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Destiny C Jun 4
Don't feel so special

I've been abused,
Forcefully used,
Yet you think you can blow my fuse?
Don't feel so special.

I've hacked & sliced at my own skin,
Barely living,
So thin,
But you worry if you hurt my grin,
Don't feel so special.

You could have called me every bad name under the sun,
shot me with a gun.
But I've hurt me, more than you've ever could.
So don't feel so special.

I don't need closure,
Unless its from stitches,
Mending the pieces I've broke from myself.
But the damage you've done,
Is nothing I haven't done to myself.

So don't feel sorry.
Hold your tears of guilt upon a shelf.
They mean nothing to me,
But only for yourself.

So don't feel so special.
You are nothing but another person who dared to hurt me,
But only hurt themself.
Mrs Timetable Feb 23
Drawn by the sadness of time
Minutes of repeated striations
Hours of wounded sketching
Days draining color
Outstare me...I dare you
Survey my damage
Morphing into
A dueling masterpiece
For the young artist
A Feb 11
This is my awakening
I guess that I should thank you
Cause if you had never left
I wouldn't ever see what's next
And this is for the best
In myself I must invest
All those words I never said
How they're just running through my head

You're telling me to leave but I think you should go instead
I gave you everything you got
So why'd you take all that I had?
You made a mess up in this house
And left me standing in the glass
I'm throwing out what's left of us
I'll take it out like it's the trash
And once you hit the road
Don't ever think of coming back
A M Ryder Dec 2021
The first step is
Radical honesty
With ourselves

We don't intervene
We invade

That's not
"Collateral damage"
Those are
The corpses
Of children
And their parents

Ours is not defense
Ours is war
aspen wilde Nov 2021
it's me isn't it?!
i speak -
i don't mean it -
i hold my tongue -
                                             are -
i say i'm sorry -
                           fault -
i walk away -
                               ­          i
            ­                                             apart
 ­                                              c
                     ­                        a
                           ­          k
 ­                                 r
                              ­                 n

can i apologise again?


i am the problem.
Hannah Aug 2021
it is the epitome of mad terror
I've been lobotomized;
in my nightmares
by ******-analysts
who seek the blood of the
weak and naive
for the guilty and the
same geeks who strive on books and
their gram of coffee beans
they eat and chew on
to nourish their brain with more
anxiety and horror.

listen to me
I tell you  

walk by me

I tell you.

Walk the streets
to the left
holy mass concourse of scalawags
to the right
a pile of wet cigarette butts
and broken garbage cans.
my brain has been castrated.
my guts are tormented from
all my past experiences.
Enter the room;
full of art
melancholic darkwave in the background
and peace.

Do not get out of the room.

I tell you.

(from outside the room)

noises and yelling
people fighting

Reincarnation has to come to an end.

One is enough,
I tell you.

Now, I swim in my Andromeda and float in the milky way..
1923 Jul 2021
If everything is fleeting
I hope to have made better whatever
I am leaving

that I don't add damage

we are all already grieving
Sergio Gonzalez Jun 2021
I’m so far from heaven
But also far from hell
I’m stuck in a world that doesn’t want me
And I don’t want to be here
Even less

Gloomy days lay ahead
For those that accept their fate
Living in autopilot
Believing the lies of the liars
Always afraid of the change

I try to assimilate to everyone around me
No one is ever the same
It’s hard work to be liked
When your identity doesn’t exist
I want you to notice me
But do you even know who you are?

I can spend a whole lifetime
Searching for myself
Alone in this lonely world
My mind compartmentalizes my trauma
Even then, I feel to damaged to go on

I need your love so desperately
Because without you I can’t go on
Please love me
Because your love is all I need
To fight these demons inside
I look at the mirror
To see if today is the day
You’ll finally love me
Better luck tomorrow
Today has been marred by self doubt
Daniel T Jun 2021
He took a massive leap
And couldn't believe
That he died to fall damage.
A haiku inspired by final fantasy 14
Chrissy Ade May 2021
You've taken a step into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
You're heading into a deep abyss
Where only the lucky have survived
Before you proceed any further
I will give you this warning now
I'm utterly and dangerously fragile
And my patience is running out
My warning signs are on full display
For those who dare on this journey
Caution is written everywhere
So that I know you won't take this lightly
I see the longing looks you're giving
And I can tell you see me as a challenge
Your cockiness will lead to your missteps
A guarantee I experience irrevocable damage
You think you will treat me different
But I know you'll ignore the signs I carry
There's no easy way to let my guard down
When your intentions with me make me wary
You continue to walk into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
Foolishly, you jumped into the deep abyss
But you were not lucky enough to survive
Watch your step
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