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lins 9h
there’s a we now
but I’m not gonna
overthink it

that’s what I do

sorry babe

you get to deal
with all this crazy

welcome to my world
where everything is big
I’m dramatic
every day

care for me anyway?

I hope you don't get overwhelmed by me being overwhelmed every day of my life.
I don't want to lean on you too much.
Carter Ginter Feb 10
My heart broke 700 times

I'm glad you found your closure
It feels like it opened a cavity in my chest
A billowing hole ******* the air
From out of my lungs and
Away from my brain
Away from the sanity I've created
Where I thought I felt secure
But instead the infrastructure was so weak
That the simple memories you mentioned
Left a mark on me yet again
As my heavy heart weighs me to my bed
And I wish so desperately to be alone
I feel as though I'm dying
I must accept reality as it is
I know that all too well
That's why I agreed to meet
To see you
To see me
To see us
We're different than we once were
And while I understand how and why
My soul mourns the moment
And I know I should just live it fully
Because so soon it'll pass
And once again
We'll be strangers on the street
One heart armored with reinforced steel
The other a sloppy mess of
Broken shards and what ifs
Rotting until it turns to ash
And new flowers bloom from its death
It’s funny
I used to read and write
Laugh and type
But now I can’t
I’m falling
And as the frustration grows
Mountainous procrastination as I try to remember
My mind can’t stop writhing

My body moving
Head saying yes
Sentences halved and mashed and forgot
Frantic boredom
As I fill filled space
The wave of papers
Books and words
That I’ve neglected
Hit me greater than before
The yells, tears, bad grades, hurt
Take me all at once
Under water, out again
Some day I’ll drown
I stopped working on this for a while and just finished it. Try to spot the stylistic difference from the times I stopped and started.
Levi Jan 29
A picture paints a thousand words.
Why won’t you stop shouting?
I’m already close.
My stimulus can’t take it.
I wanted to finish each line rather than have them continued as part of the metaphor.

Sometimes in the pursuit of expression or content, I lose track of what is now. I’d much rather be able to accept it
Eloise Rose Jan 28
I can feel it coming back
The hollow cavity, once again
Has claimed residence in my chest
I can feel it suppressing each breath
It weighs me down, I am carrying lead
It poisons my blood stream
I try to scream
Nothing escapes because my lungs are filling
I can’t breathe
The viscous liquid is killing
The world has drowned
Or possibly
It was me

Like quicksand, the more I struggle
The more the sand buries me
Inch by inch
Gasping for breath the small sediments
sting my throat
there’s no way out
only down
only the ground
that fills my lungs
I can’t breathe
No more sound
The world has drowned
Or maybe
It was me

The grains of sand fly through the sky
The wind picks up
More and more sand flies
It whips my hair, it stings my eyes
The wind gains strength
Calamitous glory
The grains meld together
They move together
They pulsate and writhe
Seemingly devoid of time
They fall and rise
A sea of sand dunes takes the skies
I can’t breathe
There is no more air
The world has drowned
Or conceivably
It was me

It sounds different from the ocean
I can hear the movements of each grain
I can hear their commotion
The tide pulls my legs
The wind rips my hair
The waves crash down on my body
Thousands of tiny scratches cover me
Head to toe
My skin is sanded thin as paper
The current is swirling
The sound of sand rushes
Like the indistinct murmur of hushes
The wave rises
The wave rises
If a wave rises it must fall
The wave falls
I cant breathe
I am crumpled, a paper ball
The world has drowned
Or likely
It was me

The thinnest parts of me rip
I spill out into the sea of grains
Undefinable, my pain
I can no longer tell where I begin
And where the ocean ends
I can now see the way the sky bends
The water becomes salty from my tears
Or maybe the salty water is my tears
My fading gaze flickers to the horizon
It is just a straight line
The world has drowned
And certainly
It was me
but inconceivably
Its all just a straight line
Alaina Moore Jan 22
I've hit a wall lately
A wall so tall it seems impassable.
I wake up daily to it encompassing my bed.
Making waking up a test of endurance.
Once I'm passed that, there's just another wall.
Around social interactions, work, moving, and to be honest.
It's all just ******* walls.
Walls I thought I broke down, that are now 10x as big.
Did I mention my fear of heights?
I take pills that are supposed to help,
and they do, but these halflives are nothing compared to these walls.
They're made not of cement but of sentiment and wicked dreams.
Thoughts of all the horrible options that could be.
Thoughts of a depressed self and a depressed spouse.
"You think the kid can tell?" That I'm loosing my grip?
That I'm terrified of the monsters under the bed?
I'm immobilized by my own mind like a car tire boot on my will to try.
Wish someone would tow me off to oblivion.
Or at least a place I could relax.
I'd modestly ask for just a few moments escape.
From all these walls
Shila Jan 16
just like mantras

these words
swam into my mind
slithered through like a basilisk
what a spellbound

did I listen?
did I hear?
did I absorb?

gotta heart
this art of losing hope
giving up

getting on
stronger or
than yesterday

tread my walk
I abandoned this thought
not looking back

for all I know
I'll never be done for
I don't know how to explain this poem. One day I decide to give up everything in life, and on the next day, I'm totally fine, like nothing had ever happened.
Kambria Donnelly Dec 2018
I am an endless void
People poor their overflowing problems into me... I'm full.
Please find another parcel to contain them,
Overwhelming and suffocating feelings that are not my own, but emotions of others pain.
One more word to spill and I surely will collapse.
Elizz Jan 11
Featherlight suffocation
Leaden words weigh tongues down
Free range cage
Weary heart o mine

Sagging against restraints
Burning edges
I wish to tell you these words

Things you've already heard
Pressed into my vinly tongue
Scream the same three songs

1. I'm fine
2. We're fine
3. Our relationship is fine

Scalded skin
Boiling showers

To soak the worries away
To thaw out this anxiety
The insecurities
Its just me

Not everything seems
As polished as it was
Love still graces this heart
Love is a fear

Fear of fading
Falling out
Washing away
A castle crumbled by surf
Grains slipped
Mottled rib cages

Curled under a blanket
A sembalance of warmth creeping in
Mock comfort
Shells rattled by your breath

Turned over in these fragile hands
Committed to memory

As if it would be the last
Another sunrise
Another relief
A sight to hold dear
Throughout this day

Just inside the preferial
Of this skull
Just in my head
My head
My head

This fear that you'll disappear
Vibrancy  leeched out of this shell
Skin crisping

What if
You were
Never here

Just in my head?

The Last letter typed
Given form
To nightmares at the prow

How is it
So easy to breathe now
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