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Laura May 19
To the irresitable pleasures

i want to say
You have made me feel extant, alive even.
occasionally massive
like illuminations
burning heavy full of light
quick to disintegrate
damage all.
damage me.
my sanctuary & my perdition
my liberator and my foe
all dreams & nightmares combined in Your utterances
Your misreckoning causes destruction
wherever i go
impossible to live with.
Always & wholly worthy of my demise.
Katy May 16
I want answers and an explanation
But it’s not my place to pry
And pick at the scabs
While you’re healing
Title ideas??
Mitch Prax May 3
I would rather not.
You have shown your true colours-
The damage is done.

2:28 AM
Vish Apr 26
fill my cup
fill it up with poison
let it burn my throat
let it corrode the insides of my body
let it leave behind a carnage
let it destroy everything in me
i feel alive
in its damage
i feel comfort
in its pain
i feel thirst
for its venom
i taste nectar
in its bitterness
i see an antidote
in this deadly elixir
and there is no stopping
until i consume the very last drop
i have some bad habits and no i don’t mean alcohol
The word itself describes its art,
Lots of deaths, people leave with a scar,
Maybe you  think its effect is temporary ,
But don’t you worry, these pity days will haunt you
Till you are buried.
The life started so beautifully, cro-magnans and environment
Living symbiotically,
What happened after that, you all know, history of the earth changed,
When the man learnt to fight and take revenge.
You really think its all a particular regime’s  fault,
Well don’t worry! I guarantee you.
Mother nature was planning this since long halt,
And why not, after what damage has been done,
Maybe she just wants to remind us ,
That power is just a time’s rust.
So bury yourself in your glass palaces,
And promise to whatever you believe,
If there is even a slight chance that you aren’t preyed,
Then you will never  ever predate.
nyleda Mar 30
i don't think i realize how damaged i am
how truly broken and hurt my body feels

i just cover it up
patch it over
smile and pretend
that nothing
absolutely nothing
is wrong

and i think that i've started to believe
i really am okay
that i'm happy
and safe

but this fragile sense of security
is so easily shattered with a single word, action
and it all comes crashing back to me
i lose control of myself
and drown in words of self-hatred

all of this, however
has just caused me to learn
how to build my walls back up
quicker and faster
before anyone notices
so even i don't notice
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
You tell yourself lies to get through the day
because you feel like no one will believe what you say.
No one understands how cruel they can be to you.
They tell you they love you and that's all it takes
to forgive them until the next time they break.
Deep in your heart you know that's not what love really is.
Take it from someone on the outside looking in.
They're starting to do damage to more than just your skin.
If you don't get out now I fear it's only a matter of time
before you become a victim of the most heinous crime.
It's okay to ask for help.
It's okay for any of us to.
It may not seem fair to tell people about our struggles.
It may not seem right.
But if you let someone help,
eventually they will help you find your light.
Just like I am, the shadows play in the night light, the moon flowers open as my eyes, so I witness their glory, the moon is a friend, who knows my every worry,
the moths eat away at the trees, frogs splash in a water spring.
When I dose off, the night guards me as I sleep walk,
a lizard slithers onto a rock,
the night is awake but when I it starts to slip off, I curse the thought that day is fixing to start, people can see me in the light, live people that have no heart, the demons do come at me when it's dark but at least I know they'll soon have to depart,
they cannot damage my soul, no, not like those that live.
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Holly Mar 14
Some people
will have you believe
that damage can be beautiful,
and it's true
that you can find
the sunlight through the clouds.
But my trauma is not pretty.
It is an ugly bruise
that everyone thinks is okay
to poke at,
and watch the black and blue
attempt to change colours
when it heals.
There is no beauty
in crying alone at 3am,
spilling alcohol down your shirt
at a party you're only attending
to drown your issues in,
swallowing tiny little pills
to feel somewhat okay,
avoiding any comfort
because you feel you deserve less.
It is a lonely place to be,
stuck in a broken mind
with one-way windows.
I can romanticise my pain
as much as i want,
but it will always be
a toxic relationship
i have with myself.
And it is not beautiful.
Louise Mar 12
Take my body and undo the damage
I've done to myself.
Please let me love myself
like you once pretended to do.
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