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noren 6h
A damaged soul
needs time to heal and get up.
But it is often mistaken for a slain soldier
that lies in the gory battlefield
and trampled upon.

It's defeated, but it doesn't die
It remembers every feet that trod on it
But finds power in the struggle to overcome
the pain of being mistaken - deep within  
It fights another battle which he can't fail to win.
tempest Feb 25
how many layers of heart wallpaper can i use to keep me safe?
how many layers of heart wallpaper should I tear before a date?
how many layers of heart wallpaper do I buy after being rejected?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can shield me from feeling dejected?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can help my mind forget?
how many layers of heart wallpaper can muddy “I’m sorry” texts?
how many layers of heart wallpaper should I wrap around myself?

I peel it off, I put more up, a bit falls off, I’ve had enough

there’s never enough layers of heart wallpaper when you’re already damaged inside.
love ***** :D
Yuki Feb 21
How do you walk
through a mind
filled with items
without fear of
having to pay
for the damage
if anything shatters?
girl diffused Feb 19
when you sing,
you want it to bloom out of the garden
in your bones and out of your heart,
and you want it to be like
you were thirteen again and you had blooming
sunshine in your face

you scaled trees, climbed rocks
skinned your knees
wild and as brazen as the first kiss you
stole from some girl
spattered freckles on her face
you counted with your lips
(you got to 14)

erected a monument
out of your garden but it was bare
your bones,
dried husks

who can pull you out of that water?
i can't...
neither can she...
a/n: an older piece that i performed some minor surgery on. i originally composed it two years ago on this day. it's not about me. this is about anyone struggling to love who doesn't adequately know how to. this is a plea. a question. a silent wondering. it's been a while. <3

Even lovely trees
May become too lonely and break
Their beauty shattered
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 76
jonny Feb 8
I never feel the right emotions when people want me to.
It's like being deaf and trying to understand someone screaming at you.
I can't read lips.
an excerpt of how I'm feeling recently..
Sudeshna D Feb 4
I know what ensues.
It's a bitter fact,
Pain, hate and abuse.
It hurts me to say that
You're monstrous.

Just how can I hate you?
You were my hero once.
I cannot erase you,
You're the air in my lungs
But cancerous.
People we're attached to are sitting on a golden throne in our heads. The conscious realizes the toxicity, the subconscious has been dwelling in it comfortably for far too long to withdraw.
Yuki Jan 27
During the storm
the lightning falls
undaunted towards
the earth heedless of
the damage it will cause,
choosing to come into
existence anyway
to embrace life.
So be your own lightning
and trust your vibes.
m h John Jan 23
Don’t cut pieces of yourself

To cover other’s wounds
you’ll only hurt in the end
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