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Alex Sep 6
Something has been eating me alive
and it's coming from within
when did it truly begin
when did it start eating away
what's the cause of this decay
my insides are in disarray
out of place
some things missing
slowly filling with the void
an empty replacement
fulling with darkness
it won't stop spreading
is it truly from within
or did you infect me
pierce me with your toxin
to slowly eat away
making me useless
so I can't fight your words
your toxic hate
breaking me down
piece by piece
destroying who I was
and what I could be
but your gone
I have begun to heal
but it's hard to replace what you've taken
what you destroyed
sometimes I can still taste your poison
I know ill never forget
what you did
the pain I felt
but I can be better
I WILL be better
I can make it out alive
I can heal
no matter how hard you tried
I'm still alive
Noah Kernan Jun 30
the gift in a dilapidated
two-story country home
for miles
through holes in the walls
on either side
blackened supports
and ramshackle comfort
tackled by fire
caressed by rain
you can see through to the second floor
if you tilt your head,
expose blood subways,
let your hair
grasp at spine
the fault of past residents
mirrored in big blue eyes
a world of green and brown
surrounding, no,
growing from
this pin-***** destination
left to the wind,
to the quiet
the underscored call
of persons,
stronger than I,
who knew they were finished
and walked away.
who saw the green and the brown,
and looked at the home,
once warm, I'm sure,
and thought,
"there's so little here,
with an expanse beyond
so much friendlier than
brittle walls,
tender floors,
metal and wood."

so they left

and rightfully so.
one of my favorites
Kyle Kulseth Sep 2022
Remember, one Summer,
street was closed for construction
We'd careen through the roads
near each other's homes.
Wheeling through dreams on our bikes
in the swelter
we'd reach for the sky 'neath the cottonwoods'

Some nights, I still walk through those
baseball glove hours--
those sweat-smelling days
those Kool-Aid stain weeks.
And I can still feel that
pubescent laughter
which lived in my chest
still pounds for release.

I've leased some apartments
and filed my taxes.
I've broken some promises
           I've been destroyed
And I've been rebuilt, but never rebranded
                Summer time sunsets
               tattooed on my sinews,
              they just wouldn't have it.
Destiny C Jun 2022
Don't feel so special

I've been abused,
Forcefully used,
Yet you think you can blow my fuse?
Don't feel so special.

I've hacked & sliced at my own skin,
Barely living,
So thin,
But you worry if you hurt my grin,
Don't feel so special.

You could have called me every bad name under the sun,
shot me with a gun.
But I've hurt me, more than you've ever could.
So don't feel so special.

I don't need closure,
Unless its from stitches,
Mending the pieces I've broke from myself.
But the damage you've done,
Is nothing I haven't done to myself.

So don't feel sorry.
Hold your tears of guilt upon a shelf.
They mean nothing to me,
But only for yourself.

So don't feel so special.
You are nothing but another person who dared to hurt me,
But only hurt themself.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2022
Drawn by the sadness of time
Minutes of repeated striations
Hours of wounded sketching
Days draining color
Outstare me...I dare you
Survey my damage
Morphing into
A dueling masterpiece
For the young artist
A Feb 2022
This is my awakening
I guess that I should thank you
Cause if you had never left
I wouldn't ever see what's next
And this is for the best
In myself I must invest
All those words I never said
How they're just running through my head

You're telling me to leave but I think you should go instead
I gave you everything you got
So why'd you take all that I had?
You made a mess up in this house
And left me standing in the glass
I'm throwing out what's left of us
I'll take it out like it's the trash
And once you hit the road
Don't ever think of coming back
A M Ryder Dec 2021
The first step is
Radical honesty
With ourselves

We don't intervene
We invade

That's not
"Collateral damage"
Those are
The corpses
Of children
And their parents

Ours is not defense
Ours is war
aspen wilde Nov 2021
it's me isn't it?!
i speak -
i don't mean it -
i hold my tongue -
                                             are -
i say i'm sorry -
                           fault -
i walk away -
                               ­          i
            ­                                             apart
 ­                                              c
                     ­                        a
                           ­          k
 ­                                 r
                              ­                 n

can i apologise again?


i am the problem.
Hannah Aug 2021
it is the epitome of mad terror
I've been lobotomized;
in my nightmares
by ******-analysts
who seek the blood of the
weak and naive
for the guilty and the
same geeks who strive on books and
their gram of coffee beans
they eat and chew on
to nourish their brain with more
anxiety and horror.

listen to me
I tell you  

walk by me

I tell you.

Walk the streets
to the left
holy mass concourse of scalawags
to the right
a pile of wet cigarette butts
and broken garbage cans.
my brain has been castrated.
my guts are tormented from
all my past experiences.
Enter the room;
full of art
melancholic darkwave in the background
and peace.

Do not get out of the room.

I tell you.

(from outside the room)

noises and yelling
people fighting

Reincarnation has to come to an end.

One is enough,
I tell you.

Now, I swim in my Andromeda and float in the milky way..
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