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Pachi Nov 25

The bombardment of messages was deafening
Every new message pounded at my head
As I wore a pillow over my head, protecting


My eyes closed shut as my body shook
Rage started to brew, but
I knew better than to look
At the betraying notifications, this much was true




"Patterns seemingly can't be broken"
Were some of the last thoughts on my brain
As I fell into a deep sleep in a sea of tears

Just some feelings I've felt as of late. Considering the pandemic and the lockdown, I haven't been taking care of myself all that too well in communicating with the outside world.

This is a short way of putting my feelings out there, but also an opportunity to try to connect with others who are feeling the same way at the moment. We got this. The year is almost over. Reach out to close friends and family members. Make new connections. And if you just need a stranger to vent out, message me. Keep pushing through :)
Grey Nov 17
Lost boys
Running down the streets
Cutting corners in their haste
To get away from life.
Inspired by Lost Boy by Ruth B.
things are ok
until you’re not

sure anymore
if this particular thing
is part of the everything

that will fall into place
in the end
i command my thought queen
to keep her revolting peasants in order
until i remember
she’s a queen of the people
2am post-crying fit writings
R L Oct 29
So much pressure
So much pain
I can’t help but
Feel a drain
of emotions
It’s hard to tell
which words should stay
I don’t know how to rhyme, still a beginner
Hannah Oct 28
I don’t have time to breathe.
I feel my heart beating between my teeth.
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
Until I can feel no longer.
Water is slowly rising above my head.
it seemed like
the sadness
overwhelmed her
so much
so often
that she couldnt
even describe
the feeling
all she knew
was that
she was sad
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