the sun is low
in the soft red sky.

where my nightmares are made
of daylight,
but I’ll still sleep to escape
the darkness.
this statement is a lie.
Vasilis Jan 26
I may fool myself,
But dont be fooled you dont.
I mean yourself
To think you know.

Its a deeper meaning,
A closer look,
The ones-self i mean
To define as a whole.

Its not just this term
That words cant describe.
Each letter of any language,
The meaning depends on how you write.

But who gives the meaning?
And how it came to be?
If someone continuesly trys to wonder,
The mind will set to agony.

Your only comfort is your inner peace
And you constantly looking to find.
What many have died in search for,
Its only a threat and your mind will decline.

So you can't understand yourself,
Because there is no meaning in ones-self.
Its a paradox world which you only have to accept.
1st attempt :)
shamori Jan 17
They say cleanliness is next to god, but those who prosper follow the tracks left in mud.

Born pristine, on a parallel wavelength, all is one. Told to go wrong, to fit in, to reach the next level.

Arms stretching, reaching for glory. Stepping on heads, hating those below me.

Laughing, ridicule, destruction of value. Man made standards, paper idols. Please give me value.

If Jesus is leader and Satan a demon, then who do I look to if my masters are evil?

And when my meaning is compromised and shoved in the dirt, why must I sin to replace my hurt?

Inverted letters. Darkened faces. The contrast of what’s pushed forward.
Although this can’t be it, I still lack a logic to morals.
c Jan 15
You’re my paradox,
I think.
I say yes but,
On the inside?
I’m weeping no.
Neo Montane Jan 12
I sought joy by holding on to pain
Sought freedom by holding on to a chain
Trying to keep track of the time, my lifetime but I'm too scared to watch
I'll see how it passes fast and my dreams I can no longer touch
Tell me you do see the watch on my wrist
Does it show you what wasted, am I at risk?
I'm looking for fame yet I cover my face
I guess my shame brought me to this place
I should warn you about me...
I am a oddity of sorts.
I am deathly quiet,
except upon occasions that I am loud.
I am dumb,
unless I choose to be witty,
and I am the most single romantic.
I wrap my anger in peace,
and store it alongside envy and hope.
I hate myself,
but no one can ever love me more.
I am hideously beautiful,
and I hate to love,
but love to hate.
I am a conflicted contradiction,
and we will fall in love
until I realize that I am afraid of heights,
and so I will walk away as I crawl back to you.
Forgive me, my love, for being this way.
Just as I accept things for the way they are,
I can't seem to stay the same.
So I change.

I am a paradox.
Abigail Rose Jan 5
So, I’m drawn to your religion
On the basis of aesthetic.
I want to feel the way that
Golden, plump, laughing Buddha
Feels without having to read the stories.
I want to embrace the wu wei--
Whatever that means--
I want to sit criss-crossed
In the long, naples yellow grass
With no ticks.
In the orange afternoon sun
With no nighttime.  
I want to worship at a smoky altar
And feel the arms of
My Goddess wrap around me.
Hear her voice: slow, smooth, but stern.
“Thank you,” for the sacrifice.
I want to be divine--God
Gaze down from the Heavens
And take pride in my light
Like I am your son;
I want to be free of the burden
Of my humanness,
I wish to be free of desire
And so it is the desire which ails me.
And I curse nothing more
Than I curse my hungry heart
And my faulty mind.
Your beautiful.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I thought of moving there.
Closer to you.
For sure, sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow.
Sometimes I miss it.
This glorious overhead view.
A bucket list dream come true.
A place that takes my breath in slow pace.
I wanna go so bad.
This place of senrenity.
This place of peace.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I've been told Tuesdays aren't bad times to fly.
Head in the clouds.
The sunset of your eyes.
Discovering a love like yours.
Paradise in the blink of an eye.
For sure sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow
Cryptic Jan 4
Your action shows
that you still care
about me
but your eyes says
that you don't.

Your mouth says that
you still love me
but your action shows
you don't.
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